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Icky Flix – The Residents

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In the music industry, the term “artist” is often flung around to provide the illusion of depth to what is an artificially flavored and colored product. After more than 30 years, The Residents are one of the few who really deserve to be called artists.

The Residents have made art using music, electronics, theatre, experimental film, computer graphics and animation, video games, and some rare public performances. “Icky Flix” is a DVD retrospective of their career with 17 video clips being re-released. But that’s not all, their home base of The Cryptic Corporation wanted more, so The Residents recorded new music for all of the pieces and includes 4 new videos, and videos adapted from their CD-Roms.

Each track includes the option of the original recording or the new version, plus information about each track. With a running time of over three hours, this is both an excellent introduction to The Residents and a must-have for their cult and great value.


The Third Reich ‘N’ Roll
One Minute Movies
Kick A Picnic
Songs For Swinging Larvae
He Also Serves

This Is A Man’s Man’s World
Harry The Head
The Gingerbread Man (Concentrate)
Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy
Just For You (Disfigured Night pt 7)
Stars and Stripes Forever
Where Is She?
Burn Baby Burn
Hello Skinny
Bad Day on the Midway (Concentrate)
Vileness Fats (Concentrate)

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