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I Think I Might Hit The Lotto One Day

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We got three numbers yesterday. And that’s a start.

Sure, five bucks or so in winnings doesn’t go too far, especially when spread among ten or more people. But it can sure as hell buy more Lotto tickets!

At work, many of us chip in for the twice-a-week Florida Lotto drawing. An average drawing sees ten tickets bought from our employee pool. There are 52 weeks in a year. Therefore, there are 104 Lotto drawings each year.

Let’s do some math.

There is approximately a one in 23 million chance of getting all six numbers in any single drawing.

Fair enough.

By playing ten dollars each drawing, we reduce those odds to one in 2.3 million.

In one year, after slightly more than 100 drawings, the odds are now one in 23,000.

In ten years, it becomes one in 2,300.

In other words, I have roughly a one in two thousand chance of being a Lotto winner, if I just stick with it thru 2014.

All for two dollars a week.

Sounds good to me.

If I don’t win, I’m out about a grand over a decade. If I do win, I’m on the front page of the newspaper, and I receive a windfall.

A dollar and a dream, baby. A dollar and a dream…

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    You must not have been a math whiz! If you buy any ticket any week, your odds are 1:23million of winning. The second ticket is 1:22,999,999, the third ticket 1:22,999,998… etc.

    The next week – your ODDS are the SAME. It is not additive (or subtracting).

    Keep up the attude you are going to win, though, it never hurts.

    BEST OF LUCK WINNING THE LOTTERY, I hope I win before you do!