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I’m gone

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I’ve had bugger all that I’ve wanted to say here for months anyway, and, frankly, as long as certain individuals are associated with this site (I’ll leave them to guess who they are), I don’t really want to be associated with it myself.

Bye, everyone. It’s been nice knowing some of you.

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  • Eric Olsen

    James, you disappeared months ago. I have asked several times why that was so – you have never replied. Since we are basically open to any and all opinions, I can’t imagine why anyone would be surprised when people disagree with them. Going away because you don’t agree or like someone makes no sense to me, but lots of things make no sense to me.

    I’m sorry to see you go, but I was also sorry when you stopped posting after the end of July.

  • Taking your ball and going home isn’t making a stand. Ask Mac Diva what taking a stand is all about. She will tell you it is sticking around to shove her posts up her detractors exit doors. The exit of varying opinions makes us all weaker.

  • Agreed, Craig, but I don’t understand why someone would announce their departure. If you wanna go, just go.

  • James has more to say on his blog. I’ve posted a response there, too.

  • He does indeed. I sympathize with his criticisms, but still, creating a post to announce one’s departure is just weird.

  • Nyx

    “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around any more.”

  • Eric Olsen

    There is room for every kind of opinion. No one is excluded (so far). This is not a right wing site any more than it is a left wing site. Looking for or expecting a politcal litmus test is foolish and pointless. Certainly nothing has changed here since July other than the quality of writing has continued to improve, the traffic has gone up, and about 100 more writers have joined. I’m never happy when anyone leaves but i sure as hell don’t have the time, interest or energy to worry about it either. Some people prefer obscurity and that is fine.

    And Natalie’s right: this is weird.

  • I’m not sure I understand. Is the point here supposed to be that making an exit statement is to pronounce some moral judgment against evil right-wingers who would be so presumptuous as to question your liberal and therefore correct opinions? How ingrateful of us to challenge the pearls of wisdom and insight that you have been so beneficiently bestowing upon us.

    Whatever. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  • Eric Olsen

    The oddest part is that James has been a nonpresence since July and returns to leave:

    “Hello, I must be going
    I’d love to stay but I came to say
    I must be going”

  • BB

    Although I am a newer addition to the community it may in some ways give me a more objective view of the proceedings here at Blogcritics. Judging from some of the in-fighting and general nastiness that I have seen I must confess (politics aside) that I can relate to James’s lament. There are better ways to disagree without being mean spirited. For that reason I have also asked myself what have I gotten myself into and been hesitant to make posts. Perhaps this could be a good to time for all of us to reflect. Just an observation folks.

  • I ask myself that question nearly every time I come here. Goes with the territory.

  • Boy, this is strangely reminiscent from when Mac Diva “quit” a few months back. Funny, that she forgets this episode in time as she run arounds posting that she is “sticking around” only to educate all the illiterate racist bloggers here.

    James, don’t know you personally but you seemed like an alright guy and playing the “I’m outta here card” is lame, sorry.

    Get in and debate your position — be a writer, mon, and exercise some passion against those point’s of view that you disagree with! — or walk away as Natalie suggested.

    And then closing comments down on your blog when the heat gets too high over there? What’s the point in making a goodbye post if you stifle/censor the words of those you criticize?

    What’s next, IP banning blogcritics who visit there? We’ve seen that.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Eric Olsen

    James was one of the top contributors and he deserves credit for that – the rest I just don’t get.

    Other writers have told me they just don’t like the hurly burly, don’t like being criticized, argued with, etc. If that’s the case, fine, but I don’t think a general indictment of the site is appropriate under those circumstances.

    No hard feelings.

  • Eric – that’s my point. If you don’t like something and your skill is the pen (which is mightier than the sword, yes?) well … why not use it?

  • Part of the reason I unquit was because most of the people then participating in Blogcritics asked me to. I have not regretted doing so. Where else could I mock an empty suit like TDavid whenever I feel like it?

    However, I do believe the site to have been dominated by Right Wing bullies when I arrived. If Eric can’t see that, I believe that is because he is pretty far to the Right himself.

  • LOL, Mac Diva, I don’t find you anything but pathetic and hypocritical.

    “Empty suit” — lol, anytime you want to thumb your way up here to our office and compare brick and mortar businesses, be my guest 😉

  • Joe

    Quick show of hands, who asked MD to unquit?

  • Eric Olsen

    I did, Dawn did, I think Phillip did. I’m sure many others did. Mac Diva often tells me I am full of shit, but I still like her and she is a very fine contributor. No one is perfect.

  • And BTW, Mac Diva, I’m one of the people at the time who told you to stay. I thought the whole thing was silly and immature then just as I think of this situation now.

    What I didn’t understand is how little you thought of your own words that you would delete them all. I guess nobody will ever understand that — but maybe you are proud of that too?

    Yeah, that’s pretty logical.

  • James Russell gets my official nomination for biggest pussy on the net. He shut down his comments for this equivalent post on his site. Seems mean ol’ Al was too awful for his itty bitty feelings.

    Seriously, he’s got a dude’s name, but I’m starting to think that he must have a VAGINA. I could understand getting pissy if someone were being libelous, spewing obscenities and such, but really. Al said “pinko.” Oh my G-d- somebody get me the smelling salts!

    Now, this schmuck can post or not post whatever he wants on his site. What IS laughable- by which I mean contemptible is his pretense of high-mindedness. His half-assed rantings apparently supposedly constitute some great Socratic thinking, but anyone who vigorously disagrees that he can’t refute in open debate is simply labeled as a name caller who doesn’t deserve to be associated with decent human beings. Therefore he needn’t answer them- which is convenient, because he CAN’T.

    In fairness, let me speak here in defense of the vagina people, as I don’t mean to be insulting to women. For starters, women are SUPPOSED to have vaginas. When a healthy young man starts whining like a woman having a particularly bad menstrual cycle, however, he asks for ridicule.

    Plus, having a vagina does not necessarily make you a wimp. To the end of citing an example, let me take this opportunity to send some love to the Diva. Granted, she might be accused of being somewhat, uh, lacking in people skills at times. I can understand TDavid’s frustration with her. Still, she ain’t afraid of a good brawl.

    I might accuse Mac Diva of fighting dirty from time to time, but she does stay and fight. She ain’t afraid to throw up her dukes, and she doesn’t whine like this Hot Buttered Pussy when someone steps up to her.

    Now Diva, don’t be disproving me here even as I’m singing your praises. Surely a bare-knuckled brawler such as your bad self wouldn’t accuse lovable ol’ Al of being a “bully.”

    And what exactly would constitute being a “bully” in this context, anyway? Surely calling a foolish lefty a “pinko” does not rate unfair fighting to someone willing to call anyone who disagrees with her on any race-related issue a “white supremicist.”

    Any y’all humor impaired lefties that don’t like being called a “pinko” can just get the hell over it. Or, as I suggested at the Hot Buttered Pinko’s site, try calling 1 800 Boo-frickin’-hoo.

  • Eric – I’d agree that Mac Diva is a “very fine contributor” as far as most of her postings go. She is a good writer and that can’t be taken away no matter what her behavior towards others she disagrees with is like.

    I used to like to read much of her posts, which I’ve said before, but I parted ways with her big time when it came to her horrible commentary and debate skills.

    I find the bulk of her disagreeing commentary with myself and others to be baseless, personal and often completely out of line.

    In fact, if Phillip would add an “ignore” function to this board she’d be the first person I’d put on it so I didn’t have to read her garbage ramblings any more. An ignore function is in most popular messageboard software to keep unwanted troll material from becoming a steady diet, so maybe someday this could be a wish list item for MT at blogcritics? (maybe a hack already exists for it, I don’t know).

    I realize that what I said to her above was along these same negative lines, but it’s only because I’ve chosen to fight fire with fire in her case in the absence of the ignore function. She might choose to ignore me too and that’s her perogative and I think we’d both be happier, actually, for the functionality.

    What I’m saying is I’ve grown weary of reading MD’s modus operandi: she comments dismissing those people who disagree with her that they are racists, right wingers, or some other sterotypical label. The kind of thing she passionately claims she hates “the white man” to do to her, she does to everybody — regardless of color, but usually white males — that disagree with her.

    That’s just total bullshit and she knows it. I’m not a racist, nor republican (though I don’t have such a problem with republicans like some people do), nor any of the other dismissive labels she’s argued against me with and I am disturbed by her repeatedly making these unfounded allegations. Not just to me, though, but to many, many others here. One only has to search through her many comments to read the venom she’s used.

    If she has proof of any of these things, then I suggest she present it, otherwise she can take her bitter, unfounded commentary and shove it. And I’ll still be here — if allowed to be, anyway — to tell her this long after she decides in some future preschool huffy to quit again. Hopefully you guys have battened down the hatches so if she does try some move like this that she doesn’t take other writer’s words with her.

    She may have a selective memory, but I sure don’t and there are plenty of threads here to back up everything I’m typing.

    There are many others who will take Mac Diva’s abuse and not fight back, they’ll just go away. Maybe James is/was one of them, I don’t know. So this discussion seems quite relevant here.

    For example, the thread where Phillip was posting that he got 1000 comments and Mac Diva made some stupid offensive remark. Since then, his commenting has dropped off considerably, perhaps choosing to take the high road rather than fight with her? I, for one, enjoyed reading his commentary (much more than I enjoy reading hers). Even when I disagreed with him 🙂

    Kudos to those who stick up against people like this. For those who are new, it will only be a matter of time before they disagree with her and she labels them.

    It’s MD’s M.O and it is a perfect example of why the “ignore” function was created on messageboards and in software.

    Maybe it’s time for Blogcritics to add this functionality for its readers (maybe even for a small yearly fee … hint, hint)

  • Well, I do ignore someone’s vitriol 90-something percent of the time. (In fact it is so boring, I usually skip or skim it.)

    Barger, I have a challenge for you and other conservative Southern white males. I will be blogging the Thurmonds having acknowledged his mixed-race daughter tomorrow. What I have to say will not be pretty. The adjectives hypocritical and shameless may turn up in the entry. I challenge you to write a defense of people like Thurmond, who did as much as he could to deny black Americans equality while being the parent of one of the people he was subjugating. You guys are always defending your heritage. Well, enslaving and disenfranchising your own kinfolks is part of that heritage. I await your response.

  • I vote for an “ignore” button!

    Man oh man, I howled upon seeing the Strom story, which MD kindly sent me. “Segregation forever,” except in the boudoir, I suppose.

  • Diva, oh beloved. I think that the Confederacy got screwed. That does not for a second mean I defend slavery or Jim Crow. There are also other issues involved. It especially does not mean that I defend Strom Thurmond. Note THESE COMMENTS. I don’t support “enslaving and disenfranchising” anyone. Nor does anyone else at Blogcritics.

    I was planning on writing on the situation with Thurmond’s black daughter anyway. I look forward to comparing notes.

  • BB

    Sigh 🙁