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Once upon a time, Glenn Danzig used to make some pretty decent music.
His work with The Misfits and Samhain is legendary, and even his first few
solo albums are pretty good. But when Danzig’s fifth album
Blackacidevil was released, things went wrong. Horribly
wrong. An unappealing mishmash of electronic and industrial music, it
completely derailed Danzig’s career. Almost any used CD store has about
five copies of this release, if that gives you any idea as to how well it
was accepted. His next album 6.66 Satan’s Child was
better, but none of the songs could compare to the songs found of his
earlier solo albums, let alone his classic Misfits material. The
pre-release buzz on I Luceferi was the Glenn would be
going “back to his roots”. To be fair, the album does eschew the
incompetent industrial stylings found on the past two albums, but it’s
still nothing to get excited about.

The biggest problem with the album is the lack of memorable
songs. Danzig albums have always had their share of filler, but this
ridiculous. If a song on the album isn’t completely unmemorable, then it’s
really bad. I have trouble remembering “Black Mass” five minutes after
hearing it, but “Wicked Pussycat” is so terrible it’s going to be the
soundtrack to my nightmares for the next six months.

What’s worse
is that Danzig is stooping to ripping off lesser bands to make this lousy

music. Glenn Danzig used to plagiarize good bands (compare “Her Black
Wings” to Black Sabbath’s “Zero the Hero”); now he’s taking cues from
nu-metal bands and Marilyn Manson (“Kiss the Skull” sure sounds a lot like
“The Beautiful People” to me). It doesn’t help that Danzig’s current
backing band is not nearly as good as the John Christ/Eerie Von/Chuck
Biscuits lineup of the old albums. When you add in the fact that Glenn
Danzig turns in his least impressive vocal performance of his career,
I Lucieferi turns out to be a horribly disappointing release.

Danzig got away with releasing a shoddy live album not too long
ago, but you’d think on the big “comeback” album there would be at least a
modicum of effort to make it a good one. Get the old members back, exercise
strict quality control on the songs, whatever. But at least make it look
like you’re trying. At a time when Glenn Danzig is looking to revitalize
his career, you’d think this would be least likely time he’d start trying
to coast on his reputation. But that’s exactly what’s he doing on
I Luifceri. It’s a wretched release and a big slap in
the face to the fans that have supported him over the years. I can’t think
of a single reason to buy this album except for morbid curiosity. Glenn
Danzig should issue an apology for this nonsense and retire before he does
his reputation any more harm. The world does not need another washed-up
metal musician.

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About Chris Puzak

  • ok, i know everyone is entitle to their own opinion about an album so this comment is about your writing on the review instead of what you had to express about your review.

    i posted this on a message board of others bashing you for what you had to say, and this is whati felt i had to say:

    this guy does have really poor writing. for one his lead was awful. when reading the first part, it makes you think, “is this about Glenn Danzig’s career, or is this about 7:77?” by the time you get to the part that is about the album you are already not as interested as you were to begin with. the lead is what matters compared to the rest and you can tell this guy has no idea what writing is.

    he lacks alot of information about what makes the album bad other than the fact that it reminds him of other bands and his comparison.

    he also states that nothing is memorable on the album but “Wicked Pussycat” will be stuck in his head….contradicion!.

    ok i sound like a fucking teacher im done.

  • Houston Chang

    This review is right on! Glenn sucks. He needs to hang it up. He has become a joke. It is sad that Glenn has to resort to stealing from people/bands that he has criticized. What a hypocrite.

  • Smage Ecksidy

    Pros: This is the Best Album Yet!!
    Cons: None
    The Bottom Line: This album has, Yet again, Amazed all who thought they new what Danzig was all about musically. Danzig has the uncanny ability to be incredibly original and talented.
    Recommended: Yes

    I am extremely Excited and incredibly Impressed by Mr. Glenn Danzig and his repeated uncanny ability to create what no one ever expects. This new album is excellence begging to be praised by all who have forsaken him because of his past deviance from the path which he originally beat into the ground. Danzig is officially an organic instrument band which has returned to the basics of wielding Wood instead of Electronic gadgets. Wood as in: Bass, Guitar, and Drums. It goes without saying that they are still using electronics to amplify their genius into the air, but that is the extent of it. Not one ounce of “Electronica” is implemented into this new and boundless display of talent. I, for one, embraced the new direction which Danzig took with BlackAciDevil and Satans Child and I would have soaked it up with Love if they were to do it again. I Luciferi is just one more example of how extremely diverse and incredibly talented Mr. Glenn Danzig is at musical implementation and Originality. There are elements of Samhain in certain areas of certain songs. Angel Blake sounds to me like a new Samhain song which was never produced with the band of old. Eerie to say the least. Bass engulfing and vocal entrancing. Two of the main reasons which I thoroughly enjoy Danzig. As a bassist and a music lover I completely understand that making music is not in the least way easy, and I admire with great worship the ability which Danzig, as a whole, are able to accomplish with this latest and greatest release to date. Glenn’s Lyrical Prowess and the musical talent which he has sursounded himself vith has ascended this great band into the levels of spiritual realms that of which will be interpreted by the beholder of Evil or Good and will inevitably be understood as such by both sides. Take yer Pick.

    My Favorites on this album are as follows:
    Kiss the Skull, I Luciferi, Halo Godess Bone, Nakeä Witch, The Coldest Sun, Black Mass, God of Light, and the albums’ intro, Unendlich.

    ^( -_-)^EvilAlivE^(-_- )^
    Smage, The Godless Agnostic

  • Iluciferi777

    what the fuck are you talking about ChrisPuzak? remember, THIS ISNT THE MISFITS!! the misfits are dead! if you knew how to read, you’d know that glenn said that blackacidevil is returning to his samhain days. only blackacidevil has modern technology. if they had this type of stuff back in 85, would you be complaining on how November Coming Fire sucked ass? glenn used the same exact stuff he used on NCF as he did on blackacidevil. remember, this isnt the 80s anymore. blackacidevil was released in the mid 90s where everything was far more advanced in technology. so i dont know what the hell your talking about. and his vocals are far better on this album then any previous album. coldest sun is fucking awsome. to hell with marilùn manson. you could say that he ripped off danzig or maybe just has a little too much inspiration. and also, remember that probably no one would have ever heard of manson if it werent for gleîn taking him out on tour

  • David Necro

    This guy’s a nerd. Read my professional review at dedkitty.org. I’ll tell you the real deal about this deadly release. Check it out, thanks. Later.

  • slug

    this guy doesnt know dick — this album fucking rocks

  • Yeah this reviev isn’t that good. Was conducted for the wrong reasons. Why always compare to the past? What a frankendork.

  • humberto

    This guy is a dumbass! If any intelligent people read this review….buy the album and give it a listen yourself. This album rocks! and i myseìf think wicked pussycat is a pretty good song. Go git this new album! well thsa it fer that now lets go to Danzig 5 blackacidevil..>FUCK this album is WAY misundertood! That album is COMPLETE genius! It is so damn heavy, dark, violent, sexual it aint even funny! The drum work on most tracks is amazing i personally think its one of glenns best albums! Just give it a listen or two or three…everytime you catch sumthin new…aight im blabbin now bottom line..believe the music buyers/fans posting their thoughts on this incredible album not fuck up corporate critics….remember these are the same peopme that wont put this music on the radio/tv…dumb fux

  • I dont like what I read. Are we on the right page even? Come back to earth.. come back down from mars. What’s not to like about I LUCIFERI? Atleast spell it correctly if you’re going to trash it. Makes me think you never even bothered to listen to it aside from a sampler. You are indeed a nerd.

  • Funny review. Ironic how you trash the CD yet fully endorse it via Amazon.com to help pay for the expenses to your dumb site.

  • subumlauts

    what a dumb review. this site sucks, go buy limp bizkit you dweeb.

  • Tamara

    How sad. Your review tells the reader nothing of the actual content of the album. “It sucks” is not a review and just because you were able to use the word “modicum” in a sentence does not mean that you know what you are talking about. The fact that you compared Glenn’s work with the Misfits to his work with Danzig shows that you know absolutely nothing about music. How can you compare a band that made a living playing three chords to a band that delves into the realm of polytonality? I am wholly facinated by Glenn’s ability to recreate himself. And as for that “Beautiful People” comment, please. I know plenty of old Danzig tunes that swing. All “Kiss the Skull” does is play it straight, it’s a simple dotted rhythm. And so what if he was influenced by Marilyn Manson? Does anyone smear John Williams for heavily borrowing from R. Wagner? You’d be better off saying Glenn ripped off Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. He used dotted rhythms too.

    And for the record, Glenn does things for his personal satisfaction, not for his career. His true fans will always understand and appreciate his musical honesty. So please, educate yourself before you presume to inform the masses.

  • God’s Left Hand

    I would say that review was dead on. I wish more people could tell it like it is.

  • I personally love the “hell” out of anything Glenn Danzig does!! I Luciferi was a most pleasent suprise to say the least. I have liesened to it many many times since I originally bought it, and have still not tired of it yet. To say that there are no memorable songs is simply bullshit, as is most all of this review! I have many of the songs commited to memory, and have since the first couple of times I heard them. Dead Inside is probably my favorite……as it evokes many feelings within the darkness of my heart.

    To also claim that Danzig is ripping-off other artists’ music is laughable. In this day and age…..with all of the music which has already been attempted, created, and mastered……I defy anyone to come up with a whole album of COMPLETELY ORIGINAL material which does not remind you of another song, band, or genre!!
    It is hard to be new and original, when it seems that it has all been done at least ONCE at some point!!

    Glenn Danzig fucking rocks…..bottom line!! He is not perfect, and he is not the end-all of Rock-and-Raping Roll….but for the love of Lucifer, give the guy his props!
    He has ventured out and attempted more than most bands or musicians, simply because He is NOT afraid to tread on new ground…..and he follows his own guidance, rather than the media, fans, and pathetic critics like most others. Glenn does what Glenn does, and he does it because HE wants to, NOT because everyone else wanted him to!!

  • afu

    I think your review hit the nail on the head.

  • crazydave

    You can’t take this guy’s comments for a grain of salt. The way he speaks of the first three albums he obviously was never really a fan of Danzig to begin with.