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I love you, I feel your pain, now wiggle your ass a little bit

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As seems appropriate for a group with their appellation, the ying-yang twin’s new album has some serious high & low notes. The low notes include all the ridiculous ass skits, almost all of which cannot be skipped with the normally handy dandy next track button. No, they wedge them in on the beginning of the track, an annoying habit that has long been commonplace in the industry.

However, the songs are pretty godamm good. Surprisingly. Like I’ve said before, I’m not doctor crunkenstein, it’s just not my normal cup of tea. That being said I don’t know if you’d even call this crunk. It kind of straddles the same midground as mike jones between crunk and I guess what you’d call regular old rap. Or maybe it’s just the crunk is metastacizing itself into the rest of the mainstream, kind of a la the original backpackers conglomerating into the herd, at least some of them, eh, who knows, maybe the labels are completely unnecessary anyway.

That aside, the songs are quality. The first track (after the obligatorily unnecessary “intro”) is called “fuck the ying-yang twins” in which they address the so-called “haters.” Basically the idea is they’re embracing the naysayers and rolling with it. It sounds good, the raps are tight, etc.

The next two songs (3 & 4) are two standouts, the first “long time” is almost an R&B track, about religion? Not sure, kinda philosophical, but the twins pontificate, and with a surprising depth. And if you think that’s a shocker, the next track, “live again,” is the real star of the album. A song about the life of a stripper, and not the glorified pole riding bit, but the crud behind the scenes, dealing with pervy fools, raising kids, trying to get out tha biz, etc. That Maroon 5 guy croons in the background, which sounds good. Good song, bet they’ll make a video for it, plus it’ll give them a chance to make a “sensitive” video but still have asses shaking all over. Bonus!

Don’t worry, shortly after this deep shit the twins get back to percolatin’ poonanny. The much ado’d “whisper song” comes up quick, in which the twins whisper about waiting until you see their dick, and then after another lame skit, say almost the same shit but a little louder. There’s some ass shaking anthems for a while, then a nice track with Mike Jones, later comes that “body like a coke bottle, waist like a supermodel” song you’ve heard on the radio, and there’s a nice track with pitbull hootin and hollerin for a while.

Overall, I dug this thing. As mentioned, tracks 3 & 4, I guess you’d call the “ying” or “yang”, depending on your perspective, to the twin’s normal ass slapping methaphors, are prolly the best on the album.

Overall, it’s a fun record. I’d say next time throw out the skits and one or two versions of the whisper song, and the album would flow better, but overall, I enjoyed it, and it grows on me the more I listen to it. If you wanna shake your ass and wax pontificate (but shake your ass more) it’ll do the trick. (snap)

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