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I have been Spammented!

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I wish I had an emoticon for sputtering!
That is exactly how I feel about this situation.

I did a piece about “Daily pay for Daily work-$$$” I was not looking for daily pay, or even thinking favorably about it.

But ‘Steven’ from http://www.dailycashpay.com had to leave a comment on my post about how I could start such a business.

A Spamment! on my blog! I would delete it, but all comments are artifacts, a thing I wish to foster on my blog.

Are other bloggers getting spamments? Is this an isolated incident?
I hope that ‘Steven’ is anomalously creative. I would hate for blogs to be infected with spam, too.

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  • Eric Olsen

    M, excellent point, we have recieved a few solicitations in the form of comments on Blogcritics. Spammers are like insects and bacteria: they will find a way to survive and infect others.

  • Now that the comments here are numbered, I suppose future ads might have to be replaced with a “please don’t post ads” message rather than flat-out deleted. I did that on one of the many comment-filled Dixie Chicks posts already.

  • I THOUGHT I wasn’t the only one getting this.

    I think we should have some procedure for it. I don’t like the just deleting method. Phil, I think that your idea of “please don’t post ads” is perhaps too polite.

    But I’m not sure what would be the effective reactive posting that should be used…

    That’s the problem with spammers. It’s hard to fight them.

  • i think the best defense against spammers in general is a passive offense. as with email spam, you can only do so much to prevent it….i’ve used everything from postini to writing my own procmail rules to filter out the offensive, but they still find ways to sneak a few through.

    we all know that replying to email spam with a “remove” message can get us added to countlessly more spam list, but certainly isn’t the case with blog spam. in fact, if you reply, chances are the person who posted it will never see your comment anyway. most of these posts are made by scripts that search the web for open comment scripts that they can post to.

    i think the best solution is to ignore or delete them, as few and far between as they are…..and as far as protecting against spamming scripts, you need to make sure that your comments only allow posts from your site or your web server’s ip address.

  • Nancy

    If anyone wants to make a few billion bucks (Bill Gates, ya listening? You could be richer), they need to invent a program that enables the receiver of spam of any sort not only to remove it, but to bounce it back to the spammer, where it will explode on contact, melting the spammer’s computer, incinerating his house, and rendering him permanently sterile.

  • uao

    I killed a spammer in Reno, just to watch him die.