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If Life Is a Horse Race – What If You Are Not a Horse?

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I am one of those directionless people who are often told that this world is a race course and we humans are like horses competing with each other for survival, pride, and ultimately a better life. I always nod my head in agreement, but I seldom follow this crazy idea that almost the whole of humanity follows today.

As a result, I am lagging behind as far as being practical or successful in life is concerned. I don’t really mind it, but the problem starts when all this matters to the people who really matter to you. And that’s when one starts feeling uncomfortable and restless.

When this feeling comes, mind starts ruling the heart. Mind says that the world is right in its approach towards life and you are a loser.

Then I browse the internet for various self-help forums, where almost everyone in the world seems to be struggling to be happy and the response they get from other visitors often includes the phrase: “Don’t worry, I feel the same way too!”

I also read self-help books and try various methods mentioned in them. After a few days, I give up and move on to something else. These self-help techniques don’t work for me and I find myself more miserable in the end. When I discuss all this with so-called Intellectuals, they tell me that YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER, BUT YOU CANNOT MAKE IT DRINK!

They say that drinking this water is the only way out because this water is for survival; this water is the measure of success; this water is the pride.

Every time they have told me something like this, I have thought of myself as a poor, incapable, overrated, non-serious punk horse who never makes any effort to be happy in life.

But something in me has started opposing this idea of me being a pessimistic soul. Whenever I force myself to be like others and try to drink the water, I hear a voice from within. This inner voice continuously asks one question: What if you don’t want to drink the water they want you to drink?

I tell this voice that I am a horse and every horse must drink this water to be successful and happy.

Then this voice asks, “What if you are not a horse?”

“Not a horse!” I ask. “What does that mean?”

And this voice says, “What if you are a bird and sky is the measure of your happiness!

“What if you are a rose and fragrance is the measure of your success!”

I get confused and ask the voice to explain everything in detail.

This voice says, “Life is very unpredictable and everyone wants to feel happy and secure. Our society uses this urge to feel secure as the basis for competition and social status. We all feel very insecure inside, but we want others to believe that we are very happy and strong.

“That is why we start pretending and forget who we truly are! A person might be a rose, or a lion, or a fox, or a dove, but this feeling of insecurity makes everyone act like a horse. We use many tools such as money, power, physical pleasure, conditional love to dominate others.”

“Then what should we do?” I ask.

“Stand in front of a mirror and fight against what’s not yours or what has been labeled as you by the fake you or the fake people around the real you!” replies the inner voice, “Always remember that Happiness is not a destination or something which we can buy from stores; rather happiness is how we enjoy our journey through life and how we perceive the events which occur around us.”

I have been ignoring this inner voice for the past few days. Acting like a horse has brought me great disappointments.

Now I sincerely want to follow this inner voice. All I need is the courage to be myself.

I strongly believe that I have found the final way out.

What about you?

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