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“I Want to Make Writing My Living:” The Story of a Literary William Hung

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Whether you watch American Idol or not, most everyone knows who William Hung is. The self-proclaimed Ricky Martin of Hong Kong was booted off American Idol for his pinwheel dancing moves and his off-tune, off-beat renditions of "She Bangs."

After being booted off of AI, William professed his love for music by stating “I want to make music my living!” Today, he has a CD or two out, does public singing appearances (where he is requested), and has even thrown out the first pitch at a Dodger’s baseball game. Sure, it’s just the Dodgers, but isn’t this going a little far?

Most people, even the ones that live under rocks, should be able to realize that William has no talent.  As Simon Cowell so eloquently put it, he can’t sing and can’t dance. I don’t know how well he did in engineering school, but something tells me he should have stayed there.

It seems that in many instances, William Hung is not alone. Celebrities with no talent are coming out of the woodwork everywhere. Two that I can think of off the top of my head with a significant lack of talent are Paris Hilton and up and coming wannabe-Britney Spears Diandra Newlin. Now we need to ask ourselves why these people are getting star treatment.

How does Hollywood or stardom in general go from Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, and Cary Grant to… William Hung and Mimi… no, not Rodgers… Carey? Let’s face it Glitter will never be one of those movies we look back on with misty eyes. Likewise, I am more apt to get misty-eyed, as I shoot my radio, when I hear the offbeat, cracked out version of a Queen song done by William Hung.

I always assumed that you needed to give permission to let someone else redo your songs. I don’t know if Queen thought it would be funny to hear a slaughtered version of their song, or if William just forgot to ask, but it was a sad day when I heard "We are the Champions"… and on national television no less.

The problem with people like William Hung is that they allow other people with no talent to get their foot in the door. If you don’t believe me check out Paris’, "Stars are Blind" video (good lyrics by the way…I wonder if she wrote them herself) or Diandra Newlin’s soulful rendition of "Xanadu" or "My heart will go on." The only thing I can say for Paris in this instance is that her song isn’t a remake.

Looking at the title I bet you’re wondering what my point is. Well looking at all these second rate vocal mishaps I have to wonder if the same would be allowed in the writing world. What would happen to us if the William Hungs of the world wrote a book without the beauty of a ghostwriter?

I can just see it now…..

William Hung is my name and writing my game. I was in engineering school but today, I write! I write good for you! The reason for this is simple! I want to make writing my living! It would work out well because after he wrote a simple biography he could begin to rewrite the classics. Moby’s Slick (an adult book obviously), To Kill a Hummingbird, and Gone with her Shin would be just the beginning.

If we kept our eyes closed long enough he could win top literary honors for The Taming of the Brew…a story of an alcoholic (perhaps Mel Gibson’s biography?).

Call me hopeful though, I’m hoping people will wake up and send the non-talented hacks back where they belong… to college to learn a new, non-talent based skill.

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  • All I can say at this point is that this thread reads like an AOL chat transcript circa 1998.

  • IgnatiusReilly


    why not let Ashtyn fight her own battles? Nothing more pathetic than a boyfriend coming to the rescue.

  • Slander a Kid?

    I suggest the retraction of your slander of a 15 year old at literaryillusions.com
    maby legal ok? but, morally wrong!

  • Lawyer #36

    Since when is it illegal to say you think someone has no talent? That is an opinion, and just like Ashtyn stated she feels someone has no talent, comments came in saying Ashtyn has no talent. So, should she sue those commenters for saying that not even knowing if she can sing or not? I do believe the first amendment allows for freedom of speech and that includes having an opinion.

  • Jim I was checking out your writing since you are quite the expert at spelling and grammar. I though I could learn something from you.




  • Dominick is a tad confused, apparently, as he responded to my comment all the way over here in the comments under a non-related thread at my blog. Go figure.

  • Thomas,

    I wish I could be so lucky. It’s true though. You aren’t missing much at all.


  • I have no idea who William Hung, Diandra Newlin, or Mimi Carey are.

    I’ve never heard of Glitter until this post.

    I have never seen American Idol.

    I’d heard of Paris Hilton for several years before I realized that she was a person and not a hotel. I still don’t know anything about her, other than that she is a person who is famous for something or other. Famous for being famous, I guess. But I still don’t know what she looks like.

    I’ve never heard Britney Spears sing.

    Despite all of the above, I don’t think I’ve missed anything.

  • Paul


    yeh I understand what you mean, and it is unfair that talented people aren’t recognised while people like the Hung are. Also, I feel bad that I laugh at Hung, cause basically we’re making fun of him, which he doesn’t know, and if he found out, im sure he’d be crushed to the core, so i think it would’ve been more responsible and nicer to Will Hung, if we hadnt made such an idol out of him, just because of the motives behind why he is famous.

    But thats the world for you, he will be forgotten so, and at the end of the day, those with music talent are recognised in that field. Those that don’t have as much recognition aren’t necessesarily worse singers, because recognition is not a measure of talent, those people just use their gift for different things.

  • And you, Dominick, are undoubtedly one of the few people who has learned to play the saxophone without knowing how to spell it.

  • IgnatiusReilly

    “The problem with people like William Hung is that they allow other people with no talent to get their foot in the door.”

    Yeah, pretty soon everyone will be able to post to their opinions on the Internet, even the unfunny, boring ones. Oh wait–

  • I edit her work (and work as an editor in my day job). Every once in a while an apostrophe slips man. I’ll have Ash mention it to the editors of the site. Thanks for noticing.

  • What would happen to us if the William Hung’s of the world wrote a book without the beauty of a ghostwriter?

    Probably about the same thing that would happen if the Ashtyn Evanses of the world learned how to use apostrophes.

  • This…is why I don’t have to “defend” my girlfriend. She does have a mind and yes…an opinion of her own.

  • As this has become repetitive and boring, at best, I am going to leave my final post here and let you flame it to hell, since that seems to be what you’re intent on doing anyhow.

    To everyone who said “Diandra rocks…and I suck…” or any of the other variations of that…My reply is simple.

    The beautiful thing about opinions is that we can all have our own. Personally, I don’t think whining and telling an educated person they should change their opinion is going to make me jump on your bandwagon. In fact, I’d rather roll under it and let it chop my ear off. Hey, if that happened at least I wouldn’t have to listen.

    Furthermore, I’ve been to her website and I didn’t like what I heard. For those of you who defended her on GMA get a grip. Every person who is supposedly a singer, is asked to sing during public performances. It’s called warming up. If she was going on national television she should have done it.

    For the person that read my bio, I don’t need mental counseling. In fact, I’ve been told I’m intelligent and well adjusted by professionals. I suggest you get some help for your anger and need to cut down what you do not understand. Maybe you could find God. It worked for Mel Gibson….

    As for the fan club, I was hoping for nothing less though I truly hoped it’d be for a better reason than this. I am so disappointed. My article wasn’t even about her, like the Independent film she is in – she’s just a side note in the entire plot.

    Lastly….Dominick just mentioned that someone was -gasp- spamming this board. You mean, there was only one…or two at best behind this? lol – well at least I really know Im not crazy now…but if I were…I could claim more fans than her – me, myself, and I – and with that…Im out…

    See you on other articles Folks..

  • Christopher…it’s one guy?! We’ve been saying that but it’s funny as hell to hear it. I mean…c’mon I expected at least one Britney fan to come in but Diandra has been in one independent movie and she has a whole fan base jumping on the band wagon?! It just didn’t seem logical at all.

  • It’s fine being a Diandra fan but making multiple posts under multiple names is so last year. Please stop it or I will have no choice but to delete everything you’ve written here…

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • Diandra Rocks!

    Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks! Diandra Rocks!

  • Well you know what they say about opinions! You come on here defending Diandra and saying we don’t know and yet you do the same thing not even knowing if I can sing.

    As for the mental health issue, I am happy in my life, incredibly well adjusted, and a free thinker. I could care less about five minutes of fame. I speak for the truth and freedom of speech and thought and I will always defend my opinions.

    This article was about lack of talent and has turned into the tween fan club for pathetic talent. I think the true point of the article has been lost in the wreckage.

  • concerned person

    Dominick, I read your bio and you and Ashtyn have had a cruel and challenging life. I suggest rather than trying to buy your 5 minutes of fame from cutting a 15 year old down you get some professional mental health counseling. I am sorry life has dealt you both some hard blows but this is a sad way to make a living with your cynical minds and loathsome, insufferable agenda.

  • Diandra Idol

    You Should have thought twice about taking on a fan base!

  • Idol Fan

    You have anger issue with better singers than your self! I think you should stop protecting your partner and listen to the music. Diandra rocks! She has a bigger following than you do!

  • Steven Jr.

    Dominick take a hike! You should stick listening to Kids Bop! Diandra is a better singer than you are!

  • #1 Diandra Fan

    My suggestion is that you rethink your opinion on Diandra. I heard about this article by talking to a friend, a few minutes ago. And you have definitely gained a anti- Ashtyn Evans club. Good Luck with it!

  • I have checked out her website and the quality of all of the music is terrible. All the songs she sings are awful and frankly anyone can be a music critic.

    What makes me a better authority on music? I studied for over 13 years both as a singer and as a musician. I play the clarinet, percussion, piano, trumpet, and saxaphone. I also used to teach both acting and voice to young children. In college, I took classes where we’d listen to musical pieces and pick them apart. I’ve also taken numerous musical theory classes over the years both at primary and secondary educational institutes.

    Funnily enough, Diandra Newlin was only mentioned in passing and it wasn’t even the main part of this article, and yet Diandra’s tween fan club has shown up to show us “old folk” exactly why the music industry has become so awful to begin with.

    As for Diandra being 15 – get over it. She needs to hear honesty. As Simon Cowell told William Hung…she can’t sing, and this is what the two have in common.

  • Idol Fan

    Breaking News: Diandra Newlin can sing! What? Yep, she can! How do I know? I heard her in a concert at Universal Studios. She sounds better than some American Idol winners.

  • Steven Jr.

    Diandra Rocks!!!!! You guys need to get a life! I only can say that you need to wake up! Who made you music critics! LOL Diandra is the best!

  • Robbert

    Diandra is awesome! So I hope you can handle it! She is clearly a good singer is you hear live, unlike Paris Hilton.

  • Meggan

    To begin with Paris Hilton bought everything in life I am sure that Diandra worked for her voice and career unlike others. GMA might not been the best, but she surely is talented. If you don’t believe me, ask any of her fans.

  • Marissa

    OK, reality check. Diandra is 15 and training seriously. Can you guys really compare her to William Hung or Paris?? Give her a chance. She was pretty brave to sing on a moments notice so early in the morning unlike lip-syncing and getting busted…Finding pitch and going for it. Hollywood takes guts and she looked very likable and obviously has stuck her head out to go somewhere. I’d watch her closely. I never saw Britney sing acapella at 15…did you guys…Plus Diandra looks smarter and has more class during interviews. 🙂 Keep your dream Diandra!!!!!!!

  • Ryan D

    Well, Diandria can sing if you hear her on her website. I think she can clearly sing much better than Paris Hilton. I think you guys need to get a hearing aid.

  • Paul,

    Thanks for the comments. I get that people laugh at him, hell I do that myself, but isn’t that just creating a disservice to all the people that are talented and not getting their names out there? I mean he actually thinks he has talent… and he’s not being marketed as a comic, even though that’s clearly what he is.

    On a side note if Hung cracks you up…check out Wing. She has free samples of her music available on her site and I guarantee she’ll keep you laughing.

  • Paul

    I think you missed the whole point of why William Hung gained so much popularity. It wasn’t because people didn’t realise he was talentless, rather, because they want to, pretty much, make fun of him. I found William Hung hilarous when I heard his audition, and I wanted to hear more of him, and more cds, but not because of his singing voice, but because he was funny, and people like that.

    Lets take another example, Flynn, a William Hung copy-cat came on Australian Idol that year shortly after the American Idol. He couldn’t sing, but record companys and the Idol industry tried to promote him as Australia’s William Hung. It didnt work. Why? Because people don’t seriously want to listen to talentless people sing song, and as we already had Willy Hung, we didnt want a copy cat, and so his career ultimatly failed.

    So in conclusion, what I’m really saying about Hung, is that he is popular because he’s funny, not because of his talent, but lack of talent. Now parris hilton and the Britney Speers copy are completly different from the Hung, as the just plain have no talent and nothing is funny about them, which is why I don’t know why they even got past the record studios.

  • I believe the point is that all creativity can be compared in the need for talent. Right now, Hollywood is being hit the worst by the lack of talent. The writing world still has somewhat of a higher standard, but as our culture changes what is going to happen when the writing world becomes so awful its filled with no-bit, no-talent writers who cannot even spell the word writer let alone know what the word means?

    Unfortunately, we’re on a slippery slope and it is already happening because Paris Hilton’s are getting published (although she did at least have a ghostwriter) and many writing jobs once only given to those who could string a comprehensive sentence togeter are being outsourced to India for a nickel per page.

    I guess it’s only a matter of time until we will be able to read William Hung-ish typonese and think that the book is pure talent while the writers and books of yesteryear are long forgotten on dust-filled library shelves and packed away in boxes.

  • Dominica

    You said, “Looking at the title I bet you’re wondering what my point is.” After reading the article, I’m still wondering.

  • I would expect a person’s fans to come out in defense of them. However, from an obvious standpoint you’re being a fan would make you as biased as my opinion for not being a fan.

    I find it highly amusing that nearly everyone, thus far, has claimed that she can sing better than I can. Actually, I have voice training under my belt, as well. I am quite comfortable in the music scene and I am sure, if I wanted to, I could hold my own on stage.

    I have no clue what Ms. Newlin is like from an obsessed fan standpoint. I can only see her based on what she has shown me through her website and GMA appearance. That isn’t much.

    She appeared to lack talent. She needs to realize that show business is hard work. It’s not a school talent show. Of course, if it were she probably wouldn’t win.

  • First, how do any of you know if Ashtyn can sing? Have any of you heard her?

    Second, I was a classically trained singer for over 13 years. I have had multiple voice teachers, sang with Toledo Opera Youth, been in numerous shows, sang on the radio, and studied with one of the principle singers of the Houston Opera.

    Looking at Diandra Newlin from a technical standpoint she has awful diction, pitch, and rhythm. When she sang on GMA notice the guy did not say “Wow you’re really good”. No he said…Uh Wow I can’t do that. It was a nice way (in my opinion) of saying what the heck was that?

    She didn’t hit the right notes and sadly Paris Hilton’s song (while having stupid lyrics) is better than anything coming from Diandra.

    So, from the standpoint of a trained singer…can Diandra sing…no. You want to hear real singing then pick up a Frank Sinatra CD.

  • Randel J.

    Well, Diandra is clearly not who you think she is. She definitely has original songs! She has surely worked harder than Paris Hilton! SHE EVEN HAS TALENT! So I suggest that you write about something else!

  • Matt Wiston

    Have you lost ur mind? I don’t see how Diandra Newlin is a William Hung?
    I read ur article and I fond fault in bringing her into your rant.
    You have struck a nerve in her fan base.
    I think you might want to reconsider comparing Diandra to losers. Diandra can sing unlike you.

  • Dave M.

    I think you are attacking peoples dreams and I think you should be more respectful to people that can sing better than you can.
    Yes, there are losers out there but, Diandra is clearly not one of them. I am a fan of hers and think there is a difference between her and William Hung.