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“I can feel the Holy Ghost, hallelujah”

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Those were the last words of Pastor Alfred Guy Jr., who uttered them just before he collapsed and died of a heart attack while preaching during a revival this past February 4.

No, the most compelling story in Sunday’s papers wasn’t in the New York Times, nor did it appear in the Washington Post.

Fact is, when I searched Google News earlier today, the only citation for the article was in the paper where I read it yesterday — the Charlottesville Daily Progress, my hometown paper.

The story concerned the extraordinary event that took place this past February 4, on a Friday evening at the Pentecostal Outreach Worship Center in nearby Earlysville (about 15 minutes drive from my house).

Evangelist Alfred Guy Jr., pastor of Full Gospel Church in Elkton, Maryland, had been invited to lead a three-day revival that started that Friday.

The opening revival meeting began at 7 p.m. with an hour of inspirational singing.

Guy then preached for about 15 minutes, bringing many in the crowd of 114 people to their feet, applauding and waving their hands.

He then dabbed his forehead with a cloth and took off his dress coat, handing it to another pastor.

Turning back to the podium, he quietly uttered his last words: “I can feel the Holy Ghost, hallelujah.”

He then collapsed behind the podium and died of a heart attack.

Those who witnessed the event are not viewing it as a tragedy, but instead are rejoicing in their belief that God came down and took Guy’s soul to Heaven before 114 witnesses.

Here’s a link to the story by Reed Williams.

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  • csf

    Well thank God for the HOLY GHOST and HIS PRESENCE on this man of God while he was preaching for the glory of God. The Spirit with which he was anointed and Whose Presence he was experiencing was the same Spirit of GOD THE FATHER before whom this servant of God stood in mere seconds. THANK GOD and I trust that many people were impacted eternally from witnessing it and from reading about this. THANK GOD FOR AMERICA WHERE THE BLESSED GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST CAN STILL BE PREACHED!!!

  • So, a guy died – that’s the story?

    Synchronicity is the last refuge of the credulous, perhaps