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If you do not know who Yaffa Yarkoni is…

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I’m just back from another visit to Michael Moore’s site. The “News” category brings in some of the latests responses to the Ronstadt episode.

Now I know that Ms. Ronstadt is considered to be a gifted singer, mature. She reminds me of several such singers in Israel who caused a no less uproar when waking up to voice their citizen attitute.

Reminds me above all of Yaffa Yarkoni, a most venerated Israeli singer. An Israeli icon.

Amnon, an Israeli blogger recalls:

“Every Independence Day, light poles in the streets of Jerusalem were loaded with loudspeakers (horns), and Yaffa Yarkoni’s voice echoed (literaly) all over the city, all day and all night, as people danced in the streets.”It all changed on on the eve of the Independence Day 2002, when Yaffa Yarkoni, in an interview to The Israeli Armi Radio Station related to the Occupation with her trutful response.

“What happened to Yaffa Yarkoni,” said Naomi Chazan, a left-wing member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, “exemplifies the fact that in the current climate in Israel, anything that is not the official line is considered treachery or betrayal.”

George Varga at the The San-Diego Union-Tribune sums it up most eloquently:

“Those who complain that Ronstadt should just sing, rather than express her opinions, forget that all art has a responsibility to inspire and provoke, not just soothe and entertain.”

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  • Bravo! I’m all for freedom of artists to express themselves without repurcussion no matter whether they’re on the left or the right.

  • Crud, didn’t spell repercussion right.

    Guess I deserve it for commenting at 2:30 in the morning. 🙂

  • If only spelling was the sole problem in our lives… Thanks Drew.