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I-Mego Throne Cambo X2 Headphones review

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The I-Mego Cambo X2 Throne are DJ style headphones that offer users great sound quality and comfort for longer listening. The Cambo X2 design was developed to help support the Cambodian charity efforts. These headphones offer great sound while supporting the power of education in Cambodia.For each set sold, Throne will donate $2 of the proceeds to help the under privileged children in Cambodia. The proceeds will help build schools, orphanages, and homes for orphans living in these deprived parts of the world. We often forget just how privileged we are living here in the US.

The Cambo X2 headphones offer a slim design without feeling bulky on your head or in your backpack. They come equipped with two high performance 40 mm drivers for great bass lows and natural sounding mids and highs. While using the Cambo X2 headphones, I listened to several different types of music. Overall, they performed very well. The sound quality was well balanced without any noticeable distortion.

The Cambo X2 offer an adjustable padded headband with comfort foam earpads for a pillow soft comfort. These headphones are light enough that users will forget they are wearing over ear heaphones. They come with a 4 ft cord and a gold coated 3.5 mm jack for connection. The ear connector is straight making it protrude from the device. This was one of the only negative aspects I saw to the Cambo X2 headphones. They can be purchased for $79.99 at www.i-mego.com.

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