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If I Only Had The Money-I’d Start My OWN Political Party

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As I watch the news on a daily basis, which I have become somewhat addicted to since 9/11, I can’t help but to sit back and wish that I was rich. I don’t have to be Bill Gates or Donald Trump rich. I just wish I was rich enough to start my own NEW political party. Why you may ask? Because I am absolutely embarassed to consider myself a Democrat, and totally against the majority of the philosophies of the Republicans. Now days, if you’re not for one, then you’re automatically considered to be a follower of the other. I, and I am growing to learn, many, many others do not fall into either of these two political categories. Sure, you say well, there’s the Independent or the Green parties. Frankly, they both seemed a bit weird to me. I definitely could not follow them. So let’s look at what we have.

We have the Republicans: A politically savvy group of people who seem to be very power hungry. A group whose primary desire seems to be to take over everything. Seems to derives from a very pompous egotistical attitude that they are the greatest and most intellectually inclined…and everyone else is not only beneath them, but less intelligent, less intellectual, even less patriotic (they’re so savvy that they strategically make you think that if you’re against them, then you’re against America). The Republicans seem to be a party filled with inner contradiction. On one side, they are super pro-life. At the same time, they’re super pro-war! How is that mentally possible. How can a person’s mind and heart care about life so deeply that they will do everything thinkable to protect the embryo, (which I commend that desire) but at the same time, be so willing and eager to send our young men and women (other people’s sons and daughters) to war to possibly be killed, tortured, at least mamed and their lives destroyed. Are they emphatic about saving the embryo so they can raise up a new army 18 years from now to fight in Iraq? (We’ll probably still be there). It’s weird.

The Republicans seem to be a party made up of liars, conivers, schemers and law breakers. They’ll lie to accomplish whatever their goal is at the time. And then, even after it’s proven to be a lie, Republican followers go on with an ‘ahhh…it’s still ok’ attitude. It’s weird. The Republicans seem to care only about the rich, the Haliburtons, the opportunity to make their super rich base just richer. They are commited to everything except the concerns of the middle and lower class citizens of America. It actually feels like they are systematically doing little things to smother out the middle class. As if they want this country to be a two class system. The rich and the poor. It’s weird. It seems like a lot of the Republican citizens in the middle and lower economic status have been strong supporters of the party and followers of the lies for one main reason. FEAR! The devistation of 9/11 shook up our entire country. Some folks are so afraid that they needed ‘John Wayne’ to come to the resue. It seems like they would like to see us just go and nuke everyone who is not ‘in-line’ with us. It’s weird. Their answer to everything is to just send more troops, as if the lives of our young sons and daughters are totally expendable. (But don’t forget…they’re suppose to be pro-life).

I could go on about the war but, even if I didn’t concentrate on the sending of our troops to Iraq as a main issue, I still have to pay attention to the other goings on in the Republican party. For one, they could care less about the economic condition of average Americans. They could care less that gas prices are unaffordable, that heating gas prices are going up 45%. That illegals are taking jobs that are needed by average Americans. (sometimes I forget a lot of the illegals work for the super rich at super cheap, below minimum wages…lawn care, nannies, field workers, assembly, etc.) Also, day after day another Republican is being accused of doing something illegal (Frist, DeLay, Rove
etc.). I think about how the great Colin Powell was so hurt and crushed by his own party for being used as a pawn in the con game, that he chose to quit. A great man quit serving our country! That’s so sad. Colin’s son was so mad he even quit HIS gravy job as head of the FCC.

I watch how there seems to actually be two seperate groups of Republicans. Those who have legitimate views and ideas, which they feel are best for the country and the world, and that’s their right. Then there’s the other group of Conservatives who are more driven by what they call ‘the movement’ (dedicated to Republicans taking over everything). What’s absolutely weird is to watch these two groups in action, particularly the ‘movementeers’ who are rallied through the ‘movementeer’ talk show hosts and media. These are your Hannity’s, Laura Ingrams, Ann Coulters, Rush’s, Bill Kristols and the like. This group is so dedicated to ‘the movement’ that they will do anything and everything in their power to crush, smother and destroy ANYONE who is in disagreement with their views…even their own constituents! It’s weird. Look at what they’ve done to folks like Richard Wright, O’Neil, Joe Wilson…they hate Voinovich now. And now they’ve added Senator Dewine to their hate list. And these are ALL FELLOW REPUBLICANS! It’s weird. Now, since they aren’t absolutely positive that Harriet Miers is for ‘the movement’, they hate her. And to top it all off, they are slowly but surely coming to the realization that President Bush is making his decisions based on his own ideas and views…NOT FOR THE MOVEMENT! And if they could…the ‘movementeers’ would squash him next! (he’d better watch it) It’s almost funny to watch…but at the same time, it’s actually very sad.

I could go on and on about other things I disagree with the Republicans about but I’ll just go to the Democrats now and talk about what they are all about…………….Bare with me a minute here………I’m thinking…………wait, they….no……..what about..no…………..what! The Democratics aren’t about ANYTHING! It is so sad for me to have to say that what had been my party throughout my life has absolutely no agenda whatsoever. NOTHING. What are they for? What are they against? Who the heck knows? Do they? Does Hillary? (and I like Hillary) So nowdays, if I say I’m a Democrat, I’m really saying that I’m for NOTHING! This is so sad. It’s like the Dems are totally afraid to have a view. The only thing they are, is against Bush! That’s it! That’s weird.

So I watch this stuff, day after day and just fantasize about starting my own political party. I’d call it ‘The Realist Party’. If I only had the money, it would be simple to do. I would take the good that the Dems used to be about and combine it with the little good that does exist in the Conservative camp…tweek things a bit, add a little essence (I like Emeril too) and BAM! We’d have ourselves a winner. A winner for America. A winner for the world. Hmmm…If…..

Greg Jones
Cleveland, Ohio

Greg Jones is the composer of the special anthem for world peace CD entitled ‘God Bless the World-While You Bless America’ which is already available on over 125 music sites and is garnering accolades worldwide. He is also a fellow blogger with talkingpeace.myblogsite.com as well as editor of Blogazine World. For CD free listen/lyrics/download/specials and more visit; www.godblesstheworldonline.com

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  • Nancy

    I’m with you on all counts. The Publicans are evil, the Dems are supinely spineless, formless, politically blobby amoebas. However, recent past history indicates that if a powerful 3rd party does give signs of arising, both Pubs & Dems will coalesce to crush the upstart newbie before returning to Business As Usual. Big Business/multinational corporations have already ‘bought’ everyone on congress (not to mention the w.h.); I truly do believe that recent elections in the US have been a sham, a farce, delivering “results” not of how the public actually voted, but of what the super rich special interests had bought & paid for via fixed voting machines…and if it suits them to do so, next time it’s the other party that will win, depending on which candidate special interests think is the more malleable to their demands.

    I think actual democracy in the US is long dead. I think we’re screwed.

  • Maurice

    Quit watching TV and you will feel much better. Your views are oddly skewed because of the steady diet of TV propaganda.

    One last thought. The best way to make the modern world seem tolerable is to study history. There are those (I’m not saying you are one) that know so little about our form of government they think we are a democracy. Even though we ‘pledge allegience to the flag and to the Republic..’

  • Nancy

    I don’t watch TV, unless I happen to catch a few minutes while I’m at the station where I volunteer. I have A TV, but it’s not hooked up; it’s only for DVDs & VHS tapes. Unfortunately, ignorance may be bliss, but for anyone who’s literate it’s too late.

  • Maurice

    I was talking to Greg.

  • Nancy

    Ah. Apologies, then.

  • I’m in absolute agreement. I get so tired of being tagged a Democrat because my views tend to lean to the left, and I wouldn’t EVEN include myself in their chaotic milling-about, and as for the Right… considering I’m an atheist and pro-choice, I suppose there’s no chance for me there.

    It would be nice if there were something real that could represent the rest of us… but would any amount of money make the country support it?

  • If its hypocritical to be Pro-Life and Pro-War, isn’t it also contradictory to be Pro-Choice and Anti-War?


  • Nancy

    No. Noone should be forced to render their body for the use of another, or to breed if they don’t want to. To force women to do that, is to render them slaves. That has nothing to do with the issue of war.

  • In response to my article “If I Only Had The Money-I’d Start My OWN Political Party” ryanclarkholiday commented ‘if it’s hypocritical to be pro-life and pro-war, isn’t it also contradictory to be pro-choice and anti-war?’
    That’s an interesting question. In my opinion ryan to be pro-choice does not mean that one is pro-abortion. I, for one, am absolutely anti-abortion. As a matter of fact, I am 44 yaers old and my mom was pregnant with me at the early age of 17. My dad ‘did the right thing’ and they got married while mom was pregnant. As you know, various forms of abortion have existed since the creation of man. And back 44 years ago, it was very much a no-no to be an unwed mother. My mom had a choice. I’m so very glad that she chose life. If she hadn’t I would not be posting this message. But she had the choice…and the heart and mind to have her baby.
    But the government did not have to force her to have me.
    I personally feel that the efforts and resources currently being exerted to give the government the power and right to tell women what to do, should instead be directed toward teaching women that there is a better way. If you don’t want to keep the child, give the baby up for adoption. Don’t abort. We need to promote and publicize the fact that you don’t have to abort the baby and that adoption is ok. Two days ago, here in Cleveland, Ohio for example, a newborn baby was found in the garbage can behind a downtown landmark called Tower City. We have laws here in Cleveland where young mothers can turn their newborns in to the local police station, hospital, fire department even the library if they don’t want to keep the child, with no questions asked. But obviously, the young mother of this unwanted newborn either did not know of this option or was not convinced. Even if abortion was illegal, this baby would have still been found in the garbage.
    So why don’t we first of all, do everything we can to promote and educate women to choose life on their own, and secondly make certain that all women know that there are many acceptable options available to give up the child after birth.
    But this issue should not be mandated by goverment. By giving the government that degree of control, what’s next? Will they tell you the maximum number of children you can have. Or that you can only have one girl (as they do in other countries)? The fact is Ryan, one CAN be pro-choice…anti-abortion…and anti-war at the same time.
    Think about it.

    Greg ‘peace song’ Jones

  • then why can’t one be pro-choice about war? against it but still respect the ability of the gov’t to decide upon it?