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I found a ‘flawed’ Wisconsin quarter; neato

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UPDATE: Large images, taken today. Not detail refined in any way, though cropped and resized from the originals.

Overall. View image

Closeup. View image

The original, from the United States Mint

Wisconsin quarters; flawed, cheesy and beautiful.

I have a plastic-wrapped roll of Wisconsin quarters that I’ve left in a drawer. I’m about to tear into it.

I had posted about the flaws in them here, on Feb. 10. However, determined to get rid of clutter I decided to look up and remind myself what the flaw is in these quarters.

Extra husks (or leaves) below the cob on the left side is what’s “wrong” with them. There are two versions – leaf high and leaf low.

Now the more interesting tidbit i just found out was that these Wisconsin quarters were found in Tucson by Bob Ford, a coin dealer. That’s real close to me.

So I’m typing this before I crack open my roll of Wisconsin quarters – given to me by my bank.

I GOT ONE. I had a 1 in 40 chance and I got one, one of the high-leaf errors. It’s shinny and worth more than 25 cents. Worth more than the roll of quarters I got it in. Maybe as much as $100.

… … … … … …

It’s amazing the questions people have about coins still. Check out a few of them here in a quite casual setting at Coin Collector.org. Just random people asking questions about coins.

If anyone has similar questions – shoot em at me. I started collecting coins while a “customer representative” (cashier) at a BP station in Kent, Washington, with Jodi Fikes, Eleanor ??? and Renee Johnson as the boss lady. Along with a few other drifters, and a red-haired woman, whose name I can’t quite remember, where a like / dislike relationship existed (Lynette?). Got silver certificate $1 bills, silver dimes and quarters; and a whole mess of other stuff. It piqued my interest.

Wisconsin Quarter Links: most useful at the top:

— The Omaha Channel ::: Hidden Treasure In Your Pocket Change? Wisconsin Quarter Mistakes Explained

— Urban Legends ::: Cornstalked


— Coin World ::: Population of Wisconsin 25¢ ‘leaf’ variants growing slowly From March 14.

— Coin World ::: Prices rising for Wisconsin quarters with extra ‘leaves’ From Feb. 9

– CNN/MONEY ::: Coin collectors go ga-ga over an irregular minting of the new 25-cent piece honoring Wisconsin.

– USA Today ::: Coin collectors flip, rumors fly after quarters sprout extra leaf

— The United States Mint, just extra information about the quarter – and some cool Windows-only Quarter Program screensavers.

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  • Rob

    i have a wisconsin quater that doesent have any nickle coating. it has a vibrant blue color with undertones of purple and other colors. is it worth anything and how much? ive never seen anything like it!

  • I have no room to talk, TS. My Culture posts are all true happenings, but have more in common with fiction than news. So it’s all good until the great Oz says no.

  • 🙂
    That PShopping is great Mark.

    I kind of thought about the “cat blog” thing, too (To those clueless, this is shorthand for personal diary verbiage which, without some kind of news hook doesn’t really belong at Blogcritics).

    And I did feel guilty about pushing Margaret’s Pledge post down one spot.

  • Thanks, Mark. It’s not all bad.

  • And Temple, just so you didn’t think I was getting this thread off-topic, I think you’ll find this amusing. That coin is priceless!

  • Victor: beware the kitty.

  • Everyone talks of these cat blogs, but nobody will tell me how to find one.

    But seriously, all I want to know about coin collecting is how much my small collection of 1999 state quarters might be worth. Are the ’99s rare enough yet to sell for more than $0.25? Or do I have to wait a few more decades before my pocket change investment will pay off enough to let me buy something with the profits more expensive than a happy meal?

  • Is a ‘coin blog’ only a couple layers of Dante’s Hell higher than a ‘cat blog’? Just kidding.

    Good find. That’s some serious detailing. I was expecting the corn cob to be in the cow’s mouth or something on the limited version though.

  • That’s what I thought Tan !!!

    RJ, some money can make great wall art. I’ve got this like 9 inch by 9 inch Thai bank note that I plan to frame someday. A friend who visited, like in 1989 brought it back for me.

  • Dammit! I’ve been looking for one for the past year! You so lucky.

  • RJ

    Not entirely off-topic:

    I have a relatively large collection of money from pre-Israel Palestine. Like, it’s Jewish money with the menorah on the back and everything, but it apparently pre-dates the actual creation of the Jewish state.

    It’s all stuffed away in a tennis ball can in a box somewhere in storage. Last time I had it appraised, I was told it had little value. But I am unsure, because that was like a decade ago, and the “appraiser” seemed a little inept.

    Also, I have some badly-folded and slightly-torn Greek money from the pre-WWII era. I have no idea if this is of any value.