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I found Ann Coulter at the Salvation Army; Not her silly, her book

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I’m a big spender at our local Salvation Army thrift shop. Today, I spent $2.25 on 15 books, paper and hardbound, which explains my current giddy mood. One of those books just happened to be “Slander-Liberal Lies About the American Right”, written by Ann Coulter.

Yes, my curiosity got the better of me, my Republican friends forever urging me to read one of her books. When I saw it, I knew the hand of God was leading me to buy it– that it was not a coincidence, but my destiny. I found it funny though that someone would give up this book and relegate it to a thrift shop. It’s practically new! I’m ecstatic!

Well, I’ve begun reading the book and as a whole, when read in its proper context, it makes a strong argument in a quirky kinda way– her premise that all political ills can be blamed on liberals. But taken out of context, wow… It’s pretty funny. For example, Ms. Coulter made this corollary regarding liberals’ perception of conservatives:

“It is important for liberals to demean the people they oppose to reinforce their sense of class superiority. Anyone can associate himself with the elite by adopting the left’s snooty superiority and laughing at Republicans for being dumb hicks. Adopting the prejudices of the powerful interests is a way of saying you are with the “in” crowd. You are with the cool Hollywood types who hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Penn, and David Geffen-not the working-class hillbillies who go to NASCAR races.”

*blinks….. laughing uproariously* Thank you Ms. Coulter for making my day! I can’t wait to finish this book!

Ms. Coulter is a daring writer, a writer with vision, a writer who omnisciently intuits these thougths and shares it with her cult-like readers.

I highly recommend this book. If you’re having trouble finding it in your local bookstore, try the Salvation Army- you might just find a copy.

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  • Jesse Lewis

    How many women have an adams apple? Answer Coultergeist!

  • Nick

    You’ve heard of Turducken?

    Now add a bit of dead cow to it and you have not poultry, but “Coultry.”

    Cross that abberation from nature with a hawk and you get a bovine-turduckenhawk, a turkey who has other fowl attack foreign diary ranches and chicken coops and if it looks a lot like Ann Coulter it still quacks like a duck thinks like a turkey and has a set of udders like a cow. Practitioners of bestiality should come to see the bovine-turduckenhawk coultry exhibit, and it is recommended they bring their own step stools. Apprarently if everthing else is foul (fowl) about a bovine-turduckenhawk, many have expressed a desire to mount one. So far no taxidermists are on that line, because as one of them said: that thing looks fuckin’ scary! It looks as scary as it sounds.”

  • E.G.Terry

    Let’s forget the Liberal/Conservative BS and get PIST at the whole situation! Laugh about it and get prepared to really do something about it! is on the right path and need all Americans to establish a different perspective now——-That’s the truth!