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I (Heart) the Lohans

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I remember when the Kennedys were the most talked about family in America. Who is it now? The Kardashians?

Right now, I’m trying to decide “who do I love more—the Palins or the Lohans?” I had to disqualify the Palins—after all, Levi Johnston is only a sperm donor, not part of the family. The Lohans, on the other hand, now there’s a family!

It certainly wouldn’t be national news if Dina was trying to steal an ice cream cake and she wasn’t Lindsay’s mother, but she is and it was. Lindsay…ah, Lindsay. Here we have the poster child for bad behavior. When she finally goes to jail, her sentence is shortened dramatically. Those who were sitting around hoping she’d come out a better person had to know it wasn’t going to happen in two weeks.

Somehow I missed the news that Lindsay was protesting the order that she had to go into rehab as soon as she was out of the can. Her lawyer claims it’s not “fair.” Oh, excuse me. I forgot the world was supposed to be especially fair (lenient) to privileged brats with entitlement issues. I hope they at least let her stop for a drink on the way to rehab.

Of all the misbehaving celebrities in the news, Lindsay Lohan, with her disappearing passport and special courthouse manicure, has got to be the worst. What this kid needs is less ink and more time in the clink. It’s a shame the world is too fair to let that happen.

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  • Jordan Richardson

    I’m always amused by the logic of a justice system in which Lindsay Lohan deserves more time in jail but the BP executives go to yacht races.

  • the real bob

    Lindsay needs jail or rehab…is the death sentence too severe for the BP execs?

  • ImSuchaFan

    well….passport missing is legit according to court document and judge Marsha Revel steps down after prosecutors raise issues about Her Honor’s dubioud actions concerning Lindsay’s rehab.

    What Miss Bob need is less time for gossip news sir.

  • doug m

    Have you not heard about the Mel Gibson tapes? Racism and threats of phyiscal abuse seem much worse. Plus, that couple has a child involved. btw, if she needs less ink why contradict yourself by writing about her?

  • the real bob

    Well, Doug, I didn’t use any ink…