IE7 and The Fox

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When I began browsing the Internet, I used Netscape Navigator. Not long after that I switched to Gate's ultimate weapon in the Internet war: Internet Explorer (IE). Starting with IE 4 I've used all the versions of IE including the latest available as this article posted: IE 7. While still using IE 6, I moved to Firefox and it became my main browser .

I love Firefox for its speed in page delivery and its tabbed browsing features. I hate having too many windows opened. But two things about Firefox annoy me: first, it starts so slowly; it takes forever on first loading. IE is much fast at this, bursting on screen like a rocket and ready to surf. I have no idea if this happens only to my PC. Second, sometimes when I'm working with Firefox open, I notice my PC's performance has become poor, as if something has consumed all the machines resources. When I open Task Manager, I see that Firefox is consuming over 90% of my processor. What the hell is she doing? I'm not downloading any files nor a page with huge images. My best guess is that the Fox is sending some data over the internet but have no idea what it is.

Right now I am upgrading from IE 6 to IE 7. Yes, I know it's a little bit late, but I was having compatibility issues anyway. First impression: it's cool man. I love the Vista style, the buttons, the colors, the icons. And, oh yeah, it has the tabbed browsing feature too. Great. Now I can open as many pages as I want in single window. But how about the speed? I don't find any significant improvement in IE's speed. It remains slower than Firefox. Try to open a page that has many thumbnails and the Fox remains the winner. It is just far faster. I am still using Windows XP, so that may have some effect.

The tabbed browsing feature in IE, although it is great, doesn't allow me to switch from one tab to another using my keyboard only (I hate the mouse). With the Fox I can do it by pressing Ctrl + PgUp or Ctrl + PgDn. With IE, its not as simple as that. Perhaps, I just haven't found the keyboard shortcut?

What I want from a browser is a light-weight, fast, small application file, not consuming too many resources and not sending any data behind my back. After comparing IE and Firefox, and although the Fox sometimes does something unpleasant to me, I guess I have no choice but to let it remain my main browser.

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  • Asa Dotzler

    That’s extremely odd Firefox behavior. I suspect a rogue add-on is messing things up for you. Have you tried launching Firefox in safe mode to see if your results are more “normal”? There’s a safe mode shortcut in the program group on your start menu. Alternatively, you could just disable your add-ons (not uninstall) and then selectively enable them while using the browser to identify the culprit. My Firefox never uses more than a few % of the CPU except for the few seconds it’s loading up a fresh group of 10-20 tabs.

    – A

  • you can use CTRL + Tab to navigate between the tabs in IE. another addon that’s worth mentioning is IE7Pro @

  • bliffle

    I try Opera every now and again. And there are some other alternatives as well, especially in the linux world.

    Also, there are enough ready-made toolkits around that a person could even create their own browser out of the pieces.

    The biggest nuisance I see in the browser area is the spreading presence of “Flash”, which is a pushy gorilla that elbows aside the users interest in favor of their sponsors interests, i.e., the advertisers of america.

  • i use firefox all the time and have never seen this slow startup problem. on the other hand, even if it did happen it wouldn’t bother me because i start it up in the morning and never shut down for ten hours or so.

    seriously though, i don’t know why that’s happening to you.

  • IE 7 is a pain in the butt in Vista. What version of Firefox are you using?

  • bliffle

    Takes about 2 seconds for Firefox to come up on this machine, an IBM T40. Of course, that’s under ubuntu, not XP. It’s been so long since I resorted to the XP partition that I don’t remember, except that startup times and run times for software became progressively longer under XP as viruses and virus defenders fought useless wars with each other.

  • hi guys, thanks for your comments.
    @Peter: the CTRL + TAB keys work. Thanks a lot! I know there’s gotta be there somewhere

    @Others: I’m still suffering for the slow start up problem. Have no idea why. as far as I can remember, it was began when I install more Google products espc Google Updater. Currently I’m using Firefox, (always update it). So far I still can tolerance it unless when I am in rush 😀

  • bliffle

    Switch to ubuntu. I was getting totally demoralized and frustrated by the progressively slower performance of Windows and it’s increasingly unreliable performance a few months ago when I decided to try ubuntu as a lark. I was amazed that I could run it from the “liveCD” without installing it on the computer and disturbing the existing OS on the HDD.

    I was so pleased at the way ubuntu ran that I installed it and after a couple struggles (for me that was simply the wireless connection; completing the dialup connection remains TBD) I’ve been using it constantly on 3 machines. And my old Windows systems are still available on a partition on the HDD and accessible at boot time. There’s also a way to setup a dynamic OS switch so you can go back and forth between ubuntu and Windows at the press of a key.

    I’ll never go back to a single OS system. Each OS only takes about 8gb which is trivial on a modern HDD.

    One thing you’ll notice pretty quickly about ubuntu is that the security decisions are offered to you in your favor. Windows always couches things in such a way that MS (and their cohorts, the companies they sell your facilities to at great profit) retain control over your system. Linux has no such vested interest.

  • Brandonite

    Regarding irritating flash – – try the firefox addin called FlashBlock. I’ve used it for years on my slower machines, and it does wonders – it saves CPU and even better I am not bothered by those annoying dancing mortgage ads anymore. Whew.

    Currently running Ubuntu 7.10/Firefox/Openoffice.