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I’m A Smoker…When I Drink

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Smoking is a terrible habit. It kills tens of thousands of Americans each year. It’s expensive. And, let’s face it, it is repulsive for a non-smoker to kiss a smoker.

That being said…

In my circle of friends, every time we get together and go to a bar/club and have a few drinks, everyone is looking for a cigarette to burn (including me). These folks don’t smoke during the week, they don’t smoke when sober, and they sure as hell don’t usually buy the things. But they are always looking for a smoke when the buzz kicks in.

Why is this? Why does a beer-buzz = a need for a cig? Is it because the depressant effect of alcohol begs for the counterweight of a stimulant like nicotine? Is it a social thing? I don’t know.

All I know is, Budweiser and Marlboro should agree to some sort of symbiotic arrangement where 12-packs are sold with a pack of smokes included. This would surely save some time at the check-out counter…

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  • Hey HD, I oppose the current regime. Doesn’t stop me from wishing the tea-blabbers would shut up.

  • HD

    ‘If these damned tea baggers would shut up for a month I wouldn’t have the urge!’

    Yes, everyone who opposes the current regime should be silenced so that you can have better luck battling your addiction.

    By the way, they don’t actually call themselves tea baggers. Tea bagging is much more of a liberal thing to do anyway.

  • Best wishes indeed. I want to quit again, just have to gain the strength. If these damned tea baggers would shut up for a month I wouldn’t have the urge!

  • My husband and I just quit smoking October 26th. I will tell you what worked for us. I am 49. I have been smoking since I was 13 with three other short term quits and this time it was very easy. It never was easy before.

    We went away from home for a week to a completely different environment and just relaxed. I also take Chantix. (for quitting smoking) It works well, but can have side effects and I am not sure if they give it to 16-year-olds or if that is advisable. You might wish to discuss it with a doctor. It’s by prescription. My husband just used nicotine patches because he is not able to take Chantix.

    After 8 or 9 days away we came home and it was a little harder, but tolerable. We will only go around non-smoking friends and family at the moment and are not ready to be around any smokers at all. Out of sight out of mind. We tried it and found this to be a good temporary strategy for us. When we have quit longer we will try being around smoking friends. But if we feel tempted we will retreat again until we feel stronger. Right now though, the most important thing to us is to protect our progress and to do nothing that threatens it.

    Do you have any non-smokers (ex-smokers) for support? Someone in your family maybe? Will your parents support you?

    You can do it. Best wishes for your quitting.

  • Ann..onymious

    I’m 16. I’ve been smoking for a year now. A friend of mine told me that if I didn’t stop, she would no longer talk to me. I just can’t stop, when my friends smokes too. I haven’t told her, that I still smoke ofc. If someone got any way for me to stop, please help me out. 🙂


    The reason is that because when squares get together for their weekend amateur hour, they want to emulate the hack actors, musicians and other entertainers they see on the the big screen and telly. And it makes them feel cool, adventurous, and naughty. Sorry posers.

    Go to a hospital cancer wing or nursing home and see how cool those poor people now look. At least the older folks were not as aware of the incredible danger of cigarette smoking as we are today. Any fool who takes up smoking today is doing so with the knowledge that they are helping to make the world a worse place for not only themselves but others as well. Currently, there is no excuse for someone to inflict this wretched, horrid habit on innocent people. Smoking should be banned from all public places both inside and out. This will never happen, as the tobacco lobby is very adept at keeping the politicians wealthy.

    Smokers, know this: Your filty habit is helping to prop up an industry that aims its marketing at children and is profitting greatly from supplying you with a product that they know will do incredible harm to your body. Also, please consider your family and friends. The damage and suffering they will have to endure in the future due to your smoking very well may be more physically, emotionally and financially devastating than the harm you are purposefully inflicting upon yourself. Your “choice” to smoke has far greater repercussions on the people in your life than you may realize.

    Also, the new Judas Priest album is not good as the last Cattle Decapitation CD.

  • i smoke and i detest it. very bizarre. i do believe it was on account of back in the day, ie, the high school and so on, the only way a fella could properly stare at the damn well gorgeous ladies who were being all the rebellious in wicklow was to join in it all. You couldn’t stand at smokers corner without a cigarette. That’d be a damn well ridicuolous carry-on.

    some years later, still smoking, detesting every inhalation. Ah well.

  • Katy try sucking the exhaust pipe of a bus. I’m sure your lungs could do with a change in the kind of poison your filling them with.

  • You’re a complete idiot

  • Katy

    I really like smoking. I have been a smoker now for 5 years and I am now 20. I really like it nothing give me better satisfaction than to light up a fag. I love the taste the smell everything about it. I am on around 30 day and my boy friend does not have a problem because he smokes quite heavy as well around 20. You can have a good life with cigarretts well I am ad I would never quit I like smoking.

  • Sandra Smallson

    RJ:We men are pigs!) ;-]

    Sandra: Tell me something, I don’t know:) sigh!

    Chris, how do you propose to help me quit smoking? I am all ears:)

  • When I used to smoke, my girlfriend at the time (a non-smoker) would MAKE ME brush my teeth before we…uh…engaged in intimate relations.

    As someone who presently does not smoke, I can tell you that kissing a gal who smokes is not disgusting, but is hardly ideal.

    I suspect your lover, Sandra, isn’t complaining because he is otherwise happy in the relationship, and sees no point in rocking the boat. But I’ll bet he’d be pleased if you did give up the habit…

    (Of course, he’d probably be even more pleased if you pierced your tongue, or encouraged him to bring other chicks home. We men are pigs!) ;-]

  • Chris Kent


    If you would like to quit smoking, I am here to help…..

  • Sandra Smallson

    t’was Kim Basinger that said it about Mickey rourke on her experience during the filming of the classic 91/2 weeks.

    You say rightly, I say shrightly..I bet your wife/gal is a non smoker and probably neither are you. So, the “ashtray” problem should not worry you at all. Unless you cheat on your wife with smokers, therefore you agree with Kimmy or your wife cheats on you with smokers and you suffer the aftertaste while kissing her. Again you agree with Kimmy. Kim basinger disliked Mickey Rourke immensely. I think taht had more to do with it than his smoking habits. Had they given her Matthew Mcconaughey, be it smoke or weed, it wouldn’t have mattered one jot, I can assure you of that on behalf of women worldwide.

    Meanwhile, until a complaint is registered, all signs indicate lover is having a splendid time playing tonsil tennis with this here smoker:)

  • Who was it that (rightly) said kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray?

  • Sandra Smallson

    LOL..RJ. Look, I have been smoking for 13 years now. I think the actual addiction started 10 yrs ago, though.

    Let me tell ya, alcohol is not the same except you have a B&H in your hand. There is some sort of relationship b/w booze and ciggis. Perhaps instead of trying to find out what is happening outside planet earth, these people can do some research on that shit.

    As for smoking, I have tried to quit. Nothing has worked so far. I figure when I am pregnant, I will quit. I smoke when I am drinking, when I am bored, nervous, anxious, after eating, after sex, while watching TV, when I wake up..and my fav, the one I have just before I go to bed. My “one for the road” ciggi. It is a terrible habit. If there are any young kids on this site, pls do not smoke.

    As far as kissing smokers, I actually never had a problem with it. Maybe cos I am a smoker. Lover does not smoke but he is yet to complain. Maybe cos I am a great kisser;)