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Ice Cream Treats

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Everyone loves ice cream. Especially on a hot summer day, it’s a cool, melt-in-your mouth treat. Soft serve or hand dipped, it doesn’t matter to me. I never turn down an opportunity to eat my favorite delicacy. I’ll savor the yummy taste regardless of whether it’s served in a dish or a cone.

What is ice cream? Milk, sugar and butterfat, all deliciously decadent things that make the doctor cringe. However, hand the doctor a cone with a scoop of chocolate temptation beginning to melt, a little drip sliding down the side of the cone, and he can’t resist. Out with the tongue, catch it quick. Forget about the calories and cholesterol, a mouthful of ice cream brightens the day.

I love mine pure; not adulterated with bits of Heath bars or peppermint sticks. Give me Neapolitan, a fine mix of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I don’t want Splenda or NutraSweet or zero fat. Ice cream is wholesome yet so bad for us it makes a wonderful treat.

I grew up eating it out of a tall conical container made from heavy, sturdy glass that wouldn’t tip over easily. I used a long spoon to get down into the very bottom of the dish. I didn’t want to miss a drop. I ate CMPs (Chocolate, Marshmallow and Peanut Sundaes) and I still love them.

You’ve never heard of a CMP? They’re to die for. I prefer two scoops of vanilla hidden under hot fudge. Sprinkle salted Spanish peanuts over the top, and stack it high with marshmallow fluff. You’re almost there. Add some whipped cream on top, and last but not least a red maraschino cherry. Yum!

shadowbrookWe ate our CMPs at Shadow Brook Dairy Bar in northeast Pennsylvania. Huge wooden dairy cow heads flaunting massive horns hung from the front of the building. They left no doubt, the Brook got milk. All these years later, I still think they made the best. Perkins Pancake House bought them out. They took down the heads, and switched from ice cream to pancakes. Major bummer!

Ice cream brings joy. It’s associated with happy occasions, holidays, and family outings. Coming back from visiting my uncle in New York, Grandpa would always treat us to brown cows (root beer floats) at an A&W drive-in diner. The cold combined with the carbonation causes a brown crust to form on the ice cream. The crust crunches when you eat it.

Put a spoonful of ice cream on other desserts, and they taste so much better. My mouth starts to salivate when I just start thinking about chocolate ice cream with lemon cake. My tastebuds never turn down vanilla ice cream on a piece of warm apple pie or berry cobbler. I’m feeling the need – time to make a trip to the local grocery store or to Guernsey’s Dairy restaurant in Northville, Michigan.

ice cream sundaeGuernsey’s is currently my favorite spot for satiating the craving. Whenever I make a trip to Michigan, I make sure to gulp down massive amounts of the tasty cool delights at Guernsey. Their Tin Roof Sundae tingles the taste buds. It’s made the same as a CMP, and it fires the neurons linked to those happy days at Shadow Brook.

Guernsey also makes a wicked shake. Several scoops of ice cream blended with milk in a 24-ounce silver metal cup. It comes out thick and rich with lumps. You almost need a spoon to eat it. The taste and texture are so much better than the faux concoctions from fast food joints.

Here are a few ice cream facts to amaze your friends with while eating a Nob Hill Chill shake from Ghirardelli’s. In 2010, the U.S. ice cream industry generated nearly $10 billion in revenue. Additionally, almost 9% of the milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers is used to make ice cream. Keep a dairy cow in work – buy some ice cream today.

Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month. He also set the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day. Everyone should do themselves a favor, and purchase a large dollop of this delectable dairy delight.

*Ice cream sundae picture credit: Bruce G. Smith

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    Hit Guernsey Diary tonight for some of their award winning butter pecan ice cream