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I’ll be the first to Feed The Cat!

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Agent K - Feed The Cat
The United States is loaded with jazz vocalists and musicians who are experimenting and producing ground-breaking music. Unfortunately, they are immediately placed and stranded in The Music Desert because of the US music industry’s American Idol fetish and Hip-Hop love fest. But in the United Kingdom, they not only encourage and appreciate the jazz visionaries, they have a whole culture of DJs that spin these records.

Enter UK multi-instrumentalist and producer Kaidi Tatham aka Agent K.

His first and U.S. release Feed The Cat, has been catergorized as broken beat, electronica, and electro-jazz among others. But the masterpiece of Feed The Cat is the near-flawless merging of Jazz (not that smooth jazz stuff), House, and Funk. Agent K brings you into the groove and once there, you get immersed again in melody.

The title cut “Feed The Cat” is a simple yet groovy cut with Roy Ayers-esque vocal chants. “Ladies” and “Rideaway Getaway” are stellar productions where the weaving of jazzy keyboard work, sharp funky rhythms, and mystic vocals simply puts you in a state of dance and trance. “Hands” is arguably the best cut and that is hard to say since the entire release is so good. “Hands” is like a kaleidoscope of jazz and house. You can hear the influence of UK acid-jazz powerhouse Incognito and the legendary Roy Ayers but that’s all it is, an influence. Agent K’s skill is evident as he uses that influence to make original sounding material. The Hammond organ solo at the end of “Hands” is top-notch.

Get in line and start feeding the cat. If Agent K’s first solo release is an indicator of things to come, I’ll be in the front of that line.

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