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I saw a hollow man, wearing an empty suit

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Barring some Rovian "October Surprise," I saw George W. Bush lose the election last night.

I saw a man who did not understand the underlying issues, although he spoke reasonably appropriate words.

I saw a man who knew he did not know what was going on, and knew that he had made many mistakes.

I saw a man who responded with bluster instead of reason.

I saw a flushed and sweating man with spittle in the right-hand corner of his mouth.

I saw a loser.

At 10:28 PM (ET) last night I posted my score (comment 11) of Kerry 52%, Bush 39%.

Today, I saw the results of a poll:

CNN said a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll taken immediately after the debate found that respondents felt Mr. Kerry prevailed over Mr. Bush, 52% to 39%.

The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus five percentage points. The respondents were 511 registered voters who watched the debate. Their political affiliations broke down as 36% Republican, 36% Democratic and 28% independent, CNN said. [Early reactions Wall Street Journal subscription]

I saw a hollow man, wearing an empty suit.



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  • Voxxy

    I saw a man with a better grasp of the issues, facts and honesty than his opponent, who made up information on job losses, among other issues. I saw a man headed for reelection.

  • Which places you in the 39% minority, Voxxy.

  • I saw a guy use the opposing team’s crowd’s taunts as an incentive to pitch well enough to win, but his teammates let him down.

  • andy

    yeah…and I see dead people!

  • hal:

    i saw it all too…including the spittle.

    he really doesn’t have a clue. he reminds me of the days that i use to do qualudes and then try to carry on a conversation.

    i miss qualudes, disco, and new wave.

    back to the spittle.

    jack e. jett

  • Joe

    The man efected a dictator and freed 25 million people. What have you done lately?

  • Joe

    “ejected” – sorry

  • JR

    By the time Bush showed his face in Iraq, the dictator was long gone. I don’t think Bush has “done” any more to free people than I have.

  • I can tell you what I haven’t done.

    I haven’t killed any Americans or foreigners.

    I haven’t driven millions into poverty, at home and abroad.

    I haven’t created thousands of new terrorists.

    I haven’t used American tax money to pay corporations to shut down American jobs and hire cheaper workers in Mumbai and Shanghai.

    There’s a litany but that should be enough.

  • dick

    Actually you were not in a position to do any of those. Had Bush not been in office you would be reporting for you Arabic lessons and bowing down to Mecca 5 times a day. If, God forbid, Kerry gets in office, you still may be soon. By the time he finally gets approval to do anything from his European “betters” the country would be gone.

    His tax policy would drive small businesses out of business. His medical policy means that you would be letting bureaucrats in offices determine your care rather than your doctors. Doctors would leave the practice in droves. You would have to set up a windmill to see what the current day’s policies would be since the creep has no mind of his own. Our “allies” would drop him like a hot potato because they could not depend on him at all.

  • “The man ejected a dictator and freed 25 million people”

    Ejecting a dictator doesn’t make people free. The Iraqi’s have a non-elected leader backed by an Army (ours) that can do most anything to the Iraqi people with little fear of reprisal.

    Let me know when things change in Iraq..

  • Ridiculous, dick. Bush did do all of those things.

    His incompetence is astounding.

    As it the blind eye being turned to his continuous failures by the right – the man can’t do squat right, dick.