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I Will Watch Monday Night Football With My Television Muted

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I decided to throw on Monday Night Football last night while I was doing other things and after the first half, I just couldn't listen anymore.

Did you know that Carson Palmer got hurt last year? Did you know that it was his knee? Did you know that it was in a playoff game against the Steelers? Did you know that he is now wearing a knee brace? Did you know that last night was his debut game of the season? Did you know that it is hard to come back from knee injuries? Did you know that because Carson Palmer hurt his left knee that it would be difficult for him to plant on his follow-through? Did you know that he might be nervous in the traffic of an NFL pocket? Did you know that Carson's knee injury is mostly just in his head now? Did you know that coach Marvin Lewis was happy to see Palmer carve up the Green Bay defense? Did you know that Palmer wanted to take a hit? Did you know that Palmer was treating last night's game as nothing more than a practice, and/or training?


Who are the Monday Night Football fans that need this level of redundancy? Is that all we can say when Brett Farve fails to play well?

Yes, Carson Palmer is an important story in the NFL this year, but it seriously isn't an entertaining broadcast when you harp on the same point for three hours. It is the exact same crap that we put up with on Sunday Night Football. A bunch of guys sitting around watching Ray Lewis saying "How good is this guy?" and "Do you understand how much ground he covers?" all game long.

These guys stink at broadcasting. Their producers are overly dramatic asses who allow this type of banter to go on. Theismann is the worst of the bunch and I wish LT had crushed his larynx instead of his leg in 1985.

Last night's telecast made me wonder who the people were who couldn't deal with Dennis Miller.

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  • Mark Saleski

    hmmm, kinda reminds me of tim mccarver in baseball…belaboring points until you want to put your head through the television.

  • I like Tirico and I love Kornheiser if they would allow him to be “Mr. Tony.” Theismann stinks and should be replaced.

  • …with Trev Alberts

    (Runs away)

  • Which is the lesser of two evils? I’d take either of them over Dan Fouts.

  • Dennis Miller was at least mostly mute once the actual game started…

  • I’d have to say that hearing that Thiesman is going to be on Monday Night Football has to be the worst news I’ve heard all year!

    LT shoulda broke his jaw!

  • s curry

    have watched MNF for years but now we turn it off. ESPN concept of the soap opera drama doesn’t work for football !!!!

  • spyboots

    LOVED this article!

  • Palermo

    I don’t know why people like Kornheiser; he doesn’t have a clue about football, Theismann is also bad. Tirico is the only decent person to comment MNF.

  • Del

    Theisman & Kornheiser don’t seem to understand that a) Monday Night Football is about the sport of FOOTBALL, b) viewers watch MNF because they are interested in FOOTBALL c) we expect the “experts” covering MNF to give us insights on the FOOTBALL game. Instead, we get interviews with Hank Wms Jr., stories about Tiki Barber’s Mom, & blah, blah, blah. If we want human interest stories, we’ll watch Oprah or Dr. Laura. We now turn off the TV sound & listen to the radio announcers describe the game.

  • baskone

    we should just give new england the trophy and send everyone else home . I get it the guys in the booth have a man crush on brady but the season just started espn get some talent