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I hate the ending to Angel

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Last night, the WB succeeded in killing off the best thing it had going for them. Tonight was the series finale of Angel….

[from http://thewb.com]

I know Joss Whedon wanted Angel to keep fighting the good fight…but damn it! The series needed a resolution….that final showdown seemed like a cop-out to a real ending. Ok, I’m biased. I didn’t want the series to end. Maybe Whedon just wanted to it to be a clean cut – a fast good-bye…..no lingering over the past and what should have been and how Buffy should have joined Angel in that last fight.

Ok – cool – Angel and co – knocked out the bad guys in the secret society…..but hell, even Buffy got a chance to end with a bang (get your mind out of the gutter now….).

Angel keeps fighting….like a video game when you keep the reset button…..I was looking forward to this episode. I wanted Angel to get redemption. I wanted to see Wolfram and Hart go down in flames….Now….Whedon ends the series with Angel swinging his sword. It’s a strong ending, to go down fighting…..but as a TV viewer who ran home from work to catch this episode – it’s frustrating and it’s not satisfying.

well… maybe Whedon’s holding out for a possible resurrection by some kind network out there – to bring his Buffy/Angel series back from TV syndication.

grr grr grr…a great series – amazing writing and the characters (Spike, Wes, Gunn, Fred/goddess….ok Lorne got on my nerves) finally fleshed out into compelling people I invested emotion and care into. I wanted to see how Wes turned out after losing Fred. I wanted to know if Spike found any peace of mind.

[from http://thewb.com]

talk about blue balls….

it’s over.

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  • pris

    Was soooooo disappointed tonight after finally finishing the series. All that just to watch more people die and not even know if they will win which from what it sounds like they all just might have died anyway because of what was said in the beginning. The writers and Josh Whedon suck.

  • cassandra soto

    I wanted Buffy to come help angel!!! I hated that Cordy and angel fell in love!!

  • 38

    When you spend hours upon hours watching the series and getting enthralled with the story lines and character development, you expect a lot more than a hastily wrapped up finale. If they can spend an entire episode (Episode 9) resurrecting the love story between Angel and Buffy and doing a very good job overall with that one episode, you’d think they could give us a much better ending with a much better premise than “always fight the good fight”. There should of been a final resolution to their actions over the series, whether it be a touching, happy ending, or having Angel die a hero’s death. Here’s an easy one, bring back Buffy, have a huge scene and in the end Angel chooses to sacrifice himself to save the world or dies in her arms. Boom! cliche yes, but an ending well fit for a character that was so well developed. Picture Angel turning to dust in her arms with one last touching good bye. Angels gone, Buffy can move on to do whatever and it makes sense that she turns into a lesbo haha I’ll never forgive Joss Whedon for this betrayal lol

  • Angie

    ^ Above I meant to say, “despite his hope for living again” instead of “a soul.”

  • Angie

    I’m seriously not getting the hate for the ending. It was FANTASTIC considering their not expecting it to be cancelled before season 6. The messages that had been given to us time and time again were to never stop fighting, Angel’s destiny was to redeem himself for his stint as Angelus, and that’s what they delivered. If anyone remembers the episode “Reprise,” a dead Holland Manners and Angel travel in an elevator to the “Home Office” of Wolfram & Hart. What Angel finds is it’s not hell that he goes to, it’s still earth. The reason? “Angel can’t rescue humanity because humanity is its own worst enemy.” Moreover, Angel wasn’t even all that certain he was the vampire the Shanshu Prophecy was referring after Spike came back. Yet he continued to fight throughout the series. Angel constantly sacrificed everything for the good fight – which the highest sacrifice to him was signing away his chance at becoming human again – and everyone in the group started to do the same. This ending tied that up nicely. It kept the message that they have to keep fighting even if there “is no point” and the realization that they may get nothing out of it after all. True redemption isn’t always getting what you want in the end when the dust clears, it’s knowing that what you’re doing is right and helping others. Angel (along with the group) began to understand this despite his hope for a soul originally. In the end, Angel’s best redemption is that he’s no longer Angelus and gets to be Angel, IMHO. Not everything needs to be tied up nicely in a bow and have rainbows and sunshine, especially if they’re dealing with demons and hell fire and such. I absolutely loved it. A wonderful, emotionally charged, and well acted episode.

  • seagull

    Seriously? I still think the Angel finale is one of the best TV endings ever. I much prefer Buffy as a show overall, but I think Angel has it beat for endings.

    Surely the whole point of Wesley’s death scene is that it isn’t really Fred? You can either choose to believe Illyria is developing those same feelings for him, or that she’s just lying to make him feel better in his final moments. It’s sad either way.

  • Rick

    Just finished watching all of Angel and that ending was just dire. Everything the show built up from the start was just shattered and ignored. Angel was meant to be fighting towards redemption, a chance to gain his humanity back but he just signed it away with blood and that was that. Wesley’s death was just inappropriate and the scene surrounding it didn’t work because Fred wasn’t really Fred, so that didn’t make any sense either.

    Everything just felt so rushed. Bad ending to what was on the whole, a superb series.

  • Frosty

    Last 2 weeks been watching angel from mid season 3 to the last episode ever, omg was well gutted! what a crappy ending, then i got some “thanku for watching the last 5 years of angel” short video. Shame, I’d read the season 6 comic, but readins not really my thing

  • Eric

    I was was just speechless after I saw the ending. I wanted an epic fight scene for every character ( specially with Wesley using magic). But after having some time to reflect, i wouldn’t want a happy ending. The series leaves a great message that was shown through every episode. To never stop fighting :). Now I have to look for that comic~
    (ps I cried when Fake Fred conforted Wesley as he died…)

  • scourtaway

    I didn’t mind the show being left somewhat unresolved with Angel left fighting the good fight. However, I hated that Buffy never got involved…not even to send Willow or her army of other slayers to help Angel and Spike. I thought she loved them! They were always running to aid/comfort her…but now that they need it she is nowhere to be found. That was extremely dissappointing to me! I hated how he ended things with Nina on a bad note. Most of all I hated that we were left with the feeling that they would not only lose, but also die. It sucked!!!

  • SDmayhem

    I started watching Angel after Buffy on netflix. I am sure if Joss knew something like netflix was going to come along he would have ended S5 better. I was more than disappointed in the ending, I wish I had just read the comments that would lead me to S5 rather than spend so much time getting involved in the series just to get the the dead end S5 leaves you with. On the plus side this series taught me a lot about things, there were many deep truths and insights I had never really grasped or looked at until put into scenario. Over all I really hated the ending, but as a show I loved it.

  • Amy

    I absolutely loved the Angel series and was gutted when I got to the last episode. However, I was also extremely excited. I expected the evil would be beaten and the apocalypse ended. I expected Angel to finally fulfil the Shanshau prophecy and become human which the show had been going on about from practically the beginning of the Angel series. I also hoped Fred would be brought back to life and there would be an exciting, but happy/satisfying ending.I wouldn’t have even minded if one of the characters had died as long as the ending was somewhat happy. When the last episode ended I actually sat there stunned and presumed it must be a joke and the episode continued after the credits. Not only did Wesley die, Lorne kills Lindsey and will now be depressed forever, Angel killed an extremely good person in order to get entrance to the deeper well, Angel is apparantley in love with Nina with no Buffy reconciliation and Angel,Spike, Illyria and Gunn are all about to fight an impossible amount of enemies. All in all the last episode made me feel rather annoyed as it felt like the episode stopped halfway through and left me reeling with questions. I loved all the other episodes of Angel, it was a shame the last one was so dissapointing.

  • Pyro

    Yea I hated the ending to I spent 2 weeks watching from season 1 to see If angel would get redemption but no it had to end he just drank from Hamilton gained more power and lived through everything so no way he died or Illyria so bring it back

  • Sandy

    Bring it back 🙁

  • Sister Sunshine

    The last season got way too dark for me. It was actually depressing. Everyone dies horribly and nothing is done or said to counter the misery. The message I got from it was “The world is a pit of corruption and filth. If you fight it you will die young.”

    Then the last episode seemed like half an episode. Just when it really started to get good, it ended and continued on in comic book form. Who wants to read comic books? Snore.

    The only part I liked was when Spike read his poetry. That was probably the only time season 5 made me smile. Why so depressing, Joss? Buffy got pretty dark after Joyce died too, but at least it wasn’t total misery for the last couple seasons.

  • Chris

    The end to Angel pissed me off so much, it’s not even funny. Like I wanted to jump into the screen to figure out what happened next. I am not a happy camper that they ended it this way. We need to like petition for a new season! lol

  • Sarah

    I know i’m really late in writing on this but, that was the worst ending to a series i’ve ever seen. I mean, compare the end of Buffy to the end of Angel…I love both series but because of the end of Angel and a few sketchy story lines, I prefer Buffy :/ But hey, Angel stemmed from Buffy and will always be amazinggg

  • David

    Just finished watching Angel 5 in the night ?! SHIT..
    All that for that crappy ending >.< So dissapointed... I would even been happier if we just saw Angel die instead of nothing. Buffy didnt even have to come though, they could of just taken houndreds of other slayers... -.- Alot of episodes in this serie is just dumb if you asks me. I think Angel and Buffy/slayers coulda worked more togheter.

  • mikey

    sooo WTF! i just finished watching angel, and i was speachless. how could they end it right before the fight?? i wanted to cry. oh and also i read on wikipedia that the woman who played fred/illyria said if there was to be a season 6, fred and illryia would split into 2 different people, and wesley would not have died. this makes me soooo mad! i really need to vent BIG TIME about this…

  • Alex

    Well, I was just upset by the ending. I wouldn’t have said it sucked but it did leave me in tears wondering what the hell happened next and I didn’t like that.

  • Ben

    Why didnt angel just turn human like we all expected. although its obvious it would of been 10 times better. the only reason thier is no season 6 cuz they kept killing the best people

  • john

    as angel says i want the dragon willow powerful as she is should come out of nowhere and kill it that is when buffy and her gang includeing thousands of new slayers should join this epic fight this help evens the odds and give them some kind of chance joss whedon think about a reunion ep

  • Bruce

    They should have done a concluding episode using a similar type of ending concept they did when they ended the series Quantum Leap. Maybe in which episode Angel and Spike fix everything thats broke and finally become mortal and get to lead a normal life for awhile. Then later they could bring back a geriatric Angel and Spike out of retirement in a number of years who could be a pair, kind of like a sort of VanHelsing and Ozzy, board with their lives maybe doing a “Bucket List” concept. This way if David Boreanaz gets tired of messing around with Bones he can come back and do a episode or movie (and it really wont matter if he looks older). The possibilities are endless.

  • Shane

    The ending overall, was amazing, though clearly nobody wanted to not see the fight happen, or no the fate of the characters.

    It seems they wrote in assumption the series would be picked up with a 6th season, which unfortunately never happened.

    The good news however, is that Angel has been picked up in comic book form, like buffy season 8, and it will finally tell us what happened to our heros!

    i am more excited for this, than i was buffy season 8, because i felt season 7 of buffy actually had a decent finish, whereas season 5 of Angel left us in the dark, only to assume the worst, that they most likely died, but never to know for certain.

    So at least we have this to look forward to. 🙂 All i know, is i miss both Buffy and Angel as shows,more than anything.

  • Mick

    Man the ending was like mehhh.. Guess they wanted us 2 uze our imaginationz… ffffffffff…

  • jaye

    very….very well written episode…..brought tears from me several times…and not just tears of sadness….as to the ending….no ending would have really satisfied me cause i just didn’t want the series to end….a side note…..joss cares nothing at all about killing off main characters….in any of his works….

  • gheartoms

    The ending to Angel sucked. Period. (I know I’m a little late posting, but I had to have somewhere to vent.)

  • suzyQ

    I did not like the way they ended this series. I did not find the Illyria/Wes scene touching becuase it was not Fred. Illyria to me did not evolve enough to have those feelings yet, and who knows if Fred really loved West like he wanted.
    And the whole Angel not with Buffy or did not find redemption, is another story!

    It didn’t have the big “bang” I might’ve wanted, but it went out with a message consistent with the show: No matter the odds or the outcome, always fight the good fight. It was very “Butch and Sundance” if you think about it.

    I really loved the Illyria/Wes/Fred death scene. Remarkably touching and sweet. It also served to flesh out (as it were) Illyria’s character.

    The Lindsay/Lorne scene was perfect film noir. Death by betrayal; an honorable man does a horrible thing; one man forever changed and made unhappy. (Which is a recurring Joss theme, BTW.)

    Loads of great one-liners, too. “Can I deny you three times?” “Well, personally I want to slay the dragon.”

    Maybe not perfect or even rousing, but I’m satisfied.