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I Can Lick Any SonofaBitch In The House – Menace

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REVIEW I kept wanting to play the first track over and over. Driving balls-out pure bar-scene energy.

Then the band quickly settles into an unsettling groove that absolutely pulls no punches.

“Gone” is the first track about a possible murder, and a relationship gone down the toilet. And this is the fun tune.

It’s amazing what you get when you least expect it. The album is “Menace” by, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House on the In Music We Trust label. I requested the album thinking it would be some kind of Dread Zeppelin or Weird Al spoof record. If not that, a light-hearted rap record.

I could not have been more wrong.

The music bruises Tom Petty, Buddy Holly, Charlie Daniels and System of a Down, with songs written by Oklahoma native Mike Damron, a former boxer and, for three years, a soldier in the 101st Airborne / Air Assault. (And not to be confused with this guy)

This background is perhaps even more surprising to some, in light of the type of songs that follow.

I apologize in advance to the 99.99999 percent of readers who won’t follow me on this – but these guys reminded me most of the English group, Dogs D’Amour. From the cartoon-artwork, to the scratch-abilly roots-rock vocals it was an unexpected reminder of a sincere band that had grudging respect. (See also Love / Hate and Life, Sex and Death and Hanoi Rocks)

This is especially true of “Pauline” a cayenne-gargling, Pogues-like diapason for perhaps a child’s second love – grandma. You can substitute your own Pauline who might have, “taught me how to die.”

“All life’s mysteries got answers
If you look hard enough
All life’s illusions taken from you
When you get buried in the ground
Pauline taught me how to die
When I was 17.”

Damron is the elder of the group of group of 20-somethings (like a solo Ozzy) that includes guitarist “Handsome” Jon Burbank, bassist Mole Harris, drummer Flapjack Texas, and harmonica player David Lipkind.

It’s amazing to hear such quality from a band few have heard of – though I guess that’s how most bands start.

Politics is part of the mix, with a decided anti-George W. Bush stance. However, in interviews, such as one from Ink 19 (Sept. 2003), he professes no love for any party, any politician. Period. Still, some listeners will be faced with a singer that doesn’t like their views.

This starts with Track 8, and the song, “Rachel Corrie.”

Rachel Corrie was, simply put, a woman run over and killed by an Israeli bulldozer while standing in front of a Palestinian home suspected of housing anti-Israeli terrorists. Without getting into the politics of the situation the song mourns Rachel’s loss:

“Stand up and be counted, throw your fist toward the sky
Folks walk around like they’re already dead
Long ’fore they ever die

I’m guessing this isn’t the type of song you’d expect from self-identified southern-rockers. I hear Toby Keith may cover it soon. I may have heard wrong.

About three of the songs have a clear stance against the shape of American governing in the 21st century, and against the type of hate that’s existed since Year Dot.

Fuck Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. Fuck him long and hard until his rectum hurts.

With those lyrics I expected the song, “Westboro Baptist Church” to be a full-throated death metal rage. Nope. It’s a toe-tapper. A sing-a-long. I really wonder how it goes down live. Does everyone clap to the beat?

After all, you expect a little more anger directed at the man, Phelps, who singlehandedly may be able to bring left and right together, the man of both God Hates America and God Hates Fags infame.

Menace is the third album from the band, that takes its name from boxer John L. Sullivan’s boast. In support of the record, they’re out on a West Coast tour, starting with a CD release show this Friday, Sept. 17 at Dante’s in Portand, Ore. More Dates

Menace – Track
1. Gone
2. Thousand to One
3. A Good Day to be a Bad Husband
4. I Be Ready
5. Pauline
6. Walkin’
7. Menace
8. Rachel Corrie
9. Regrets and Greyhounds
10. Westboro Baptist Church
11. Fall Down
12. Dust and Sun

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  • HW Saxton

    I live in Vegas and these guys play in a
    local Punk Rock type dive bar around the
    corner from my house called the “Cooler
    Lounge” all of the muthafuggin’ time. It
    took me by surprise to see this review
    to say the least.They are lots of fun in
    a live setting but I’ve honestly never
    once heard their discs. Wow,small world.
    Glad ya dug ’em though.

  • Have you heard the Phelps song? How DOES it go over?

  • HW Saxton

    TS, yeah they almost always do that one.
    It goes over really well. The punks like
    the bouncier thrashing “Country” kinda
    stuff. Pretty comical scene watching the
    punkers moshing around to these guys.If
    I see they’re playing anytime soon I’ll
    pass along word of your review.I’m not
    much into this kinda stuff anymore but I
    hang out at the dump(understatement)they
    always play at because it’s a 1/2 block
    from my crib.

  • Eric Olsen

    the punk-country stuff has a later Social D kind of feel, although Mike Ness is a more, um polished singer.

    Very nice job Temple, thanks! Dawn and I liked the last quite a bit too.

  • Please point out typos. I will not take offense. Bearing in mind this will be Googled plenty, I want to fix them. My name’s attached.

    And thanks Eric. Glad Dawn likes em too.

  • oh -and thanks for the update HW

  • So perhaps one might say that I’m slightly biased since Mike Damron’s brother happens to be my best friend…but lemme tell ya, it ain’t true.

    All 3 albums are solid and extremely good.

    Also, I booked SOB here in Dallas a few weeks back (which was the first time I’d seen them live) and it blew me completely away. In fact, it was one of the best performances I’ve seen from ANY band in a long time.

    Check out SOB, you’ll love ’em too…now off to link to this great review! Thanks Temple!

  • Google really does work :). I’ve kept this album on my long listening list.