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Ignore Fashion Week’s Baggy Look: Show Yourself Off

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Throughout fashion week there has been a consistent player—space. The slim fitting pencil skirts and cropped pants were overshadowed by their bulkier cousin. The runway may love the newest trends of loose trousers and draped tops, but real world practicality must be a factor in deciding which clothing movements will be classics.

Loose high-waist trousers have the shelf life of the extreme low rise jeans that flooded high school hallways and skyrocketed Victoria Secret thong sales. If displayed as Marc Jacobs in New York, these less than flattering pants are accompanied by draped blouses with full sleeves and an airy feel.

The ‘bigger is better’ trend is not universal or permanent; however it has a shot at replacing the shrug as the newest novelty. Sheer puffy sleeved blouses have already become a Hollywood must-have appearing at red carpet events on such of-the-moment stars as The OC’s Rachel Bilson.

Together, puffy shirts and loose pants lose their feminine appeal and instead look ill-fitting, messy and hide any semblance of human shape. Part of the beauty of clothes is the beauty of what is underneath them. No matter what the shape of the individual, it is best to accentuate the body parts you are most proud of, be it your legs or your abs. Loose clothes hide all assets.

If one desires to follow trend,s do so with caution. Follow the age-old technique of pairing loose with form-fitting to avoid looking like a marshmallow or as if you just stepped out of a wind tunnel.

The new trends are all about extra: extra fabric and extra space. Too many extras paired with the newest must-have tousled hair and stacked shoes look clunky and overwhelm the natural. Be careful with all trends, especially ones described with words such as “baggy” — you may regret the fashion decisions you make when flipping through the images in your digital camera in six months.

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