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IM is an acronym in the online world that can stand for Instant Messaging/Messenger/Message or Internet Marketing.

Instant Messaging is real-time chat between two or more people via an instant messaging tool or web page. Generally the chat is text based but Instant Messaging has become more sophisticated to include voice and video.

IM Tools from the past and present include AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ (I Seek You), MSN and Yahoo Messenger and Skype to name a few.

The other acronym Internet Marketing refers to the sales and promotion of goods and services over the Internet. Today a lot of people exclusively earn a living online via various Internet Marketing methods.

The Internet has opened up commerce to a global market allowing for customers around the world. Some forms of Internet Marketing allow for sales without having to know or meet or speak with customers.

You’ll find bloggers talking about Instant Messaging at sites like Skype Journal and discussion about Internet Marketing at sites like MMO Articles.

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