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I Smoke Cigarettes and That’s Okay!

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I love cigarettes and I love smoking them. Just typing that sentence out caused me to shake a little bit; not due to a nicotine fit, but because it’s become so taboo to admit to not only smoking cigarettes, but enjoying them. And I do. I know it’s probably going to lead to my death (although in all due honesty, my diet is probably not going to help this out), but you know what? So be it. Cancer sucks, cancer is terrible, but even when I’m on my deathbed hooked up to an oxygen tank, I will not besmirch the good name of tobacco. Additives or not, addiction or not, the simple fact is…I ENJOY MY HABIT.

All of you fellow smokers, don’t be afraid to say it. They may have pushed us out to the streets and people may walk by you and sneer, but their negative feelings towards you should not deter you. If you like to smoke, keep doing it. If you honestly one hundred percent want to quit—that means quitting for YOU and not from outside peer pressure—then by all means do it, I’m not going to judge you. Just do me a favor and don’t give those very same looks/smug lectures that you were once a victim of receiving. Deal? DEAL.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a carton of Marlboro 72’s that beckon to me.

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  • Brenda

    I too smoke and enjoy it and am tired of so called “well meaning people” and government telling me how bad it is. It does make me wonder if they put the same time and effort finding fault with cigs into carrots for example bet we wouldn’t be allowed that either.

  • Nice. I stopped smoking a few years back, but I still miss it sometimes. It’s like Stephen King’s character in Pet Sematary says when he’s out on the porch; “Sometimes, I still wish I was a smoking man.”

  • Joe

    I enjoyed them for about 20 years. I switched to e-Fags about a year ago and have not looked back. Now i still enjoy smoking but don’t hack up a lung in the morning.

    I will bum a real cig off of a friend occasionally, but there is no advantage over the eFag and maybe even visa-versa.

    It’s like the good old days when you could smoke anywhere. I smoke in my office, on air-planes, in my house and just about anywhere i want. One can also hold the vapor in and stealth vape if one so chooses.

    Anyway, smoke em if you got em! If you start getting to old, try vaping.

  • A…MEN

    And this, from who should be the product of the most intensive anti-smoker programming generation. So glad to see there are some who escaped their brainwashing.

    Founder, NYC Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment

  • The Pretty Things’ “All Light Up” should be your anthem. I don’t smoke but I love that song with its defiant chorus.