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I Won’t Contribute to Katrina

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I just stopped at the grocery store to pick up a candy bar. They only had one line open, plus the do-it-yourself area where you have to play amateur cashier. I hate that do-it-yourself area, but the other line was too long so I used it.

After I managed to get the candy bar’s bar code to fit perfectly over the little laser and figured out how the machine worked so I could waste twice the time it would normally take me to buy a candy bar, an employee approached me and said, “Would you like to give a dollar for Hurricane Katrina?”

I said, “No.”

First off, I’m offended that the store employees are wandering around fundraising instead of helping customers, especially when it’s so obvious that the store conglomerate uses these do-it-yourself machines to cut down on the number of employees necessary to help customers so that the store conglomerate can turn a larger profit while having fewer of those pesky union workers to deal with.

But beyond that, I’m sick of footing the bill for George W. Bush and the rest of his so-called compassionate conservatives. It’s been well-documented over the past two days that there were all kinds of warnings about what could happen to New Orleans and that the levees designed to keep out the water were sinking or uncompleted.

What did Bush do? Nothing. Actually, worse than nothing. He was so busy fighting his cowboy war in Iraq (cheers to Hugo Chavez for the analogy) that he actually diverted money away from the projects that might have saved New Orleans because the war was so damn expensive! And now I should pony up to help out? Sorry, Charlie.

Let Bush open his wallet. I’m sure he’s still got a few nickels rolling around his pockets from flipping the Texas Rangers like a Miami condo.

You 60 million losers who voted for this loser open YOUR wallets. This president declared war on the poor long ago, and while some of us cared enough to vote for someone who gave a damn, you buried your heads in the sand, babbled about abortion and family values, and voted for the doofus.

And now you want to act all high and mighty and come asking me for a buck or two to help these poor people? Sorry, Charlie. Take an extra buck or two out of the fund you set aside to buy seventeen Support Our Troops magnets to stick all over your car to show how patriotic you are.

You want disaster relief? Impeach George W. Bush.

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  • cloyde ledet

    u stupid u just saying those things to see what people is going to say about what u say about people in no la.

  • Tammy

    I did not read all of the comments made here but I think that most of it is a bunch of bull shit. If you don’t live here then you do not know a damn thing about waht is going on here. The people that are still in New Orleans don’t all really need help. For the most part over half of them think that the rest of in the U.S. owe them something. I don’t feel that me or anyone else owes them anything. The ones who left New Orleans went to dozens of other cities but most of them came to northern Louisiana and took all the jobs from the people there. “Oh they don’t have anything, lets fire a bunch of the people who already live here and have roots here and give their job to these New Orleans people”. You know what, that is a bunch of bull shit!!!! If they really want help they need to help themselves and stop whining and bitching about not haveing anything and do something about it for themselves. Most of them have bad attitudes and blame their problems on everyone else. Sure there are those who still act like humans and have sucked it up and carried on but most of them want to be handed what they lost on a sliver platter. And do you people realize how many of those people who “lost everything” really didn’t have anything to begin with and are just looking for a free ride along with haveing their hands out for our money. The people who had insureance can rebuild and may need help in doing that but come on people. The folks of New Orleans are not stupid, they have been in a natural disater but they are working the rest of us for everything we have just because you are letting them. There are programs designed to help victims of such disasters and they should seek out the help of those organizations. I am so sick of all the bitching and belly aching that people do, if they would just stop all of that for 5 mins. then they would be able to do something for themselves for once and really apprechaite what they have, and stop looking to get everything handed to them. There are those of us that have worked to hard to see what they have go down the drain because our boss thinks that firing one of us and hireing someone from New orleans will get their sorry ass a better seat in heaven.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    One of the most difficult things to do is to figure out to respond to a human tragedy when you know where to point the finger of blame – and it will do you no damned good.

    A similar tragedy occurred at the very same time as Hurricane Katrina did; to 10,000 Jewish residents living in Gaza and in northern Samaria. It was clear where the finger of blame was to be pointed – at the man who lies rotting like an unpicked vegetable in a hospital bed, the victim of a massive stroke. He is now paying for his sin.

    But the question remains, “why should we taxpayers pick up the trash created by an evil régime?” Opposed to this question was the real need of people whose lives have been ruined, whose homes have been ruined, and whose livelihoods have been ruined, all to satisfy the desire of a criminal to escape prosecution.

    How do you deal with this question?

    It is one of the bitterest questions a people can face.

    Eventually, the criminals of Oslo, the criminals who destroyed Gush Qatif, the criminals who have brought a terrible war upon this nation by withdrawing from Lebanon will pay for their sins against the nation. But until then? Who will help heal broken hearts, the broken hearts of people who could not understand the evil set against them?

    What a bitter question to ponder on a windy day in the mountains of Samaria…

  • matt

    as much as i do not agree with this guys left winged views, i do agree with not contributing to katrina. those people were told how many times “hey, a hurricane is comeing, get the fuck out,” but no, they decided to stay, and that is their problem, not Bush’s. its pathetic to see what many people in this country have become, something happens, its never their fault, someone else must take responsibility for the horrible thingsthat happen. people say that Bush didn’t get the releif down there fast enough, well citizens of new orleans shooting at the godamn rescue helos doesn’t help either. something horrible happens, people must blame someone. and since Bush is not very popular in ths country today, he isat the recieving end of all that blame. the people of new oreans are not to blame for the hurrican, and niether is Bush (no one can control the weather). sure the response by FEMA could have been faster, and better, but the people of new orleans could have helped each other out as well. on the news, all u saw was looting, and people only looking out for them selves. yes there were a few brave people who would go around in boats, rescueing others, but they were few and far between. no matter how much money you pour into FEMA or who you put in charge of it, Katrina still would have been a disaster, the levees still would have broke, the city still would have been flooded, people still would have died. with a massive disaster like katrina, its still would have taken some time to put together a rescue, or anything to really help those people in that city. if you are going to blame anybody, blame the dickless mayor of that city, the mayor that just left his people, then came back later and began blaming others. the fact is that not everything goes as you want it to, no matter what you try to plan, or organize, bad things occur, disasters just happen (espeacilly weather related ones), and there is not always someone to blame. shit happens, all we can really do is pick up the pieces of what is left and move on. we can sit here all day and play the blame game, but katrina will still havehappened, those people will still be dead, and no matter who you think was responsible for this disaster will never be punished, because you cannot be prosicuted for what happens naturally in this world. i don’t understand why people want to blame someone because no one will bepunished for it. shit happens, people die, get over it

  • JAZZEE FROM New Orleans

    You know what………..Brent! I did get out. A hell of a lot of us GOT OUT. But we were not the entire city. And I couldnt take them all with me. So those who stayed, stayed not because they wanted too, they stayed because they felt as though they had no other choice. If you dont want to help a Katrina Victim then dont. Because we dont want nothing from anyone who isnt giving for the heart. No one that was born in this country can say that they know what is like to go thru a disaster like Hurricane Katrina. We were banned from our homes for months! Here it is over a year later and my city is still faced with the same dilemnas it was faced with just days after the breech. It was a horrible experience that affects me, my family, my friends, my neighborhood, my city, my state and this entire country. So the sooner you realize that what happened was not a result of natural forces but the inability of YOUR president (I never voted for him) to give our state the resources it needed. Resources that were available and should have been granted to us years ago (Source: off shore drilling for OIL in the Gulf in La. territory could have paid to fix our levees 5 times by now). So as for as I’m concerned you CAN and SHOULD Keep your dollar!!! Because we dont want or need any support from a sad hurt heart like you Brent!!! 0r anyone here who posted a negative comment about New Orleans Citizens………. where ever they are!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone

    Yes, and those same warnings were *ignored* by many of those who could’ve at the very least walked out. The mayor screwed up mobilizing public transit, too. I’m not supporting Bush – he did appoint to the head of FEMA someone who was not qualified, but there were *far more* blunders in New Orleans before and during the incident than elsewhere.

    In any case, support of the levies is a *local* problem. The city didn’t pay to build up the levy some time back.

  • nena

    I live over 90 miles frome the mississippi gulf coast. I lost my home to katrina,no one thought it would get that bad 90 miles in. I had ins. they did not pay but 26,000.Fema has been a joke they said i have no damage, we are living with my mother. My childern, husban,and I are in one bedroom.You have no idea what we have been through and I pray you or anyone else never has to go through what we have and are still going through.We sat in gas lines for hours not knowing if they would even have gas when we made it to the pumps.We would wait for hours just for ice,start linging up at 2:00 in the morning just for ice.People were killing people over ice and gas.We had to be inside at dark it was so bad.It was like a third world country.We had no phone service cell or land line, no raido,or tv stations up no news paper nothing. Realestate has jumped so high we cant even afored to do anything right now.I know alot of people has helped out. God will truly bless you for it. That is the only reason you should give is to help another person, and who knows, it might be you in need next time.I pray its not.It dont sound like you have many friends.Your compassion is gone, that is sad.

  • Regardless of preparation the hurricane likely still would have killed.. If you don’t recall it was the worst fucking hurricane in 50 years

  • Jake

    P.S. FYI: All Democrats are not like this sorry excuse for a human. I am proud to call myself a democrat and I am proud to have donated a months worth of profit from my business to katrina efforts. I would appreciate it if people would not put all democrats in the same basket with the same label. Because if I were put in the same place with this sorry P.O.S. I’d have to perform brain surgery on the moron and that might get a little messy, and besides, you are just adding to a problem that WE AMERICANS have been working so hard to change. Prejudice!


  • Jake

    How Dare you call yourself American? So our president is an incompetent jerk! If you were a Kerry supporter in the last election I’m ashamed that we have people like you in the Democratic Party. I didn’t vote for Bush but you seem to have alot in common with him.
    Try opening your mind a little Junior and you’ll see that it’s not the people affected by the hurrican that are responsible for your minor inconvience. They cannot be held responsible for you not being able to do a job that I’ve seen countless teenagers perform with relitive ease! “no offense to any teenagers reading this” Show a little compassion. It’s AMERICAN to help your fellow man, it’s AMERICAN to donate to the under privlaged, it’s AMERICAN to help a person to their feet after they’ve fallen, but it is NOT AMERICAN to kick a person when they are down! That’s AMERICA, love it or leave it. I for one must say that I am proud of my FELLOW AMERICANS because they have shown compassion in tragity, Heroics in the face of unsurmountable odds,and most of all LOVE in a world of hate. So please pull your head out of your rear and learn to be an AMERICAN if your going to continue to live here!

  • Kal

    Its a new low for the neo-low-libs.
    Let me try to explain something to you.
    You can help by digging way down deep and trying to find at least two functioning brain cells that can team up and attempt to grasp it.
    NOBODY, but NOBODY wants your tainted money that you have to go forth blowing a trumpet so all can see that you are pretending to give.
    The difference is…the so-called “red staters” dont need to announce to all that they are charitable and patriotic. They simply and quietly give what they can with no press coference or blog site to brag it up to all who will listen.
    This example of the dem/lib base is a new low even for liberals, if thats possible.

  • joe

    This blog proves nothing. The hate mongering Rightwing extremist’s liars have done nothing to help. This is just a place for everyone to express how unhappy they are with our current government…reps AND dems. Really, the hate is only between you two. I really believe that the democrats are so weak, they will let the republicans walk all over them. Example…The Brady Bill, and the ban on assault weapons. Both republican oriented bills…blamed on the democrats. The democrats would be wise to not sign ANY bill that the republicans come up with again.

    What does “mongerting” mean?

  • SO a hate mongerting leftwing does not want to help Americans. Is anyone at all surprised by this attitude. The left talks a good game about caring more than the right, but when it comes right down to it…….well this article is the real prof.

  • joe

    My grandfathers were also very great men. My goal is to utilize everything that they have taught me, and advance on that. I don’t think they would be very proud of me if my only goal was to accomplish a fraction of what they did. Perhaps we can start in New Orleans. That channel they have is capable of generating enough clean energy to power the new city. I would be happy to help in the design.

  • george

    Stop thinking like your grandfather.

    My grandfather was a great and wise man. I only hope that I could utilize a fraction of his greatness and wisdom in my own lifetime. Unlike many of my generation, I choose not to be a sniveling ingrate that instantly rejects the thinking of past generations.

    The world is in deep shit.

    No kidding! So live life for today and stop worrying about things you can’t possibly control.

  • joe

    I forgot to ask..
    Why do you think that free energy devices are illegal in America? I’m all for technology… Good technology. Do you understand evaporation? (Not just water evaporation, but chemical evaporation)
    How about tidal currents? Wind and solar are very weak sources so we are allowed to have those. But, the technology is advancing in both of those areas. Technology in harnessing nature’s power is the only way.

  • joedaddy

    I’m way ahead of you. Stop thinking like your grandfather. The way of war will soon be electro-magnetic pulses. One pulse will shut down everything, including your nuke plants. When that happens…America will be a 3-mile island. Last night, on Sept. 11, I heard that congress stated that “we never vowed not to use atomic weapons, and we never vowed not to strike first”. The world is in deep shit.

  • george

    if it were up to anti-technology luddites like joe, we’d still be riding horses, because refining crude oil into gasoline would be an unnatural process as well. We’d still be using candles to light the darkness and cooking raw meat over a fire.

    Joe is a nuke hating remnant of a past generation of hippie freaks who thankfully were laughed at and scorned by the common sense adults who knew a cheap and efficient energy source when they saw it. The only thing the Joes of the world know about nuclear energy is Three Mile Island and Hiroshima/Nagasaki. This the thinking of a child. There are a lot of children infesting this website. Anyone with a liberal view is a child, for example.

  • It was already devolved in the headline.

  • This thread sure devolved fast.

  • joe

    yes, atoms are part of nuture. Splitting them unnaturally is not…hence the word, “unnatural”


    In violation of a natural law.

    Inconsistent with an individual pattern or custom.

    Deviating from a behavioral or social norm: an unnatural attachment.

    Contrived or constrained; artificial: smiled in an unnatural manner.

    In violation of natural feelings; inhuman.

  • george

    The world of living things and the outdoors:

    hmmm, atomic particles aren’t living things? Tell that to my old science teacher!

    The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world: the laws of nature.

    Phenomena like splitting atomic particles and marvelling at the energy expelled via that process, for example.

    You tree huggers crack me up!

  • joe


    A primitive state of existence, untouched and uninfluenced by civilization or artificiality: couldn’t tolerate city life anymore and went back to nature.

    The material world and its phenomena.

    The forces and processes that produce and control all the phenomena of the material world: the laws of nature.

    The world of living things and the outdoors: the beauties of nature.

    Theology. Humankind’s natural state as distinguished from the state of grace.

  • max

    Georgie worgie puddin n pie. Kissed the girls and made them cry!

    How about we dump all that natural nuclear waste in your back yard and see how natural you feel. To say that splitting an atom is part of nature just goes to show how far removed from reality you are. I guess your planet has nuclear storms and radioactive acid rains, where the solar winds blow across your atmosphere-less world.


  • george

    atoms are at the foundation of life in nature, or did you miss that day in science class? Harnessing their energy is part of the brilliance of mankind that I admire above most other things. What could you possibly have against nuclear power?

  • joe

    Yes George,
    You are correct. Nuclear power plants are part of nature.

  • george

    you are correct, joe, there is no crime to give to strangers. Just don’t expect me to give up anything that is mine or expect me to gladly accept the premise that my tax dollars are being given to people who don’t have the smarts to get out of the way of a hurricane. And btw, evertything is part of nature and we are animals, homo sapiens, the top of the food chain.

  • joe

    Well george,
    We live in a modern world. Cities aren’t part of nature, so survival of the fittest does not apply here, and we are humans…not animals. It’s in OUR nature to help others in need. So, it seems that you are out of touch with reality. Are you mad that we help other countries when they are in need? This is ONLY the worst disaster that has ever hit our country. Many people will need help. If you don’t want to give…so what. There is no crime in not donating to charity.

  • george

    Who’s in need?

    My family, not people I am not related to or know personally. If I were in trouble, I would not ask strangers for help. I would not ask my government for help. If I couldn’t take care of my own or provide for my own safety and security, then I would deserve to perish. That’s the first rule of nature. Survival of the fittest.

    That’s the way America USED to be. What happened to that America? That’s right, it was hijacked by pussies raised on the government’s tits and thinking our leaders are supposed to be our mommies and daddies.

  • george

    I think the question to ask is have you stopped beating something else? Hint: it’s very small and ineffective.

  • Here it is again: “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

  • x

    FUCK Bush?

    Fuck the Shark and all the rest of you.

    That is all.

  • tony

    Why should I give a dime? I pay my taxes and that should be enough. I donate every payday. Just like millions of Americans. It’s our leaders that are suppose to have plans and resorces set aside for this type of thing. And since the government is refusing help from other countries…then let them pay from their own pocket. Maybe we should be asking the oil companies to help. why won’t the republicans let the world help Americans in need???????

  • Gavin

    After the 9/11 donations scandal; I’m not suprised that there are people not wanting to donate. I also agree that Mr. Bush should dig into his own pocket, and the Federal Govt’ should ask the Rich to return the big tax cuts Bush gave them to donate.

  • Josh

    You self-important idiot. It’s thick-headed and hard-hearted enough of you not to give money to disaster relief because of some point you want to make about Bush, but then you have to go and write about it on your little blog as though you’ve actually done something bold rather than lazy and selfish. You’re not only failing to help people in need, but you’re giving ammo to conservatives. You should be ashamed to call yourself a liberal.

  • Jeffrey Crisp

    The President’s responsibility? The bottom line…suppose… I am the manager of a store in a chain and I designate responsiblity for an implemented program handed down to me from the corporate level. This program is not handled properly by the person I designate resulting in major loss to not only the company but the community as well. The community demands answers as to who was responsible. The question of responsibility has a chain to it….Major responsibility comes from the person designated to do the job at the store level and that person most likely should be fired….Then, as the manager of the store it should have been MY responsibility to check in from time to time and oversee that the program was operating as it should so I should be reprimanded at the very least for my inattention. The head (president) of the corporation thinks it has been handled properly by the manager (that’s me) under him and is unaware of it’s failure until after the fact so he has the job of seeing to it that it doesn’t happen again. HOWEVER…if that president of the corporation is monitoring the progress in some fashion HE SHOULD BE ALL OVER THE SITUATION WHEN IT BECOMES APPARENT THAT IT ISN’T BEING HANDLED….ESPECIALLY IF HE IS IN THE AREA CLOSEBY WHERE THE STORE IS LOCATED….so maybe the company needs a new president as well…huh? Jeffrey Crisp
    Asheville NC

  • Kim

    I find it funny that all these people set in their nice dry comfortable house with power and running water and pass judgment on others. Have you ever lived through a natural disaster? Their are hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and then their are man made disasters, look around you, how many people have died for what you are enjoying? How many people have died over the electricity that runs your computer? Which one of you has the balls to tell a 5 year old little girl that looses her mom and dad to a disaster that they diserved it and she deserves to be alone? Can you tell her that she should die from lack of food or the basic essentials? Since when does anothers action wave the basic human responsibilities of us to our fellow man? Is it any wonder that we create monsters that rape, steal, feel justified in blowing people up. They know that there are people out there that will justify those actions for them by blaming the government or a specific race. You are right it is the governments responsibility to respond to our need. But do we not have a responsibility to respond to our own needs as well.

    Look at your home, take a good look, if a disaster happens and you are homeless tell your children that just as you have no compassion or responsibility to society that society has no responsibility to them. Tell them that it is OK for them to be hungry and sick with no place to go because you should have moved before it happened. But wait, how will you answer them when they ask were you would have gone that is completely safe? No tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning storms, snow storms, or even people that wish to hurt them?

    I can not sit and look at a person starving to death and eat my hot meal and tell them that they have no right to food because sitting in my warm dry house I can see that they should have left. Hind sight is 20/20! But I know all of you judgmental asses have never made a bad decision in your life. If the rest of us were so perfect there would be no problems in this world. Fact is this world is not perfect nor will it ever be so we have to do the best we can.

    How arrogant is it to think that you are the only person in the world that has the answers. I wonder if you were in charge would someone be judging you as an incompetent fool who knows nothing.

    There is ALOT with our government, taxes, and their spending that I do not agree with, but I am smart enough to know that I do not have all the answers and neither do they. We will have to work together to come up with the answers. The system is far from perfect but I can think of a Hell of alot of other systems that would be worse. I agree that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but what has that got to do with people who work every day and pay the same taxes you do loosing everything they have to a hurricane? If you are so smart and say we knew it was coming why didnt you tell any one that this would be the biggest, worst hurricane in history? Why didnt you tell the gulf coast that they would feel the effect and have damage 150 miles from the center of the storm, since no other hurricane in history has produced these effects. Yes I live on the Gulf Coast and have seen many hurricanes. Maybe, the millions of people that are my neighbors should all pack up and move to the same neighbor hoods that these self center people live, because then we would all be safe. Would that make your life easier or would you then sit and bitch about the resources of your community being taxed and these people should go back to were they came from.

    As far as the looters, they should be shot. They are taking advantage of a tragedy and they have made a conscious decision about survival. They are not stealing food and water to survive. They probably are justifying their actions by saying that if people didnt want things stolen than they should have moved it out of the city, sound familiar. Maybe you should make sure your burglar alarm, burglar bars, fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, and your personal gaurds are prepared because I know that these are the type of reasonable precautions that someone so arrogant would take before they judged someone else. Someone so smart would make sure that they could never be judged in the same light that they judge others. I once heard it said that you need to sweep your own front porch before you start looking at others.

  • smb

    Im not donating to Katrina either. The looters can put the jewelry and big screens that they sole on ebay. this will cover me, as well as several thousand other americans hanging on the wire whether or not they should donate.

  • Commander Stevens


  • max

    I can’t tell you exactly how much oil, but it’s every drop that has left Iraq. Why is gas so high…NO REASON AT ALL!!! Come on! Everyone on the Gulf Ghost lost their car, boat, trucks, yard equipment. They aren’t selling as much now and need to rape you for the profit. Man!! Republicans are too stupid to think. Now, the truth is out about Nagin. You can’t blame anyone but Bush, now. How do you explain him out of this one?

  • Anthony Grande

    “Bush was quick to invade Iraq for true reason, or proof of anything… other than Iraq has Oil.”

    Exactly how much oil have we took form Iraq??? Look at our gas prices.

    “BUSH DROPPED THE BALL!!! And is STILL fumbling with it.”

    No the ball went under the legs of Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin, they just happen to be democrats, I am not blaming Democrats in general.

  • steve

    There is no reason why the state of Louisiana could have implimented an evacuation plan. Just look at the state of Flordia. Every year it seems, they get hit by a hurricane. every year they have the foresight to evacuate and make due. why couldnt the people of LA do the same? why is it that there is never any looting in florida? that was very opportunistic and should be frowned upon. shooting at helicopters or police will not earn my sympathy either

  • Rhonda

    WOW!!! some of you here are pretty sad examples of human beings! right now it doesnt matter who’s to blame, it only matters that these human beings lives are distroyed and they need help. Any of you so quick to put blame on some one right now should be strung up and hung. If you are that cold and uncaring, why dont you move from these United States, move to another country that is more deserving of your hatred.
    even countries we do not have anything to do with are offering their help.
    just go back to that rock you crawled out from under will you? before someone who isnt normally disrespectful of life finds you. Being a firm beliver of what goes around comes around, I see all you fools crying for help someday, and no one will be there.

  • max

    I take that back. Bush was quick to invade Iraq for true reason, or proof of anything… other than Iraq has Oil. But, that’s all he needed.

  • Max

    I don’t hear anyone blaming the Independent party, Green party, Libertarian party, Socialist party, or the Constitutionalist party. Just the two of you bitching at each other! Grow up, kids! Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How have I become so full of hate?”

    Man! It’s funny to watch all of you blaming Bush and blaming the democrats. Look…Here’s the truth from and independent. It’s no one’s fault, but…BUSH DROPPED THE BALL!!! And is STILL fumbling with it. Another HUGE failure. Where has he succeeded? NO WHERE!! Fire the man. You will notice that Buh has never, and will never act quickly. He needs his advisors to tell him what to do.

  • Anthony Grande

    Allen, I never knew all that. I guess the left was dead wrong about putting the blame on Bush after all. The blame should go to the liberal Democrat Governor of Louisiana.

  • Allen

    Druxxx posted, “I just want to know why Bush and Co. didn’t get national gaurd troops in there sooner.

    As soon as the decision was made to evacuate, why weren’t troops deployed to keep the peace.

    Any idiot should have known that people were going to stay behind or be left behind. And some of those left behind were going to loot and cause other problems.

    The slow reaction time is inexcusable.”

    Firstly, Druxxx shows not just his irrational hatred of Bush in the post, but also his hatred for the military by wanting the men and women in the national guard to have been placed directly in the path of Katrina.

    Secondly, federal law prevents Bush from moving the national guard in until being specifically requested by a state’s governor. There are a few exceptions to this with one prime example being Eisenhower’s decision to federalize the Arkansas National Guard when the Democratic governor refused to comply with court-ordered school desegregation orders. However, a natural disaster isn’t one of those exceptions; the decision to move the guard into NOLA laid squarely on the shoulders of no one other than Gov. Blanco (D-LA). She didn’t even bother ordering in her own national guard units into the area until Wednesday morning…AFTER the looting had already begun two nights earlier. In fact, she failed to do anything other than to ask Bush to declare the region a Federal disaster area prior to the landfall of Katrina; Bush declared it as such that Sunday and FEMA began mobilizing at that time.

  • Veritas

    I never realized that the citizens of New Orleans were considered Republican voters. I was under the mistaken view that blacks voted for the Democratic Party. So I guess the Left wishes that blacks would roll over and die if one is to believe the author.

    Well I always thought the Left had a heart.

  • Realist

    Now listen, children.

    There is plenty of blame to go around,

    1. The levee system is known to be inadequate. This has been known for decades. Every administration at least since 1965 owns a share of the problem.

    2. The entire Louisiana Delta has been, and remains a disaster waiting to happen. You have got to be from another planet not to know this.

    3. Washington politicians have known it. Everyone knew it.

    4. No serious effort has been made by either Democrats or Republicans to allocate the funds necessary to address the problem. Now it will cost more to clean up the mess than it would have cost to correct the problem in the first place — and that will still leave the original problem of the delta.

    5. Proposed funding has been cut by both parties, Tip O’Neill got his money for the Big Dig by playing political shenanigans with Reagan. That’s the way it works in Washington. Both parties play the game with our money.

    6. Announcement of the hurricane was made in sufficient time for an evacuation. Any sane person should have made every possible effort to get out starting two or three days before the storm hit.

    7. The Mayor issued a mandatory evacuation order. Many weren’t paying attention or didn’t believe it was necessary to evacuate.

    8. Common sense says that some people could not evacuate unless transportation was provided

    9. Transportation was not provided either by the city, the state, or the federal government. It is not rocket science to understand that some level of government could have and should have seen that this was done.

    10. Some did not evacuate out of choice. They deserve no sympathy.

    11. The city did not have adequate resources available. This in spite of the predictions that a category 4 or 5 storm would necessitate a certain level of action.

    12. The state did not have adequate resources available. This in spite of the predictions that a category 4 or 5 storm would necessitate a certain level of action.

    13. The federal government did not have adequate resources available. This in spite of the predictions that a category 4 or 5 storm would necessitate a certain level of action.

    14. No plan was in place to coordinate the required efforts.

    15. There were many fumbles, but the ones that stand out are those of the federal government. Aside from the human considerations, the country depends on the off-shore drilling rigs, oil refineries and pipelines located in the area of the delta.

    16. To make matters worse, the federal government has been making excuses in real time while the city continues to flood.

    17. Finger pointing has become the game.

    18. It is interesting that not giving a dollar or two ignited this “flood” of commentary.

    19. Anyone who wants to donate should be able to do it through recognized channels, and there are many that are in place. Who knows what happens to the dollar bills dropped into a “box” in a store?

  • >>Amazing how many people who claim to be educated are too stupid to know that the Federal Gov. can’t give any aid unless it is requested. << Were you aware that the completely useless Ms. Blanco has yet to request that Louisiana be declared a disaster area? Dave

  • Criticize you? Mr. Sevilla, you are helping! Thank you.

    As for those refusing to help because of their distaste for Shrubbie and Co., we have heard from two. Two. Outrage over this is unnecessary; I don’t think this is a widely held stance.

    As for blame, yeah, I think some falls at the feet of Dubya and Chertoff and the feds. But lots of it belongs to Nagin and Blanco (Mr. Grande, LA’s governor is not a “him”).

  • Brian Sevilla

    As someone newly detached from high school, i apologize for my grammar and writing, but i felt compelled to say something.

    Help your fellow man. No matter how it happened, why it happened…help them.

    People of both parties,

    We have to stop fighting amongst ourselves. This is not a time to fingerpoint and not a time to argue about what would happen if someone else was elected president.

    As a liberal, i was pretty bummed that we lost 04 and the majority was for the war…but i let it go, if they want this war, let them have it. I voted, thats all i can do.

    But i cannot stand the fact people wont help because of someones views or beliefs…isnt this kind of like the same as muslim terrorists bombing us because of our way of life to some degree?

    The government totally botched this, the city, the state, there are so many people to point at and say “Its thats guys fault”

    But what many political minded people are forgetting is that Americans are Starving…AMERICANS

    Ive been out of the country many times,
    Philippines(Where im from), Thailand, Singapore. Honestly guys, we have it good here.

    One of the things that struck me was when i was in the Philippines, 2 children came up to the passenger side of my cab, asking for money, food, anything. I gave em an amount equal to 5 dollars, since i have a cab to pay for.
    But when you look outside, stuck in traffic, literally dozens of children, elderly, the sick, all were begging besides the traffic. I shed a tear because i felt my problems at home were so insignificant to those children.

    I wanted to do more, and i felt so helpless.

    So i started volunteering at small church group thingies, because i thought its a good start.

    But back to the issue of new orleans.

    I dont give a F*** if their black, white, asian, liberal, conservative…they are our fellow brothers and sisters, and they need help.

    So in short, we have to stop arguing amongst ourselves.

    Im sorry, i feel as if i rambled this post. And if people are gonna critic me because of my post, I’m a naive college student…so go ahead and badger me to make urself feel big.

    please help

  • SOS

    What Proof do you have that Bush Has not been giving money to charity? Disagreeing on the war in Iraq is like disagreeing with WWII after Pearl Harbor. Not to give money to the Hurricane victims is The Stupidist thing I have ever heard. Think About all the little kids whose HOMES got washed away!!!

  • Anthony Grande

    Yeah and the governor of LA just happens to be a liberal democrat, so we can’t blame him, so we must look someone else like Bush to blame.

  • EducatedConservative

    Amazing how many people who claim to be educated are too stupid to know that the Federal Gov. can’t give any aid unless it is requested. The fault for slow response lies DIRECTLY at the feet of the elected “officials” in LA, who couldn’t even follow their own disaster plans and use the 500+ available buses to evacuate people. Heavens, they didn’t have RESTROOMS, so they demanded Greyhound buses. Guess they are too divorced from reality to have heard of PUBLIC RESTROOMS.

    They still haven’t declared a state of emergency. The Governor of LA is completely useless. They have refused help from the Federal government at every turn.

  • Liberal

    “If we can’t respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we’re prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican.


  • get a life

    Maybe Blunderford, and others angry at Bush, feel that they are paying taxes for this kind of relief operation and not for Iraq. I don’t mind donating $ to this. I feel like it’s my duty as a human being after this week. But I feel like my tax money is being spent needlessly on a made-up war. I want to see these people helped, not spending MY hard-earned $ on Iraq!! Also, maybe Bush is not the only person to blame, but the country does not vote for the mayor of NO, they vote for the pres. someone who is meant to lead. Did Bush lead??!!?? No, he lied for days and days, saying supplies were in there, people being saved. We all saw it on TV, they weren’t. Nothing was done until he couldn’t help but do something. And why wasn’t anything done, becuase Bush has no ability to make a decision, without his cronies telling him what to do, how to feel, what to think… He’s a moron. I believe that he looked at this situation as collateral damage – like the war. He failied to see that NO is not a war and his own people were dying, while he was lying. That is why people are blaming Bush. He had days and days and days to do something, anything and the only thing he did was pay lip service. Not good enough.

  • Squatch

    Hey Get a Life,

    Just pointing out how absurd the Blame Bush crowd is being. For instance, “I’m sick of footing the bill for George W. Bush and the rest of his so-called compassionate conservatives”. He thinks by not donating that he’s somehow getting back at Bush, when in reality fault cannot be solely laid at the feet of the federal government. All he’s doing is hurting the people of Louisianna by not donating.

    If it’s finding fault that Mr. Blunderford wants to engage in, then he should be even more crass and blame the people of Louisianna as well, which he won’t do, because his post is just an exercise in political one-upsmanship.

    Tucson is taking in refugees and will be housing them at the TCC, and I’ll be checking what our local government wants us to help provide so that I can contribute. I also work for a major nonprofit that will be contributing a large amount of money for relief efforts, and I’m proud that we are.

    Not my fault you can’t detect obvious sarcasm in a comment.

  • joedaddy

    Goodbye. It goes to show that even you can’t make a “reasoned deduction”. Then you run when asked for proof of your statements, after demanding proof of mine.

  • get a life

    Hey Squatch, what a great Mon morning quarterback you are. Really helpful suggestions, I’m sure N.O. and LA govt will get right on that constitution amendment. That’ll fix everything. Maybe they can get taxes from those obviously loaded citizens of NO for a time machine to get that levee built in time to save them all.

    By the way, that water that you are being taxed on, where do you think that water is coming from (or being drained from is more like it)? The state of AZ? No, it is coming from another state that is naturally habitable, urban deserts are not economically or environmentally sane. None of us operate in our own little world, we are all related and we all need to help each other out. Try a helpful suggestion please, instead of blaming and further demonizing the dying people of LA with unhelpful after-the-fact comments.

  • Patrick

    Get a life: Of course you were edited. What do you expect when the height of your rhetorical skills consists of gutter language? Enough said about your qualifications to enter into inteligent discussions.

    Joedaddy: You still didn’t tell me what name I called you. And the assertion that you claimed to be a high school science teacher was not from any assumption. It’s called reasoned deduction. You have to understand Joe, that when you engage in written discussion you leave behind a record. And you did it again, calling me “fool”. You’ll never learn!

    Alas, I’m tired of trying to engage you in intelligent debate, it’s too much like stealing candy from a baby. I peruse the blogosphere looking for intelligent people with whom to have serious and intellectual conversations. Sadly, that appears to be beyond your abilities. So I’ll bid you adieu.

  • Squatch

    Apparently, the state of Louisianna and the city of New Orleans has lacked the authority in the past to implement taxes to address what is and has been a pressing local need and, instead, has had to rely completely upon the federal government. How odd!

    In Arizona our concern is with water supply. It would be foolish of us to rely on people in, say, New Hampshire to care greatly about our water supply, and I would not expect them to. Hence, the state of Arizona has the authority to implement taxation to address our local concerns! I think that’s part of the whole idea of having 50 state governments – to address pressing local needs, instead of hoping that you can somehow impress upon the powers-that-be that YOUR particular local need is greater than that of most everybody else’s local needs.

    Perhaps the people of Louisianna could amend their consitution to allow its government to levy taxes? That way, they won’t have to rely upon evil and ignorant people like President Bush and Republican congressmen to take care of everything! I mean, it’s not like this is the Soviet Union…

  • The Amish Hitman

    Blunderford and Shark…it’s ok bro’s. Closed minded folks like you always look for the easy way out of not helping. Always want to lay blame wit the system…when in fact…you are part of that same system.

    Want your help?

    No thanks…we Americans and others who care about others, will do just fine.


  • joedaddy

    get a life,

    My family is gone or the weekend so I’m just having fun with this fool.

  • Patrick

    >>”because I have an education that allows me to speak, and teach science. It’s funny; High School kids can understand this stuff”<< Precisely what name did I call you?

  • get a life

    I got edited 😉

    Yeah, patrick, you’re a [edited]. we got it. loud and clear.
    Joedaddy, why do you bother? Of course, the ozone depletion is caused by humans. Yeah, volcanoes and whatever else, but humans can’t control nature, we can control our gasoline and other consumptions. Any educated person could tell you that. Let Patrick sink in his own filthy stinkhole. Let him live in his imaginary world where nothing is related to each other and everything is ok just the way it is. Concentrate on trying to reach people who want to understand and who can be saved.

  • joedaddy

    I’m laughing at you pat! Now you have resorted to name calling. WHAT A HYPOCRITE YOU ARE!

  • jordaddy

    Pat, Please don’t assume things. I never said I was high school science teacher. Guilty of you own critique!

  • get a life

    Do you have a life or do you sit on blogcritic day and night trying to stir up a reaction from anyone and when you catch the occational fly, [edited]
    Seriously dude, get a hobby. [edited]

  • joedaddy

    Where is your proof? Just because you say it,it has to be true? Please give me scientific proof of you statements.

  • joedaddy

    Well, I started in the a\c business where I got my epa certification and license to teach geo thermal heat pump, then opened a construction company, and now design databases. In fact…my family invented some of the worlds very first computers. I’m not sure, but have been told that my uncle invented the floppy drive.
    WOW! I am impressed that you know about volcanoes! But we do more damage than just pump free chlorine into the atmosphere. At this point, I believe that you know the truth, just won’t admit it.

  • Patrick

    Oh, I forgot…a massive amount of shlorine monoxide is released by the simple evaporation of seawater too. The ratio of naturally-occuring chlorine-monoxide to made-made is approximately 800:1

  • Patrick

    You’re little equation proves nothing. The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of chlorine monoxide occurs naturally as a result of the release of volcanic gasses…so what’s your point?

  • Patrick

    Joedaddy – There you go again:

    >>”I’m just sick of trying to explain things [edited]”< < >>”I’m sorry that your education is so limited”< < >>”Or, perhaps your IQ is that of GWB, and you just can’t help not being able to learn”< < >>”Republicans are not the only fag haters. Most normal people hate them”< < >>”but you might try to get education, preferably an American education, and then we can debate”< < See how fatuous and pathetic your idea of argument really is? Interesting though that yesterday you were some sort of shopping mall/women's clothing store developer... >>”I have done a lot for my community. Like giving many people jobs, built shopping malls, built a line of women’s clothing stores…Oh, and always pay my taxes. Just continuing my family tradition of building this country”<< ...and today you're a high school science teacher!! Couple of things for your edification...I do have an education, (an American one too, despite your xenophobia) at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Among the things my education taught me are tolerance for other viewpoints, respect for other people, and the ability to engage in constructive debate without resorting to childish name-calling. One last thing, the overwhelming majority of chlorine-monoxide is produced by volcanic eruptions both above and below the oceans. I guess we should impeach Bush (and everybody else you hate) for failing to stop volcanoes as well as hurricanes? While you seem to be obsessed with chlorine-monoxide, there's a slew of evidence to refute other claims for the causes of "global warming". Amd a slew of evidence from real scientists to demonstrate that the climate has cooled considerably since 1940 when it reached its peak in the current climatic cycle.

  • joedaddy

    Okay pat, Here’s the proof. Good luck.

    Cl + O3 ==> ClO + O2

    ClO + O ==> Cl + O2

    net result: O3 + O ===> 2O2

    Chlorine (Cl) is initially removed by reaction with ozone to form chlorine monoxide (ClO) in the first equation, but it is regenerated through reaction of ClO with an oxygen atom (O) in the second equation. The net result of the two reactions is the depletion of ozone and atomic oxygen.

  • joedaddy

    The proof is there in everything I say. I’m just sick of trying to explain things [edited]. Debate, no. I’m very firm in my beliefs…because I have an education that allows me to speak, and teach science. It’s funny; High School kids can understand this stuff. I’m sorry that your education is so limited. Sorry, I don’t have the time to try to teach the republicans, nor will anything qualify as proof to you. Chlorine-monoxide would have proved it all, but you refuse to hear it. That is how narrow minded you are. Or, perhaps your IQ is that of GWB, and you just can’t help not being able to learn. Republicans are not the only fag haters. Most normal people hate them. But do you really think I care if I’m politically correct on my statements. That�s for you guys to worry about. Hell no. Do not feel sorry for me! I’m very happy in MY life. I feel sorry for you pathetic republicans who just can’t learn. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Republicans are now saying that there is no proof that smoking causes cancer! No, I was never trying to debate with you, I was trying to teach you, but you might try to get education, preferably an American education, and then we can debate.

  • Patrick

    Well joedaddy, like many of your ilk, your limited capacity for debate has now been exposed and you’ve resorted to the height of leftist critical thinking and debate – the ad hominem attack.

    >>”Like most republicans, you will refuse to see any logic in science… because it’s too much for your small brains, if it can even penetrate your thick sculls”.< < >>”I think all fags are in the same boat as child molesters, and rapists”< < >>”See how narrow minded you are”<< It's the same in pretty much every topic. You have no real argument and no real facts, so when you're called on it the only thing you have left is to lash out with petty name-calling. I'm really surprised you haven't fallen back on the leftist standby "nazi" yet. It's not argument or debate...not even close and it does absolutely nothing to advance your point of view. How on earth do you expect anyone to even consider that you might have something important to say when your best argument is made up entirely of the kind of verbal jabs usually expected from 8 year olds? I feel very sorry for you that you seem to be filled with so much hate that it clouds your world view and closes your mind to consideration of any opinion which differs from your own.

  • james Mclafferty

    Silas kain,hi:)Your probably not far off the mark there pal.I just think that life is too short. With everything that’s going on in the world (we as you may know were bombed) and whatever your “political” background should at times of tragedy unite and forget race,background,gender etc and try to do whatever little we can do to help, i mean what if it was me or you lot that was in their situation.I’d be praying for help off anybody that wanted to.Us british and you americans aren’t really that different both of us either have current family or ancestors from each of our countries.And if you notice the rest of the world tends to leave stuff like aid and what not to us(unfairly).Anyway let’s hope the people of N.O recover, just remind me never to move anywhere near the gulf of mexico or tornado alley.

  • 1555-1161-1-253162-252544

    That’s my reply.

    It’s the receipt number I got from the US Red Cross.

    I’m Australian, and living well below the poverty line, so I can’t afford much. Australians have only raised $7.6 million for the USRC so far, but we’re working on more. Someone has to, people are dying.

    You and you whole political philosophy have been tried in the balance and found wonting. The people in New Orleans can be helped by money, but to help you and your friends is beyond our power.

  • joedaddy

    And, I forgot to add…See how narrow minded you are, pat? People who don’t belong to a certain party, and don’t vote can make the most valid points because our head isn’t burried in our own crap. We’re sick of the two of you. We hear nothing but crap from the two of you. The Democrats aren’t near as bad, but…

    time to rest

  • joedaddy

    Well pat, seeing that I had a major chemistry exam for my EPA certifications, I can assure you that global warming is a real science. I would start by TRYING to explain things like chlorine-monoxide but you just wouldn’t understand and still ask for proof. I’m sorry that the Earth doesn’t have a forehead for you to touch, but this forum hardly has the space for chemistry lessons. Like most republicans, you will refuse to see any logic in science… because it’s too much for your small brains, if it can even penetrate your thick sculls. I guess you’re not quite the norm for a republican. ALL others refer to all leftists, liberals, fags, and commies as democrats. I glad that you see the difference. I think all fags are in the same boat as child molesters, and rapists. The next thing you know, all sex offenders will be demanding their rights, wanting to marry the children that they molest.

    If you REALLY wanted proof, you would do a little bit of research.

  • Dee

    It seems that many of you whose words I have read are caught up in despising each other and certain leaders which seems to be encouraged by well-paid radio personalities who spin their opinions out as “news” that you don’t hear from the mainstream media.

    Might I suggest that there are really two issues: 1) Leaders responsible for the immediate response to a huge disaster. Is it adequate? Would it be enough for either a future natural disaster or a WMD/terror attack? What can we do now to better prepare for the mitigation needs immediately after a disaster? (Just imagine a nuclear bomb in a large american city) 2) What risk analyses need to be completed to better prepare our infrastructure to survive future disasters. Did the models predict a sufficient probabillity for the disaster occurance and its magnitude to warrant more funds to be spent on levees? Was that the only action or the best? Remember we are all paying for this anyway so the only question is can we use science in the future to help us spend earlier and wiser to cut down on the post-disaster costs? Then we need to ask hard questions of the candidates for office as to how they plan to use the science and knowledge to protect the citizens and how they plan to react in the future. What can citizens expect of their government in the aftermath of a disaster? If this happens again soon in the form of a WMD attack or a disaster without warning, we will have no excuse if we consider this reaction as sufficient. One thing this disaster has made painfully obvious is that we have some really poverty-stricken citizens AND we have many citizens who are only alive because of the miracle of modern medicine–people who would not be alive if forced into a primitive state of medicine which results when electricity and modern medications are taken away.

    We just have to get our collective act together to be able to handle these situations better and more quickly in the future. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have a corner on incompetence. We should not accept it.

  • Patrick

    Joedaddy – No one’s attacking you for exercising your right not to vote. In fact we’re glad you don’t. Although your exercise of that right kind of leaves your arguments dangling in the wind with nowhere to go.

  • Patrick

    He didn’t say you’re a Democrat, he said you’re a leftist. Pay attention!

  • Patrick

    Joedaddy – C’mon already, stop with the assumptions and misrepresentations. I did not say it’s okay to destroy the environment. I simply asked for proof that George Bush has destroyed the environment and some proof that “global warming” is real science. As I said before, if “global warming” is responsible for this killer storm, how come there have been fewer and less powerful hurricanes in the last ten years than the previous ten years? You’re right on one thing though – we absolutely need to build better living conditions to protect us. Duh!

    “Like Pat…It won’t be long before the honest republicans are also ashamed to admit they are republicans.” I told you already, I am a Republican and I certainly not ashamed of it! If you’re going to try to debate people you need to listen to what they say and stop putting words in their mouths.

  • Joedaddy

    Well, to tell the truth, I’m not a democrat so there goes your theory. I really don’t know what I am. I HATE both parties with a passion, but especially you republicans for screwing up the country EVERY single time your guys are in office. I would be a Libertarian, but I don’t agree that all drugs should be legal. Pot? Sure. I mean, Alcohol is a much harder, more dangerous, more addictive drug than pot…Yes, I am part of the majority in America…the majority that doesn’t vote because you guys do NOT represent anything more than your personal agenda. Man, politics in America is DIRTY between the two dickhead parties. So, let’s hear your attacks on me not voting…EVER in my life! Only once and never again. I learned my lesson with Reagan.

  • Joe’s a good example of the weird state of denial most leftists live in. Totally inexplicable.


  • joedaddy

    I think you meant to say…Republicans keep STEALING election after election…Democrats only lost the rigged elections. With a 20 percent approval rating, I doubt the republicans have much of a future. I know that NO black will ever vote for a republican again! The churches are seeing through the crap, and only the extremists are left. Like Pat…It won’t be long before the honest republicans are also ashamed to admit they are republicans.

  • So I guess this means that if a tragedy should ever strike the liberal city of Austin, you’ll elect not to give one dime to the suffering citizens because Texas was a red state.

    What wonderful fucking logic, Blunderford!! With an attitude like this, one was to wonder why Democrats keep losing election after election after election.

  • joedaddy

    Well, GWB IS the President. He IS supposed to be smart enough to know when these disasters require his attention…Or at least his advisors are supposed to be smart enough to tell him. It took 5 days of the media screaming it before anything was done.

  • Stan

    The National Guard of each state is deployed by the Governor of that state. Instead of bitching that GWB didn’t do anything you might want to ask why the Democrap City and State government didn’t deploy the Guard. The State failed and GWB came to the rescue of the poor. God, I bet the hate y’all feel must hurt. Are you really that miserable?

  • It’s obvious to me why you’re called “BLUNDERford.”

    I’m sick of so-called compassionate liberals like you taking ANY opportunity to blame Bush. What the hell was Bush supposed to do? Is he Superman, for fuck’s sake?

    Now you’ve got anarchy down there, people shooting at relief workers. They should have left when they were told to. They’re idiots – [edited].

  • James, I’d give my right arm to see Tony Blair in charge at the White House right about now. The Madness of King George III makes me wonder about returning to the protection of the Crown. At least Jeff Gannon wouldn’t have been the only Queen in the halls of the Head of State.

  • james mclafferty

    Come on peeps!?, don’t you think this squabbling is in bad taste?, my and a lot of other peoples hearts in england go out to the good people of n.o, and think at times like this the people of the world should help each and should stick together for a common cause.I do however think that bush must of been waiting until he’d finished playing “conflict vietnam” on his “ps2tm” before he was even thinking about helping n.o. If our prime-minister had sat back when anything for example happened to london like this(bare in mind londons below sea level so would also be devastated),there would be outcry and protests for help of the government, you can’t stop nature but a little bit of thought might of helped don’t you think?

  • Anthony Grande


  • kittygogo

    my shift is done and I am outta here. It’s been really enlightening. I have a much better understanding of the level of denial and voluntary ignorance that this country will need to overcome to ever be respected in the intl arena. But who gives a shit about dem firaners anywho. I will just wait for The Daily Show to come back on to get my frustrations sallied.

    Glad I am moving from this country, but I will be keeping my voting rights 🙂

    By the way, I’m also vegan. Anyone wanna talk about the cattle industry?

  • joedaddy

    So it’s your view that we can destroy the environment and we just need to build better living conditions to protect us? I have some stuff to do on a UFO, but I will come back to Earth later and write up the chemistry of the ozone and the effects of chlorine on it…Just so you can have your proof and learn.

  • Patrick

    And sarcasm appears to be lost on liberals!!!

    Just read an interesting article about some of the problems with reinforcing the levees in New Orleans. Seems that plans have been afoot for doing this for quite some time, but at every turn the process got bogged down. By whom, you ask. Well it seems that the environmentalist lobby was the chief culprit! Ironic ain’t it that the environmentalists are now screaming for Bush’s hide ‘cos he caused global warming and global warming caused the hurricane, but they prevented anything being done to improve or reinforce the levee system for years and thousands have died because of it. Or perhaps irony is lost on liberals too?

  • joe

    Did you catch that UFO? You can’t be from anywhere on Earth! Where have you been? Did Gw just fart you out? Don’t try to tell a republican that they are doing anything wrong. They are too good to do anything wrong.

  • One thing Bush did was increase funding for Wetlands renewal in Louisiana – those wetlands being the first line of defense against hurricanes there.


  • Patrick

    Kittygogo –

    I’ll argue and try to refute what you’re saying just as soon as you tell me exactly what it is you’re saying. Give me something to work with here. Specifically what is it that George Bush has done to the environment? Specifically, in what way has he left it in worse shape ? (than who? Clinton?)And what specific proof do you have that there is such a phenomenon as “global warming” or that it caused this hurricane?

    Now you’ve got to be specific about these accusations Kitty, then we can have a debate.

  • kittygogo

    patrick, I am at one of my 3 jobs. I am a teacher, obviously I need extra cash. I am lucky enough to have one on the weekend where I can sit on my ass. Unlike teaching. Thanks for the concern for the kids though.

  • Patrick


    “If I could go there to help, I would, but I am helping to educate black inner-city kids in my own urban center”.

    “I’m just killing a few hours at my job..”

    Sounds like the kids aren’t getting much education Kitty. And looks like you’ve got loads of spare time to go there!

  • Patrick

    And you had the gall to accuse me, on an assumption even, of “…running some company where you sit on your ass and do nothing but pay the employees peanuts?” Women’s clothing stores! Where would we be without them? Careful or Kitty’s going to accuse you of causing global warming…all that nylon and stuff!

    You’re right, the Constitution doesn’t relieve the federal government of disaster relief, that’s whay they’re doing it now. It does, however put the primary responsibility on the individual states. The government of Louisiana was not destroyed, it’s simply incompetent.

    I wondered how long it’d be until the conspiracy theories started surfacing in this discussion. Do you honestly believe that George Bush sat back in the White House and said “Now’s our chance, let’s see how many Americans we can kill in the South”?

    Gotta run right now, those darned UFO’s are back.

  • kittygogo

    You couldn’t have exemplified my point of excuses, excuses, excuses any better. Do you honestly believe that Bush has not left our environment in worse shape than when he took office? Do you honestly believe that he is not in the pockets of corporations influencing his every environmental policy? For god sake, he and his cronies are oil men!! You seem unwilling to admit what is really the truth, instead you muddle it with what you want to believe. This is what I mean by head in the sand. If we don’t do something to change the way that we as Americans live, we will pay a price. Argue it, refute it, but it is the truth. Please, prove me wrong, it would make me feel a lot better.

  • dee

    People are dying and someone is worried about not being waited on at walmart or wherever. Shows where your priorities are. And as for those of you who complain about the people who did not get out. Those with cars did. Or most of the ones with cars did. If you have no money or no car to drive out or are ill and elderly as in some cases, how do you get out?

    Not enough was done to help those who could not get out and that is sad.

  • >>Dave – during my quick search the webistes I found were to MSNBC, Fox news and the National Resources Defense Council. So, should we believe no one? I am highly educated, including media studies, so I do have a grasp on what I should and shouldn’t believe ont the net, but thanks for the suggestion.<< Then you should know to go to real sources. I'll tell you exactly what you got from each of those sources. You got the info on Haliburton price gouging from MSNBC and Fox News, because it's documented fact. The other two more subjective bits you got from the NRDC which is a partisan environmental activist group. Dave

  • kittygogo

    Patrick, I thought that spouting off angry rants was the whole purpose of this blog. I’m just killing a few hours at my job. I don’t see how my rants can be judged as effective or not.

    I am tired of all the excuses that I have heard for us not getting to these people. If I could go there to help, I would, but I am helping to educate black inner-city kids in my own urban center. I look at these kids on TV and they could be my students.

    Excuses, excuses, excuses, will we ever learn? It seems that no, we won’t. Yeah, I’m venting, but I am also truly afraid for the soul of this country. Things are not getting better and I am afraid.

  • joedaddy

    Well, not much. I have done a lot for my community. Like giving many people jobs, built shopping malls, built a line of women’s clothing stores…Oh, and always pay my taxes. Just continuing my family tradition of building this country. The 10th amendment doesn’t relieve the federal government of disaster relief…Especially when the local governments are destroyed. Really, without phone, food, water, gas, and electricity…they are in the Stone Age. What do you expect from the local government at this point? We can send food and water across the world in 2 days, but not here. This HAS to be deliberate.

  • kittygogo

    Dave – during my quick search the webistes I found were to MSNBC, Fox news and the National Resources Defense Council. So, should we believe no one? I am highly educated, including media studies, so I do have a grasp on what I should and shouldn’t believe ont the net, but thanks for the suggestion.

  • Patrick

    Kittygogo – I’d love to see your “proof” from the Internet. I guarantee you that for every item of proof you find, I can find ten to counteract it.

    I understand your frustration, but venting and anger don’t bring anything constructive to the table. Sit down, take a deep breath and think about what you can constructively do to change the things you think ought to be changed, rather than popping off in angry rants

  • Patrick

    It is not the responsibiliy of the federal government to provide immediate disaster relief. I refer you to the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    The powers and responsibilities of the federal government are clearly enumerated in the costitution, disaster relief is not one of them. It is the reponsibility of the states to ask for federal assistance. There are also, for very good reason, very strict laws regarding the president’s power to deploy federal troops within the country.

    Nice to hear your family history. Now, what have YOU done for your country?

  • Got some news for you Kitty. Not everything on the internet is true. Just because some nut said it or it’s on DailyKos, that’s no reason to suspend your own rational faculties and just accept it as fact.


  • kittygogo

    I have done a 2 minute informational search on google and everything that I have mentioned, Haliburon price goughing, Bush’s abysmal environmental record, global warming and it’s relationship to Katrina, it’s all there. I’m not making any of this up.

    See, I live in a world of reality, while the critics live in a world with their head in the sand. Everything is related to each other my friends, and most likely, with the way things are going, we will be arguing about it in hell soon enough. Doom and gloom, yes, I am not happy with the way self-righteousness and selfishness have taken over a country that was meant to be founded on equality. I don’t find this to be an equibtable situation. I am in a rage and I am venting, but my passion does not mean that I am ignorant. We are a troubled society, that is heading for more disaster unless we get real about things like our environment and our lack of concern, humanity and humility to others.

    Our govt is meant to represent the people, and this horror show is not how I would like to be represented.

  • Patrick

    Joedaddy – Apology accepted (I guess it was an apology!)

  • >>My family came over on the Mayflower.<< Latecomer. My family came over on the Susan Constant. Dave

  • joedaddy

    It IS the responsibility of the federal government to provide disaster relief…immediately!
    Will everyone get over the National Guard thing! The WHOLE area is covered with Navy bases. WHERE ARE THEY?

  • Patrick

    Kittygogo – Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your ignorance may be responsible for many things, I don’t know, but it was a naturally occuring phenomenon called a hurricane which killed so many on the Mississippi coast, you had neither you nor George Bush had any control over it. Hurricanes and other natural disasters have been around for milennia (although the number and power of hurricanes has declined in the last 10 years, despite your claims of global warming – but I guess you “don’t give a shit” about those stats either)and they always will be.

    I share your concertn about where was the Louisiana National Guard on Day 1. But the question is best put to the governor of Louisiana who controls her state’s National Guard, not the President.

  • joedaddy

    My family came over on the Mayflower. We built Churches, school, and hospitols, where we would teach, preach, and heal. There were no republicans then. We were here in the very beginning and witnessed it all. I’m very happy that you made it here and made an honest life for yourself, in the country that my family helped build, and educate. I did read your statement. Sorry for misreading that ONE word…But, gas is not cheap here, either. Before this war, it cost 65 cents to fill your tank in Iraq. How much is it now?

  • They weren’t in New Orleans on day 1 because if they’d been deployed before the storm cleared out they’d have been trapped in isolated locations in the city and unable to provide relief, bring in supplies, etc. Sheesh. Use some common sense.


  • kittygogo

    Yea, and my ignorance has caused thousands and thousands of people to die in an American city in the 21st centry, hasn’t it. You can criticize me all you want, but please answer the question. Where were the National Guard on DAY 1? Why weren’t they in New Orleans. In your infinite wisdom, answer that!

  • Patrick

    Kittygogo – Oops, I almost forgot. Yes, the “filthy” rich do have their hands in politicians pockets…guys like George Soros for example!

  • Patrick

    Kittygogo – Well, that about says it all. You don’t give a shit about statistics, nor apparently facts for that matter. That makes it much easier for you to throw around baseless comments about Bush destroying the environment; about global warming; about Haliburton; and on and on ad infinitum, without having to back them up with any kind of evidence. You do your agenda no good at all with this unsupported rhetoric…keep it up please!

  • Patrick

    Joedaddy – One more time! Please actually READ what I write! I said “I lived in Europe” not “I live in Europe”. Gas here (that’d be the United States) is cheap compared to Europe!

    For your edification, I was born and raised in England, so don’t lecture me about English politics. And I did not leave America…I came here voluntarily. After arriving here I voluntarily served for 9 years in the United States Army for peanuts, but felt that I owed my country of choice something in return. I then became a United States citizen by choice. I put myself through college with no loans or hand-outs and then worked for 25 years as a police officer in a large, culturally-diverse urban area because I wanted to help people. I worked on implementing and advancing community-policing programs and integrating the needs of the community into the practices of the police department. (Before you fly off into “anti-pig” mode, like most police officers I dreaded using force, never made a false arrest, never doctored reports, and went home every night with a clean conscience, knowing I’d made a positive difference in peoples lives).

    So take your ridiculous assumptions and stereotypes someplace else. I chose this country and have done little else but serve it ever since. How about you?

  • max

    Let me see if I can help…Fly in the food drops…THEN, BEFORE YOU LEAVE…pick up 50 people. Would that be too fuel efficient?

  • kittygogo

    Great, some 70-80% of the Guard are here. Where the hell were they then? I don’t really give a shit about statistics. The fact is that they should have been there, madated from the federal govt. and they weren’t, that’s the fact. If you want to criticize my math or fact finding, great, but you leave an even larger question. If we have the troops, where the hell were they on DAY 1? HUH???

  • >>if we didn’t have the majority of our national guard in Iraq << Please stop reading Daily Kos. 17% of our national guard is in Iraq. That's not a majority even by left wing math. Dave

  • WLTatum

    “Support Our Troops magnets to stick all over your car to show how patriotic you are.” You for got to state these little tokens are made in China, supporters of the Vietcong.

  • kittygogo

    How does Katrina and Iraq relate – if we didn’t have the majority of our national guard in Iraq they could be doing the job they are supposed to be doing here -saving US citizens lives, not killing innocent Iraqis and getting killed themselves FOR NOTHING! And in regards to the environment, get real, we are already paying our price to an angry mother nature. Bush has done more than any other govt to eradicate environmental protections, including levee reinforcement (how’s that for specific), all to steer money towards “winning” an unwinnable war in Iraq (notice a theme here), and bulging the pockets of his VP, that of Haliburton. The harm his policies have done to our environment are most likely irreversible in our lifetime. Don’t kid yourself, we are paying the price with global warming and now the sludge of the aftermath of toxins that will now pollute the N.O. area – good luck getting that cleaned up under Bush. This promises to be an environmental catastrophe and who trusts Bush to do anything about it? With his stellar environmental background? Yeah, right. If we had our ducks in a row before this catastrophe we would at least not see people dying in the streets. You can try and blame the local govt, but this is a federal govt issue. They are the big guns and it is their job to protect OUR citizens, with troops and resources when needed. But it’s hard to do that when the troops and resources are across the world. Now we are sending troops back from Iraq! They should not have been there in the first place.

    And the fillthy rich – who do you think has their hands in the pockets of the politicians, influencing them towards less restrictions all for their capital gain.

    I want my taxes to go to helping these people – not wasting it in Iraq.

  • joedaddy

    I don’t know where in Europe that you claim gas is cheap. In England, it’s more than anywhere else in the world. You have no idea of of reality. Please, study up a little bit. And it was Tony Blair that said he wouldn’t be happy until Americans were paying $5.00 per gallon. You say that you live in Europe, but I won’t assume that you are not an American. If you are an American… What made you leave? A great job, running some company where you sit on your ass and do nothing but pay the employees peanuts? Perhaps you work for my father’s company? I don’t.

  • Bandit

    Dear Blunderford,
    Your money is no good here.
    The United States of America

  • Patrick

    Kittygogo – Your last post may well be criticism, but it is hardly constructive. What does Iraq have to do with the current debate on Hurricane Katrina? Now that the federal government has stepped in to take over from the incompetent leadership in Louisiana and particularly New Orleans, help is now being provided on a massive scale. Why are the rich “filthy”? What specifically is it about the environment that you want fixed? And what specifically are the “problems that will arise from the US’s casual disregard for the realities of living on the earth”? What does the term “the realities of living on the earth” mean?

    I’m not bitching about gas prices. I lived in Europe and believe me, gas here is cheap!

  • Patrick

    I’m neither playing with words nor being a hypocrite (the meaning of which has apparently escaped you). I am merely responding to misquotations of the words I actually wrote.

    Are you actually claiming that there is no distinction between the Democratic party and current liberal ideology? You’d better take a look at what all leaders in the Democratic party are saying, not just the ones you agree with.

    As has been mentioned here, the situation we find ourselves in right now transcends party politics, which is precisely why I did not use the words Democrat or Republican in my original post and why I consider my personal political party affiliation irrelevant to this particular discussion. However, if it’ll make either of you feel better, I am a Republican and, far from being ashamed of that fact, I am incredibly proud to have the opportunity to exercise my free will and to participate in constructive debate. I’m not the one who “hates” any other political point of view after all.

  • kittygogo

    Here’s some constructive criticism from an obvious liberal – get out of Iraq, help people who are dying and/or homeless from Katrina, raise taxes of the filthy rich, so that we can fix the environment and problems that will arise because of the US’s casual disregard for the realities of living on the earth and stop bitching about gas prices and come up with some viable alernatives.

  • Max

    Wow! I don’t beleive it! There is hope for the world! Republicans are too ashamed to admit they are republicans!Good going patrick!

  • joe daddy

    Patrick ,

    I know! It’s a huge mess right now! Not even you republicans can figure out how to get out of this one. But, I KNEW that you were going to use liberal-Democrat crap. In fact…I thought that you were going to make a distinction between “their country” and “America”. And let me tell you. You can believe in something without ‘knowing’ it’s true. Like God. I simply stated that I believe that you are a republican, but I didn’t “know” it. Want to play with words? I will no longer respond to hypocrites.

  • Patrick

    joedaddy – Unlike some, I place great value on the actual words used in any debate and I am able to see a distinct difference between Democrats as a political party and liberalism as a political ideology. So I stand by my statement that I never said “Democrats hate America”.

    The Democrats as a political party have given America some great leaders, as have the Republicans. Current liberal ideology on the other hand offers nothing other than gloom and doom, a “blame America first” attiude, and an aura of self-loathing. Don’t believe me? Read some of the more obviously liberal posts here and tell me what constructive alternatives they actually offer.

  • Actually, most libs I know love what America is supposed to stand for, values to which the government only pays lip service.

  • max

    Silas Kain

    That’s the best one I’ve heard yet!!! I’m tring to type..but laughing too hard!

  • joedaddy

    “Liberals don’t just hate GWB, they hate America and all that it stands for.”

    “I never said that Democrats do not love their country”

    Come on Pat. What’s it going to be? Do you really believe in love – hate relationships? I’m sorry you’re SO confused. I was as elementary as possible for you.

  • Clinton got a blow job. Reaction was swift and the Republic survived. The Gulf Coast got a blow job and reaction was, um, slow in coming. The jury is still out on survival.

  • max

    Silas Kain,
    Great job! REALLY. I mean it. But you missed my point. I meant for the parties to donate from their election campaign money…not start a fund raiser…but don’t get me wrong…I applaud you for your individual effort. But, how can anyone say that only reps or dems gave to that fund? I agree with you totally that the Americans are mainly divided on the political differences. We shouldn’t stress on those facts…but, Clinton had to go and get a blow job… The world will never be the same now.

  • How can you give as an individual and give credit to your political party??? I haven’t seen either the republican OR the democrat party donate one dime! Get you part to donate some of their campaign money, and then you can talk.

    Um, max? I’ve been campaigning for the diversion of campaign contributions to the relief effort for 4 days now.

    America is in GREAT need of change. What’s REALY funny in that I’m called a Democrat by the Republicans…and a Republican by the Democrats!!!

    I agree, America is truly great. We’re just a lost people right now. What’s not funny is that we still think in terms of polar opposites. Right now we’re not Republicans or Democrats. We’re not Christians or heathens. We’re not liberal or conservative. Right now we’re hurting and we can’t lose sight of the fact that we are ALL Americans.

  • Patrick

    Joedaddy – Again, please take the time to actually read what I write. I never said that Democrats do not love their country.

    In one breath you again say “you republicans”, and in the next you admit that you don’t know if I am a republican or not. Confusing! And what’s a republican supposed to “smell” like?

  • max

    Well, since you reps and dems can’t seem to figure it out…here it is…
    We have the “Right to Decent”.
    Enough said. Come to the constitutionalist party…we’ll teach you.

  • kittygogo

    And while the constitution is not specific in it’s statement that we are entitled to feel shame about our horrible PATHETIC govt. I do believe it is implied.

    Also, I am not on welfare.

  • Kevin drum has a timeline of how FEMA got into the state it’s in. Here’s how he summarizes it:

    “So: A crony with no relevant experience was installed as head of FEMA. Mitigation budgets for New Orleans were slashed even though it was known to be one of the top three risks in the country. FEMA was deliberately downsized as part of the Bush administration’s conservative agenda to reduce the role of government. After DHS was created, FEMA’s preparation and planning functions were taken away.

    Actions have consequences. No one could predict that a hurricane the size of Katrina would hit this year, but the slow federal response when it did happen was no accident. It was the result of four years of deliberate Republican policy and budget choices that favor ideology and partisan loyalty at the expense of operational competence. It’s the Bush administration in a nutshell.”

    Sounds about right to me.

  • max

    You guys are too funny!!! How can you give as an individual and give credit to your political party??? I haven’t seen either the republican OR the democrat party donate one dime! Get you part to donate some of their campaign money, and then you can talk. You guys are the problem. Republicans and democrats will both bring this country down if they don’t stop the crap. I urge EVERYONE to look into the Constitutionalist party! Leave your hating heart behind and come help get America back on the right track. We STAND for America. Stop playing your hate games. America is in GREAT need of change. What’s REALY funny in that I’m called a Democrat by the Republicans…and a Republican by the Democrats!!! You people truly are blind.

  • I’m guilty. I’ve been nitpicking too much. A lot of us have. I’m grasping at anything to attack because, to be totally honest, I am downright fucking scared of our collective vulnerability. I’m very concerned about how we look to the rest of the world. We’re not invincible. We’re not the organized, superior society we thought we were. And, like it or not, this disaster has proven that the racial divide in this country flourishes. It’s not like we haven’t discussed these things ad nauseum previous to Katrina.

    But even in face of all this tragedy, there remain opportunities that we should grab hold of. We can rebuild those 90,000 square miles along the Gulf. We can capture the imagination of millions in the process and take what we learn applying it in other metropolitan areas. Our wounds are open like never before and now we can get it right and start healing that which divides us across this land. We desperately need inspirational leadership, people with clarity of purpose and vision. Dare I say it, we need God’s help like never before.

  • Patrick

    Liberal – I do see it as a different view of what America is supposed to be (or what its proponents would like it to be), and I am just as entitled to my opinion of that view just as you are, without having to endure ad hominem attacks for it.

    Be that as it may, my comments are not based in some abstract ideology of what America is “supposed to be”, rather they are focused on what America “is”…a great and essentially good nation , regardless of the politics of the leadership at any given time. While I respect your right to your opinions and ideology, I simply ask that we not get sucked into the quagmire of negativity about ourselves which seems to be the rallying cry of the left.

  • People like Blunderbutthead make sick. They actually seem happy about this. “Yippee this will show those red states”. Why don’t you move to France or Cuba?

  • kittygogo

    Anger and shame over our pathetic government response is our right as US citizens. Criticism is our constitutional right (for the time being). You conservative/hate-mongerers can spew your double-talk and excuses laden sentiments all you want, but you are blind and stupid. This country is quickly sinking to the abyss and if we don’t wake up now – when will we??? Are liberals angry – you better believe it. This should not and would NOT be happening under Clinton or any other Dem. leadership, and why not? Because, we care much more about humanity and the environment than gaining as much money and stuff as we can (Kyoto would have been signed, FEMA would not have been all but obliterated, money and troops would not be tied up in Iraq, the list goes on …) The first thing out of a liberals mouth regarding this tragedy may be how awful the response is, but I’ll bet the first thing out of a republicans will be to worry about the status of their bank account over the inevitably high gas prices. I don’t know if you get this, you morons, but gas is a quickly dwindling commodity that will get more and more expensive as it is depleted. It doesn’t matter how many gas-rich countries we wage war against – this is the fact. DUH!!! Also, we (far superior)liberals would not have engaged in Iraq, as no Demo has a personal grudge against the country because of daddies failures, and oil is not so important to us that we are willing to risk countless American soldiers (and innocent Iraqi lives – btw: what exactly did the Iraqi people to do us anyways that we need to wage war against them – I musta forget to read the news that day) to fight a war that is a complete fallacy and most likely, a sin against god and mankind.

    Did Bush cause the hurricane. DUH, no, we’re are not idiots. Is it his fault that people have been trapped for days on end, sweltering without water, shelter, being killed by each other and the elements AFTER the fact. Who else is to blame? WHO ELSE IS TO BLAME??? Buses could have been sent in before the storm hit. Troops (those that are left) could have been called up to prepare. There was enough warning for that to have happened. You idiotic conservative neanderthals who want to bury your heads in the sand and coo-hoo about liberal bias — look at your own ignorance and bias before you criticize others for recognizing the truth. This country is going down-hill fast and I for one am glad to be moving to a different country. I hate the red-states – they are ruining it for everyone. Quit hating the fags and bitching about your moral superiority and need to save the rest of us with your christian BS. We don’t need your help and perhaps you should worry about saving your own rotting, selfish souls.

    I believe that Bush and his evil empire would have happily let these people rot in that hell if it wasn’t for TV coverage.

  • Joedaddy

    You didn’t have to say it. We are smart enough to read between the lines. Democrats LOVE our country. We just hate what you republicans are doing to it. You smell like republican…even if you are not one.

  • I’m a parent and there is absolutely nothing wrong with comment 237. It would have been very appropriate to say.

  • Liberal

    Oh, geez. I’m sorry Mark. You’re right. The emotional health of 30 five year olds obviously trumps the President’s duty to lead the nation in time of war.

    Hoe could I forget that?

  • Liberal

    “my point about liberals hating America”

    Why don’t you see that it’s just a different view of what America is supposed to be?

  • Patrick

    Joedaddy & max – Had you taken the time to read my post you’d have noticed the complete absence of the word Republican (or for that matter Democrat).

    I merely referred to the “American” tradition of helping the needy. Your comments tend to prove my point about liberals hating America. Anyone who speaks proudly of America or who points out the essential goodness of the American people is immediately hit with an ad hominem attack and stuck with a label (“You people”, “Republican”…and the old standbys of “Nazi” & “racist” can’t be far behind). You know nothing of my political philosophy. Don’t make assumptions. But for the record, I devoted my entire working life to public service (and just mailed a check to the Red Cross). How about “you people”?

  • Liberal

    Emotional displays???

    How about, “I’m sorry, kids. There’s a national emergancy (aside to teacher – we’re under attack). I have to leave.”

  • Liberal


    Thousands of people in abject misery and the extent of your intellectual argument is to call each other names?

    This is NOT a left/right issue. This about the incompetence of this Administration. All it seems capable of doing is covering it’s ass – “Maestri said the agreement was signed by officials with the Southeastern Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Officials Association, the state and
    the Federal Emergency Management Agency as part of this year’s Hurricane Pam tabletop exercise. A FEMA spokesman late Friday said they couldn’t confirm or deny that
    the agency signed the agreement Maestri referred to.)

    “FEMA Director Michael Brown also raised Maestri’s ire when he said in a television interview Friday that he waited so long to respond because he didn’t want to interfere with local aid attempts, and that local officials hadn’t asked FEMA to come in.” DUH!!!

    Bush sat in a classroom for 7 minutes after the second plane hit on 9/11 and sat in Texas for 2 days after the hurricane. I don’t care if he’s a Socialist. He’s an incompetent President leading an incompetent Administration.

    This Administration ignores the science of global warming. It ignores the science of evolution. It ignored the CIA reports on Iraq and it ignored this:

    Scientific American, October 2001

    A major hurricane could swamp New Orleans under 20 feet of water, killing thousands. Human activities along the Mississippi River have dramatically increased the risk, and now only massive reengineering of southeastern Louisiana can save the city

    By Mark Fischetti
    Mark Fischetti is a contributing editor.
    The boxes are stacked eight feet high and line the walls of the large, windowless room. Inside them are new body bags, 10,000 in all. If a big, slow-moving hurricane crossed the Gulf of Mexico on the right track, it would drive a sea surge that would drown New Orleans under 20 feet of water. “As the water recedes,” says Walter Maestri, a local emergency management director, “we expect to find a lot of dead bodies.”

    New Orleans is a disaster waiting to happen. The city lies below sea level, in a bowl bordered by levees that fend off Lake Pontchartrain to the north and the Mississippi River to the south and west. And because of a damning confluence of factors, the city is sinking further, putting it at increasing flood risk after even minor storms. The low-lying Mississippi Delta, which buffers the city from the gulf, is also rapidly disappearing. A year from now another 25 to 30 square miles of delta marsh–an area the size of Manhattan–will have vanished. An acre disappears every 24 minutes. Each loss gives a storm surge a clearer path to wash over the delta and pour into the bowl, trapping one million people inside and another million in surrounding communities. Extensive evacuation would be impossible because the surging water would cut off the few escape routes. Scientists at Louisiana State University (L.S.U.), who have modeled hundreds of possible storm tracks on advanced computers, predict that more than 100,000 people could die. The body bags wouldn’t go very far.

    A direct hit is inevitable. Large hurricanes come close every year. In 1965 Hurricane Betsy put parts of the city under eight feet of water. In 1992 monstrous Hurricane Andrew missed the city by only 100 miles. In 1998 Hurricane Georges veered east at the last moment but still caused billions of dollars of damage. At fault are natural processes that have been artificially accelerated by human tinkering–levying rivers, draining wetlands, dredging channels and cutting canals through marshes. Ironically, scientists and engineers say the only hope is more manipulation, although they don’t necessarily agree on which proposed projects to pursue. Without intervention, experts at L.S.U. warn, the protective delta will be gone by 2090. The sunken city would sit directly on the sea–at best a troubled Venice, at worst a modern-day Atlantis.

    As if the risk to human lives weren’t enough, the potential drowning of New Orleans has serious economic and environmental consequences as well. Louisiana’s coast produces one third of the country’s seafood, one fifth of its oil and one quarter of its natural gas. It harbors 40 percent of the nation’s coastal wetlands and provides wintering grounds for 70 percent of its migratory waterfowl. Facilities on the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Baton Rouge constitute the nation’s largest port. And the delta fuels a unique element of America’s psyche; it is the wellspring of jazz and blues, the source of everything Cajun and Creole, and the home of Mardi Gras. Thus far, however, Washington has turned down appeals for substantial aid

  • joedaddy

    Republicans have nothing to do with American tradition. The party is only about 150 years old. We built this country without republicans; we’ll do much better without you in the future.

  • max

    You republicans CAMPAIN on the fact that you will end the democrats ‘handout’ programs. You HATE giving to the needy. 5 days without water or food drops PROVES how much this republican “leadership” cares. It only took 2 days to get help for the tsunami victims. Republicans won’t give a dime…but will claim that they took in families into their homes, donated generously, you people are even WORSE than the democrats!!! And they suck pretty badly.

  • max


  • Patrick

    Blunderford’s pathetically selfish reaction is right in line with liberal philosophy. Liberals don’t just hate GWB, they hate America and all that it stands for. And that includes the American tradition of always, always, always helping the weak, the godforsaken, the tyrranized, and the oppressed. All over this country Americans are uniting to help once again by donating money and supplies, by volunteering, and by opening their hearts and homes, proving once again that we are a great and good people. It just drives the libs crazy!

  • max

    “You have nothing to prove – you sound just like a lunatic liberal to me. Spiteful, hateful, petty and always wrong – pretty much the norm. Good going cheeseball!”

    Leavy Hogan,
    Are you smart enough to say …hypocrite??? Or do you even know what it means? Well sir, that is exactly what you are. Read your statement and you will see who the spiteful, hateful, petty and always wrong cheeseball is! It’s you!!!

  • Having a plan means very little if they didn’t act on it at all, HMS. And just skimming it I can see a number of areas where they clearly hadn’t even read the plan.


  • hms

    Take a look at this to see who REALLY didn’t do their job.

  • Mr. Blunderford, was attacting a huge page of ad hominem attacks — which violate the comment policy, btw — your goal? You must be so pleased and proud.

  • Leavy Hogan

    You have nothing to prove – you sound just like a lunatic liberal to me. Spiteful, hateful, petty and always wrong – pretty much the norm. Good going cheeseball!

  • Please, Mr. Lynn. Judging all on the basis of ONE?

  • Zia

    I was just thinking to myself about Bush being a “man of God”, is he thinking that Katrina is payback from God for “shock and awe”-ing Baghdad? Just think, Iraq was probably the same as New Orleans when we bombed it right?

  • You are refusing to donate one dollar to help tens of thousands of people, because you don’t like Bush?

    I hope you realize how utterly selfish and republican you sound!

  • Well, so much for compassionate,”I feel your pain” liberals. This one here is a lib-nut who can contribute nothing but rants aganst Bush. Blunderford is his own worse enemy when it comes to showing signs of intelligence or compassion. But in the end the right-wingers prevail morally. They come through for people in New Orleans. Blunderford is a category 5 blunderbluss.

  • >>Dave—dropping supplies from a plane on Tuesday was “impossible”? How about Wednesday? What about Thursday?<< I was actually talking about the difficult of getting national guardsmen who were staging 30 miles north of NO into the city with inadequate transport and the conditions which existed and still exist. Food drops ought to have been possible by Wednesday. I find it hard to believe they weren't taking place, since MREs from here in Texas and the helicopters to go with them were there in Louisiana by that point. Dave

  • Ah, the Sanity Inspector is one of the Bush-can-do-no-wrong crowd. OK.

    Mr. Inspector, I can assure you that most of those on the aisle opposite yours are determined to help all we can. As for Red State generosity, which of course does exist, I question the notion that statistics show you guys as the more altruistic because tithing is included in the figures. Red Staters are generous. Blue Staters are generous. Isn’t that good news?

  • Dave—dropping supplies from a plane on Tuesday was “impossible”? How about Wednesday? What about Thursday?

  • As for blame, this is the coup-de-grace for decades of civil engineering folly. Not Bush’s fault even a little bit.

  • I’m very sorry to see Blunderford take this attitude. Why must politics trump the most naked, crying, basic human need in a disaster like this?

    Maybe there’s something to the idea of conservatives having more generous hearts than liberals. The whole country poured out their pockets for New York after 9/11. The red states were there for the blue state when it was in need. I’d hate to think that the reverse isn’t true anymore.

  • Bush has some blame in this debacle, but not all of it. There’s plenty to go around: This conglomeration of blunders appears to be a bipartisan effort.

  • >>Republicans HATE democrats because of our compassion to help the needy. Here in Texas, republicans are so stupid…they think that their federal taxes are being used to only help the needy, when we know that most programs for the needy are on the state level.< < Odd, I'm a Republican in Texas and I know that. In fact, as far as I can tell most Republicans in the state understand it pretty well. >> The problem with republicans is that they truly believe that if they say something…it has to be true! Bush doesn’t care!!! 5 days and no help proves it.<< No help? Do you not watch the news? Do you not see the desperate efforts to help despite the nearly impossible conditions? And BTW, since you understand that help for the needy comes from the states, you should also understand that most of the manpower for disaster relief also comes from the states - and in the case of Louisiana that's a democrat dominated government. Dave

  • JB

    The idiot who wrote this, and those who agree just because you can’t get over their petty political views, are the sorriest pieces of human excrement that this country has ever seen. I pity you morons.

  • joe

    Republicans HATE democrats because of our compassion to help the needy. Here in Texas, republicans are so stupid…they think that their federal taxes are being used to only help the needy, when we know that most programs for the needy are on the state level. The problem with republicans is that they truly believe that if they say something…it has to be true! Bush doesn’t care!!! 5 days and no help proves it.

  • I have been researching this a lot — the looting angle has been overblown by the media. Yes, there have been idiots and thieves at play, but most are good people trying to obtain food and water to survive. I won’t judge them for grabbing a bag of diapers or some survival essential. Will you, and if so, what does that say about you?

    As for MoveOn, Mr. Nalle, yes, they have a discussion raging. Similar discussions from all points of view are taking place in many, many places on the Net. So what? MoveOn is also helping out with Hurricane Housing, which matches up homeless people with people who can offer a place to stay for them. Yes, they are exercising their right to free expression — as are you — but they are also helping. Knowing you, I assume you are as well and thank you for doing so.

    Oh — and if you can offer a place to stay for Katrina evacuees and live within 300 miles of the affected areas, please click the link and join the Hurricane Housing effort.

  • frank

    I hope these snipers get caught by the National Guard and get shot in the fucking head. sickening.

  • john

    What gets me is all of these looters! How can we EVER allow them back into our society?

  • Nalle–

    “If you think moveon.org is primarily interested in helping with the disaster, maybe you ought to read the massive blame bush fest on their discussion board at moveon.org.”

    Are you referring to the thread that starts with, “We can save lives in Louisiana, Miss., and Ala.”? Or “Fire FEMA Director Michael Brown”? That qualifies as reason to call into question moveon.org’s compassion or desire to help? I guess only those on the right are entitled to be compassionate. But when the left is blatantly apathetic, like Blunderford, you guys are outraged. Which is it?

  • Maria E

    To all the know-it-alls who think they have all the answers – you are misguided. I live in NYC and most of us do not have cars, and we are on an island. God forbid – had it happened here, we would be in no better shape than the poor souls down there.

    They had no way to get out. Not all of us own cars like most of the country…

    Stop blaming the victims.

  • tom

    I agree with you totally. How are you to know where that money would have gone. Would the supermarket keep most of it? Only donate to reputable orgs. The supermarket employees need to do their jobs, and quit panhandling.

  • I’m your native son


    We’re lucky George Bush is a better man than you. If he adopted your political philosophy that money should go only to those in agreement with you, then New Orleans would never have gotten a cotton-pickin’ dime from Bush, and still wouldn’t. He at least understands, as you do not, that these people are Americans towards whom we have responsibilities.

    I have loved that city and known her my entire life — her atmosphere, her architecture, her cuisine and music, her warm sense of good cheer. The Big Easy is a wonderful place. But, as anyone who has lived there will tell you, she’s almost ungovernable even on the good days. This is the heart of a political system that produced an unending parade mostly of charlatans, I’m sorry to say, and the city herself remains a political machine and engine of graft rather like Boss Tweed’s Tammany Hall or Daley’s Chicago, and every bit as despotic and corrupt and, btw, Democratic.

    It’s very sad but true that she’s always been vulnerable to the devastation we see today. We called her, “The Trainwreck They Call The City of New Orleans”, and joked that she’d already wrecked and was just runnin’ down the rails, looking for a ditch. The wide understanding was that when, not if, the levees broke, if you were caught there depending on the government to bail you out, then God help your very soul.

    New Orleans’ physical vulnerablities have been well known and well discussed ever since her founding, we all knew this day was coming, and we knew that when it did the government there was ill-prepared and likely to screw it up horrifically, regardless of whichever unlucky soul was POTUS at the time.

    btw, I think you should be ashamed of youself for you atrocious attitude at the grocery store, and I hope someday you mature enough to realize the absolute childishness of your current position.

  • JoeDaddy

    Face the facts! It IS the responsibility of the federal government to provide disaster relief. Another failure for the republicans. How about Bush’s current 20 percent approval rating! Who’s the minority, now? Do republicans feel hurt when they are the minority? As a member of the Constitionalist party, I have always been a minority, and PROUD NOT to be involved with the 2 major asshole parties.

  • Tucan

    let’s all help these people who are suffering…it’s not about politics…it’s about being humans…. we are all brothers.

  • Is that a hockey term?

  • Duane

    At some point a “piling on” penalty should be called. I think the point has been made.

  • Blunderford and his pig

    Wasn’t Blunderford found under a donkey wagon in Mexico city with his pant down and a pig with a bleeding ass next to him? I may be mistaken it could have been in a Mosque, ether way the pig’s name was all and Blunderford was all over him.

    What a jackass. Blunderford pissant mentality is bent so badly he should be committed back to the moron ward in Cuba.

  • Barney

    I find it so typical that a problem that has festered for decades suddenly becomnes the fault a a President who has been in office for less then 6 years..

    Shows the midset of the blame President Bush for EVERYTHING and hope something sticks.

    And yes it is representative of all liberals

  • Barney

    Typical liberal… all they do is carp and offer NOTHING to solve problems other then their disgust being in the minority.

    Keep it up moron.. you are a petty little twerp.

  • max

    Neither party will donate until they are SURE they will get ALL of the credit. Both parties will take credit for it. In fact, I beleive they are putting off helping until they are sure that the other party will not get credit for it. I thank ALL of the republicans that are helping all of those democrats. But, I thank you personally, not politically.

  • TomJJohn

    What a bunch of lazy Americans we have become. We can’t even check ourselves out of a store. We need to have someone serve us even here.

    Then we get offended when someone askes us to help someone else rather than helping us.

  • blah blah blah. “I won’t contribute because it’s Bush’s fault”. Shut the fuck up and act like a human being.

    The left will be the downfall of my beloved country. Not donating because of political beliefs is total bs.

    This just goes to show the true nature of the left.

  • max

    jackson zed

    I urge to READ the pdf that you posted. It is NOT a congressional declaration of war.

  • max

    John Corn. (Enough said)

    It isn’t patriotic to tell people to leave the country if they are not happy with things. We, as Americans have the right under the constitution to form a more perfect union. We are always trying to fix things that we do not like. But, many people have much different moralities, so we will never agree on everything. That’s part of being an American. Only a communist would make your “leave the country” statement. Maybe YOU should face up to the fact that YOU are filled with hate. I find your “go to sleep mode” appalling!! Wake up and open your eyes!

  • Bill Hughes

    Wow, I’ve been out of my office, and when I get back, all of America’s TRUE heroes and patriots are here doing absolutely nothing about the problem. (unless you count arguing amongst themselves about things that have already been argued about my much more qualified people) You know what? keep eating your fritos and drinking your soda, with the remote control and the computer nearby. I’m going to make a financial gift, buy some water and food, and get my friends to help me DO SOMETHING! If it were me down there, that’s what I’d want somebody to do.

  • jackson zed


    I hate to break it to you, but Congress DID declare war against Iraq in 2002 with nearly three fourths of both houses voting to pass the October Resolution authorizing force against Iraq. This has been affirmed by the Federal Courts:


    Delude yourself all you want, but it’s part of the Public Record.


  • John Corn

    I have never in my life seen so much hate, anger and selfishness in one place.

    What is clear is that all of you are eminently qualified to become suicide bombers except that you’re all too gutless. The country would be vastly improved if all of you would look in the mirror, ask yourselves if your hatred is attractive and, when you answer ‘no,’ evacuate, not from whatever city you’re in, but the country. We surely don’t need your selfish, hating spirit.
    There are problems to solve, and President Bush didn’t create or exacerbate them, much less cause Katrina.

    You’re all so pathetic.

  • what’s interesting is that ONE person writes a post about not contributing to the relief efforts and well over 90% of the responses from the right lay the one post on all liberals.

  • Sailor Republica

    Those who are not willing to give when others need it the most, shall not be able to receive when they themselves need it the most.

  • max

    Did I actually hear Bush warn people not to price gouge gas?????? I guess he has the monopoly on that one!!!

  • Anjin, go back and dig up some of those Times-Picayune articles you’re talking about.

    The one in 2003 got big national attention — even I was aware of it back then — and featured the latest scientific research that wasn’t available in the popular press in that much detail before then. Bush had to be aware of the reporting. Scientists also think that the erosion of wetlands protection in the last few years took away our last natural defense against one of these hurricans for New Orleans, making it uniquely at risk in 2005.

    The “blame Clinton” argument is interesting, but it’s faulty when Bush ignored his OWN bureaucrats and when the articles I posted indicated that funding during THIS administration could have saved many, many lives (probably hundreds) and millions and millions in property damage.

    That is all.

  • billy

    because this is our country, we have a right to judge our leaders, and we will.

  • We didn’t judge any of the corrupt governments of the affected countries when donating to the tsunami appeal, so why should one judge the Bush administration when there are people suffering?

  • max

    You are under the impression that we are at war. Congress never signed a declaration of War…so you are wrong. (as always) The constitution forbids using our milatary to INVADE another country. With no declaration of war…we are using our milatary in an unconstitional way.

  • SAS

    This is why [edited]: Out of your ass you talk about how it is WRONG the way Bush has treated “society,” and then out of your other ass that you call your face you say there are times when being uncompassionate is justified.

    You left-wingers are hate-filled hypocrites. You talk peace but you are filled with bile.

    If you really have principles, they stand in the face of your circumstances. For you idiots who don’t understand what that means and if you can get over the fact that Jesus said it: Do unto others as you WOULD HAVE THEM do unto you.

    Another way of saying it is that you treat people the WAY you want to be treated, not the way you perceive you are being treated.

    [edited] I know this won’t affect your heart in one way because, [edited], you have no heart.

    Just in case you’re wondering, if I was saying the garbage that you so easily spill from your fingers, I’d want someone to smack me and call me a dumbass, too. Wake the hell up, lefties.

    Wow, you’re so offended by President Bush that you decide to act just like you perceive him to act towards other people. You so easily become this image of President Bush that you have, that it begs the question: how far were you from becoming a selfish [edited] before you had this role model you claim you have in your president?

  • Wjb67

    If it hasn’t been said already, let me clear something up for ya:


    The Natonal Guard is deployed at the behest of a state’s Governor…in this case the LA Governor has proven to be every bit inept as you lefties are making GWB out to be.

    But here’s one thing I do agree with the left about…the Natonal Guard should NEVER be deployed overseas for any reason!! And it is true that about 1/6th of the LA guard are deployed in Iraq. Of course, you will point a finger at GWB and say “well, Bush decalred WAR!!” and blah blah blah…

    Maybe so.

    But for those of you who do not recall recent history let me remind you of just who it was that reconfigured our military around 1993 and placed a cubic shit load of overseas duty into the laps of the National Guard. (hint: it wasn’t GWB). And guess who signed off on that? DEMOCRATS!! That re-configurement of the military placed GWB into a position where we either deploy the Nat’l Guard overseas…or leave CRITICAL COMBAT OPERATIONS UNDEPLOYED. Before you say word one about National Guard deployments you’d better think twice about your own support of Clinton/Gore, their budget proposals, the cuts in military spending, and the “budget surplus” you leftists waxed ecstatic about while our troops were left critically understaffed and under equipped.

  • max

    jesusland joe,
    I don’t understand what you are trying to say? You have only seen one democrat representative and no republican representatives? I take it that you mean that since your name is jesusland joe…you must be under the Mel Gibson spell that all religious people are republicans? Come to Texas and meet many democrat preachers.
    I beleive in God and would NEVER vote for a republican! I beleive that ALL republicans and democrats are evil…and full of hate for each other…for NO good reason.

  • Da Mail

    Hatemonger. Please campaign for as many Dems as you possibly can.

  • Nancy

    Giving credit where credit is due, a lot of good church folks have stepped up and are toiling in kitchens and where ever else needed to care and feed as many of those people as they can. True christians in action. Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell – take note!

  • Charlie

    Anjins Daddy,
    Yes, I would take a refugee into my home. My point is that not all libs agree with the above and will and are helping in any way they can. Stop basing your view of humanity on political affiliations and start lambasting anyone who degrades the situation into simple political terms. This should not be a childish my dad can kick your dad’s ass compitition. I congratulate you on your charity, but please don’t turn it into I did this because i’m a conservative and therefore all conservatives are doing right and because this yahoo who wrote the above article is left all leftys are cold and are not helping. That’s the arrogance i’m talking about. We stand in this together.

  • Lu

    I am truly appalled.

    Never mind what Bush coulda or shoulda done. THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP.

  • NoSoupForYou

    If the post here is correct, their your people, you ungrateful shmuck:

    “September 1, 2005 11:52 PM#4: rosignol writes:

    My original reaction to the Katrina catastrophe was going to be: “NOT ONE DIME.”

    For an hour or so, I contemplated the idea of turning it into a crusade: No-one in the blue states (where the money is) should give one dime of aid to the victims of this hurricane, which devastated Bush-friendly regions.


    Orleans Parish, 2004
    Kerry 77.4% 152,610
    Bush 21.7% 42,847
    Other 0.8% 1,646

    Orleans Parish, 2000

    Gore 75.9% 137,630
    Bush 21.7% 39,404
    Nader 1.7% 3,025
    Other 0.6% 1,162

    Orleans Parish, 1996

    Clinton 76.2% 144,720
    Dole 20.8% 39,576
    Perot 2.0% 3,805
    Other 1.0% 1,810

    Looks like some people don’t know who their friends are.”

    from: http://www.patrickruffini.com/archives/2005/09/hurricane_of_ha.php

  • max

    Who do I blame? Well, I would have to say the Cities for allowing any building permit to be issued in such an area. Who was the idiot that thought they could build cities below sea level…on the coast? I really do not see how any party could be held responsible. The levy is old. You would have to blame every party that EVER held an office there. Stop hating!!! “I love to love…I hate to hate”

  • So, because you hate Bush, you will not donate to ease the suffering of thousands of people, the majority of whom probably hate Bush as bad as you do.

    That is the most dispicable,hateful, insensitive,uncaring,cruel,demonic, non-Christian statement I have heard in a long time.

    Satan himself has more compassion that you. You would allow poor people to suffer and die because you hate the President. How pathetic.

    You should get down on your knees and thank God that you are not one of those people about to die in horrible agony.


  • jackson zed

    I was trying to figure out how to respond to your post, Blunderford, until it occurred to me: how does one reason with a ghoul?

    You’ve let the fear and loathing generated by your power fetish (the will is the deed, therefore the deed is the will) kill your soul, and now you’re left without any moral instinct whatsoever.

    I’d wish you luck, but apparently it’s too late. Sorry.


  • seattlite

    america HATES republicans now. they sent the guard to iraq and now 100000 black folks will die all because of bush and the repoublicans.

    How does that tin-foil hat fit? If you cared about the facts, you’d know that over 70% of the National Guard are in the US. And no, 100,000 people will not die, with the National Guard, the Red Cross, Mercy Corps, Salvation Army, World Vision, ect, coming to New Orleans to help. BTW, this heartless conservative has donated $100, and I plan to give more. I hope you do the same.

  • Ed

    The idea that those of the left or the right have an edge on caring or giving is baloney. If you do any volunteer work at all, you’ll find yourself next to others of all political persuations.

    I’ve heard leftist wackos criticize individual charity as “immoral”, because it relieves government of its obligations, and I’ve heard right wing objectivists say it preserves the weakest among us to the detriment of the strong. We are in fact our brother’s keepers, and it should have nothing to do with our politics.

    When Judas criticized other followers for spending money on Jesus’ comfort, and not giving it to the poor, he was told, “You will always have the poor with you.” Jesus tells us this not so we won’t give to the poor, but so that we will put it into perspective. We are not going to restore New Orleans to what it was before, or make all the suffering go away. But we can lighten someone else’s burden, and restore their hope.

    To those who criticize the Red Cross for not delivering all the money collected after 9/11 to those victims, the Red Cross has always done this so they have immediate cash to give victims of the next disaster for food and shelter, without having to wait for the donations to come in.

    To those who gave blood because they had no money, or to Raptor and others who gave a couple of bucks because that was all they had, that which is given from one’s need is a greater gift than that which comes from one’s surplus.

    How are all these commentors making claims that the people on the other end of the political spectrum don’t give as much? How would you know? Why would you care?

  • max

    anjins daddy…

    Republicans are consevitives??
    HAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA!!!!!! Who are you folling? Only yourself!

  • anjins daddy

    When the libs are doing nothing but whining about how much they hate Bush, I think I’ll be as arrogant as I want to be.

    Are you going to take a refugee family into your own home, supporting them for an indefinite amount of time? Didn’t think so.

    I am, and I’m a conservative and I’m damned proud of it. So kiss my white honkey ass if you don’t like it.

  • billy

    excellent article. the reason the right wing is now pretending they care about these poor black people is because they know their fate is sealed. america HATES republicans now. they sent the guard to iraq and now 100000 black folks will die all because of bush and the repoublicans.

    these people are racists and dont give a fuck about poor OR black people. give it a rest you right wing fakers. it isnt believable. you dont care.

    remember, that is your official cindy sheehan chant

    “I DONT CARE” now you fake like you care. yeah right.
    they are playing professional victim. too bad gop. your head is down now and i am going to kick it in.

  • max

    I just read a few of the comments here and I must add…There are a lot of mindless comments here. The democrats caused the breach and the republicans are taking way too long to help??? Get a life! Wake up and stop hating yourself! How can Americans be SO caught up in this hate game??? Remember… It was Tony Blair that said he wouldn’t be happy until Americans were paying $5.00 per gallon of gas!!!

  • Remember the lefts history

    At least Max’s second paragraph.

  • Remember the Lefts History

    Accalaids to Max. You should all take his words to heart.

  • max

    I refuse to donate because of the Casinos. They were generating $500,000 a day in taxes for the state. STILL, this wasn’t enough to pay for all the handout programs! Too many people in that area that would rather rape, rob and kill…EVEN the rescue personal that are tring to save them! I say leave them alone and let those crooks die of thirst! This is a real slap in the face to honest blacks in America. Now, no one can question why our prisons are filled blacks.

    As far as politics goes…All republicans and democrats are too caught up in their “game of hate” to care about anything else! Wake up! Open you eyes and you will see that these parties do NOT represnt the American people. They have planted “seeds of hate” and these seeds have taken root in the mindless people in America! It’s time to start looking at the other parties and let the republicans and democrats fade in to history!!!

  • G.D. Munem

    “You 60 million losers who voted for this loser open YOUR wallets.”

    Seems to me that those of us on the winning side of the election are the ones opening our wallets. Meanwhile, those of you on the losing side do nothing but spit venom and look for ways to find political advantage out of this disaster. How utterly typical… Can’t find it your heart to try to aid victims of a natural disaster? Fine, then shut your piehole about it rather than using it as a platform to call for impeachment. Your ghoulish behavior is truly disgusting.

  • Charlie

    “I guess the Republicans will get the job done. As usual.” This situation is not to be a notch in either sides belt. People accross the board are helping, drop the arrogance.

  • Bob

    Your absolutely pathetic. Your a typical example of everyting that’s wrong with this country. Blame everything on everybody else because mommy didn’t let you suckle her tiat enough at birth.
    Rationalizing away your issues is a wonderful gift and it’s even easier when you can just conviently lump everything under Hitler=Bush.
    “And now I should pony up to help out? Sorry, Charlie.”
    Don’t worry about contributing anything Mr.Compassion. Just leave it to the rest of us conservatives to help like we always do. I’m sure there’s not enough money to spare in your budget ’cause the “man” is keeping you down, and besides, Best Buys doesn’t pay all that well anyways from what I hear.
    It’s people like you that would be the first in line screaming to the rest of the world to bail you out if this had happened to you, but we realize that anyways and would still help out in spite of your petulant attitude.
    I think I’ve wasted enough of my time on you at this point, but I will leave you with a hot tip………supposedly the hurricane was caused by Karl Rove’s weather machine after Bush talked with his oil buddies and got the final approval from the jews.

  • Charity sees the need, not the cause.

    Blunderford, I have doubled the amount I had originally planned to donate to Blogcritics Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

    So you just go right on ahead and flame away about the politics of it, your contribution will not be missed.

  • KJ

    Why doesn’t Lousianna and the City of NO bear some responsibility for its own levy walls? Oh, yeah, they are run by Democrats.

    So, two years of increased funding under Bush and this whole problem would have been solved?

    I could get more intelligent commentary out of the levy walls.

  • anjins daddy

    Actually the Times-Picayune in New Orleans was writing articles about the threat posed by inadequate funding for flood-control measures back even in the Clinton days…….so lets not act like the Dems gave a rats ass about New Orleans flooding either.

    Both sides are at fault, why can’t people just have the nuts to say that? Stop toeing the party line because you’re still pissed you lost the election.

    And I don’t know about you all…but this democrat here (blunderbutt) is making the Democratic mantra of “helping the poor” look a lot like smoke & mirrors.

    I guess the Republicans will get the job done. As usual.

  • “The people who say they won’t give money to hurricane victims because they live in a Red State or because they voted for Bush, etc.”

    Um… This idiot is the only person I’ve run across who’s ever said such a thing, and you’re talking like it’s an epidemic. You conservatives really do live with blinders on.

  • Remember The Lefts History

    I’m a ashamed that the left wing has these misguided sentiments in it’s ranks. Has the humanity that was the base of the left been forgotten? Have the poor, hungry, and downtrodden been relegated to the status of political pawns to be coldly used in situations of convinience? Bush and others, including democrats, have dropped the ball and should be held accountable, but this is no reason to punish the people. Your not worthy to call yourself left wing! Your not to be put in the catagory of Guthrie, Ginsberg, Che, Medger Evers and the thousands that have devoted and risked their lives to help those who suffer on account of the political elites games and to better improve the conditions of humanity. This is vile, and I lament the state that leftys like you have driven a long history of political and cultural commpassion into.

  • Bluderford has a thin skin.

  • Greg M

    This crackpot is heartless and unfeeling.

    What do the poor suffering people of New Orleans have to do with Bush? Most of them didn’t vote for him (it’s a very democratic). Even if they did vote for Bush, they deserve a death sentence for it?

  • If you think moveon.org is primarily interested in helping with the disaster, maybe you ought to read the massive blame bush fest on their discussion board at moveon.org.


  • jesusland joe

    I live in a small city of 11,000 people and we have 800 refugees from NO. Some of the churches have been feeding them every day since Monday, and I have cooked and waited on our guests several times. We have gathered clothes and opened a free store at our church for anyone who needs them, no questions asked.

    Since this started Monday, I have seen only 1 of our local Dummocrats at any of these activities. That says it all!

  • Lawrence

    I can feel that liberal compassion just pouring out from you moonbats. After all, it’s your party that has a lock on “compassion”; certainly not the conservatives. (/sarc mode). You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • jesusland joe

    You know what’s funny. The people who say they won’t give money to hurricane victims because they live in a Red State or because they voted for Bush, etc. never give anything anyway.

    They are the most selfish people there are and they want the government to do everything, no matter who is in power.

    Those of us who want to give and go to work to help, we won’t miss these people, because they haven’t ever done anything to help anybody anyway.

    All they need to do is get the hell out of the way!

  • Ned

    This compassionate conservative voted for Bush twice (really, no need to thank me!) and I gave $100 to Katrina Relief because innocent people are hurting and they need our help. I’ll give much more later this month but, Blunderford, your wonderful post also inspired me to donate to the NRA. Decent people like me need to be protected from looters and folks like you.

  • raptor

    1st if you liberial assholes’ hatred of Bush runs so deep you will not help the sick,hurt and starving then you are trully sick,pathetic losers.
    2nd New Orleans was a city waiting for a disaster for well over 100 years.The place was built in the middle of a swamp for Chrst’s sake.What the hell do think would happen to a city built in the Mississipi River Delta(river delta=mud).If you had the common sense of a bag of hair then you would be blaming every politition(city,parish,state,fed)that had anything to do with the city of N.O.in the last 100 years.I’m a damn cripple and have donated a couple of bucks open-up your wallets you heartless bastards and help those poor people.

  • Wow

    It’s the left that’s supposed to be the compassionate, helpful, caring ones.

    Thanks, Dork!

  • MoveOn.org has been doing plenty. If you wish, I will send you the several emails I have received. I think everyone needs to step back and forget about partisan politics except to demand that our elected officials urge their Political Action Committees to cough up the dough.

  • Dan

    Did you parents have any children that lived?

  • OK, what happened here?

  • It’s nice to see all these freakin’ Malkin viewers to the site, but again what are you contributing besides more invective?

  • Liberal

    A dose of non-partisan reality:

    It’s easy to sit in a comfy suburban home after the fact and say that people who didn’t get out of NO have only themselves to blame.

    Why didn’t people leave? New Orleans is no stranger to severe tropical weather. The President of Tulane announced on 8/27 that classes would resume on Tuesday (8/30). No one knew how big this storm would be until it was too late for many to leave. Some wanted to leave but there simply wasn’t enough transporatation available.

    There are probably as many other reasons as there are people who stayed. Some were genuinely too poor to afford to get out. Some too infirm to leave. (I wonder if Mr. “They brought it upon themselves” believes that nursing home patients brought this upon themselves.) Some refused to leave pets behind. Some were afraid to leave their possessions to whomever stayed behind (a fear that would seem justified now – you can argue that the shopowners patrolling Magazine St. should have left their stores behind, but…).

    New Orleans is a tough city and the people who live there have to be tough to survive in it. (OK – a little partisanship – we liberals are often accused of being weak. John Wayne toughness is generally admired by the right. I wonder why that spirit isn’t admired now.)

    The tendency for the media to hyperbolize everything has something to do with this. There are no “hurricanes” anymore. Every hurricane is a “monster” storm “ravaging” areas with “fierce” winds and “deadly” waves. You know, the number of sharks attacks is pretty constant year-to-year, but when two or three happen close together, the news media declares “the summer of the shark”. People intitially react out of fear, but when they realize it’s all hype, they discount real dangers. After a couple of summers of “don’t swim in the ocean or you’ll be eaten by sharks or die from diseases caused by medical waste” hype that isn’t true, people ignore real warnings. So if a school of hammerheads takes up residence off the Jersey coast, people will swim anyway. We’re not all going to die because of Legionaire’s disease, swine flu, sars, west nile or mad cow and we know that. So, when a real epidemic threatens, people might not take it seriously. After years of hearing that “the big one” is on its way and the big one never happening, people don’t believe it when “the big one” really does show up. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    Is Bush to blame? No. The left vs right debate on spending, where the right decries “tax and spend” liberals and the left decries “borrow and spend” conservatives misses the point entirely. While we point fingers at one another on this, the fact remains that we spend money foolishly. Couple that with our inate selfishness (the idea that everyone deserves to get dollar for dollar of their taxes back in some form) and you spend $230 Million for a bridge to nowhere in Alaska and cut funding to build levees around a city of half-a-million that sits below sea level. The problem is PORK and PORK won’t go away until everyone stops saying “gimmee, gimmee” and starts saying “Let’s spend where we need it.”

    One note on the Bush Administration: We’ve all known, since 9/11/01 that a major relief effort could be needed anywhere in the country at any time. The largest port in the country would certainly seem to be a natural target for terrorists. You have to wonder why a more efficient response infrastructure wasn’t in place.

    On a more partisan note: The cost/benefit analysis is the darling of conservative spending theory. Every govt. program comes down to the “we can’t spend $100 Billion to save one life” philosophy. That makes sense (unless yours is that one life, of course), but the “all govt. spending and all taxes bad” rightist ideology, if taken too far causes outright stupidity. A city of half-a-million that sits below sea level in an area that gets hit with category 5 hurricanes once or twice a century needs levees built to withstand a cat 5 hurricane. This conservative cost/benefit fetish has obviously gone too far.

  • Oh cool, more compassion on display from Nancy:

    “over trying to rebuild an ungrateful and undeserving nation of barbarians in the middle east”

    Compassion for Americans? Nope. Compassion for Iraqi’s? Nope.
    Compassion for anyone else on the planet?

    “As far as I’m concerned, from now on all non-US persons with problems better go begging to someone else. I’m through with them. ”


    Nice to see the “reality based” community displaying its deep caring for the world and its people.

    “Give to the Red Cross again? No way in hell. ”

    There are other charities, Nancy.

    Wow. You know, people like Nancy & Blunderford really shouldn’t give money to charity. They need to keep it to pay for the therapy and the mood management medication.

    You know, it’s attitudes like this that lead to death camps. I sincerely hope these kinds of people remain in the minority on the planet.

  • Bill Hughes

    Sometimes, my friends, it is NOT about who is right or wrong, or who is right or left. Sometimes it is about not being selfish or self-righteous or even ambivalent. Sometimes it is about obeying the urge that comes to HELP SOMEONE, before we try to use our mindset or politics to try to define or shape that urge, or worse, stifle it. That urge is not a whim, and it is not unique to just certain people. It is universal. I fear for the world and its inhabitants, if it is full of people who are too self-important to see real need without responding.

  • augrad

    This is for the guy who asked why the “idiots” built New Orleans in a bowl. You need to do some research before you let ignorance stream from your mouth.

    New Orleans was founded in 1718 by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, sieur de Bienville, and named for the regent of France, Philippe II, duc d’Orleans. It remained a French colony until 1763, when it was transferred to the Spanish. In 1800, Spain ceded it back to France; in 1803, New Orleans, along with the entire Louisiana Purchase, was sold by Napoleon I to the United States. It was the site of the Battle of New Orleans (1815) in the War of 1812. During the Civil War the city was besieged by Union ships under Adm. David Farragut; it fell on Apr. 25, 1862. (I doubt that they new they were below sea level in the 1700’s as they had no sophisticated equipment. If you had ever been there, you would understand that that is impossible to know from standing on the ground and walking around. It feels just like any other place in the world).

    Somehow, despite it’s documented history, the good liberals of America will get around to blaming the president for its being built there in the 1700’s. Or at least blame him for not relocating it before the hurricane.
    I, myself, think the French planned it all along ; )

  • Nancy

    I’ve just come back from giving blood. Who are you talking to? Have YOU rolled up your sleeve yet? If you have no money (in which case I hope things pick up for you) or don’t want to give money (I don’t either, for reasons listed above), you can always give a pint.

  • Your ignorance, bigotry, arrogance and hatred are breathtaking.

  • If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  • Mike

    Clinton has 8 years in the White House. What did he do in those 8 years to prevent this. The levees have not changed in all that time. You will use any reason you can find to bash Bush. But I like it, because it just demon-strates just how truly crazy you people are!

  • “Im sure god looks down on the world and weeps because of the heartless people he has created”

    In his own image, mind you….

  • missy king

    I would just like to know when the last time you read the bible was. I would almost bet It hasnt been within the last year just crawl back into your little 20 thousand dollar sports car and go back to your perfect suburbian two story home and cover yourself in your false comfort while god sees how you act and passes judgement before you die. Im sure god looks down on the world and weeps because of the heartless people he has created and all the one that have sold there sole just for a little sports car

  • Nancy

    Stick to your guns, Blunderford; you have as much right to be as wrong as those who voted for Bush.

  • P.S. I hope you’ll hang onto this post of yours and read it again, oh say ten years from now. I’m sure by then you’ll really be able to savor your own miserly idiocy.

  • Nancy

    Big article in the Washington Post today interviewing two healthy, hefty, able-bodied guys who didn’t leave when they had the chance. Why? Their reasons were as lame than their intelligence levels. Blunderford, this was a brave post; pity most people are just going to knee-jerk kick you, especially the right-wing Pecksniffs who voted to keep Bush in office. Of course, not doing so would mean having to admit they were WRONG, which they can not or will not ever do, a trait they have in common with Fearless Leader – who, by the way, is the one who also saw to it that all the National Guard who would and should have been handling this are over trying to rebuild an ungrateful and undeserving nation of barbarians in the middle east; and also the one who has seen to it that billyuns and billyuns of dollars that could have gone to relief of our own people in N.O., and ensured that monies that could have fixed the levees & possibly prevented a good deal of this flooding were diverted to pay for his exercise in urban cowboy ego overseas.

    As for donating to the Red Cross, the last time I did that, the RC took the money I (and several million fellow Americans who donated) intended for the 9/11 victims – and gave it to already fat corporations to re-develop the twin towers area. Give to the Red Cross again? No way in hell. Fool me once, shame on you, etc. A “charity” (for corporations?) only screws me once. Never again. This time I’ll donate every blanket I own, but I won’t give a nickel to a multinational charity to fritter away on corporate greed. I do enough of that by paying my taxes. And I sure as hell won’t ever give to any foreign disaster again. As far as I’m concerned, from now on all non-US persons with problems better go begging to someone else. I’m through with them. This is a case of most of us being hit up just one time too often, for the worst of reasons, because our own president has been wasting resources & endangering American lives playing his macho shithead war games, while his oil corporation buddies wax fatter & fatter, each quarter declaring new record profits.

    If the people of N.O. manage to survive any of this, they should form a vigilante posse, grab them some pitchforks & rope, head for the white house, & string up some skunks.

  • missy king

    Ha ha! Yes the president is a dumb ass but we voted him into office so its really the indirect fault of the voters

  • you daddy

    Kerry lost the election. Everybody voted for Bush. They rejected your kind and they will continue to do so. Every year, we win more and more. We will continue to tie you up and suck your power away. And you’ll be there sucking my fumes, blinded by my dazzling white Bush sticker. Its good to be on top. Also, I make a lot of money and am having fun these days…
    By the way, I recommend everyone everyone see Wedding Crashers. Its actually a funny movie. I wasn’t to hip about Broken Flowers, though I’ve been liking Bill Murray’s movies lately – it was ok, and there’s this one scene which was quite fascinting (no spoilers).

  • Please visit Truth Laid Bear and count up the liberal bloggers that are “fixing the problem”. All the money is coming from the right.

    Um… bloggers? How do you do actually measure how many bloggers are involved in hurricane relief? And, speaking as a blogger, I’d say we’re not exactly a driving force when it comes to charitable relief and the like.

    Yer a nut, dude.

  • Tongueboy

    Bush is completely to blame for this disaster. As the storm made its way towards the Mississippi Delta, Bush refused to use his Merlin’s Magical Wand to ward away this menace. As the levee’s broke, he refused to use the heat beams from his eyes to weld them back together. And to this day, he refuses to to fly around the world counterclockwise at light speed to reverse the flow of time so that adequate preparations can be made. But he seems perfectly willing to erect a forcefield to prevent National Guard troops from other states entering the affected areas. Dr. Evil and Ernesto Blofeld could learn a thing or two from Emperor Chimpy.

  • Bu$hCausedMyGout

    This is why I left the Democratic party a year and a half ago and why I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live. You used to be a compassionate reasonable group of people, but your demented and irrational hatred of George Bush has caused you to abandon all reason and compassion. I hate to say it but this typifies they way most leftists feel now; the “where is mine?” attitude – the something for nothing attitude. Face it: the reason you all are so obsessed with hatred for George Bush is that he’s privelaged and you’re not. He grew up extremely wealthy and into a politically powerful family – and you didn’t. And you can’t stand that life isn’t fair – that you will never be that wealthy, powerful or popular – and no one on your “team” will be either. GET OVER IT and start thinking rationally – because this bull$h*t hatred is destroying you politically. I have had 2 of my friends in the last 2 days confide in me that they, too, will no longer be voting for Democrats. They can’t stand the blaming and negativity that’s going on. Wise up or you’re going the way of the Whigs.

  • missy king

    I agree you can do all the finger pointing you want after we help these people instead of persecuting them for not being able to get out.

  • “Conservatives cause the problems, liberals fix them. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s what we’re seeing here.”

    Please visit Truth Laid Bear and count up the liberal bloggers that are “fixing the problem”. All the money is coming from the right.

  • fedup

    People have asked why didn’t the president send in the National Guard sooner. Well the fact is neither the president or DOD or anyone else in the federal government can send the National Guard anywhere unless the guard is federalized. The National guard is under the control of the states normally. They are the only ones who can send them any where. As for regular troops. Under our constitution and laws the federal government can’t send in troops unless the local or state government request them. Even when they are requested it takes time to get them there. It is not like the governmer of a state can call up and have federal troops that day (at least in most cases). My daughter was with the 82th Airborne when Andrew hit the Miami area. It took them a couple of days to get there after they were requested.

    As for funds being cut. Even if everything requested had been approved and given, the levees would not have held. The ones planned were not strong enough or high enough to resist a hit like N.O. received.

    As for not getting people out. Have any of the ones complaning about this ever been in a hurricane? You have no idea just where it will hit or how hard until it does. What kind of complants do you think the local or state governments would get if they had forced everyone to leave and the hurricane hit somewhere else or with less force?

    Have mistakes been made? Of course. N.O. and La. have been making mistakes for decades by not using the federal funds they have received to do more. The federal government could have done more, the state could have done more. Everyone could have done better but now is not the time to blame people. There is pleant of time later to do so.

  • missyking

    Thank you

  • What a bunch of self-righteous idiots. Typical of the left, convinced they alone are morally worthy, but spewing hate.

    Yes, there have been mistakes. But the point is to help the people who are still in danger and misery, and sort out who made mistakes later.

    Here, for example.

  • Pinged by Malkin … everybody duck

  • missy king

    Yes I agree that the goverment should have fixed that stupid levy when they had the chance but that is a what might have happened not a did happen. we cant keep saying well if they had did this then this wouldnt have happened. It did happen and they arent the only ones that are having to deal with it. I Just think that people should do unto others. If these critics got flooded into there house in a flash flood or if a tornado ripped there house from its foundation they would be asking for help to. it just pisses me off that some people would rather buy starbucks and dunkin dougnuts and trivial crap then just give a few dollars to help

  • dewey

    The more you speak the less credible your position becomes. The author states, “What did Bush do? Nothing. Actually, worse than nothing. He was so busy fighting his cowboy war in Iraq (cheers to Hugo Chavez for the analogy) that he actually diverted money away from the projects that might have saved New Orleans because the war was so damn expensive! And now I should pony up to help out? Sorry, Charlie.”

    Please go here, to see what Bush did PRIOR to the hurricane’s landfall….

    Facts are annoying things, the left tends to avoid them — they’d rather rant…..Also, to align oneself to Hugo Chavez really helps one’s cause —NOT.

  • Sorry, I don’t buy it. I’ll agree that Bush and the policies of the right wing have put many of us at peril and are probably partly responsible for the disaster that’s ravaged New Orleans, but telling them they have to pay for it is irresponsible. You’re talking to dispassionate people here; they won’t pony up when it’s time for preventative medicine against social ills; there’s no point trying to part with their tax-cut-gotten gains. Conservatives cause the problems, liberals fix them. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s what we’re seeing here. Sure, conservatives are advocating throwing money at the problem, which is helpful, but the people of New Orleans would be a lot better off if someone had thrown money at those levees in the first place, wouldn’t they?

    Much more Bush-style governing will cause this kind of wrack and ruin. That’s true. But this kind of screw-them-all bitterness only makes you look like a crank and, worse, feeds into the hatred that Rove and friends have been trying to breed. Don’t be a patsy for the divisive Rovian politics.

  • Missy king

    you know if you would just get your head out of your a** and watch the news mr blunderford you would see and hear that the people that were still there were the people that we poor. Most of these people didnt even have a car to try to leave. How would you feel if you couldn’t get out because you didn’t have a car. I Don’t have a car and if my town was evacuated I wouldn’t be able to leave. If I had a job I would send my entire check to the red cross but instead im just giving as much blood as I can untill I can get some money to send. These are your fellow americans here not someone over seas who are asking for a handout and they arent really looking for a handout they are looking for survival, they are looking for life. something we take for granted everyday. they need food and water and medicines. there are people down there that are diabetic that cant get any insulin they cant even test their sugar. People like you just make me mad. You probably have a nice house and a nice car and you just dont want to face the fact that your selfish and I really think if you arent going to help you should keep your mouth shut and leave the ones that are going to help alone. A couple cents would help and you have to cold of a heart to put three cents or even the dollar that you were gonna buy your precious candybar with in just to help people that dont have a crum to eat. So in my opinnion you should just F**k off.

  • Tony

    Always looking to blame someone! What about the task at hand. Our fellow Americans are in need and as typical you look to blame! Lead, follow or get the F*ck out of the way. People like you are free because of fellow Americans GAVE without question or blame. Grow-up [edited]

  • Given that the administration knew the storm was coming, and would have known that many of the people in New Orleans and elsewhere couldn’t get out, why didn’t they send in a whole load of transportation to get them all out?

    Wouldn’t have been difficult and would certainly been the right thing to do.

  • Hey, you’re a liberal. You wouldn’t have contributed anyway. The blue states are notoriously stingy and the red states are famously generous. Imagine my surprise one year when Al Gore’s tax form revealed that I had given more to charity than he had. And I am by no means a millionaire. I’m guessing you haven’t given a dime to charity in your entire life.

  • Timmy


    Freedom of speech is wasted upon you.

    “Go back to Russia!” – Barney Gumbel

  • Unbelievable! You don’t like the current administration so you refuse to help those in need? [edited] Bloody waste of perfectly good oxygen. To misquote Pink Floyd, you sir, fill me with the urge to defecate.
    I sincerely hope, regardless of who is president, that you find yourself in need one day. Maybe someone who knows you will remember this, your moment of glory, and leave you flat when you turn to them for assistance.

  • You, Mr. Blunderford sir [edited]

  • Shark

    The grandstanding and fake moral outrage reache an all-time high:

    Sussman: “I worked on the second half of my baseball closer report.”

    BTW: Matty, I thought you took your toys and went back to your dugout: “(Oh, and from this post, Blunderford is added to my Authors-I-Won’t-Read-Again list.)


    And how much money have you contributed?


    Interesting that all of the right-wing dickheads faking compassion — and spewing their moral outrage at this essay — are some of the same people who are BLAMING THE VICTIMS and calling them “scum”.


    Hypocrites abound in this thread.

  • Mike

    Remember: it’s all about the Bush Hatred. Bush Hatred, in all its seething, all-consuming, smugly self-righteous, irrational glory, is the highest and greatest calling of all mankind. Who gives a shit if people are dead or drowning, or without food and shelter, and great cities are in ruins? Our number one priority must be to use the opportunity to proclaim our Bush Hatred! That’s all that matters!

    Brad, you are a giant among men. Would that I could follow your worthy example.


  • Yeah, exactly, all you can do is return to normal life, even when it feels anything but.

  • Obviously, we’d all love to just make it better, or do whatever we can to help.

    Blog like you always would, about the subjects you love. I worked on the second half of my baseball closer report. I also began to test my podcast software and shopped around for a new mic and mouse.

    Of course, I always go back to CNN, MSNBC, NOLA, Fark and Blogcritics, the latter two to share the feelings I have. Plus I have work in the morning, which isn’t gonna help the productivity, but I can’t sleep.

  • Robert Lansky

    Every election day, the Democrat Party machine that OWNS both N.O.and the state of La. has the funds, the volunteers, and the transportation to bus all the elderly, infirm, and indigent to three or four polling places so they can each vote three or four times.

    Yet when the federal government warns them that a catagory 5 hurricane is about to whack their city, they can’t do jack squat.

  • True Matthew, but this is virtual space that, amongst other things, allows people to vent frustration and express themselves.

    Obviously, we’d all love to just make it better, or do whatever we can to help. But we can’t, and it sucks a lot.

  • The beef I have is that people are placing fault already while thousands of people have spent all week sleeping in two shitty stadiums. (Literally and figuratively.)

    And here we are with our DSL talking about what should have been done about people who still don’t even have clean air.

    That’s my problem with this whole sentiment. [Some person] could have all the blame. Until all those New Orleans citizens aresafe, it’s a moot argument.

  • Got me again. Very true.

  • Same is true for praise.

  • Yeah, but people immediately look to the president for blame, which is understandable. But to do so blindly is ignorant and lazy.

  • Bush deserves a degree of blame, Tan, particularly since he’s been the President of the United States for the past five years. His foreign policy and domestic record leave him wide open to criticism here.

  • That is a good article, Eric – hopefully more people read that before they go on spewing anti-Bush remarks.

  • uao

    New Orleans is a city that shouldn’t have been built in the first place; that has always been known.

    Mississippi always knew the danger of building things in a great flood plain.

    The administration cannot be blamed for that.

    However, this is the biggest calamity we’ve seen (if the mayor of New Orleans is right, there might be a causualty count rivalling 9/11). A major metropolitan area has been obliterated, to arguably nuclear proportions.

    There is chaos on what’s left of the streets, filth and violence at the Superdome, millions without power, drinking water, shelter.

    There’s no way to pin a cost on this yet except to exclaim in awe how this will eclipse all records in cost. It has a chance to be as expensive as the war in Irag is.

    Which can be considered tragically ironic.

    As far as any rational person can see, we were mislead into the wrong freakin’ war, for the wrong reasons.

    And we already spent the surplus, the Social Security war chest, pretty hell-in-a-handbasket impoverished the nation in a single term.

    And now we gotta pay for this.

    An early worst case senario: there will be no revitalization of New Orleans. Why should there be? Once everyone is relocated, it’ll be much cheaper just to keep it underwater.

    It’s not like we’re rolling in dough anymore.

    I don’t blame Bush for that either. It isn’t just him, its everyone around him, too.

    As for New Orleans, God bless her.

  • Yes, there’s plenty of blame to go around, no doubt about that.

    This piece does an outstanding job of placing blame in its many proper (and bipartisan) places.

    Meanwhile, an excellent Salon piece counters the notion that to question this administration is unpatriotic.

  • Of course. You can say that Bush’s diverges away from the national agenda could be to blame. But the government has been ignoring Lousiana’s plight for decades. That’s the House and Congress to be blamed. You can also blame the media for being so ignorant on the subject. You can even blame Mother Nature for not being sensitive to us gas-guzzling, tree-chopping and coal-burning bastards.

  • I feel there’s a case to be made that a non-mandatory and ongoing war in Iraq coupled with multiple rounds of tax cuts have left the nation generally unprepared for the aftermath of this sort of natural disaster.

    To me, that’s not playing the Blame Game or anything else. That’s fact + fact = conclusion.

  • For those who want to donate:


  • Mr. Hoang, would you agree that Dubya has a share of the blame? Of course it isn’t all his — is Gov. Blanco ineffective or what? — but some of it is. I am in no mood to bash anyone, just telling it like it is.

  • I’m really sick of this Bush bashing. Lousiana has been in trouble for decades, and you can contribute that to many reasons other than Bush is in office. I’ve read scientific articles dating the 80s and all of them warned of the threat of losing Louisana. Most of the state is under sea level because of the short-term fixes of levees to protect the urban areas from the yearly floods. A hurricane helps bring bigger light to this threat, but it could’ve just been a harsher winter that would have caused just as much destruction.

  • Bill B

    I harbor many of the same sentiments as the author. I can’t however, sit by and not give to help others so tragically in need.

    The real issue is rich and poor. Political influence and the lack there of. That this occurred on Bush’s watch is simply the ultimate in irony.

    For those Bush apologists who simply right this off as merely a natural disaster or distort and twist as if those of us who are being critical of the Pres are saying he ’caused’ Katrina, I’m assuming you did not read Bob A. Booey’s comment 23 or the links.

    Or could you possibly think that shoring up the levees to take a category 5 hit would not have helped?

    When more than 30% of NO population is at or below the federal poverty line and the minority median income is 11K, it’s not hard to connect the dots as to why this did not get done.

    BTW, I blame all the pols going back to 1965. But Bush had more info than all of his predecessors put together so he’ll take the biggest hit.

    Especially since he felt it necessary to blaze the trail as the first president to give his rich buddies a huge tax break during a time of war.

    It would have been nice if he’d seen fit to do the right thing with just a little of that cash for NO. Very Christian too.

  • Mr. Sussman, the pols are the citizens’ employees. If they are derelict in their duties, shouldn’t their bosses call them on it? The unpreparedness so obvious to the eye qualifies as poor performance on the part of those working for you, right? No, Shrubbie didn’t cause the natural disaster. But he has a share in the blame for the fact that people are starving and stranded now. It is more than reasonable for people to complain and demand answers. At the same time, to deny help to the victims to punish Dubya… it just strikes me as being at the very least misguided.

    Firefighters are still heroes; I wager some are volunteering in the effort.

  • Kit Jarrell

    Oh, and by the way, blaming Bush is not going to accomplish a damn thing.

  • Awesome comment, Marine, and thank you for your service.

    Making the city safe from disaster and planning for possible catastrophe is the state’s job – NOT the federal government. This is what happens when you exist in a “nanny state”.

    It’s not the feds’ job to make sure your fishbowl is safe. If you choose to live in a fishbowl, then perhaps you should stop spending $100 million on a luxury golf course and spend more on your levees, eh?

  • before 9/11 Matthew I would have said no. But this President is a war President. He has made it his duty to protect us. Or is that protection from only terrorists.

    Granted, I wouldn’t want his job at all. Some things that need to be done might be logistically impossible. But he is at the helm, it’s the administrations job to do the best they can do to protect this country.

    I think any real criticism or praise that will come out of this will only come after time.

    I saw a blog today that said Aaron Brown was criticized (via email) for questioning the President’s preparedness, and he read it on the air and asked people about if it was Clinton in office, would they have wanted him to ask the same questions and they begrudgingly said yes. I didn’t see the actual on air part of that though.

    If this were a terrorist attack (something other than a hurricane with the same disasterous results) what does this say about what all we have done since 9/11? Why aren’t we ready?

    I’m not talking about levees, I’m talking about right now, help/support, etc. We do seem too unprepared or too slow.

    I saw another blog that said ‘move over firefighters, America has new heroes, the doctors, EMTs, nurses, etc. who are risking their lives, even in sniper fire, to save people’.

  • One thing is for sure, if there were a Democratic President right now, the right wingers would be rabidly tearing him apart for what is going on, or rather the lack of it.

    Agreed. And would they be right in doing so?

  • It’s a free country, if he doesn’t want to donate, that’s his opinion. I find it a little cold, but that’s my opinion.

    One thing is for sure, if there were a Democratic President right now, the right wingers would be rabidly tearing him apart for what is going on, or rather the lack of it.

    I’ve been blog hopping and the sentiment seems to be that we are ripe for a terrorist attack, unprepared for it, and also we have shown the world that we aren’t the great protector we seem to be.

  • Robert Lansky

    As you dislike the way your local grocery is run, why don’t you and your friends form a “cooperative”, get a grant from George Soros, and open a “people’s grocery”? You could pay all your union workers $50/hour and promise never to make a profit. Teach a lesson to those evil capitalist profiteers!

  • indolene

    I think you won’t help because [edited]

  • Y’know, Mr. RB is right. Anyone with sense disagrees with the author’s unfathomable stance, but he certainly has the right to do with his money what he will. And fact is, all of you calling him names are in violation of the site’s policy against personal attacks. True, I have no authority to play cop, but this has gone way past the point of being sickening. The mods haven’t said anything — where are you guys??? — so someone had to stand up for the rules of the road. I hope someone with power finally will step in and enforce the policy — after all, avoiding semantic swamps like this is why it exists.

  • Rich

    Well said “a marine”, but unfortunately many cannot put aside differences long enough to help out those in need. Especially when they see an opportunity to bash the President.

  • Robert Lansky

    The mayor of New Orleans, like every N.O. mayor for the last 140 years, is a Democrat. The La. legislature, like every La. legislature for thew last 140 years, is democrat. The governor of La., like every governor for the last 140 years, is a democrat. How could this happen? Oh yeah, It is Bush’s fault!

    Not only that, there is a pothole on the street in front of my home and Bush hasn’t come and fixed it yet! Impeach Bush!

  • Lori in AZ

    What does voting for someone have to do with helping those in dire need? Do you think for a moment that the state of Louisiana might have some (read MOST/ALL) of the culpability in this? State legislatures have been “working” on a disaster plan for a few years. Guess they really didn’t think it could happen. Next year, $71M was slated to be cut from the “big plan”. Call in the gov’t to fix up the problems the state should have addressed years ago. Blame Bush, b/c Kerry surely would have stopped the hurricane with the power of his caring.
    As far as the store employees, just doing their jobs. Don’t shoot the messenger, PLEASE! Pull your head out of your ass, man!
    Fuck, we need a few million more like you so the rest of us will have a reason to bang our heads against a wall. Excuse me while I vomit.

  • a marine

    hey got back awhile ago from iraq…nice to see the citizens i spend time defending can’t even lift a finger to help another. i am not well versed in the intricate field of politics so i will refer to what i do know.

    why couldn’t the national guard/army/navy responded sooner? ever try flying into a category 4 hurricane much less landing helos in the hot spot? but that’s beside the point, seeing as how reports indicate that over 80% over the city is flooded it would be hard pressed for the army to come and lift any one out right away…even if the hurricane stopped. as for ground transportation, judging from overhead shots many vehicles capable of transporting large amounts of civilians have severely limited ingress/egress routes…hence the slow extraction. logically, if roads in use are limited in accessibility then positioning of 40,000 troops will take time.

    if i do remember my government and politics correctly, disasters in a state is first and always delegated to the governor unless the governor petitions the president for help, then the president declares martial law….etc. so despite of the numerous comments regarding bush’s lack of response the duty belonged to the governor of louisiana.

    as for building the levees…it should have been constructed right the first time despite which ever president was in power. the blame rests not on the president but on congress, which translates to the senators and representatives who gauge their votes on the publics opinion of how their tax dollars should be spent. yes the president can propose a bill but congress can always cut it down if they choose to do so.

    many seem to compare this to 9/11. the event in new york while tragic did not interrupt traffic flow severely…not in the sense of the 5 o’clock rush but meaning that rescue vehicles, tranportation vehicles and heavy industrial vehicles were able to drive within a relative close proximity to where ever they needed to go. so contrary to movies, media and rumors, rescue operations for the most part take a along time, a lot of patience and a lot of prayer.

    anyway i know y’all do have the freedom to express your thoughts and opinions…but it doesn’t help out the people down in new orleans does it? so save the arguing for later and help if you can.

    semper fi

  • What amazes me is that none of you seem to have even HEARD about the 1,282 blogs in 14 different countries who all set aside today to blog for donations – total after one day was over $200,000 so it is being extended through the weekend.

    Click on my blog to see how it works – we all have picked a specific charity (mine is Salvation Army because of their low administration costs and high percentage of direct disaster aid).

    I’ll take your candy bar, Blunderboy. You can have it back when you grow up and realize that there are many things in this life more important than poitics.

  • Russ

    How sad that you let your hatred of the President get in the way. It is absolutely your right to hate Bush, but it is also shallow of you to blame him for your stingy ass not giving.

    If you don’t want to give, then don’t. But to say it’s in response to something Bush did is pathetic.

  • Ed Falkner

    Whatever you do, don’t open your wallet. Don’t do it. Just stay as close-minded and dunderheaded as you can.

    Close your heart and your eyes like you’ve closed your mind. And yeah, bud, I’m talkin’ to you. Assuming you read to comment 67 or 68 or whatever this is by the time it gets up.

    Whine and kvetch and moan when BushitlerMcChimpyHalliburton does anything. Or doesn’t do anything. Or says something. Or doesn’t. Or once did something. Or didn’t. Whatever.

    Just piss and rant and let us get on with our work, OK? You know, the guys that actually produce and do something in society while the rest of y’all have the time to bitch about BEING ASKED FOR A FRIGGIN’ DOLLAR! Small-minded clap-trap. And yeah, I’m talkin’ to you.

    You prove our side of the intellectual divide absolutely correct every time you speak. And, if you have the audacity to answer, that will probably prove it, too.

    And, actually, no I’m not writing this for you. People like you rarely change their minds about foul trash like this. It’s so that if anyone else happens to wander over here and see this drivel, they can see one more “you are acting like a jackass” comment, so that they know there are actually some adults left here in the U.S.

    The one’s ready to do the heavy lifting, and pound out some dollars.

  • Someday, when you’re wondering why millions of us who might otherwise call ourselves liberals despise you and mock you and don’t listen to a word you say, take a good long look in the mirror.

    And punch yourself with every ounce of strength you have, ’cause I can’t fuckin’ reach.

  • Feel free to rename this topic “Cheap Moral Grandstanding by Amoral Right-Wing Whackjobs Who Love an Easy Target.”


    That is all.

  • R.B.

    Leave the guy alone. He’s entitled to his own views and I really don’t think that trying to lay the guilt trip on him and tell him what “scum” you think he is will really have much impact on him. Seriously, what’s wrong with you all? Get over it and find a more worthy cause to serve than namecalling and trying to change the opinion of someone whom you don’t even know.

  • -E

    I thought this was a NATURAL disaster, not something someone caused? How about instead of pointing the finger in blame at someone you get over yourself and help out your fellow human beings. They didn’t ask for this. They didn’t ask to be left jobless, homeless and possibly alone in the world.

    If you don’t like Bush, that is one thing. But don’t condemn those suffering because of something nature did. Donate to the Red Cross, then the government doesn’t see a dime (not even in taxes).

  • You are a hateful [edited], and reading your rant made me want to throw up.

    Unfortunately, this tragedy has shown that there is now one more division among Democrats. There are now somewhat rational liberals and completely hatefilled liberals who care about nothing but their shameful socialist political agenda.

    I hope you reread what you wrote and hang your head in shame.

  • CJ


    You can look at the pictures of the devastation and write something like this?

    It’s a good thing politics won’t get in the way when you or your family is in need.


  • Also, leaving aside the political stuff, the story of his grocery store trip tells you quite well where Blunderford’s heart is. He’s obviously 100 times more concerned with an extra five minutes he had to spend at the store than with the horrible widespread death and destruction of Katrina.

  • Celeste O.

    Blunderford is only angry because after he purchased his candy bar, he maxxed out his mom’s credit card while filling up his SUV so he and his girl couldn’t cruise to the mall and buy materialistic fluff to afford his wasteful lifestyle.

  • Apparently this hateful and irrational Blunderford guy thinks that George Bush is God. I don’t know why. I’m certainly not that impressed with Dubya myself.

    However, Blunderford blames George Bush for a huge hurricane, which is a big ol’ honkin’ Act of God if ever there was one.

    You know, if George Bush were THAT powerful, we wouldn’t be having near the troubles in Iraq that we do.

  • You can look at the chart and see that Katrina was nothing out of the ordinary. We’re not having bigger or more frequent storms than in the past. But I’ll tell you what, nobody should have to give aid unless they want to give aid. Just say you don’t want to. One day you may feel conected to the rest of the human race to such an extent that you can’t imagine NOT giving aid. Until that day, well, we’ll get along just fine without you.

  • I’ll follow up on this post tomorrow. I’m sure you’re all very excited. For now, good night. Feel free to abuse me with your comments while I’m sleeping.

  • Wayne_West

    This is just sick. I couldn’t give a flip either way about George Bush. He’s not the point.

    Natural disasters are natural disasters…not political events. And if you’re going to allow your hatred for a politician get in the way of your better judgment as a member of the human race, then I think you’d be well-served to do a re-examination of your own priorities.

  • Don’t hold back, Dave. Let me have it.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a political agenda, just anger. But I could retort here that the Bush administration has repeatedly used the deaths of thousands of people on 9/11 to push their political agenda, from implying that John Kerry was not suited to deal with terrorism to changing their justification for the war in Iraq from weapons of mass destruction to the need to fight the war on terror by bringing democracy to Iraq.

    You won’t make me feel bad for hating Bush. I feel for those who have died and suffered. I’ve used this post for a little provocation and I don’t regret it, because I am angry over so many things that have happened in this country over the last 5 years, and to see poor people bear the brunt of a tragedy that possibly could have been prevented makes me sick. And to know that money was diverted away from protecting New Orleans to fight the war in Iraq drives me batty.

    Is it all Bush’s fault? No. He’s not a hurricane. But does it add to the pattern of Bush spending our money warmongering while cutting taxes for the rich and giving a middle finger to the poor? Absolutely.

  • Sean

    I’ll agree with Dave Nalle: [edited]. Yeah, so the people of New Orleans voted for Kerry. Does that mean that I won’t help them, even though I voted for Bush? No, because they’re just people, and I’m a decent human being. [edited].

  • That may be. I haven’t been bitch-slapped in a while now and you may be right that the time has come.

  • Wow, Blunderford. Your despicable selfishness and willingness to throw away your humanity to serve a political cause really makes you a poster boy for everything wrong with the left today.

    You hate the administration, so to hell with the human beings who are suffering. Never mind that the administration didn’t cause it or really even contribute to the problem in any significant way – despite the lies you’re reading on DailyKos. All that matters to you is using the thousands of deaths and destroyed lives to advance your political agenda.



  • Pete

    You’re a miserable [edited]

  • Unfortunately my hatred is only for the Bush administration and I can’t keep it going as long as I’d like. It does get tiring. Thanks for asking, though.

  • JR

    Does your hate keep you warm at night, Blunderford?

    If it does, he’s one step ahead of the rest of us this winter when the power goes out.

  • Pablo

    Does your hate keep you warm at night, Blunderford?

  • brent

    A bus ticket isn’t much BOB. FUCKING DUHHHHHH

  • Victor, I was making fun of the guy right above me with his bus ticket mantra.

    Forget it 🙂

    The TV coverage does look like a 3rd World disaster area. Nature doesn’t respect any class or wealth.

    That is all.

  • BTW: I CAN’T DONATE to the fuckin’ fund; I’m fucking BROKE. I don’t have A DIME TO SPARE.

    And yet all this time to potshot everyone else…

  • newkid

    In reference to ZZ’s post:

    The President also commented in this afternoon’s press conference that he would not ask for support from the international community…that America could handle it’s own problems. What a message for the victims and their families as well as the international community.

    Also what are your feelings on global warming and its likely effect of the strength of these recent killer storms?
    As a country we are “whistling in the wind” on environmental issues.

  • Bob: Some of the poor people of NO, already interviewed, have said they had only five to ten bucks on them. That AIN’T paying for no bus ticket or even a tank of gas. Many of them had cars underwater, so that kind of left that option out anyway.

    Meanwhile, some rich SOBs paid $3000 or more for limos to take them to Texas or wherever. It’s a classic case of the haves getting away and the have nots getting screwed. This is as bad as the Sudan or any other social atrocity and we’d better address it in a meaningful and swift way.

    Look at the TV coverage: the majority of the people are minorities. Doesn’t this seem just a bit strange? All these people (mostly of color) have been left to basically fend for themselves for four days? In my opinion it’s a national disgrace.

  • JR

    I paid my taxes for just this eventuality; is it my fault the government misappropriated them?

    And frankly, I am way too nervous about the next few months to throw around any spare cash.

  • But wait, I think the really important moral question for us stupid people here is:

    HOW MUCH IS A BUS TICKET?!!!?!!!!?!!

    HUH?!!! TELL ME!


    That is all.

  • to all: Choose and decide to help. Click on this link and forget the naysayers like the Blundering One and others:


  • brent

    ONE MONKEY’S UNCLE: It seems YOU are extremely ignorant in this matter. Can YOU read? Are you [edited] to think that ALL THOSE PEOPLE were so poor that they couldn’t afford a bus ticket? Some may have been, but had the STUPID ones bought those bus tickets….how hard would the rescue of the ones that could NOT afford a ticket be? ALOT EASIER. These people are told EVERY year during huricane season how desperate the situation can be with a strong huricane. Have you read that? I have. These people live BELOW SEA LEVEL. Have you read that? I have. Ever heard of common sense? I have. How much is a bus ticket?

  • “How is it that Blunderford is not throwing darts at all of the political leaders in ALL parties I wonder??”

    I never blamed the Clinton adminstration, but you have avoided acknowledging the fact that this issue TRANSCENDS politics. If you were reading carefully, and could avoid the Bush bashing rhetoric for a minute, MY point was that ALL politicians are ass holes about protecting New Orleans properly from a catastrophy. But I suspect you are too narrow minded to understand that considering you took the time to post this irrational point of view in the first place.

  • johnt812000

    You are a misanthrope and a horrible human being. Not to mention a [edited]

    Air should be illegal if cretins like you breathe it.


  • Shark

    Great stuff. Spot-On. I wish I’d written it!

    Welcome to Blogcritics. Shark already loves you.


    And I agree; let the rich GOP fucks who got the big tax breaks donate.

    Let Bush & Co tap into the $200+ billion being poured down that hellhole in Vietn…um, Iraq.

    Send some Humvees to New Orleans instead of Hano…um, Baghdad.

    Fuck Bush. It’s day four. Where the hell is he? Where the hell are the US RESOURCES? Why weren’t they lined up Sunday night waiting to go in and do some triage on a major American city and a few dozen minor ones?

    BUSH is the leader. Top Dog. Commander in Chief. His people are in need. His nation has been “attacked”. Why hasn’t he trotted out Guiliani and stood with the New Orleans firemen on a pile of dead bloated bodies on Canal Street vowing, “Mother Nature will hear from us!”

    Fuck him and the voters he rode in on.

    BTW: I CAN’T DONATE to the fuckin’ fund; I’m fucking BROKE. I don’t have A DIME TO SPARE.

    In 2000, I was an upper-middle class guy with a great job.

    Now I’m barely employed, over-educated, over-qualified — and have NO health insurance.

    I’m also paying $3 a gallon for my little gas-saving Nissan to cart me to my barely above minimum wage, part-time, no benefits job.

    I’m worried about my own family’s survival…

    …SO ASK THE FUCKING RICH to donate.

    Ask my boss to donate. Ask the GOP PACS to donate.

    Ask those FAITH-BASED prayer mongers to wave their fucking magic wands over this disaster.

    Offer some prayers, motherfuckers. (Guess the ones you offered BEFORE Katrina struck didn’t work, huh?)

    Ask the overpaid, underworked CEOs to donate.

    Ask the assholes in this country who supported Cowboy Bush and his $200+ BILLION BAGHDAD BOONDOGGLE to cough up some cash.

    I ain’t got it.

  • I’ll miss you next time, Matthew. You bring so much to the conversation.

  • See, if you were making the argument that Hastert is now making here:
    namely, that he wonders if money should be spent to rebuild the city, that I could understand.

    But to not give money to the needy because of political difference of opinion… that just seems heartless and cold.

  • I blame the Coolidge Administration!

    (Oh, and from this post, Blunderford is added to my Authors-I-Won’t-Read-Again list.)

  • Bachman,

    I was waiting for how long it would take for someone to blame it on the Clinton administration.

    The problem with the argument you’re making (and it’s the same 9/11 defense of Bush) is that we’ve gotten hold of a LOT of recent science even in the last three years from people both inside and outside executive agencies indicating New Orleans was more and more at risk. Clinton didn’t have access to the amount of data indicating that New Orleans was critically vulnerable to a hurricane. The articles linked above indicate that Bush’s OWN scientists and administrators warned him repeatedly that now was the time to finish building those levees, and even worse, that extra funding could have made them finished by the time a hurricane struck. Now it’s quite obviously too late and what money was spent is now completely wasted.

    Don’t let your politics get in the way of an objective viewpoint here.

    That is all.

  • I find this thread very amusing. I was wondering how long it was going take for someone to blame the President for the disaster caused by this hurricane!! I guess I got my answer.

    The truth is the levee system inadequacy has existed long before the Bush administration well back into the 8 year Clinton admin when we were all fat dumb and happy. The threat of New Orleans being devistated by a direct hit catagory 4 hurricane has been a matter of record for a number of years. GOP haters make it sound like this was a revelation that occured only on Bush’s watch. Please spare me. How is it that Blunderford is not throwing darts at all of the political leaders in ALL parties I wonder??

    Withg that said, I am miffed at this adminstration’s arrogant attitude about accepting aid… see posts on my blog… but I can’t see my way through to blaming the president for the levee inadequacies !!

    ZZ Bachman / ZardozZ News & Satire Portal
    Have a Blog? Ring Surf it @ ZZ OpenRing

  • Mr. Stark, “fellow Americans?” What the frig does nationality have to do with it?

    Mr. Blunderford, I hear what you are saying, but come on. People are in trouble, big trouble. If you can afford to give something, anything, and don’t, that is just wrong. Be an example of true compassion for the Shrubites to see: Help. How would you feel if you were hungry and homeless and someone opted not to help you because they were angry with some stupid politician???

  • nugget

    *listening to “when the levee breaks”*

  • Raygaan

    I will never display my American Flag again. Just when i thought I couldn’t be anymore disappointed with the leadership of this country…it happens. The bastard sits on his ranch in his chaps riding off into the sunset on his horse…while thousands of people go without food, water, and shelter. 2 days he stayed on his ranch after Katrina hit the southern US even though he was briefed constantly on the the imminent threat of devastation. How sad it is to live in the wealthiest country in the world and have our own people starving to death. To the people that have had their lives ripped from them in this horendious disaster, my prayers and thoughts go out to you, and yes i will donate…don’t make these innocent human beings pay for G.W.B.’s mistakes. Oh and by the way…FUCK YOU G.W.B

  • Eric Olsen

    all of it

  • I agree, it’s time to help people before we point fingers.

    But note that in the article that the Bush administration consistently lowballed both Congress and what his own agencies were asking for in funds. Congress ended up giving more than Bush thought was necessary, so clearly even they thought their leader was resisting too much.

    That is all.

  • Yikes, B.A.B. Now I am getting pissed but that will have to wait. Once these refugees are secure and officials have a handle on things it’s time for Congress to answer a lot of questions. This is not all on George W. Bush. Congress ultimately makes all the appropriations and they better have answers. All the more (t)reason for members of Congress to ask their financial supporters to donate to Hurricane Relief rather than individual politicians in this election cycle.

  • Venezuela donated $1 million – and the Bush administration supported Chevez’ ouster/coup.

    I think you can shell over a few and maybe quit being such a drama queen.

    These are fellow Americans.

    I’m just waiting for someone to say you’re the typical … anything. You’re not, though there may be a higher percentage of bloggers with the same wasteful view.

  • By the news, Olsen? Or by what someone said here?

    That is all.

  • Eric Olsen

    consider my already dislodged mellow officially harshed

  • Oh, and I almsot forgot, this piece is kind of hard-hearted and over-the-top.

    Everyone should contribute to relief efforts because this may be almost as catastrophic an event on the American economy and in loss of life as we’ve seen since 9/11.

    That is all.

  • While they are two completely different sorts of catastrophes, the Bush administration failed to be prepared for 9/11 and now it failed to prepare New Orleans for what scientists knew was a pending disaster. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an issue of failing to listen to the latest scientific research and the advice of your own agencies and administrators that you’ve helped appoint.

    Here’s today’s Chicago Tribune

    ‘WASHINGTON — Despite continuous warnings that a catastrophic hurricane could hit New Orleans, the Bush administration and Congress in recent years have repeatedly denied full funding for hurricane preparation and flood control.

    That has delayed construction of levees around the city and stymied an ambitious project to improve drainage in New Orleans’ neighborhoods.

    For instance, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requested $27 million for this fiscal year to pay for hurricane-protection projects around Lake Pontchartrain. The Bush administration countered with $3.9 million, and Congress eventually provided $5.7 million, according to figures provided by the office of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.).

    Because of the shortfalls, which were caused in part by the rising costs of the war in Iraq, the corps delayed seven contracts that included enlarging the levees, according to corps documents.

    Much of the devastation in New Orleans was caused by breaches in the levees, which sent water from Lake Pontchartrain pouring into the city. Since much of the city is below sea level, the levee walls acted like the walls of a bowl that filled until as much as 80 percent of the city was under water.

    Similarly, the Army Corps requested $78 million for this fiscal year for projects that would improve draining and prevent flooding in New Orleans. The Bush administration’s budget provided $30 million for the projects, and Congress ultimately approved $36.5 million, according to Landrieu’s office.

    “I’m not saying it wouldn’t still be flooded, but I do feel that if it had been totally funded, there would be less flooding than you have,” said Michael Parker, a former Republican Mississippi congressman who headed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from October 2001 until March 2002, when he was ousted after publicly criticizing a Bush administration proposal to cut the corps’ budget.


    A corps plan to shore up the levees began in 1965 and was supposed to be finished in 10 years but remains incomplete. “They’ve never put enough money in to complete it,” Parker said. He said the corps’ budget has been regularly targeted by the White House because public works projects are perceived as pork and aren’t considered “sexy.”

    “Go talk to the people who are suffering in New Orleans,” Parker said. “Ask them do they think it’s pork.”

    Joseph Suhayda, an emeritus engineering professor at Louisiana State University who has worked for the Army Corps of Engineers, said the corps simply didn’t have enough money to build the levees as high as the designs called for.

    “The fact that they weren’t that high was a result of lack of funding,” he said, noting that part of the levee at the 17th Street Canal–where one of the breaches occurred–was 4 feet lower than the rest. “I think they could have significantly reduced the impact if they had those projects funded. If you need to spend $20 million and you spend $4 or $5 million, something’s got to give.”


    In the years since then, local officials have warned that a catastrophic storm was inevitable and sought more funding to improve the area’s hurricane preparedness to handle larger storms. In July 2004, for instance, federal, state and local officials staged a simulation in which a “Hurricane Pam” slammed into New Orleans with 120 m.p.h. winds and created havoc that was eerily similar to that of Hurricane Katrina, including widespread building damage and death.

    “Since 1995, we’ve been replaying these scenarios out in various degrees. . . . Unfortunately, our way for dealing with these disasters is after the fact,” Suhayda said.

    J. David Rogers, chairman of the geological engineering department at the University of Missouri-Rolla, said politicians have refused to spend money to improve the levees to handle a Category 5 storm because of the low probability of such a storm occurring.”

    And here’s a detailed June 2003 special report from the New Orleans Times-Picayune that predicted almost exactly what would happen in a hurricane like Katrina drawing on the latest science:

    The Disaster That We Should Have Seen Coming

  • Plenty of my money has gone to help people in need, but not so much of the government’s money has, unless you mean the people of Iraq. And, yes, I have been taxed to death, because everything Bush cuts federally I pay for locally in taxes, don’t fool yourself otherwise. And the more poor people we create, the more money we’ll all pay — maybe today in money to help, maybe tomorrow when more desperate people are accosting you on the streets.

    I’m not going to get into it with anyone who’s served in Iraq — I have no issue with you, but with the people who sent you there in the first place. The military is a noble profession, but that doesn’t mean its every use is justified. And that doesn’t mean people who are anti-war are anti-troops, so don’t feed me the “I’ve been in Iraq” line as if I’m not qualified to have an opinion because George W. Bush didn’t send me over there as part of his faux war on terrorism.

    I’m not heartless. My heart goes out to these people and everyone that suffers, especially the poor who got a double whammy down in New Orleans. I just don’t know how to channel my frustration, and to encourage others to give to the Red Cross because nothing was done to prevent this is like saying, “yeah, they screwed up again, fix their mistakes and don’t hold them accountable.”

  • There were poor people, infirmed, children, and the elderly who would have left if they could. They could not. They had no means to escape. It’s quite pompous to blame this on W (of whom I am no fan) and to say that is the reason NOT to give. It comes off as rather heartless as well.

  • Chris

    Then you might want to look at how much of your donation to Red Cross goes to victims and how much goes to high ranking officals?

  • Everyone has there own view, karma has nothing to do with ones opininos, but with ones actions. I believe we should support and I will support the fundrasier, but we should be worried about saving these peoples lives instead of blaming the president right now. I’m not a big G.W. fan, so again I like part of your article but, I dont have exact numbers and facts of what G.W. has done with our funds for hurricanes. Also like it was pointed out if mother nature or God had a hand in this, no levee was going to stop it.

  • Think.Ink

    I despise the unspecific donation requests such as people asking for me to donate to “tsunami relief” or now to “katrina relief.” I often wonder what organizations these people are going to fund with this money. Are they going to the red cross, the salvation army, the arbor day foundation?

    If someone has a desire to donate money, they should look at the org they decide to donate to, and not throw some money in a random bucket.

    Then there are the “support the troop” magnets. If you really want to support the troops, use that money to help a troops’ family or to send a troop or group of troops a goodie bag. They love hard candy and movies. There are even websites where you can send troops things they want, such as specific books or cd’s… but buying a magnet for your car is not support.

    I also will not be donating money to “katrina” but will do what i can for the red cross and other hard-working orgs.

  • I believe out of respect to Hurricane vitims right now, that this is not the time or place to discuss just yet, while many efforts are being made to save these victims. But I do agree on some part and love your voting thing that is awesome. I will never know How bush pulled off an 8 year term in the white house.

  • Chris

    My god this is unbelievable because you disagree with a president you are going to not help your fellow Americans in time of need. Weren’t there earthquakes during Clinton’s presidency? So we shouldn’t have helped those people because of Bosnia, Bin Laden escaping ( to later blow up the world trade center)? I can’t understand you people at all. I guess it’s all about you and what your entitled to and f*ck every one else. Well that’s a viewpoint. Ever hear of karma, you know what goes around comes around.

  • Tom Ashton

    I would like to see how you have been “cleaning up Bush’s mess” as you put it. Have you been taxed to death, have you had to lift one little finger, have you even been to Iraq for 15 months like I have? Geez, what an selfish man you must be. Your next blog will probably be GWB caused the hurricane. You were probably the same one blaming him for the typhoon earlier this year.

  • The Duke

    Oh, the power of water…. the Titanic was unsinkable too.

    Give mother nature a little credit.

    She is very capable of laying waste to puny human efforts.

    A levee indeed. A mere anthill in the greater scheme of physical laws.

  • I’m with ya Blunderford.

    Its well documanted that G.W. diverted money for leve repair to the war in Iraq.

  • Rodrigo

    You’re just [edited]

  • Let me make something clear — my post is not a theme of “those people stayed in New Orleans so they deserve it for not evacuating.” A lot of those people were damn poor and no one was going to give a free taxi ride to every one of them.

    I’m saying I’m sick of cleaning up Bush’s mess while he gives handouts to the richest of the rich. Money that should have been spent preparting for hurricanes that everyone knew were coming eventually was diverted to a war over… nothing. And now I’m supposed to pay to build everything back up?

  • I just want to know why Bush and Co. didn’t get national gaurd troops in there sooner.

    As soon as the decision was made to evacuate, why weren’t troops deployed to keep the peace.

    Any idiot should have known that people were going to stay behind or be left behind. And some of those left behind were going to loot and cause other problems.

    The slow reaction time is inexcusable.

  • Linda Hutchinson

    Does the leadership for the city of New Orleans bear any responsibility for the mess they’re in now? Seems to me they weren’t very well mobilized for any kind of emergency. How about the idiots who built the city in a bowl in the first place? All that put aside, sometimes nature just deals a harsh blow, and all the preparation in the world won’t prevent catastrophic damage. Why is George Bush blamed for everything that goes wrong in this country and abroad? I remember a few presidents from the Democratic party who involved us in a few nice messes. Vietnam for starters. Then there was Bill Can’t Keep It Zipped Clinton who let Bin Ladin get away. Yeah, I know, there was important business under that desk. Liberals are some of the most narrow minded people I know. Open those minds…and while you’re at it, take a history course or two.

  • One Monkey’s Uncle

    “What they needed to do what NOT be stupid and get the fuck out of there. THEY brought this upon themselves.”

    That is among the most unintelligent things I have ever read; can you even fucking READ? Do you have even the slightest CLUE who those people on television are, what their income was like, what little opportunity they had to “escape”?

    I really mean this, sincerely: I hope something utterly horrifying, and insufferably painful, and completely devastating financially happens, that ruins you and every member of your immediate family. On national television.

  • THEY brought this upon themselves.

    Some of them did, Brent. A LOT of them did. But some of them didn’t–a fair number of people didn’t leave because they had no way (car, money, etc.) to get transportation out of the city and shelter elsewhere. It’s not always that easy, and it seems as though the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana did nothing whatsoever to offer to help people who needed assistance in evacuating. So I’m willing to help out, for the sake of those people.

  • Brent

    I wont send any money to help Katrina victims either. Those people were told to get the hell out. They didn’t. Now they are shooting at military helicopters? Making others risk THEIR lives to pluck them off roof tops? I’ve seen video of irate people saying “we need………” What they needed to do was NOT be stupid and get the fuck out of there. THEY brought this upon themselves.

  • Knowing that Bush won’t do anything about it, you’d prefer to just let the people suffer to make your point?

  • I may be taking it out on disaster victims, but he’s been taking it out on society’s victims for years. I’ve done a lot of helping of the unfortunate — I’d like to see him and his GOP cronies do some giving now. Unfortunately the only giving they’ll do is to the rich via repeal of the estate tax, etc. Sometimes those of us in the middle get sick of paying up for the policies of the fat and bloated.

  • Sounds like you’re taking anger at Bush out on disaster victims.
    Which seems a bit, well, misplaced to me.
    I mean, I’m mad at Bush about the war and other screw-ups too but that doesn’t seem a good reason to not help victims.

  • I think I’d be even more pissed off if I lived in New Orleans. More likely I’d be singing no tune at all, as I wouldn’t be in much of a singing mood. But I might be trying to hit a field goal from the 35-yard line of the Superdome, so that would be some consolation I’m sure, smartypants.

  • augrad

    I bet you would be singing a different tune if you lived in New Orleans.