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If You Support Bush, You Must Not Buy Gas or Know Anyone Over in Iraq

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I get so tired of hearing this. For the last time, let me explain it to you.


How funny. I buy lots of gas and drive a great big 3/4 ton four-wheel drive pickup truck with a 6.6 liter engine that gets 16 miles per gallon when I (occasionally) drive it easy (12 when I'm pulling my trailer full of gas-guzzling, air polluting toys). I have 43 cylinders in my yard right now. I buy lots of gas.

And I live where it's some of the most expensive in the states. It's going up. Again.

Just out of curiosity, how is gas pricing Bush's fault? Oh, yeah, that's right — he gave tax breaks to big oil companies because they're his buddies. But wait. He gave tax breaks to ALL companies. They didn't tell you that, did they?


I have two friends in Iraq right now, for their second and third tours. They're very proud to be there and they know full well why we're there, regardless of what you think we're there for.

A good friend/ex co-worker's son just joined (the Marines) last year and is headed over there soon. Another (very good) friend who I see frequently was shot there a while ago by snipers, and went back.

Iraq was planned well before Bush got into office and had almost full support from around the world to go there. Don't let the lies from the extreme left detract from the FACTS that have been proven (and ignored) over and over.

Of course, we all know the reason we're there now is not the same reason we went in the first place. Unless you believe the government knew how deeply Iran was/is involved over there when we went in.

Other Things That Bush Really Is Responsible For

Illegal Aliens. Bush really falls on his face here. Close the ****ing border, fine and jail employers hiring illegals, and get them the **** out of here! Don't forcibly go after them and remove them at our expense, just make it so they have no reason to be here and leave on their own. Easier than rounding them all up, don't you think?

Science. This is misleading the way I understand it, because Bush doesn't want to mandate government involvement in stem cell research. He's not prohibiting it in the private sector, he's just not going to have the government do it. Fair enough. Perhaps he could find some funds for it though, as a subsidy. My next door neighbor has MS, so this is a hot topic in my neighborhood.

Economy. Tough one. Yeah, Clinton left a "surplus" He also left a rapidly deteriorating economy that basically crashed 3 months after he left office. Bush brought it back in the face of war and adiversity. He built the military back up, which Clinton all but dismantled to get the "surplus". He kept us out of a recession, improved the economy with tax breaks FOR EVERYBODY, not just the rich. (Another lie told by the extreme left).

The catch is that he's printing more money than we can back up. That could be a big problem if the deficit doesn't keep coming down and we don't improve our dollar's attractiveness overseas.

The Clinton Situation

All in all, Bush is seemingly better than Clinton was (in my opinion, of course).  And looking at what Hillary is saying — universal health care, shared wealth, etc. — scares me just a bit. I mean, look at Canada's health system. Yikes. I was up there visiting friends a few years ago and I got to tell you, it's tough to get seen, let alone treated.

They tax me bad enough already, but Clinton will at the very least tax me more, and also wants to take money from the entire working and upper class and spread it out evenly among everybody.

That happens and I guarantee me and millions of other hard working Americans will quit our jobs and live off the system, instead of working hard to pay for others to do it that don't want to work in the system we have now.

What Do I Want?

I want to hear intelligence. Reason. Cogent thought. But most of all, I want to hear INFORMED opinions. Not name calling. Not speculation. Not lies. Not the old and busted, run of the mill talking points that have been going around for years yet have almost all been completely debunked. Just let it go, man. Let it go.

The problem with many opinions is that people often do nothing to verify what's told to them. Therefore they're often ignorant. I check my sources. I usually try to at least quickly verify what's told to me. I rarely take anyone's word for it. If I just listened to the same old rhetorical hate Bush gibberish day in and day out, I'd be just as ignorant as the guy blaming global warming on Bush when the US is actually LOWERING its CO2 output.

Did you know Bush turned the White House green when he moved in? Solar panels, you know, eco-friendly stuff. Gore was there for eight years, what did he do to make the White House use less energy? I have stacks of pages of stuff. Empty pages. He didn't do squat. Then compare Bush and Gore's homes. Bush is green, Gore is, well, how shall we say? Not.

Nope, I don't just listen to the hate and lies of one side. I look at both sides and make my own opinions.

By the way, I'm NOT a Republican. I don't like Bush just as much as the next guy, for the reasons I stated above. But I recognize that everything he does is not bad and evil and I know he doesn't do things just done to ruin this country.

He does some good things, he does some bad things.

Just like you.

Just like me.

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  • RJ

    Great post. And I mostly agree with you.

    Now, be prepared for a barrage of personal attacks by those who think Bush is Hitler, Republicans are NAZIs, and you’re a mindless, fascist drone for not totally agreeing with them…

  • I like the simple, common-sense approach of the article. Maybe just relying on stating the obvious will hammer some sense into a few thick heads. But experience has taught me that willful denial of reality is a powerful delusion to combat.


  • moonraven

    Bush is NOT doing what most of the folks living on the planet want.

    Those other folks live in other countries and we do NOT want to see folks trying to take our natural resources at gunpoint.

    He’s just another ignorant loudmouthed gringo.

    NOT like me.

  • REMF

    “Iraq was planned well before Bush got into office and had almost full support from around the world to go there. Don’t let the lies from the extreme left detract from the FACTS that have been proven (and ignored) over and over.”

    There are plenty of veterans – both combat vets from past wars and contemporary Iraq vets alike – who oppose the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    (see the “Veterans Against the Iraq War” web site)
    – MCH

  • Matt

    Moonraven, What, exactly, does “what most of the folks living on the planet want” have to do with anything in my op-ed? Seriously, let it go.

    MCH, you can find “plenty” of people that oppose just about anything, although as is the case with moonraven, I fail to see what that has to do with my article…

    It seems that by posting replies here the way you two did, you simply intended to prove what I said in the summary, that once the word Bush is uttered, you both, like many other irrational people, went in to some kind of hate-bush mode and couldn’t focus on any points after that word.

    Why do People Always Insist on NOT Paying Attention? Just the word Bush sparks hate and discontent.

  • zingzing

    what do you mean by “Iraq was planned well before Bush got into office?” that there was a military plan for war in iraq? or that the united states had planned on actually going to war there under clinton?

    i wouldn’t doubt that there was some plan for attacking iraq should the need arise (and during clinton’s impeachment, i would not have been too surprised if he had started a war just to distract us). but to say that this war (as it is) was “planned well before bush got into office” makes those planners (as well as this administration) REALLY, REALLY FOOLISH for going through with what is only half a plan. (my god, what idiots.)

    and i’m pretty sure that a preemptive strike against iraq would’ve met with far MORE resistance before 9/11 than it did after, so i don’t know where you see all this “support.”

    i dunno about this “iraq isn’t bush’s fault” idea of your’s. it’s at least his administration’s fault. i remember an iraqi leader at the time saying something like “iraq will become a military and political quagmire,” and, no matter what you think, he was right, while bush was wrong.

    we haven’t succeeded at one thing in iraq (except for stringing up hussein,) and it’s been going on for four years already. you say your friends “know full well why we’re there,” but i’m not sure what they know that i don’t.

  • REMF

    “MCH, you can find “plenty” of people that oppose just about anything…”

    Just like you can find plenty of people who justify staying home from war by listing off a few friends who have the grapes to actually serve.

    “It seems that by posting replies here the way you two did, you simply intended to prove what I said in the summary, that once the word Bush is uttered, you both, like many other irrational people, went in to some kind of hate-bush mode and couldn’t focus on any points after that word.”

    I don’t hate Bush, although I do destest him, and I don’t trust or respect him, knowing that 1) he Deserted the Guards and then lied about; and 2) he is responsible for sending over 3,400 American soldiers to their deaths, in the same type of action that when it was his turn to serve he skipped out of.

  • Clavos

    “he is responsible for sending over 3,400 American soldiers to their deaths, in the same type of action that when it was his turn to serve he skipped out of.”

    Yep, he’s certainly worse than LBJ and Nixon, who killed over 50,000 Americans, but since they both had served, it was OK.

  • Zedd

    This is so Dave’esque, bubble world, if I say it enough it becomes true, sad really.

    The only problem with this article is that you don’t know what is going on in your world.

    Your news sources are clearly deficient and you obviously live in complete oblivion, contently judging enormous issues with the little knowledge that you have. Its quite sad. Some would say that it boarders on ridiculous.

  • moonraven

    I despise Bush and everything and everyone (including your pathetic ass) he represents.

    That is the ONLY RATIONAL posture anyone who is not a serial killer could possibly hold.

  • Lumpy

    Hey zedd. Ever thought of posting some facts rather than the same old unsuppodfed assertions?

  • crazychester

    Typical neo-con defense of the indefensible. You ask for rational debate then go about defending Bush’s current strategies by invoking both of the Clinton as well as Gore. You mention talking points and letting it go. Immigration is a very popular talking point and another distractionary issue. As far as tax breaks, yes he gave them to All companies, but Big Oil has been given unheard of breaks in the form of subsidies and kickbacks. You didn’t get that from Hannity’s talking points did you? There has also been a reduction in alternative energy funding due to the last bill. You also seem to be laughingly proud to have the luxury to gas guzzle while Americans die for the sole purpose of destabilizing the middle east. This is during a time of record profits and prices. Exxon-Mobil also had their fine for Valdez cut in half recently. Where do you get your figures for a reduction in CO2 ouput? You want truthful debate, while accusing people of being uninformed, but proceed make unsubstantiated claims or at the least provide no reference whatsoever.

  • moonraven

    With the price per barrel very close to 80 bucks now, a member of the House of Lords yesterday declared that the end had come to the Era of Petroleum.

    Both Hugo Chavez and I will be laughing our asses off at you foolish SUV studs stranded along the roadsides.

    Home on the range will have a different landscape soon–rusted out SUVs instead of bleached out cow skeletons.

  • crazychester

    Not just rusted SUV’s.
    Our way of life literally pivots on black gold.
    Oil is responsible for our food production and transportation. No Oil?, No Pesticides.
    No Oil? No Fertilizers.
    No Oil? No shipping of California’s bounty to the rest of the country.
    the end of plastics.
    Higher costs on everything.
    Rationing. Food lines.
    Spiraled inflation.
    Riots. Economic collapse.
    the end of this way of life.
    What’s the solution I see every day?
    people like this author wearing their wastefullness like a badge of honor. We can continue to try and micro-manage the worlds supply through economic blackmail and war, or we can fund alternatives fully and focus on conservation. As long as Americans refuse to accept that our current lifestyle is unsustainable, we will be in perpetual warfare before the empire crumbles.

  • Zedd


    What do you mean by facts?

    Do you mean like scientifically tested data?

    You mean like substantiated evidence that Matt’s comments are limited and based on and general uninformed mindset?

    Let’s see, how could I prove that scientifically……….?

    I could provide a minute by minute video account of the authors life, therefore depicting all of his influences and proving that he is clueless based on a lack of exposure to relevant ideas.


    I could possibly take a brain scan of the author and prove perhaps that he is mentally deficient and may not have the capability to reason or interpret basic phenomena tying in cause and affect.


    I could read his comments and decide that based on what has been stated over time in a multitude of venues by a multitude of individuals from a variety of disciplines and political bents, what he asserts shows that he hasn’t been exposed to the plethora of information out there, i.e., he is not informed. But we can have a discussion on the validity of deducing based of a preponderance of information. Is that fact? Is fact a necessity or even possible when making personal social commentary?

    Anyway, I am just being a smart alec and making fun. Your call for facts doesn’t match my comment. What are you on about?

  • jerseyjon

    Bravo! I really do like your article. I’m quite honestly fed up with the lies… not from the gov’t, but from the media. Not only is my best friend from age 5 fighting in Iraq, and 3 other close friends, but they are all there PROUD, and they know that it is necessary for them to be there, for OUR security as well.

    And now that I’ve moved into lefty-land (NJ/NY), its funny how many big SUVs are driven by people that are constantly complaining about the gas.

    I like your attitude and opinion to the situations at hand. And the liberal media needs to stop with the lies, and leading the public to new stories to cover up what truth has actually surfaced, to keep their media rating high.

    Again, bravo my friend.

  • jerseyjon

    and one more comment, as long as I’m here 🙂

    Its too bad that the president is so disliked (sadly enough, hated by many), because its nice to have someone genuine in office. I’m not saying I agree with 100% of Bush’s actions, but I really think, thanks mostly to the media, the dislike is very disproportionate.

  • bliffle

    “…its nice to have someone genuine in office. ”

    It would be. Let me know when it happens.

    GWB is just as slippery as willy was, without the friendly smile, just a smirk.

    GWB has avoided responsibility for every bad result under his watch: Iraq, Katrina, etc. He’s irresponsible as preident, just as he was in the TaNG and as a businessman.

  • Clavos

    “”…its nice to have someone genuine in office. ”

    It would be. Let me know when it happens.”

    Good luck with that.

    Won’t happen before 2012 (and likely not then); nobody running fits that bill.