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“IAEA Sending Spies, not Inspectors” – Iran

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Iranian intelligence minister Heidar Moslehi has said that inspectors sent by the International Atomic Energy Agency had engaged in espionage and the Vienna-based agency must take responsibility for their actions, Reuters reported. Iran has been critical of Ithe AEA for leaking information of its nuclear programme to the US. In June, Iran banned two U.N. nuclear inspectors from entering the country, claiming they had leaked false Iran nukesinformation about the country’s disputed nuclear program.

“Among the individuals the IAEA sends as so-called inspectors, there are spies from foreign intelligence services. The IAEA must be held responsible for this,” state TV quoted Moslehi as saying. An IAEA spokesperson responded to the allegation in Vienna, saying the agency had no comment. Iran’s allegation comes a week after an Iranian nuclear scientist, Dr Majid Shahriari, was assassinated, in a bomb attack. Another scientist, Dr Fereydoon Abbasi, was wounded in a separate attack. Iran’s nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, called the assassination of the nuclear scientist a disgrace for the Security Council. He said the assassination was linked to the international sanctions slapped on Iran by the Security Council, the US and the EU, and was a part of the western countries’ covert campaign to sabotage Iran’s nuclear programme.

Iran said the campaign includes abduction of Iranian nuclear scientists, sale of faulty nuclear equipment and placing of destructive computer worms such as stuxnet into the computer systems of the Iran nuclear programme. Computer worms brought Iran’s nuclear activity to a halt for a brief period in November. Iran accused Israel’s Mossad, Britain’s MI6 and the US’ CIA of being behind the sabotage activities.

Nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 (Five permanent members: the US, Britain, France, Russia and China, plus Germany) broke down last year when Iran rejected the UN-drafted plan to swap Iran’s low enriched uranium with reactor-ready fuel rods. According to the plan, Iran has to ship its low enriched fuel abroad, to be kept in Russia. Then, a like quantity of ready-to-use fuel rods will be sent to Iran from France, as per the plan. Iran rebuffed the plan: it already had bitter experience with France, which did not supply fuel to Iran as promised in return for Iran’s investment in a French nuclear plant.

As a result, the US lobbied extensively for slapping a fourth round of sanctions on Iran, with Chinese and Russian cooperation. It succeeded in persuading China and Russia to place sanctions on Iran’s business interests and Iranian individuals having bank accounts abroad. The US and the EU also separately imposed their own sanctions. Russia condemned this separate sanctioning but who is caring? China did not express  as much solidarity with Iran as even Russia did. Many countries around the world condemned the sanctions, saying sanctions are an old tactic. The Iranian president described the sanctions as a “used handkerchief.”

Iran’s foreign minister Mottaki requested neighbouring Arab and Muslim countries to be alert to the divide-and-rule tactics of the western countries, referring to the Saudi prince requesting the US to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, as revealed in the latest communication from Wikileaks.

One has to wonder, while expressing extreme worries over Iran’s nuclear programme, why these so-called world-protecting western countries do not question Israel’s nuclear policy of piling up hundreds of nuclear warheads which threaten the security of their Arab neighbours. Moreover, Iran is saying that its programme is for peaceful purposes, and US intelligence has confirmed that fact. On the other hand, Israel never disclosed a single piece of information about its nuclear warheads; it did not allow IAEA inspectors into the country. This double standard by the Security Council, the US and its allies should be condemned by the international community.

Perhaps Israel and the US, along with their allies, are the primary threat to world peace, as they have already attacked independent countries, disregarding the opinions of the international community. Destruction of thousands of warheads by the nuclear powerhouses is the essential pre-condition for world peace to prevail. Until then, countries like Iran, North Korea, India and Pakistan will have every right to pursue and build nuclear technology for peaceful as well as weapons purposes.

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  • Ruvy

    Aw… Poor Persian mad mullahs! Their nuclear program is being sabotaged by the very people they want to kill – da Joos!

    They can cry in my underwear.

    Perhaps Israel and the US, along with their allies, are the primary threat to world peace, as they have already attacked independent countries, disregarding the opinions of the international community.

    What a crock! MY people have been under existential attack for a whole damned century, from the founding of the Anti-Semite party in Vienna in 1906 until today. And you foreigners did nothing to stop this century long attempt at murdering us off. We don’t owe any of you the fucking time of day, let alone listening to “the opinions of the international community.” You have all the moral makeup of savages, of cannibals who eat their children and sell their daughters into slavery and prostitution, who abuse young boys for sex, who dump infants in garbage pails to die, and who abort infants (in India aborting girls) for convenience alone. In short, you barely meet the humane part of humanity. You are humans in the biological sense only.

    The Nazis taught us well how to commit genocide. Let me define it for you so you comprehend what it is, in modern day terms. Genocide is what the Hindus did to the Muslims in India’s partition in 1948 – and what the Muslims have done to the Hindus in Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) over the last six decades. Genocide is the stink of blood arising from Central Asia over the last six decades.

    But that is cheap stuff. Genocide is what the Russians did to the Ukrainians, what the Turks did to the Armenians, and what they want to do to the Kurds. But most of all, genocide is what Israel is CAPABLE of doing to Egypt – the destruction of the Aswan High Dam would kill about 50 million Egyptians.

    We CAN do this. And in a situation of extremis, we will. But unlike the rest of the nations above – WE HAVEN’T. If that sounds like I’m saying we are better than the rest of you – you are most perceptive. WE ARE!

  • Ruvy, those filthy words chosen by you are not acceptable for exchange of views. Kindly try to restrain yourself from using them.

    As I observe on this forum, whenever a country is criticized for some reason in an article, people belonging to that country are up in arms criticizing author’s country expecting him to stop writing or to embarrass him. I pity with such practice.

    Almost every country has its own ways to mistreat less privileged and poor sections of their people. It is Black & white in the US, racism in Europe, Australia and South East Asia, casteism and religious fanaticism in India, tribal wars in Africa and so on. All these disparities are encouraged and perpetrated by ruling and top rung sections of every country in order to perpetuate their economic exploitation. They use those disparities so that exploited will be immersed in fighting among themselves and will not concentrate on their real problem of economic exploitation.

    This is divide and rule policy. If people find no reason in fighting among themselves they will start to see the real system from where their problems originate. Once they realize who is causing problems to them, they will start to fight against it unitedly, due to which the handful people of rich and ruling sections will lose their control over the economic construction of the system. In order to prevent it, these handful of people provoke cultural and social issues that are actually byproducts of the exploitative economic system. These people have strong connections and bonds beyond national boundaries. But unfortunately people of those countries lack it. People who work and create wealth around the world have not yet learned to unite against cultural and social odds. But, they will.

    If I say US is the enemy to the world, I don’t to include US people. Because, people of the US do not want wars, do not want racism originally. Such disparities are already there when they born. They take it as if it is natural. But, after proper education and after acquiring self conscience, they will begin to reject it. There the governments controlled by handful of rich privileged sections step in and divert their ideas using several tools. TV, cinema, fake cultures, false education, religion etc… are some of such tools. Irrespective of one agrees or not, religions have a long history of aiding ruling and privileged people in ideological oppression of working masses.

    People have to realize the difference between the state and the people. If state sides with working masses such nation can be called truly democratic. We don’t have such truly democratic countries in the world as of now. People are carrying struggles in a bid to acquire such state that rules for them. That’s another matter.

    So, my point is, bad qualities of any country is not actually quality of that country’s people. For ex. caste is the tool in the hands of Indian rich, privileged sections to provoke one caste people against other caste, so that they will not bother about their problem of land. If people start struggle for land reforms, a few sections of the people who own the large swaths of land defying land laws, will have to lose their land wealth. During such struggles ruling sections provoke caste differences to divert the struggles.

    Ruvy, you need not get agitated when I say Israel is fueling tensions in the middle east. What I actually mean is Israel state is fueling tensions. There are plenty of Israelis who recognize Arabs have been displaced. Who do not recognize will soon do so. People have to stop believing what their political leaders say when they preach about the supremacy of one race over the other. When all conditions are favorable, people do not think about supremacy,

  • Ruvy

    I’m sorry, Sekhar. Your complaining does not impress me one bit. If you want to talk about the Israeli state apparatus or the American state apparatus, you need to do so in plain English. You have not done so. You need to edit for clarity. But that is besides the point.

    Before you call US, whether it is the pathetic state apparatus in Israel, or the Jewish people living in Israel, primary threats to world peace, you need to look at the real threats to world peace – Iranian mullahs and their poodles who threaten to destroy Israel; the North Korean regime which spreads nukes; the Pakistani lack of supervision over its nuclear arsenal that can allow the use of the “Muslim bomb” anywhere its missiles can reach; and finally, the Chinese government which openly threatens – both verbally and by its actions – to use nuclear weapons on the United States.

    And if you are going to call us threats to world peace, you also need to recognize – whether you want to or not – the moral stink that comes out of East and Central Asia, with its culture of murder, foeticide, childhood sexual slavery, systematic impoverishment and shunning of millions on religious grounds – AND communal violence. These are all more threats to the peace of the world – far more than Israelis knocking off nuclear scientists in Persia, or crippling the hostile intentions of a war-mongering regime.

    And I will not back down on calling you or Europeans savages who are barely human. By your murderousness in your nations your have proven your savagery. I’m not directing this at a man with dark skin. This is not racism. Germans, Frenchmen, Dutchmen and Turks – all with far whiter skin than you – fit in the same category of savagery.

  • China threatens US? I never come across this. Only thing I know is China is increasingly ascertaining its position in Asia. Why should US bother about it? It is far away from Asia. Moreover, the US attacked Afghanistan, one of the neighbors of China, in the name of war on terrorism, bombed it and killed thousands. It is trying to woo India against China to fulfill its interests. If US has security concerns in Asia, why doesn’t China or India? The US is pursuing world supremacy using military force, but China is not.

    Israel attacked Lebanon, Iraq’s supposed nuclear sites, blockaded Gaza denying Gaza people their fundamental rights of right to live, right to work and right to peace. These two regimes are actively pursuing their military, political and economic goals but not any other country. Of course, European countries (NATO) are also somewhat active by aiding US attacks. But they themselves do not launch attacks independently. Their role is secondary. Israel fulfills American interests in the middle east. That’s why US regards it as the most closest ally.

    In this background, I consider the US and Israel, the primary enemies to peace. Iranian mullahs, what can they do except sponsoring sporadic bombings and blasts? They don’t have state level active backing. They might not have surfaced if the US did not pursue its world hegemonic goals in Arab world by encouraging oppressive Israeli state (not Israeli people again). Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans and others are just resisting US’ barbaric and inhuman attacks on human civilizations. What they lack is full fledged ideology to resist effectively and decisively. Their religion based resistance is handicapped. Their killing of innocent civilians through terrorist acts are isolating them from the world. That is the tragedy. People like you are effectively using their terrorist acts as excuses for pursuing hegemonic interests.

    The US’ war on terrorism is a farce. It gave birth to Bin Laden to fight against Russia occupation of Afghanistan. It helped Saddam to fight against Iran. It helped Pakistan to prop up Taliban. You can only give birth to terrorism; once it acquires hold, it rises beyond your control. That’s what happened for the US. Terrorism brought up by the US for its interests, has latter turned against the US itself. Then only terrorism has become a world threat. Until then it was good.

    You can see the disparities and oppressions mentioned by you, everywhere in the world. Don’t you find them in US? Yes you do. Here I’m talking about nature of states. (By the way what is the problem with my response in #2? Are there language mistakes?)

  • Jordan Richardson

    Ruvy often gets his “facts” from some very special mailing lists, Sekhar. That may explain why his view of things is, shall we say, unique.

  • Ruvy

    China threatens US? I never come across this. Being an Indian, that might not concern you too much. But since I have relatives in LA and San Francisco, not to mention friends there, things like this do matter to me. So, here are a few links to educate you. I haven’t even mentioned that ICBM the Chinese sent off of LA to show everyone they actually could hit the States.

    Chinese general warns of nuclear risk to US.
    The Guardian – 2005.

    The Threats from Red China’s Military & U.S. Technology Transfers

    Reports from August, 2005 and January 2005. The January report has some nonsense about visions worked in, but the bottom line is that there was an Navy sub “accident” that was never really explained satisfactorily.

    Chinese military threatens nuclear war against the United States over Taiwan
    From 2005. Money lines here: As a matter of fact, Zhu is not the first to threaten the United States with nuclear weapon attacks. Choosing newspapers outside the mainland to publish the news draws much more serious attention from the world.

    Prior to Zhu’s comments, many pro-Chinese government websites were circulating a headline article published by the Chinese Weekly of Extensive Military Knowledge, a top military newspaper sponsored by the People’s Liberation Army, with similar messages, but it was receiving little attention by the international media.

    New Chinese missiles threaten U.S. aircraft carriers
    From August 2010.

  • Ruvy, thanks for providing some information.

    All the information at the links provided by you are based on views expressed by a Chinese general. As you see, he acknowledged that the views are his own. Still, if we consider his views, they are primarily concerned with the relations between China and the renegade state Taiwan. It is true that Taiwan is part of China. Over the time, I think, China and Taiwan can resolve their differences. The process has already been initiated. They have developed economic relations that were once unimaginable. They are one race, and very likely to get reconciled. Why should US worry about it?

    All Chinese military build up stems from self defense but not hegemonic interests. If China starts forceful interference, and start overseas military bases, then world certainly would have something to worry. China did not claim its interests elsewhere -near North America, Africa or Latin America- other than Taiwan and sea waters adjacent to its land. If it does, it would certainly be a threat to world peace. But, for now, it is not.

    In US case, it is already fighting two wars sending its troops to other than its continent; Hillary Clinton claimed US’ interests in Asia, Africa, Latin America several times in her speeches. The US had toppled many democratically elected governments, Venezuela and Honduras being the recent cases. China’s military build up is only defensive but not offensive. Where as America’s is totally offensive for more than a half century. It has a history of dropping two atomic bombs on foreign land. It is forcefully keeping its troops in Japan against the interests of the Japanese people. It is maintaining hundreds of military bases around the world. And, you are talking about China threat instead of US’ threat. How silly?

  • Ruvy


    I don’t know if you noticed, by I didn’t comment on your criticisms of the US regime. I have as much use for it as I have for the Israeli regime – which is not a threat to “world peace” as much as it is a mortal threat to the Jewish people. Most of those who died in the recent fire outside of Haifa were goons of this regime. This was not mere chance. An Opinion was being Registered by One far more important than the trash who run around in the White House or the other chancelleries of the planet. But because you are not Jewish, you wouldn’t comprehend that.

    As for the motives of Chinese aggressiveness towards the United States, they are fairly clear. In addition to making sure the dummies in Washington understand who owns Taiwan, they want to make sure the dummies in Washington don’t forget who owns America.