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iHype Part I: History In The Making

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On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon. I wish I could say what a memorable day it was for me, but I wasn’t born yet. I wish I could say that I experienced the arrival of the Beatles. Sadly, all my generation has is U2. I’ve always missed out on truly historical events, minus the September 11 disaster. But that wasn’t a happy day for anyone. I’ve always fantasized about the day that an extraterrestrial lands on Earth. I still believe that’s going to happen, but perhaps not in my lifetime.

In January of 2007, however, my outlook started to change. Once the iPhone was announced, I knew I would be a part of History. The iPhone – a video player, MP3 player, Internet device, and phone, all in one sleek futuristic device – soon became the most talked about electronic device since the color television set back in the 1950s. Many people have titled this new device “The Jesus Phone.”

To understand why this device is hyped up so much, just take a look at this commercial. If that doesn’t do it, take a look at this. If you have high bandwidth, you may want to go to Apple’s main site to watch the demonstrations. A warning to those in bad financial situations: watching the videos may take you one step closer to bankruptcy.

 The iPhone will go on sale at 6PM, on June 29, at most Apple and AT&T stores. With a two year contract, a 4 GB  version will run you $499 and an 8 GB version will run you $599. Is this phone overpriced? Probably! Is this phone overhyped? Yes! But as you can tell, even hard-to-convince technophiles, such as myself, have bought into the hype. Today, I am preparing  to camp out for the iPhone. I first have to make sure I have enough food, water, and other protective gear (such as an umbrella to prevent sunburn) before I reach my final iPhone destination in Southern California (which I’m not sure exactly where yet) on Thursday night. Am I crazy? Yes!

This article is the first of several documenting the upcoming historical day of June 29, 2007: The Release of The iPhone. In future articles, I will interview other people about the iPhone, talk more about the technical details, give advice for iPhone buyers, etc. This will all lead to the grand finale: The BC Magazine review of Apple’s history making “Jesus Phone” — or will it end up actually being “The Satan Phone.” Stay tuned to BC Magazine for up-to-date information.

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  • Go for it Daryl! I’m looking forward to hearing what you make of the thing when you get it.

  • Oscar

    “Personal attacks are not allowed”. Well, I think your iHipe part article is extremely boring and seems written by a Paris Hilton´s classmate. I can´t believe I lost 5 minutes of my life reading it just because U2 appears on it.
    But nothing personal, man.

  • daryl d

    Hey there El Bicho, um, I mean, O…s…c…a..r, how are ya?