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I found Ann Coulter at the Salvation Army; Not her silly, her book

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I’m a big spender at our local Salvation Army thrift shop. Today, I spent $2.25 on 15 books, paper and hardbound, which explains my current giddy mood. One of those books just happened to be “Slander-Liberal Lies About the American Right”, written by Ann Coulter.

Yes, my curiosity got the better of me, my Republican friends forever urging me to read one of her books. When I saw it, I knew the hand of God was leading me to buy it– that it was not a coincidence, but my destiny. I found it funny though that someone would give up this book and relegate it to a thrift shop. It’s practically new! I’m ecstatic!

Well, I’ve begun reading the book and as a whole, when read in its proper context, it makes a strong argument in a quirky kinda way– her premise that all political ills can be blamed on liberals. But taken out of context, wow… It’s pretty funny. For example, Ms. Coulter made this corollary regarding liberals’ perception of conservatives:

“It is important for liberals to demean the people they oppose to reinforce their sense of class superiority. Anyone can associate himself with the elite by adopting the left’s snooty superiority and laughing at Republicans for being dumb hicks. Adopting the prejudices of the powerful interests is a way of saying you are with the “in” crowd. You are with the cool Hollywood types who hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Penn, and David Geffen-not the working-class hillbillies who go to NASCAR races.”

*blinks….. laughing uproariously* Thank you Ms. Coulter for making my day! I can’t wait to finish this book!

Ms. Coulter is a daring writer, a writer with vision, a writer who omnisciently intuits these thougths and shares it with her cult-like readers.

I highly recommend this book. If you’re having trouble finding it in your local bookstore, try the Salvation Army- you might just find a copy.

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  • Let’s forget the Liberal/Conservative BS and get PIST at the whole situation! Laugh about it and get prepared to really do something about it!
    http://www.pistNOW.org is on the right path and need all Americans to establish a different perspective now——-That’s the truth!

  • Nick

    You’ve heard of Turducken?

    Now add a bit of dead cow to it and you have not poultry, but “Coultry.”

    Cross that abberation from nature with a hawk and you get a bovine-turduckenhawk, a turkey who has other fowl attack foreign diary ranches and chicken coops and if it looks a lot like Ann Coulter it still quacks like a duck thinks like a turkey and has a set of udders like a cow. Practitioners of bestiality should come to see the bovine-turduckenhawk coultry exhibit, and it is recommended they bring their own step stools. Apprarently if everthing else is foul (fowl) about a bovine-turduckenhawk, many have expressed a desire to mount one. So far no taxidermists are on that line, because as one of them said: that thing looks fuckin’ scary! It looks as scary as it sounds.”

  • Jesse Lewis

    How many women have an adams apple? Answer Coultergeist!

  • sr

    Gonzo, Did a search today concerning blog addiction. Sir, this is not directed at you. Im back to hunting and fishing. The great outdoors is wonderful. Im done gone. By all. sr. PS. No offense to you Gonzo. Think your a good man and wish you well.

  • sr

    Mr. Gonzo, Three stories would not allow me the story of a second story window story. No dought your grateful. Right??? No wonder Ann turned me down. G-day. sr

  • gonzo marx

    well now, after reading some of sr here, so much more makes sense…

    might i ask if you saw Coulter on Canadian Tv a few months ago, when she asked why the Canucks didn’t back up the US in Iraq like they did in Nam?

    the interviewer politely informed her that Canada did go to Nam

    she said he was wrong and should look up his facts…he was very polite and told her she was mistaken, she gave him “the look” and said he was wrong a bit more harshly, but began to have that “deer in the headlights” look…

    last time i brought this one up…as well as the next Incident, someone found the video links…but blast if i remember where…

    the other Fun one was a speech she was giving on C-SPAN, she was asked a pertinent Question about Native Americans and she stated “well, there was only 200,000 o fthem, and they weren’t using the country anyway”

    after those two glimpses into the vacuum occupying the inside of her insipid skull…i knew enough

    that you, sr, would defend this idiotic harridan leads me to conclude either
    a) you are a decent Satirist who is having Fun mucking about with an over the top sterotype
    b) well…this one is kind of obvious

    but, i kind of like your “fell out of a second story window” bit


  • No, I suspect one would not find Ann Coulter at the Salvation Army. That might be part of the problem.

  • sr


  • sr

    #33 [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] shark bait. The typical lib you are. Verbal attack without substance. So cliche fish food. Since your brain space is hollow I think the Boeing 767 would be lost in space flying around and around in the void. You seem to have a bias when it comes to intellectual females. Bet she could kick your ass also. As for why does islam hate us. They dont. All they want is to KILL US [Deleted], and the 767 wont be flying into Ms. Ann Coulters mouth. [Deleted]

    [sr: Have you read the BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy yet?. It explains the code of conduct around here… Comments Editor.]

  • sr

    L.Cueball, Can we come up with a name for us foward thinking citizens…liberals is sooooooo last year. How about sane Americans. [Deleted in line with BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy. Comments Editor.] You are the typical personfied liberal. All attack and void of reasons why. Would like to see you an COULTER debate. Bet she could kick your panties off also cueball. HAPPY DAY [Deleted in line with BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy. Comments Editor.].

  • sr

    #42 joedumbucket. Bet the last time you got laid was with your pet cat. You cant smell your camel dung past the protected owls. Ann Coulter is only on your lib wish list for CHRISTMAS. [Deleted in line with BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy. Comments Editor.] Ms. Ann Coulter has the pants, [Deleted in line with BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy. Comments Editor.] Bet she could kick your ass also [Deleted]

  • Joe Dinnerbucket

    It really is flabbergasting to think that millions of Americans actually consider Ann Coulter to be “witty”, “funny” or, most incredible of all, “intelligent”. I’ve heard more intelligent observations at tractor pulls than what drips from her keyboard. There are lots of words that could be used to describe Ann Coulter, but “intellectual” is not one of them. This foul-mouthed bag of hate particularly appeals to the most base and mean-spirited segment of American society. Rather than offer a logical argument that applies to the important issues of the day, Coulter basically lends reinforcement to the ignorant prejudices of small-minded malcontents. This woman isn’t a thinker, she’s a hater. I do have to give her credit for one thing – she has managed to maintain one of the most successful careers based soley upon a pathological hatred since Adolf Schickelgruber became Reichsfuhrer of Germany. Everything that this woman has said and written in her public life can be distilled down to three simple words: “I hate liberals”. It’s no wonder she can’t find a date. She probably couldn’t stop talking about liberals and how much she hates them long enough to have an orgasm.

  • Joe

    Media Matters is cataloging lies? Irony your name is David Brock.

  • Re: Shark’s comment (#32)… that falls into the very wrong / very funny category.

  • Also try Ann Coulter liar, or lie, etc. to cover the plethora of ones that the first results miss.

  • Try this Dave:

  • Al Franken does a rightly nice job of tearing Coulter to shreds, particularly for a comedian/author.

    I’m with Peter: if willful manipulation of facts beyond some reasonable level of “spin” are not considered lies, I don’t know what is.

  • Interesting take on Coulter. I would have said that only thing she has going for her is that she’s NOT a liar. Most of what she says is true, she just says it in the most abrasive manner possible and spins it to her advantage.

    But I’m sure you can list a few of her outright lies, right?


  • Peter

    Ann is simply a self-promoting liar. Most of what she says is simply, factually, demonstrably untrue. Period. Her only apparent goal is to promote herself and her career. Look elsewhere for a meaningful debate about issues and perspectives.

  • “That would work better if you managed to shed the mass paranoia, delusions and bi-polar behavior.”

    I don’t think I’m paranoid,(I know some right wing types will attack me for nothing more than having an opinion) delusional (I do not believe right wingers will be open to productive dialogue with liberals without calling us names or insulting our intelligence or patriotism)or bi-polar(I am not on any meds or in counseling).

    I just want another word to describe myself and those who think like me. A word that has not been used as a weapon by close minded people on BOTH sides of the sh!t storm.

    Any suggestions? (No need for hateful angry replies, although I’m sure that wont stop any of you.)

    I say this all the time at my blog and will start saying it here….

    “Spread Love!”

  • Shark

    “To The People Of Islam:
    Just think: If we’d invaded your countries, killed your leaders and converted you to Christianity YOU’D ALL BE OPENING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS RIGHT ABOUT NOW!
    Merry Christmas”

    Sorta helps to answer the post-9/11 question: “Why do they hate us?”

    If there is an Allah, maybe someone will fly a Boeing 767 into her mouth.

  • Shark

    Yeah, Ann Coulter is attractive…

    to people who fuck horses.

  • >>PS, can we come up with a new name for us forward thinking citizens…liberals is so last year. How about Sane Americans?<< That would work better if you managed to shed the mass paranoia, delusions and bi-polar behavior. Dave

  • Ann wants to be taken seriously, so it’s with no sadness that I see time and time again 80%+ of the comments made by conservatives about her, invariably turns into nothing more than if she is do-able or not, while her intellect sells for less than 50 cents in the dustbins of the Salvation Army.

    See, who says there isn’t a God?

  • Whats up party people,

    What a surprise, someone found trash in the clearance bin. Normaly I’m not this hateful. But I can’t resist. Ann is overrated, loud, crash, and looks like Jay Leno in a wig with that chin. I wouldn’t touch her with my enemies private parts (pc’ed old school insult).

    I can’t stand loud overbearing people…If I want something LOUD, I’ll turn on my mixer and pump up the volume. If I want biased b.s. I’ll watch Ann on Fox News or CNN insulting everyone who doesnt agree with her.

    PS, can we come up with a new name for us forward thinking citizens…liberals is so last year. How about Sane Americans?

  • I read the article. Irritating though she is, sh’es got a pretty good point about the attacks on Gannon being mostly vindictive sniping.


  • KOB

    Ann Coulter has issues. Her most recently column, “REPUBLICANS, BLOGGERS AND GAYS, OH MY!” (upper case for the upper crust), uses the word liberal 6 times, Democrats, 3 times, while only mentioning conservatives once. The word “Republican” is in the head only. Editor could have done that. http://www.anncoulter.org/

  • She’s smart, but she’s a good example of a smart person absolutely blinded by ideology. She’s picked this personna of ultra conservative gadfly and absolutely will not consider any other perspective with an impenetrable wall of scorn and sarcasm. It wears thin pretty fast.


  • RJ

    “The fact that people actually think she’s smart makes me realize just how many stupid people there are in America right now.”

    Oh, there’s no question she’s smart. No one credibly doubts that.

    But is she HOT? I’m thinking NOT…

  • RJ

    “Ann Coulter is a hot blond.”

    I like the hair, yes. But she seems a bit anorexic, and her voice is simply horrid…

  • RJ

    “Overrated yes…but I’d still do her!”

    Well, ya, I’d do her. I’m a star-fucker, sure… 😉

  • Nick Jones

    And unless you have the links to your information on your front page, I still want to see them, and draw my own conclusions. No, I never take anything on faith.

    And by the way, I have a NASCAR brother-in-law; he’s a pretty okay guy.

  • Nick Jones

    Oh right, now I remember – you are the guy about a month ago who said higher GDP is more important than higher wages.

  • Nick – my blog is http://www.elitistpig.com – what more do I need to say? I am the embodiment of the elite, but I put all that behind me and moved out to NASCAR country and am now one with the people. Really.


  • Nick Jones

    You’re just dodging, Dave. If I had a dollar for every time the left/Democrats were called unpatriotic, delusional, or even treasonous here on Blogcritics, I could pay off all my debts, buy myself a house, and build a music/computer studio.
    If you don’t think the right considers themselves an elite, try crashing a Washington party wearing a NASCAR hat and jacket ensemble. “Hey, motherfucker! You can’t throw me out! I voted for you!”

  • Nice try, but the quote makes more sense when ‘elite’ is in its natural environment.


  • Nick Jones

    “It is important for conservatives to question the patriotism of those opposed to them to reinforce the belief in only their idea of patriotism. Anyone can associate himself with the elite by denying legitimate dissent to the left and laughing at Democrats for being naive hacks. Adopting the prejudices of the powerful interests is a way of saying you are with the “in” crowd. You are with the cool plutocratic types who hang out with John Stossel, Michael Medved, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ann Coulter-not your working-class and managerial friends and acquaintances whose jobs are going offshore.”

    God, I love boilerplate – it’s so adaptable.

  • Nick Jones

    “How do you think we’d do in a war with a bunch of elderly politicians, political activists and policy wonks on the front lines?”

    There was a commercial back in the Sixties that had the leaders of two countries (US and USSR, maybe) duking it out in the middle of a meadow. Still seems like a fine idea to me.

  • come on, how can you not love someone whose posted the following christmas message on their web site:

    “To The People Of Islam:
    Just think: If we’d invaded your countries, killed your leaders and converted you to Christianity YOU’D ALL BE OPENING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS RIGHT ABOUT NOW!
    Merry Christmas”

    she is so hot.

  • ann sucks

    Ann Coulter is the perfect voice for the new Repbulican party: shrill, condescending, full of paper-thin arguments. The fact that people actually think she’s smart makes me realize just how many stupid people there are in America right now.

    As for her looks, well, I won’t go there, suffice to say I wouldn’t even do her with your Johnson.

    Am I the only one whose waiting for Ann to be exposed as a lesbian? Seriously. Whenever the topic of dating or romance comes up, she’s disturbingly quiet.

  • Wow, gayDave must be Jim Carruthers, because he makes no sense at all. It’s like a trademark.


  • gayDave

    Wow Dave,

    You’ve really learned a lot from Ms Coulter’s tactic of simplistic binary analysis.

    When broadcasting ingorant and false assumptions about your opponent isn’t enough you should just completely ignore what they’re saying and make up something then credit it to them. Nicely played, in an Ann Coulter kinduh way.

  • At least she’s not a ‘Complete Idiot’ ie. one who thinks that anyone who supports a war has to go fight in it whether qualified, capable, or otherwise productively employed. We have a volunteer military, their job is to fight wars, they are trained and equipped and prepared to do so. How do you think we’d do in a war with a bunch of elderly politicians, political activists and policy wonks on the front lines? Probably better than we’d do with an army full of brainless liberal namecallers, but it still wouldn’t be a good way to run an army.


  • MCH

    Right on, Dawn. Coulter is also the proverbial “Chickenhawk,” ie, one who promotes and supports the U.S. military invasion of another country – as long as it’s someone ELSE who has to go over and fight and die in the war.

  • Eric Olsen

    their greatest fear is being whipped with the hair

  • Dawn

    She is an overrated, unimaginitive, preaching to the choir hack.

    Sadly there are more and more clones cropping up all over the place.

    Put filthy right-wing ideals in slightly above average women and *poof* you have yourself every conservative guy’s dream.

    If she’s the best the right has to offer, then all the stereotypes abouts homophobes being latent homosexuals must be true.

    She howls at the moon and scares small children.

  • And here I thought she was just an irritating blowhard with a grating voice – apparently there’s so much more to her.


  • From her pictures, I agree, her looks are overrated. If I met her, had dinner with her, watched a movie alone with her in her living room, and had some drinks with her, it might be a different story.

  • Ann Coulter is a hot blond. She has a big mouth, considerable intelligence, and bigger balls than many of her male contemporaries.

    I love Ann Counter to death.

    Robert Maxey – Salt Lake City, Utah

  • What a gem to find in the SA book bin – I usually find only trashy romance novels (that’s a buy!) or discarded textbooks there. Once I bought an entire “Book of Knowledge” children’s encyclopedia (minus volume 6) for $20. Now THAT was a find!

    Ann Coulter I thought attractive as long as I only saw her still photo. Then I heard her speak. Remember Michael Caine’s disgust in “Miss Congeniality”? “Then… that mouth!

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree RJ, I find her forced WASPY cardboard archness worthy of the curb

  • Overrated yes…but I’d still do her!

    I just happen to have this book right in front of me. I found it entertaining. I’m kinda pissed now, knowing how much I spent on it and finding out I could’ve purchased the SA copy for a big discount!

  • RJ

    She’s a great writer, and very funny.

    But am I alone in thinking her “attractiveness” is somewhat…overrated?