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I’m A 26-Year-Old Guy And I Love Disney Princess Movies

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Yes, the title is correct; I’m 26, a guy and I do love Disney princess movies, often much to the chagrin of my girlfriend.

I am, however, deeply passionate about animation in general, so liking such films is merely a small part in the overall sphere of my interests.

Why do I feel the need to “confess” my inclination towards princess films? Well, it stems from the fact that such films are often pigeon-holed as being “for girls.”

The fact of the matter is that these films are actually great films! They have been based on numerous fairy tales, the likes of which have been around for years; some of them have some truly memorable tunes; and the animation is more often than not nothing short of spectacular.

The cherry on the top is the characters themselves. They are far from mere damsels in distress (especially the later ones) and they provide a rock-solid base on which to build a great story. They are daring, smart, determined, and resourceful. Don’t you think such characters make great films? I sure do!

So the film’s about a princess. Who cares? They’re often written by men anyway and they love what they do. So I think I should be completely free to like them too!

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  • Matthew

    I just turned 28, I’m a guy. I feel the same way and I agree with what you said. I have always loved disney princess films. Playing Kingdom Hearts turns me even more into a bigger fan of disney princess films. I collect the disney princess toys. I’m not ashamed because it is something I enjoy. I don’t care what people think.