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If You Killed All the Homosexuals…

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Former Education Secetary and self-appointed moral stormtrooper Bill Bennett got himself into some hot water by suggesting crime would go down if every black baby was aborted. The White House condemned Bennett’s statement, while Bennett defended himself by saying he meant only the nigger babies and not the “good” black babies.

The topic came up due to the book “Freakonomics,” in which the author states that the rise in abortions after the Roe v. Wade decision coincided with a steadily lower crime rate, and that the reason may be that the majority of those abortions were had by poor people who would have carried through with their pregnancies in the past. Because poor people are more likely statistically to commit crimes, more aborted babies from poor families means fewer criminals on the streets.

As you might imagine, that stirred some controversy, although the statistical premise is understandable.

And you could say that Bennett’s premise is understandable. Black people are the majority of poor people — abort all blacks and you get rid of the majority of poor people and crime goes down. Of course the racism comes in when Bennett implies that blacks are inherently more criminal, not that they are more likely to commit crimes because statistically more of them are poor. (You may be shocked to hear that I actually give Bennett the benefit of the doubt here; that’s probably what he meant.)

Anyway, not one to shy away from controversy, I’ve come up with a few theories of my own that I’d like the American public to consider:

* If you killed all the homosexuals, we wouldn’t be subjected to any more Cher comeback concerts.

* If you killed all men, there would be no more wars. (You might have to take out Michelle Malkin, too, for this to be foolproof.)

* If incest were made legal, there would be a lot more matching organs when people needed transplants.

* If you aborted all the babies in Texas, (fill in the blank, it’s fun!).

* If you killed all women, our species would die out completely.

Some of these need work, but my book deal hasn’t closed yet, so I have some time to refine.

More where this came from at Blunderford. ED/PUB:LM

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  • That’s not Levitt’s argument nor was he the economist Bennett was referring to.

    Bennett cites someone from Yale, Levitt is from Chicago.

    Levitt makes none of the racial claims Bennett does, he only says that legal abortions have been responsible for less crime because there are less unwanted children who are thus neglected or abused or raised in poverty.

    Please stop associating “Freakonomics” with Bill Bennett’s hate speech.

    That is all.

  • Hmmm…

    The guy who wrote Freakonomics seems to think that he is who Bennett referred to, and the transcript of the exchange between Bennett and his caller that explicitly mentions Freakonomics might also lead you to believe that as well — go here.

  • OK, thanks for that link. I didn’t know Bennett mentioned it himself right before the part that was quoted in the news reports.

    Well, he clearly doesn’t know “Freakonomics” that well given that he thinks Levitt teaches at Yale.

    And Levitt makes the same point I do that the race argument is not in the book at all.

    That is all.

  • 1Potato

    Bennet never said or implied blacks are “inherently more criminal”. Bennett probably believes that blacks are prone to poverty and crime because of the liberal ideology most embrace.

    In any case, what he said was true. It would reduce crime, and it would be morally reprehensible.

    Right On
    (trying out new send off lines)

  • Nice to see someone with at least a small lick of sense responding to one of the new endless string of ridiculous posts about Bennett, 1Potato.


  • rj

    let’s try to go through this s-l-o-w-l-y, just to be certain everyone understands.

    Bill Bennett is a well-known conservative who opposes abortion.

    a caller to his show suggested that anti-abortion forces should point out that eliminating abortion would increase the number of young people in america, and thereby help keep social security solvent for a longer period of time.

    bennett thought about this for a moment, and stated that he opposed making such a tengential argument.

    bennett pointed out that pro-abortion forces could make similar demographically-based arguments in order to support their position.

    he gave a hypothetical example to back up his argument.

    he opined that a potential pro-abortion argument along the same demographic lines could be made that aborting all black kids would reduce the crime rate, and therefore would be defensible.

    now, when one looks at actual crime rates, one quickly realizes that bennett is correct. the black crime rate is vastly higher than the white crime rate. Therefore, reducing the black percentage of the population would also reduce the national crime rate, all else being equal.

    of course, this was just a hypothetical argument that some pro-abortion guy/gal could make. this is NOT bennett’s own position on the issue. a mentioned before, he is strongly anti-abortion. and i think it’s safe to say he is also anti-racial genocide.

    in other words, this is a phony scandal. bennett’s only crime was to (gasp!) be a conservative who dares mention race…

  • ” Bill Bennett got himself into some hot water by suggesting crime would go down if every black baby was aborted.”

    That is a lie. An extreme pro-death man came on his radio show and made that argument that since abortions became legal crime has gone down. Then Bennett answered in anger, “So your saying if all black babies were aborted crime would go down?”

    But the liberal media left parts out making it look like it was Bennett’s suggestion.

    If all black babies were aborted blacks would disappear from the world. But if you killed all homosexuals there would just be more people that will become gay after they are all killed off. Because there is no gay gene.

  • RogerMDillion

    “An extreme pro-death man came on his radio show and made that argument that since abortions became legal crime has gone down.”

    That is not what happened at all. A caller called in and said that pro-lifers should use the argument that if abortion weren’t so prevalent than there be enough people paying into Social Security. Then Bennett told him to be careful of using statistics like this because arguments could be made like his infamous example.

    AG, I know if I ask you to stay out of discussions you know nothing about, you would disappear from the site, but you hurt every cause you help.

    Now take your apparent struggle to be straight to another thread.

  • kittygogo

    Why does hatred towards homosexuals have to appear on every thread that Anthony replies to? What does hating fags have to do with Bill Bennett saying something about aborting black people? You are a total incoherent weirdo Mr. Grande.

  • JR

    I disagree with his position, but Bill Bennett could have made a compelling argument if he had been smart enough not to bring race into it.

    But Bill Bennett is not smart. This is news?

    And that caller was a complete idiot; kids will cost you far more than you would ever gain from their contribution to social security. Who’s paying for their education, huh? Good grief!

    If this is any indication, his call-in show must be some kinda world class right-wing moron clusterfuck.

  • Could be. Maybe his show is what Air America is trying to immitate so hard.


  • 1Potato, your “liberal ideology” statement is silly and so is Dave agreeing with it.

    And there’s no evidence that aborting all black babies would reduce crime.

    NO social scientist supports that claim.

    Only irresponsible Internet wackjob commentators do.

    That is all.

  • Air America, neo-socialists, black politicians, Italian anarchists …

    what strawmen won’t you hang onto in your polarized view of the world?

    Who and what aren’t you afraid of?

    That is all.

  • eriqo

    lemme finish that for you:

    If You Killed All the Homosexuals…There will be fewer white people, and a lot of space in France.

  • Is this Anthony guy for real? He’s crazier than I am.

    Anthony, your post is simply a lie. I can only imagine that Rush Limbaugh explained it away in this manner and you are parroting.

    Use the link I provided above to read a transcript of what was said. Or even read my original post which also explains it correctly.

  • What I said at comment #7 was what I heard from someone else. I apoligize for giving somewhat false info. But what I said is equivalent to what happened. Bennett was simply showing how stupid it is. But he has the right to say this. He has worked with black kids, he is a much better person than these stupid, money hungry, publicity hungry black leaders.

    “but Bill Bennett could have made a compelling argument if he had been smart enough not to bring race into it.”

    Race was all ready brought into it.

    “Why does hatred towards homosexuals have to appear on every thread that Anthony replies to? ”

    Show me where in comment 7 I used hate towards gays. You are trying to throw my words around just like everyone else that is throwing Bennett’s words around.
    And also, look at the title of this thread, I was responding to that.