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The Weekly Wrap-Up :: On MTV

** – Question changed by Trent

  1. What was the first music video you remember seeing? What was memorable?

    I would have to say the “Rapture” music video by Blondie. It was memorable for me because I liked the song “Rapture” a lot when it came out. So in the video, I adored Debbie Harry because she was wearing that sexy black dress with her hot legs, looking like a cheap hooker. I watched that video for hours. I also loved the “dancing black guy” that was wearing an all white outfit with the top hat near the end of the video.

    I also have to say that the “King of Rock” video by Run-DMC was also another clip I watched all the time when I was a teenager. That video was memorable for me because it was the first time I ever saw Run-DMC perform. Melvin “Bud” Mellman (the short bespectacled old guy from the David Letterman Show) had a cameo in that video and I thought he was hilarious. More importantly, Run-DMC was the only black faces on MTV at the time (besides VJ J.J. Jackson).

  2. What was your favorite music video as a teenager? Why?

    Gee, there were a lot of music videos that I loved watching as a teenager. I went ga-ga over the videos by R&B group Cameo (like “She’s Strange” and others) because they would always feature hot-looking ladies wearing spandex. I also loved watching Michael Jackson‘s music videos because they were like mini-movies. And every rap video that appeared on Yo! MTV Raps.

  3. How often did you watch MTV as a teen? How often now? Why has this changed, if at all?

    I used to watch MTV religiously when I was a teen. Back in the days, I was watching Yo! MTV Raps every day. In fact, I still have some of their shows on videotape. (I used to record the show on my VCR, whenever I couldn’t be home to watch the series.)

    Today, I watch MTV periodically. Lately, I have been watching Making the Band 2 and seeing Bad Boy Records’ rap group Da Band look like fools on TV. Prediction: 2 albums and it’s a wrap – Da Band will . . . be done. They are a nice group of kids, but I don’t think they have a long future in the music biz. I hope they have enough sense to save their money, while they are still getting that paper.

    As a music channel, MTV is a corporate machine that plays music videos by popular artists. They are very selective when it comes to artists getting airtime on MTV. I don’t see any music videos by indie artists on there anymore.

    Whatever happened to 120 minutes?

    BET (Black Entertainment Network) is now my MTV. But BET has got to do something with their programming. This music channel likes to show the same music videos all day, every day. And all of their VJs suck, including Big Tigga. Free and AJ on 106 & Park are cool people. I like Free, she’s a hottie.

  4. Did “video kill the radio star,” as The Buggles asserted in their 1980 song of the same name? Why or why not?

    Without question, music videos have killed the rap star. Today’s rap videos are nothing more than an excuse to show tits and ass. I don’t mind a little T&A, but how about a little creativity in these rap videos. The video girl seem to get more screen time in the videos than the rapper.

    What’s missing in today’s rap videos?

    Visual art is what missing in today’s rap videos. Aside from a few videographers — like Dave Meyers who directed Missy Elliott‘s “Work It” clip — there’s no one out there today bringing any unique visuals to the rap videos.

  5. ** What are some of the best music videos ever made? Why?

Michael Jackson — “Beat It” and “Thriller”

Both videos featured awesome choreography and a story line. MJ had a couple of great videos — “Billie Jean” was hot; and the underrated “Bad” clip was a nice video.

Any videos directed by Hype Williams.

Hype is a visionary auteur. I think his best video was Busta Rhymes‘ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.”

Filmmaker Paul Hunter‘s captivating clips for Tamia‘s “Unofficially Missing You” and Tyrese‘s “Signs of Love Making.”

Both are two great voyeuristic videos. The clips are both sensual without being to overtly sexual at the same time.

Police — “Every Breath You Take”

A classic clip for a classic song; the video featured the best usage of black and white imagery, and it was gorgeously shot.

Unconscious Mutterings For Week 32 ::

  1. Wedding:: bells
  2. Roach:: motel
  3. Expense:: account
  4. Fight:: club
  5. Air:: travel
  6. Protect:: and serve
  7. Glance:: at me
  8. Boo:: scared
  9. Steamy:: white rice
  10. Caviar:: don’t eat that shit


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  • Eric Olsen

    Right on assessments, Trent – if you want music you don’t watch MTV

  • The MJ Thriller video is one of my personal favorites of all time. Horror and music. It’s ironic that MJ has become a lot like the fiction in that video.

  • some guy

    Whatever happened to 120 minutes?


    Actually, it was Larry “Bud” Mellman – not Melvin.