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I’m Just A Girl With A One-Track Mind: A Music List

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As much as I generally loathe music lists, every once in a great while they take shape around me. It happened again last night as I was playing DJ on BellyUp4Blues. I'd been plunked down in front of the controls and told there were three songs left in the lineup and to please take over for a while. This happens regularly here. And you know, it was good to take a break from my Blues society board meeting duties, editing duties (both writing and sound — long story there), and the typical, day to day business to which we all must attend.

So, how does this all tie in to having a one-track mind? Oh, yeah. Well, there I was, finishing up with the preprogrammed list and I was scrolling through the music archives, searching for a song or artist I wanted to hear. I settled on one and hit play when I was supposed to and moved on to find the next tune. After a few of these, I realized there was a pattern to the songs I'd chosen — subconscious or not. Once I realized what the pattern was, it became a mission to find even more music to fit the theme.

What was the theme? Take a guess.

The Prowlers — "Freight Train"
Joe Colombo — "Standing At The Station"
Paul Zunno — "Train"
Back Alley Blues Band — "My Baby Caught The Train"
Crosscut Saw — "Please Mr. Engineer"
Stoney Curtis Band — "Last Train To Chicago"
Jake E. Lee — "Whiskey Train"
Aerosmith — "Train Kept A Rollin'"
Marc Leon — "Subway To Nowhere"
Ronnie Baker Brooks — "Train"
Status Quo — "Railroad"
Paul Fenton — "Midnight Train"
Papa's Hat — "Train"
Blackfoot — "Train Train"
Michael Katon — "Get On The Boogie Train"
Albert Castiglia — "Teasing The Train"

Michael Lee Firkins — "Runaway Train"
Nathaniel Street West — "Mystery Train"
Robin Barrett — "Train's On Time"
John Mayall & the Blues Breakers w/Walter Trout — "Riding The L&N"
J.D. Simo — "Freight Train"
B.B. Chung King & The Buddaheads — "Train Train"
Lance Lopez — "Hear My Train A Comin'"
Aerosmith — "Standing At The Station"
Castro, Nitro & Russell — "Train Conductor" (Tommy Castro, Johnny Nitro, and Kevin Russell)
Pat Travers — "Freight Train"
Michael Katon — "Runaway Train"
Leslie West — "Whiskey Train"
Blues Brothers — "She Caught The Katy"
Joe Bonamassa — "So Many Roads"
Tommy Bolin — "Dreamer"

Despite the oft-repeated titles, the songs were wildly diverse and the listeners enjoyed the selections.

I liked the challenge and I know there were many songs I could have added if I had been more familiar with the vast artist list and their tunes. Had I been able to add a couple of non-bluesy choices to the list, I'd have thrown in Jeff Beck's "People Get Ready" and Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." I'm weird that way.

There you have it. My train of thought rolled down a long, seemingly endless track last night and you, dear reader, got to sort of join in.

Do yourself a favor and look up a few of the names listed above. Not only will you find new artists capable of inspiring you to get up and dance, you'll be the envy of all your friends. Well, maybe not the latter, but you never know.

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  • You forgot “NightTrain” by GNR or “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum…hehe