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The lack of success of the comeback album for the band Boston has lead to the band taking legal action against their record company.
Donald Thomas Scholz (Tom Scholz) of Boston has filed with the County of New York claiming Artemis Records failed to market and promote their last album ‘Corporate America’. The album was Boston’s 5th album and their first in 8 years.
Scholz claims he signed with Artemis after they promised him the highest priority for promoing ‘Corporate America’ and hands on attention that other labels would not or could not provide.

After signing he says the label fired key staff members necessary to fulfill the label’s obligation to the band. The suit suggests Artemis then assigned A&R staff who made no experience to look after the band.
The suit claims Artemis failed to execute the agreed marketing plan and their failure to abide by their contractual obligations threatened the success of the tour and continued success of the band.
As a result of the action of Artemis, Boston claim to have suffered damages of at least $4,000,000 plus interest, legal costs and further damages yet to be determined as a result of the combined complaints.

Tom Scholz appears to have forgotten, however, that he was the one who chose to promote the album by putting a track from it on MP3.com under a different name (the rationale being that if people knew Boston were responsible for it no one would’ve taken it seriously, although the song wasn’t exactly easy to take seriously anyway… I know, I heard it). Which is a fucking excellent way to let people know you’ve got a new album out, eh, i.e. not to actually tell them it’s you… no wonder no one bought the album, clown…

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  • I didn’t even know until I read this that Boston HAD a comeback album.

  • matt belyea

    What record Company HASNT tom scholz sued! Hmm… Sony, yes, MCA, yes,
    Artemis, yes… Maybe he should start his own and sue himself!

    Guess he IS like Michael Jackson,
    you know, suing because of crappy record sales, it’s NOT because the
    record SUCKED is it???

  • Eric Olsen

    I wonder what happened with this – nothing, I would imagine.

  • I loved Boston. I grew up listening to their beautiful music. I have never heard a band like Boston. I doubt I ever will again. Their wonderful musical legend left behind is beautiful and made a difference in my life. It brought me great joy.
    Thanks for the webpage. I enjoyed.