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I’ll Wait For The DVD

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It's the summer movie season, but if you're like me you've found youself saying that a lot. Why? Because it takes less than a year for the DVD to come out, and actually going out to a movie theater has become more of an experience to dread than anticipate.

Let's just start with the movie theater experience:

It's hard to find a place to park. That should indicate people are still going to the movies, but I swear the parking lots of new theaters are microscopic.

No need to talk about concession prices. They've always been expensive and always will be. That's how theaters make their money. If you can afford it, buy it, if you can't don't.

Ticket prices. Now those are outrageous — you can buy the DVD when it comes out in only a few months for less than the cost of two movie theater tickets. It's a catch-22, really. They keep raising the prices because less people are going to the movies, and less people are going to the movies because the tickets are too expensive.

The movie experience itself. The print is always scratched, even on the first weekend. Sometimes the sound is bad. There is usually some annoying person in the audience, talking, eating louder than you would think humanly possible, letting their kids talk and/or kick the seats in front of them, answering their ringing cell phone. Why would I want to put up with all of that when I can watch something in the comfort of my own home?

Usually I don't, but sometimes I do. Sometimes I just want to see something on the big screen.

X-Men 3? I don't know. I thought the first one was good, the second I didn't really like. I'll wait for the DVD.

Superman Returns? I loved the first two when I was a kid, so there is the nostalgic factor. It seems like something that should be seen on the big screen. I'll see that…maybe.

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Sherry Lipp is an entertainment and food writer who specializes in film and television reviews. She has published the gluten and grain-free cookbook Don't Skip Dessert.
  • Emily

    I don’t know what theater you’re going to. x3

  • Sherry, I noticed your very first BC article never got retweeted, so I did you the favour. You’re welcome!