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ICP gets a lot of shit. SPIN hates them. EMINEM hates them.

But I don’t really care how unpopular they are. I liked The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. Here are the tracks:

1. Intro
2. Jake Jeckel
3. Bring It On
4. I Want My Sh*T
5. B*tches
6. Terrible
7. I Stab People
8. Another Love Song
9. Everybody Rize
10. Play With Me
11. Jack Jeckel
12. F*uck the World
13. Shaggy Show
14. Mad Professor
15. Assassins
16. Echo Side
17. Nothing’s Left

This is good music! I know it isn’t cool music, but I found it enjoyable.

I don’t own any of their other CDs, and feel no great urge to purchase them. I mean, they aren’t all that. But it’s still pretty good stuff.

So why does everyone hate these guys? Is it their silly makeup? The sociopathic lyrics?

I dunno. But I suggest unbiased listeners give them a shot. And tell me what they think.

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  • jessica

    fuck all the haters, ICP made it and i love them. they’re mad talented and i don’t know why so many people hate them, just because their different then the rest of the rap artists out there and wear clown makeup and sing about killing? fuck that. they’re amazing on a new level and people can’t even handle it.

  • Stoner420

    Ok all you little fuckers dissing ICP and worshiping them Shut the Fuck up.I am a Juggalette and one of a kind.Being a Juggalo isn’t about Icp.Being a Juggalo is about Believing in the Dark canival and which it stands for. Icp said themselves just dont worship them worship The Dark carnival and all the things it stands for. Icp was sent here to tell us the history and past of the Dark carnival they are here to teach us the ways in which a juggalo lives by. All you people who say they are just stupid clowns and no one like them because of that SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID AS MOTHA FUCKERS!!! People don’t like Icp because they do not feel the power us Juggalos feel when we pray for the Dark Caenival. If you Follow the Carnival then pray for it not Icp its not about them it is about the people who come to us for help and want acepptance. My homies an I are here to spread the Word the Carnival is coming and it is coming as soon as you guys relize what is really is about.

  • twiztidjuggalotus

    I’m a real juggalo, a juggalo is a follower not a fan!!! Anyways, ICP is hated so much, I think, because they have annoyed the mainstream for more than a decade with their music. The mainstream (MTV, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Blender) dislikes them because they are in an area that is nearly mainstream, but underground by influence. In other words, they bring underground sounds so close to pop culture, that the executives of MTV, and such feel threatened by this. For some reason, the execs want the same old bitch-ass music from everyone they play on the radio and on MTV to reign supreme, even though it is not very good music. Or they just cater to those that kiss the most ass, *cough*Eminem*cough*. ICP, Twiztid, Tech N9ne, Potluck, Q Strange, and other underground/indie artists are really talented, but you don’t see them getting a fair dose of exposure on TV do ya? How about zero-exposure on TV? The underground has to depend on the internet to survive and that’s unfair to those who probably would like to open their eyes to more indie acts, but are too influenced by TV. Juggalo 4 life!!! Wicked Clownz will never die!!!

  • waldo

    u people are so stupid u dont know rap eminem is the best rapper alive the only reason icp is known is cuase they tried to start beef with eminem and only white kids like icp they are and im white and im sayin it so just leave eminem name out of your mouth cuz

  • Eminem

    what the fuck is up with you dumbass ICP haters?! are you that fucking retarded to realize it?? ICP is telling tha truth about me.i suck my way to the top including biggie,snoop dog,E-Z, and as you know dre. The only reason ya’ll hate ICP is because you don’t listen to real rap, real music. You only fuckin care if it is some dumbass, cocksucking white cracker who pretends to rap like me or k-fed. You all are just that stupid. theres nothing silly or dumb or gay about them, they’re just wicked clowns soon to kick my ass for all da shick i did on my way to fucking up my life and probably yours for being obsessed or wahteva. you kno wat fuck all ya’ll adn c ya in hell bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juggalette with a life

    Oh by the way…. WHO’S GOIN CHICKEN HUNTIN?!

  • Juggalette with a life

    ICP is an awesome group, I like what they stand for and the subliminal messages they slip into their songs. They’re funny and talented and they know how to sell even if they aren’t the norm. They give alot of lost teenagers a way to feel like they’re part of something, part of a family. They teach you not to take things so seriously, and to be a good person even though you probably wouldn’t be able to tell with some of the lyrics. Nevertheless, I have alot of juggalo-lette friends who’ve made the hatchet their lives and have nothing else, which can be a little much. People need to know the difference between right and wrong, and know when and when not to take things so seriously, but obsessing about something thats essentially just a record label wont get you anywhere in the whole scheme of things.

  • Jake

    icp is the shit and i think eminem is not worth a damn becuz of all the songs icp has agisnt eminem, eminem only has 1 song to try to fite off icp

  • PhatAssJuggaloKilla

    Yo D.J/AG the Wickid Clownz WERE on MTV in 2000 with the video “lets go all the way” But the fucking people at MTV banned them. Anyway they dont need to go on MTV. They are one of the most SUCCESsFUL underground bands ever. They have 2 gold and 5 platnum records, without radio play or mtv. And there companies merchandise sales are only competed with bands like the Rolling Stones,and the Beatles.

    Oh ya fuck eminem,50 cent and all those STUDIO gangsters. Them Bitches are fake ass rappers. And the DJs on the radios are little bitches, they play what the man tells them to play.

    So in the end ANY Psychopathic Records artist rocks! And all the fake ass dj’s and Studio Gangsters are fuppets.(fuck puppets)

  • down wit thy clown

    fuck that faggot dj, eminem can suck my fucking nuts, he fucking sucks, all his beats sound the fucking same ICP FUCKING KICKS ASS!!! and besides ICP prefers the underground faggot

  • super villian 69

    mm aint no soldjer the super villian mob his ass all day every day

  • DJ / A.G.

    ICP is so…. GAY!!! Eminem is the shyt!!!!!!! Have u heard there mother fucken asses on MTV or anywhere else much ……..no answer..,…thats cuz they faggot asses arent talented. They have no skillz…they suck …they really are fucken gay clowns …and and there proly jealous of Eminem…


    and ICP can kiss my Muther Fucken ASS!!

  • austin


  • austin

    Christopher:Yes it is a way of life.Its not a gimic,reallY.They speak of their opinions to cope with their emotions ( which is a good thing ). Rapping is a wonderful way for them to let their voice be heard.And as for calling yourself a “juggalo” is a way to say that yer apart of something and that your not alone.It helps your self esteem and confidence and I support that.

  • Guppusmaximus

    All I know is that they released a videotape with the title,”StrangleMania” back in the mid 90’s and it was the funniest f*cking poke at wrestling I had ever seen. The commentary they make during the matches is hilarious… As for their music, I’m not a fan but I do feel they have alot more integrity than that Eminem guy.They have been rapping for 2-3 times longer and they are definately original…Who the hell else dresses up like clowns and raps??

    Much props from the Resident Headbanger!!

  • I met ICP at a Tigermart last year. They eat a lot of donuts.


  • Little Juggalette: I’m a big ICP fan too but you need to understand, they’re professional entertainers who want to sell you stuff. All this family stuff is basic emotional manipulation to make you buy more. Unless you’re under ten, in which case everything they say is true.

  • Little Juggalette

    !We ALL stand tall & proud!
    ICP did that
    Fuck the killing and all that shit people cry about.
    BUT those fucks will never know.
    !!!And I Dont want them to.!!!
    !!!Because that magic is just for us!!!
    So FUCK WHAT THE HATIN Faggalos comment

  • Little Juggalette

    ICP is my FAMILY & YOU NEVER………FUCK WITH MY FAMILY, I am alive becus of them BUT wanted to DIE cus of [Edited] YOU!!!!!
    !!!!!!I LOVE ICP AND ALL JUGGALOS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  • Soulless

    you fuckin 16 yr olds think its cool to call yourselves juggalos and shit lol. icps alright and has a couple good songs. but you fucking kids are halarious, “WE’S GOIN CHICKEN HUNTIN, ICP FA’ LIFE, DOWN WIT DA CLOWN, ICP FOREVER, JUGGALO FOR LIFE!” Being that fuckin stupid is never acceptable, EVEN IF a couple faggots dance around on stage dressed as clowns.

  • DrezMoMBuBzJuGGaLeTTe

    Maybe those who are hatin should listen a lil closer to their music.. they dont sit around n discriminate us like you all do.. shit.. i know ppl who found the dark carnival and changed their lives for the good… try listenin to halls of illuisons… or behind the paint.. you don’t know what they are about… or listen to the song called Terrible… I dont really give a shit if u dont like them but when u diss psychopathic records u diss us… B.c of them we got real friends that always got our backs.. wee are juggalos n juggalettes… we are all like family… we may have some different views… but who cares… i know ppl that only reason they live is 4 the carnival… there are alot of ppl that like icp also.. maybe you should do some research before you try n put us all down… icp doesnt expect us to go kill ppl or anyhting.. its just songs n it makes us not have to take life so damn serious and cautious… u no that icp throws the best concerts.. their concerts are rated #1 for the most entertaining by all different types of famous magazies… anyone can go have a good time a icp concert!

  • xSilverstar31x

    you are all all crazy. whether you hate ICP fans, Eminem fans, I have one thing to tell all of you gang bangers-Just listen to whatever music you want to! Who cares what others think about your taste in music? I personally wish you guys (Eminem haters, fans, ICP Haters, fans) would all just realize that everyone has a right to listen to whatever they want to. Peace out-and be yourselves!

  • cip is one of the best singes in the world and always will be no matter what happens. there songs are not about killings,or anything like that all there try to do is tell the world that everyone is differnt in ther own way. so 4 all you juggalo’s lets give icp a hell ya 4 doing the # 1 thing. lets give them all your repect i know that icp has all of my repect. for all you icp hates you need to shut the fuck up and stop talking about them there more famous then what youll ever be.

  • juggalo4life

    We’s going chicken huntin, yo son yo lil punk kids who arent down with the clown need to shut the your mouth, icp isnt about killing people,robbing yo moms or anything like that,its a music form for all the people of the world that are diffrent , at juggalo gatherings there so many “diffrent people” that for at least a lil while feel accepted in your society,all you juggahoes,need to listen to shanri-la track 17,and youll see icp is really christians, hey juggalo boy tyler, Waht do you do with a drunkin redneck?

  • I have been a fan of ICP since that album. I choose to give it a listen when all the other white(i’m white) music started sounding the same or worse. To me rock, alternitive was just missing something. I completly understand why people don’t like ICP. I do not consider myself a juggalo. BUT, I have been greatly influenced by their careers and there music. Here is my review.

    ICP has been telling a story on thier albums from
    1993-2001. That’s creative.

    Their beats are unique. Some verry advanced for the time RiddleBox the song 12(mixing).

    The claim to have a hidden Godly message wrapped around there “evil” lyrics. They prophecise there music as if it were a religion(wether this is true or not, it does create a following).

    They are hust funny. Clowns make me laugh. SAW 11
    was worse for the public than ICP in my opinion.

    You don’t know wether you like something until you listen. I could have enjoyed ICP::RiddleBox years ago, but I choose to say “I would never listen to thos fags in makeup!”

  • juggalo boy tyler

    hey juggalos

  • juggalo boy tyler

    yo this is a striaght up juggalo speaking here
    i dont know bout all you other juggalos but the dark carnival is the shit. and i would give my life to keep the wicked clowns alive so all you bitches that talk the most shit when your in hiding FUCK YOU. any body thats down wit eminem
    FUCK YOU. any body hates on icp FUCK YOU. and any body thats kool with icp BLESS YOUR LITTLE HEARTS

  • hatchet man

    hey queenie u down wit the clown

  • hatchet man

    will u guys talk or what

  • hatchet man

    oh ya eminem is a bitch ass loser im down wit the clown juggalooooooooo

  • hatchet man

    jessica u are not the brightest try to make a compleat sentence

  • I must admit I like The Great Milenko. The Dark Carnival or whatever… funny stuff. Weird screaming angry clowns are funny… it’s a natural advantage!

  • Treasure

    Alright, First off, how many other people out there hate those dumb motherfuckers that search sites of people they DON’T like and leave hater comments all over the place? If you like eminem, fine. (even though that’s disgusting) If you like ICP, fine. (Juggalette Shoutout!) Just leave each other the fuck alone and stay of your own turf. Gosh!

  • ass

    mnm suz0rz

  • jessica

    |\ \ <---- Eminem taking in the ass not my best work but it works

  • queenie

    well i do like ICP and how knows maybe they are a pair of fags but… meh its all good…and v ice rocks dude! but any ways i have not a clue why ICP is not getting the respect they should get… i allso have the great malinko and its gread i like the sick and twistedness of the muzik lol… and for all you fags that hate every one fuck you and yor fat wife!!!!!
    love queenie mwah xoxoxoxox
    p.s M.O.B i think you sexy mwah

  • M.O.B. SoldieR

    I have heard ICP and I have the CD “The Great Melenko” but Honelsty I would’nt spend money on there bullshit! I found that CD on the ground ( ha! ha! ha!) and who ever threw it there probably knew that their CD was garbage! their lyrics are ridiculous and as people they are even worse…. I dont have no interest in there style of music and I think that there music does’nt say much! except that they are fuckin retarded! I would rather spend my money on Vanilla Ice than ICP, and you all know how fucked up that sounds! I think the reason Eminem does’nt like them isbecause they are a pair of fag’s! And you all know how homophobic Eminem is..
    But I keep it real and since Im keeping it real and since were on the topic. I think Eminem is also a faggot! so I dont know why he hates on ICP because they are all good for each other! maybe they should make a callabo! and see where they take it.. I know where Eminem would take it.. and as for “SILENT J” and “FAGGY NO HOPE” I think they would enjoy a lil’ bit of the faggy commradory! so that is just my opinion and for all the people that do not like ICP I know ya’ll feel me! And for the people that have no respect for themselves and worship ICP, I have one peice of advice….FUCK YOU!

  • kudd45

    ok you’ve made your point loud and clear RJ, your taste sucks, oh well.

    Anyway, someone has to listen to em right?

  • Nyx

    Everyone hates clowns. That’s why. The only way they could be hated more would be if they were mimes. But then they wouldn’t make noise, so that might be an improvement.

  • RJ, it would be much more helpful in a music review to actually review the music. Telling people they should give them a chance without telling them why, or what the music is like, is like shoving unrecognizable food in the face of someone you don’t know and saying, “Here, eat this!” This amounts to an “I like this!” review, which is exactly what Blogcritics is NOT about.

    So you like it. Do you know the old line from the Bob Newhart Show? “Go with that feeling”? Go with that feeling, RJ. Make us want to hear these guys.