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I Got Your Death Panels Right Here, Sarah Palin!

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As my regular readers know, my health has been THE focus of my life for the last two months. I have already related the specific issues I've had with doctors, drug companies, and the lousy quality of life I'm having in previous posts. It's now my insurance company's turn to suffer the slings and arrows of my outrageous misfortune.

But before I get into that, I'll allow Sarah Palin to set the stage for me with her Facebook entry from last Sunday: "Please ask yourself: who will be left behind? And who will decide — what kind of panel will decide — who receives the health care that government will obviously have to ration?"

Ground Control To Major Moose: I can answer that question!

Just the previous Friday (3/12/10), I received a letter from my health insurer telling me in clear language that I will not have approval for the specialist examination I'm waiting for. Because certain tests weren't ordered by my primary, my insurer is denying me this service "at this time."  I am to do nothing further about this. No calls. No questions. No protests.

But I won't sit down and shut up! As the possible conditions I might have range from the merely inconvenient to the likely fatal, these tests could eliminate some of the maladies from the list. They might even determine whether I get life or death. I certainly would like to know what I've got and what I can do about it, so why am I being denied the means to determine what my ailment is??? It's only MY life here! To me, that is worth so much more than corporate profits!


Now, I have to harangue my primary care physician to understand what we can do about this denial and get him to apply once again. I don't know if these necessary tests will be allowed now that I've been rejected once. And where the hell is Sarah Palin to protest about THAT decision panel???

We interrupt this rant for this special coverage.

We take you now on a little side trip through recent history which helps explain where we are as a nation. Set the Wayback Machine to July 16, 2009, Sherman, where we will revisit the fabulous fabrications foisted upon the unhealthy people of this sick nation by Betsy McCaughey, formerly the Republican Lt. Gov. of the Empire State and a past board member of the Cantel Medical Corporation.

McCaughey's record doesn't speak well of her to me, and I believe it exposes a certain ambition that knows no propriety. As Lt. Gov., McCaughey (I cannot bring myself to award her any of the gender-based honorifics) so irritated the Republican Gov. George Pataki that he replaced her as his running mate for his re-election bid. Rather than go quietly back to lobbying for that dark corporate blight, she opted to attempt to win the DEMOCRATIC nomination to make a revenge run against Pataki. As if she was going to demonstrate to one of the more liberal voting blocs in the nation that she represented their interests! New Yorkers weren't convinced by her change of conservative heart and party, so her bid to regain power was defeated handily by New York City councilman Peter Vallone.

In true neocon fashion, McCaughey blamed everyone but herself — including both parties and her then-bankster-husband, Wilbur L. Ross Jr. — for her failure to become New York's governor. I haven't looked up who actually filed for divorce, but it is final. Congratulations Mr. Ross! I'll have the guard bring you a clean cloth napkin when he brings your dinner tray so you can celebrate some more. Just don't break the plastic ware on your ex-wife's wanted poster again.

Taken out of the old poll game, McCaughey finally turned to the private sector to assuage her political paroxysms through the means of a large income and healthy perquisites. She probably could have lived happily-ever-miserable in opulent obscurity. But the longing for the limelight drove her to create credibility convolutions regarding Obama's crappy health insurance company profit subsidy program (something McCaughey helped to make even worse than it would have been through this effort). It certainly got her lots of invitations to be on television! Maybe she inspired Bart Stupak?

As a member of an organization that prospered pulchritudinously from the unbalanced and inequitable health care status quo, and as a former political office-holder, McCaughey must have seen an opportunity to again become centered in the corporatist cognizance as the champion of free capitalist enterprise. Such a repute could lead to magnificent achievements in the national realm, especially now that the Supreme Court has emancipated corporate campaign swag from the governmental regulation chain gang. The sky would be the limit at a time when few human individuals have the wherewithal to participate, and she would be just the shooting star to flare across the heavens on corporate behalf.

Except for Sarah Palin.

Governor Quitter has similar ambitions, or else why would she take a post with FOX News? It puts the former sportscaster in better stead with people who take their news stuffed with game analogies and a hyper presentation to match while relevant facts get stuffed in the net like a Kobe Bryant lay-up. Mooselini (or her glad-handlers) saw McCaughey's health hype hogwash as just the pearl of truthiness to cast before Tea Bagger swine, and essentially stole McCaughey's ball and ran with it. Now you know why she's tagged "Barracuda", Betsy-nyet-see! You did the work and she will eat the profits – kind of like my insurance company!

But I digress.

Palin (I cannot bring myself to award her any of the gender-based honorifics either) wasted no time in personalizing the claim through the political exploitation of her youngest alleged offspring Trig. CBS News attempted to set the "death panel" story straight, but who watches Katie Couric anyway? The Associated Press also tried, and tried again, but who reads newspapers anymore besides monied media Luddites like Sam Zell? How are Tea Baggers ever going to know that Sarah Palin herself prefers Canadian socialist medicine?

No, FOX carried that day, and far too many more. FOX and Palin have made the most of the specious claim that the government was going to insert a large bureaucracy (this won't hurt – much!) between you and your doctor to determine just what kind of health care – if any – you were going to be allowed to have. There is no other explanation for those FOX ditto-headless who still want the government to keep their hands off the government-run Medicare so many Tea Baggers cannot live without (while not recognizing the government source of their medical coverage plan) even after all of the media stories about this.

In addition, just who is it that is calling for Senator Harry Reid's wife to be euthanized if not a self-appointed death panel of one? Will they call for you to be next? Or me? "Must be one of them Socialist medicos a'comin', Martha! Bar the door and git the shotgun! Keeping elderly folks alive is expensive! Ain't them crazy ol' coots knowin' they gots a duty to die and save the economic surplus for younger and more deserving conservatives?"

"…there's something very familiar about all this! Help me Mr. Wizard…"

Ah, yes! It's good to Get Back! Get Back! To the Future where I once belonged! You can go home now, Loretta. Take Marty with you. And no drag racing on the way!

I can now resume expressing my outrage that there is now no government bureaucrat getting between my health and my abusive and greedy health insurance provider. There would likely never BE any government bureaucrat standing between me and my treatment (there never is between the military and their suppliers!), so why are there bureaucrats from the private sector doing so to me and many millions of other Americans? Nothing in the pending bill is going to prevent this, either.

It won't be Obama's administration that would preside over the economic determination of my future existence. It already IS the profit-based death-oblivious coverage panel bureaucrats who stand athwart my medical history yelling "Stop!" I'm sure that if I was on life support right now, insurance bureaucrats would be blocking the door like the Brooks Brothers Rioters in Florida for one of their own to cut the power on this grandparent once my coverage benefits ran out. Bonus points for early withdrawal of the plug, especially if it can be made to look accidental.

The only early withdrawal I want to see now is for the Democrats to come up with someone else who is not Barack Obama to run in 2012. Of the Top 10 Reasons Why Obama Should be a One Term President, the failure of health care reform is rated #2 just behind the #1 reason, which is justifying the evil practice that even experienced military personnel protest isn't necessary. Considering how my insurer allows me to continue to hope for care that they will snatch away at the last second like Charlie Brown's football, one has to ask if this medical insurance subsidy bill isn't just the legalization of the private sector version of torture. Speaking of medical torture, just where was that Good Christian Sarah Palin when her political brethren harassed a man with Parkinson's disease? Who without ailment shall hurl the first scorn?

While I just learned that an old friend I grew up with is in serious condition in a hospital in Illinois, I'm not on life support. I don't know that I have a fatal or debilitating disease. Not yet. But I'm mad as hell about the perfidy of the Obama administration and the Democrats, and of the private insurance pirates who bought them, and I'm not gonna take it anymore! Allowing those who don't care about their constituents' health to regain power is NOT among the options. There are several efforts intended to alter this inequity that I intend on aiding in any manner possible. I will write about them in future posts.

For now, I have to get ready to resume the effort to identify my ailment and to return to something resembling normal health. I'm doing better, and have returned part-time to gainful employment, but I have a way to go to be deemed healthy again. My thanks to those of you who have expressed your best wishes in your comments. They are greatly appreciated.

As for the rest of you, bend over and say "Ah"!

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  • @ T Schwartz

    Of COURSE I don’t have kids, a job, a car, house, and family! Only wealthy insurance suck-ups like YOU do!

    That spittle on your headstone is mine.

  • T Schwartz

    Insurance companies need to make money too. I am sorry you have to die – really I am. However, it is part of the free market. I am equally sorry healthcare reform will not kick in quick enough. I hope you have had a good life.

    In the words of spock long live and prosper. I guess in yourcase short live. Better you than me though… I have kids, a job, car, house and family.

    You do not have any of that, right?

  • John Wilson

    Onward to single payer UHC!

  • If healthcare is a right then why isn’t food?

    It is. That’s why there are programs like food stamps and WIC for people who can’t afford to buy the stuff.

    In any case, Arch, I’d advise you not to go there. Or I’ll start campaigning for a gun stamps program – since those bad boys apparently are a right…

  • Glenn,

    Soo glad to hear this!

    “I am certainly a happier man today! Yeah, I’ve gotta post an article on this one!” -Glenn Contrarian

    Single-payer will be here some day, I love knowing that the public option has been mentioned almost immediately….gives me a lot of hope.

    : )Time and BC? I didn’t know that you could place those two words together? lol, see ya soon.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Thanks, Jeannie –

    I had to step away for a while, and I really need to keep from spending too much time here…

    …but I am certainly a happier man today! Yeah, I’ve gotta post an article on this one!

    btw…did you know that Harry Reid’s already promised a vote on the public option? Single payer’s better, but it’s going to be a work in progress.

    Again, Jeannie – thanks!

  • Glenn,

    Congratulations my friend!

    I thought of you and your little boy this morning when I heard that children with preexisting conditions would be covered immediately.

    Hopefully, you are a happier man today.

    : )We still need to work for single-payer making this the foundation.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Arch –

    I wonder if you’d be saying that if you couldn’t get health insurance for your son because of his preexisting condition.

  • Arch Conservative

    If healthcare is a right then why isn’t food? I was shocked at how much it cost me at the supermarket the other day. I think I’ll ask the Dems to create a law to give me food for free while I stay at home and play playstation all day long.

    Yeah Congress!

  • Hey, Glenn,

    Hi! I’ve been wondering about you, everything good?

  • The scripture ,true that it is filled with many wonderful illustrations, should not to be confused with the actual blueprints for our political American life..

    The separation of church and state will be observed.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    All I can say is, at least when – if – HCR gets passed by the Democrats, my son can have health insurance that he can’t get now. Whatever the faults of the Democrats’ plan, at least they have a plan.

    Under any of the Republicans’ plans, my oldest son would never have been approved for health insurance.

    That, people, is what it boils down to.

  • Well things ARE going to change after today…slowly but change all the same.

    : ) Take care Realist, I hope you get better.

  • Baldrick

    Palin might be off the wall sometimes, but if you read Ezekeil Emanuel’s rationing plan for health care (he IS in charge of the transiton), then you might see her in a new light.
    Also, you shuold probably learn a bit more of Dr. McCaughey’s backstory than the Reader’s Digest version that lazy TV commentators like to sensationalize.

  • By the way, I just submitted this and I’m wondering why the original editor didn’t?

  • A well written article and I can’t find a damn thing to add


  • juan

    Your doctor doesn’t think the tests are needed, but you are an expert on everything and know what the doctor is ignorant of…
    And you wonder why health care costs are sky rocketing?