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iDAPT Universal Charger For Charging Multiple Devices At Once

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We all have an array of different electronics that must be charged. The iDAPT universal charger has the answer to all the tangled cords and frustrations.  iDAPT can charge up to five different electronic devices simultaneously and comes with different charging tips for all the types of connections needed. The different tips can be switched by pressing the button beside each one to remove. The new one can then slide back into place without any trouble.

One would think that electronic companies could agree on one type of end for charging. Unfortunately, that’s not the case by any means. For whatever reason they see fit, each company has a different type of end or charger needed to charge the item.

The iDAPT helps control all this madness by having four different slots which are interchangeable for the proper electronic item. The charger is said to be compatible with over 4500 different devices. It can charge four different items on top plus the USB connection on the side.

In our test, we charged a Kindle, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, and Plantronics Voyager headset. We also plugged an iPod into the side USB charger. Yes, I said iPhone 5. The charger can be equipped with an accessory to charge the newest Apple mobile device. This can be purchased on their site along with the iDAPT Universal charger. The iDAPT was left charging overnight and charged the devices with no glitches whatsoever. The iDAPT can be purchased for around $65 at www.idaptweb.com. This is a great product to set beside your bed to charge your devices while you sleep. The interchangeable tips are very easy to put on/off but do keep in mind the devices stand upright to charge so it’s possible to break the tips off. Besides this small problem I had no trouble with the device in any way. I would recommend this product for persons with multiple devices to charge. It’s well worth the money.

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