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I Am Racially Insensitive – And Proud Of It

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I’m racially insensitive – and proud of it. I came to this realization as a result of conflicting accusations against me. I sometimes write about things involving racial issues, and I try to speak frankly and honestly. I have thus been sometimes accused of being “racist” and also of being “racially insensitive” – sometimes in regard to the same piece of writing. My main point here will be to argue that those two things are precise opposites.

“Racism” involves prejudicially judging people based on their ethnic background, their genetics rather than their individual choices and behavior. This is wrong not just because it hurts people’s feelings, but because it is inaccurate. You may think that the Irish are a bunch of drunks – but there are certainly many Irishmen who would never touch a drink. It’s inaccurate and inexcusably lazy not to differentiate.

But please do not confuse me for someone who is politically correct. A lot of the problem of racism comes because there is a great deal of factual merit to many stereotypes. For lots of reasons, there clearly are racial patterns to human behavior, and you can’t miss that. Some of them are bad and negative, some are very positive, some are more neutral or benign. Some are very strong, some are more marginal or weak. Also, it's easy to conjure up evidence of patterns just because we expect to find them – which is where things start getting insidious.

My favorite benign point of reference for such things is my personal experience working in convenience stores. I spent a year working at Village Pantry stores in Muncie, Indiana. Dealing with thousands of customers, I’d have had to have been blind not to notice that the black folks bought 90% of the menthol cigarettes and non-cola soft drinks. The white folk almost always bought cola or Mountain Dew, whereas the black customers more often bought diverse flavors — grape, peach, root beer.

Then again, fairly often a brother came in just wanting a plain old Coke and a pack of Marlboros. You’d be wrong a lot of the time if you assumed otherwise. That’s not so big a deal when you’re guessing at minor consumer preferences, but it’s obviously not good if you’re making assumptions regarding more sensitive employment issues about work habits or criminal proclivity, say.

On the other hand, it is not at all racist to notice that someone by conscious choice embraces the worst images of their ethnic background. If you have a Negro who embraces gangsterism as their philosophical idea of what being black is all about, it’s not my fault for noticing. It would not be judging Eazy-E (who financed NWA with his drug profits) or MC Ren by their race, for example, to think the worst stereotypes apply. They picked the N-word for themselves, for starters.

But moreover, listen closely and carefully to their work. It’s not a nuanced, multi-layered or ironic Richard Pryor usage of the word. They clearly in fact meant it to consciously embrace the worst possible meanings you could attach to the word. It would in fact be racist paternalism to refuse to recognize these adult men’s freely chosen identities as wicked thug niggers.

This applies all around, of course. I don’t necessarily much appreciate when supposed blue state sophisticates talk in a contemptuous or condescending manner of my rural red state people. But then again, when the cops have to walk around the blocked-up vehicles and past the Confederate flag to get to the trailer to answer their third domestic dispute call at this address in a month, it’s not prejudice or bigotry to think that they’re dealing with white trash.

You can’t honestly be unaware of racial or ethnic behavior patterns, and it’s another kind of intellectual laziness to try to pretend them away. But it is better in the practice and far more accurate to consciously discount them as much as possible in favor of specific observed personal behavior. You’d do far better by other people and have a truer view of the world if you choose to dismiss assumptions or guesses about such things unless there is some needful reason. A cabbie might have to make a split second decision on picking up a potentially dangerous fare, but you can be far more discriminating and take your time in deciding what to think about a co-worker you’re around every day based on what you see them individually doing.

Discounting race will inevitably mean that you’re going to be perceived as "racially insensitive" though – because you will be. Discounting race in part means discounting race-based emotional reactions. If you’re not assuming that a Saudi is a crazed jihadist, then you should also not be assuming that they have great tender sensitivity about you speaking frankly of problems and dysfunctions in Islamic culture.

You can try to be empathetic and nice, but you’re going to inevitably hurt tender and sometimes dysfunctional sensibilities if you’re not anticipating and catering to them, but instead actively discounting them. If you’re not tippy-toeing around someone on the assumption that they might likely decide to childishly get their little feelings hurt over any possible perception of offense, then you’re going to step on a few toes.

That can be very good though – no pain, no gain. It’s infantilizing people to indulge such things, treating them like children who can’t be expected to handle regular frank adult conversation. It increases the separation and sense of not belonging, as someone gets the correct perception that people are not being open and honest with them. In my own experience, I’d ten times rather someone absolutely directly insult me than patronize me with "polite" silence or saying what they think I want to hear, like I can’t handle the truth.

Moreover, catering to or indulging inappropriate and dysfunctional attitudes only encourages more of them. Hard telling how much of such things is something that’s a function of truly hurt feelings versus how much is learned manipulative political behavior. For a classic pure example of the latter cast as comedy, think of the scene from Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy going off on the desk staff about no niggers being allowed in their hotel.

Whereas assuming that people of other ethnic backgrounds are intelligent and reasonable adults to be talked to normally minimizes such things. Axl Foley was raising hell like that in the Beverly Hills hotel because he figured correctly that it would get him the room he wanted. The correct answer at that point would have been for the hotel to have security toss the fool out on the sidewalk. If such things didn’t work, you wouldn’t get them nearly so much – and we’d all be better off.

So then, we should all try to discount race as much as reasonably possible. Also to the end of making that easier, we should all try not to embody the worst stereotypes of our people. Then we can all join hands and sing "Kum-Ba-Frickin-Yah" and, as John Prine would say, we’ll forgive each other till we both turn blue, then we’ll whistle and go fishing in heaven.

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  • Thanks Darryl. I know in my heart that I try to look past race, and that I’m consciously trying to be generous but honest and straight on these issues. On the other hand, having been told probably literally a thousand times just in comments here at BC that I’m Grand Poobah of the Klan and such, I start doubting myself from time to time.

    Specifically though, a lot of that comes from the likes of this Eric Daniels who was so hot and heavy on me a few months ago in this thread. He’s just absolutely set on hostility, and obviously thinks that his passionate emotional hatred and paranoia about white folks is in itself proof that we’re oppressing him, and that he’s a courageous crusader for Black Truth or something. I try to make nice, but what are you going to do?

  • daryl d

    Al, I don’t agree with a lot of your music reviews, but I know you’re not “racist.” The word has become a cliche of sorts.

  • For the white deniers and racial double standard types, here is some ditties from White America’s favorite bands who have influenced Murder,Rape, and Mayhem amongst your youth. And this will be my last post on this site, as many of my Black friends have told me in the past and recently, “White Americans wouldn’t know a double standard or truth if fucked them in the ass”. At least Joni Mitchell know these songs aren’t good for young white people.

    NIN first up at bat

    big man with a gun

    i am a big man
    (yes i am)
    and i have a big gun
    got me a big old dick and i
    i like to have fun
    held against your forehead
    i’ll make you suck it
    maybe i’ll put a hole in your head
    you know, just for the fuck of it
    i can reduce you if i want
    i can devour
    i’m hard as fucking steel, and i’ve got the power
    i’m every inch a man, and i’ll show you somehow
    me and my fucking gun
    nothing can stop me now
    shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
    i’m going to come all over you
    me and my fucking gun
    me and my fucking gun

    Not to be Outdone Marilyn Manson

    Get Your Gunn
    goddamn your righteous hand
    i eat innocent meat
    the housewife i will beat
    the prolife i will kill
    what you won’t do i will
    i bash myself to sleep
    what you sow i will reap
    i scar myself you see
    i wish i wasn’t me
    i am the little stick
    you stir me into shit
    goddamn your righteous hand
    goddamn, goddamn (oh, lord)
    goddamn, goddamn
    pseudo-morals work real well
    on the talk shows for the weak
    but your selective judgements
    and goodguy badges
    don’t mean a fuck to me
    i throw a little fit
    i slit my teenage wrist
    the most that i can learn
    is in records that you burn
    get your gunn, get your gunn
    get your gunn, get your gunn
    pseudo-morals work real well
    on the talk shows for the weak
    but your selective judgements
    and goodguy badges
    don’t mean a fuck to me
    i am the vhs
    record me with your fist
    you want me to save the world
    i’m just a little girl
    pseudo-morals work real well
    on the talk shows for the weak
    but your selective judgements
    and goodguy badges
    don’t mean a fuck to me
    get your gunn, get your gunn
    get your gunn, get your gunn…get

    And never to be outdone welcome to the wonderful world of Nercophillia courtsey of Slayer

    5. Necrophiliac

    [Lyrics Hanneman/King; Music Hanneman]

    Mortuaries, dead of night
    My body starts to rise
    In my mind the horror lives
    To feel death deep inside

    Relentless lust of rotting flesh
    To thrash the tomb she lies
    Heathen whore of Satan’s wrath
    I spit at your demise

    Virgin child now drained of life
    Your soul cannot be free
    Not given the chance to rot in Hell

    Satan’s cross points to Hell
    The earth I must uncover
    A passion grows to feast upon
    The frozen blood inside her

    I feel the urge the growing need
    To fuck this sinful corpse
    My tasks complete the bitch’s soul
    Lies raped in demonic lust

    [Lead – King]

    Her stomach bursts the casket breaks
    The seed has taken form
    A writhing shape of twisted flesh
    The Devil’s child is thrown

    Hungry for the smell of Death
    He rules forbidden evil
    Vengeance with a frenzied hatred
    The bastard now must die

    Lost souls of the dead
    Form legions that burst through Hell’s Gates
    Death of one sacrifice
    To avenge the raped corpse from the grave
    Blood of one mortal man
    The fire grows stronger within
    Fate of a frenzied lust
    Lucifer takes my dark soul

    Down to the fiery pits of Hell
    (Down to the fiery pits of HELL)

    [Lead – Hanneman]

    Now you to you WHITE anti P.C. ers that was some lyrical content don’t ya think. But I quess that’s why Black People hate white american folks more (If you read that Larry Elder book). You see what you want to see and hear. I bid U Adieu, and there is already a race war among us , It’s called American Politics. Just ask George Allen Jr. he loves the use of “Nigger” in his everday vocabulary, maybe he can join a rap group.

  • you break a few eggs to make an omlet I have always said, You Anti- P.C. types are senstive about race while you are skwering our ‘supposed leaders’ Jesse, Al, and Lewis. I hope that opening act of anti P.C. racial intlerance gets ya, You pricks going to call Al ‘there’s nothing wrong with tortuing a few towelheads’ Gonazales. Give me a freakin break, you ‘tolerance’ pains me like a boil on my ass.

  • Eric:

    Going back to your comments in #40:

    Cracker, I used to pray 5 times a day that white people would be exterminated from god’s green earth, now I realize that the Arabs are now doing God’s work which is a goood thing.

    Osama & Co. do not care about race. Beyond their terrorist activities, their ultimate goal is to exterminate every person on this earth who refuses to convert to Islam. They probably also seek to label all moderate Muslims who get in their way as heretics and kill them off, too.

    I must say, it was a great day seeing the charred remains of burning white flesh and the Twin Towers destroyed. Prayers do come true and I only have to thank some Arabs in a cave.

    So, you don’t think there were any blacks in those buildings? You don’t think there were any blacks in the vicinity of the towers who were killed by falling debris? I don’t think the hijacker telephoned ahead to arrange the evacuation of all blacks. Maybe I’m just misinformed.

    What’s the deal with the term “cracker” anyway? (aside from its white color)

  • What foolishness? Please cite a lyric by Manson or NIN that would incite a listener to slaughter people because I have yet to kill anyone.

  • Eric,

    I read this and your blog and was hoping you could answer a question for me (we’ve already had the debate with Richard and a few others here at blogcritics).

    Without using circular logic, could you please define the black race for me? I think the scientific evidence does not support the concept of race, but you seem to quite aware of it. So please – what is the black race? White race? How would you factually describe them? There is of course racism from all sides but isn’t the very first step in racism the categorizing of individuals based on meaningless physical traits? We all have ancestors, and yes, they came from somewhere. So what?

    I look forward to your insights.

  • zingzing

    and al, you give nwa too much credit. how they are any better or worse than manson is unknown to me. i don’t know how you could know any different. and to say, “None of them inspire the kind of mass devotion from black and white kids as some of the gangster rappers” obviously shows you miss the point. is there some sort of mass group of black and white kids running around being gangsters? yes, there is a small mass. but IT was there before gangster rap. gangster rap is a reaction to IT. and IT is not getting worse, it’s getting better. maybe gangster rap is actually helping out by giving kids a fantasy outlet for such… fantasies.

    likewise, a few kids shooting up schools does not mean that most, or even many, or even more than a few kids who listen to this type of music will do any such thing. and most of them will have many more reasons other than “marylin told me to.” like, they’re absolutely nuts.

  • Brother Daniels, you’re giving Marilyn Manson et al WAY too much credit. None of them inspire the kind of mass devotion from black and white kids as some of the gangster rappers. The Columbine thing was an isolated event, and you’re reaching pretty far for a political point to slap blame on these singers for that.

    Again, I am not at all defending these crappy metal/alternative bands, but just not giving them credit for having that much juice. Even if they did, they’re generally not nearly so determinedly down-the-line anti-social as NWA. They pretty well set a nihilistic milestone. I suppose you’d have to consider that a significant artistic achievement.

    And yes, certainly plenty of white kids are listening to the gangster rap, and it’s certainly not good for little white boys either. However, perhaps in this area it is generally a little easier for suburban white kids to discern that line between artistic fantasy and reality. But for any impressionable young person, this is not a good influence.

    I don’t know how many kids would literally go out and join gangs who wouldn’t have otherwise. I might guess not very many. That’s a lot of influence to lay on a record. But you can see how these records do somewhat influence in the direction of rudeness and low level anti-social behavior as some kind of hip norm- and that’s not just black kids. I don’t see Manson having that kind of juice.

    Also, how is invoking The Shield dishonest? Are you saying that there are NOT a lot of at-risk black kids being brought up on rap from the cradle? I’d like to believe that.

    Also, The Shield is noted for at least a kind of artistically idealized realism. Those preteen kids wouldn’t likely have been arrested, in that they weren’t doing anything at all. Officer Lowe was talking to them as possible witnesses. Or perhaps you’re going to argue that it’s reality that all black people are harassed all of the time, even if they’re innocent and very young.

  • zingzing

    ahem. but prince certainly influences me in the sack. that’s hard to say without sounding… you know… you know what i mean. instruction. ideas. i go round when i go down. (i was young.)

  • zingzing

    eric: “NIN, Slayer, Manson and KDFM music inspried the greatest school slaughter in modern U.S. history.”

    saying that is just like saying that nwa inspires gang warfare. it’s possible, but only a small part of the puzzle. without a load of other reasons, neither gang bullshit, nor school shooting bullshit would happen. how about the fact that guns are so easy for teenagers to get their hands on? or the lack of economic and social opportunity for some of these kids? or bad parenting?

    music is not a murder weapon on either side of the fence.

  • eric daniels

    That’s my point excatly, NIN, Slayer, Manson and KDFM music inspried the greatest school slaughter in modern U.S. history. To dismiss those groups and acts is white malfescence at it’s worse. People of your ilk will go around criticizing NWA like they represent some Black Man’s rebellion when their auidence is primairly white and male.

    Since most of Hip- Hop’s consumers are White and the people who sign these ‘black acts” are white themselves and are fronting these vanity labels maybe they should take some of the blame, quoting televison series like “The Shield” is intellectual dishonesty at it’s worse it is Hollywood after all. In real life those black kids would have gone to J.V . Hall unlike “officer friendly ” would have given to those ‘misguided white youth’. People like you ignore facts to justify your politcal agenda.

  • Mr Daniels, I don’t believe I’ve said anything indicating that I am “offended” by you. I’m not. I do think you’re talking silly shit, but it doesn’t even begin to get my goat. Likewise, this Brodie fool with his version of race war nonsense doesn’t particularly offend me either.

    Having followed the link to your blog, I apologize for having doubted your blackness. People were doubting that, however, not just to be schmucks, but because some of this racial foolishness you talk it so ridiculous that it sounds like something a caricature that some redneck would put in the mouth of a black man to show how lowdown they think you are.

    I was particularly reading your essay on “Why I Am the Way I Am.” I appreciate your comments about not being impressed with mere degrees and pretty words. It takes more than that to actually be saying something meaningful. However, I might suggest that mere cynicism, anger and belligerance do not constitute proof that you are deep, either. On the other hand, giving recognition to TTD’s Vibrator does indicate some powers of discernment. I certainly have to give you that.

    As to not criticizing metal bands, do please let me correct that ommission. I have pretty little use for the ones you name, Slayer, NIN, Manson. I listen to NWA, the Getto Boys, and some fair amount of hip-hop generally. I don’t listen to any of those crappy bands.

    I suppose I would consider those bands bad influences on kids or something, if I could stand to listen to them long enough to parse their non-musical crap out. But still, they’re not the same as some of the rap in terms of their meaning and influence.

    I don’t think that anyone much would look to those bands as role models particularly. They wouldn’t likely take Slayer as some model of ethnic identity the way NWA is taken. I don’t think very many people would look up to Marilyn Manson as someone they would aspire to emulate. Least ways, I hope not.

  • Dan

    Eric, give it up. Shark has already outed you as a “FICTIONAL AFRICAN-AMERICAN CHARACTER who will epitomize the worst of the worst.” His racially sensitive mental acuity has determined that your “style and use of language is a dead give-away”. You can’t be black.

    Unless you smoke KOOL’s.

  • zingzing

    eric… that’s not at all the point i was trying to make. most of africa is, in fact, a lovely place. i was trying to say you can’t force people from the place that they live.

  • Zing Zing,[Edited] there is ethnic strife in Europe or have we forgotten

    3.Basque( spain)

    and how many in the “old country” I can mention, [Edited] if anything, Europe is more crime and war -ridden than modern Europe. Learn more about countries before you believe in the ‘conservative’ media tells you about a 45 nations in the continnet of Africa. [Edited]

    [Eric, this site has a Comments Policy against personal attacks and you went too far here. Your colour blind Comments Editor]

  • IgnatiusReilly

    aw, come on, Shark. I love reading the comments of white conservatives who tell us how their skin color didn’t give them any opportunities as they fail to realize the point is that it didn’t take away.

    What’s truly amusing is Al felt the need to write this specific piece as if his other articles didn’t already make it clear.

  • And yes Barger I am black and proud and unlike ‘those’ other blacks I am not ashamed of saying my anti- p.c. views on our conversation with race, just view my URL.

  • mY POINT EXCATLY SDHARK, people like Barger are the biggest racists because one minute he is spourting some NWA faux crap when he will not even criticize Metal bands like Slayer, NIN, Manson or other white rock bands in his typical white conservative consending way rails against politcal correctness, and when Barger,Brodie and the rest of ‘white male victim brigade’ gets a load of anti- Black P.C. they turn around and call people like me offensive.

    It’s takes a racist to call somebody one. And to criticize Black Culture like Barger, white boy just you know about 5 black people worked in a convenice store and listened to NWA (which white males like you bought to sell that 3 million copies ) does not mean you know Black Americans. And Bordie you want me to leave this country, come up 500,000 dollars and I will leave your god forasken country tommorow. But hey, we all are anti- P.C. so let’s party any more insults?


    Here’s how it works:

    1) Barger posts some “essay” dancing around “race issues” with an implicit, “I don’t dislike Negroes because of their race, but they DO need to buck up and behave” shit — which, btw, just barely hides his distain for them; (but wait a while; it will start to appear in his responses to comments).

    2) As planned, Barger’s “essay” attracts his Indiana intellectual redneck friends [Al always notifies them via email when he has posted a real ‘doozy’] — and at least a few nuts who make Hitler sound like Oprah Winfrey. (Richard Brodie, fer instance)

    3) As PLANNED, Barger’s essay ALSO attracts some FICTIONAL AFRICAN-AMERICAN CHARACTER who will epitomize the worst of the worst. The writer’s style and use of language is a dead give-away — but well-intentioned, rational folks take THE BAIT anyway.

    4) Barger’s standard chickenshit disclaimer that he “sometimes” writes about “things involving racial issues” is betrayed by the fact that his essays only serve to bring out the worst in just about everybody who participates. But our aspiring Senatorial Candidate LOVES to pour Gasoline on the Race fire.

    5) Barger’s faux-intellectual “debate” technique is undermined by his love of folksy personal anecdotes: witness his universal Darwinian observation based on his experience as a CLERK in a fucking convenience store. [C’mon, readers: You didn’t laugh when you first read that crap?]

    6) Barger eventually gets to bring up RAP LYRICS as a sign of the Apocalypse, as if he’s REAL concerned about what happens to African-American youth around the country. He also gets a “legitimate” opportunity to type “nigger” on his keyboard — I’m sure his little White Toddler gets hard in the process — and he is certain to add the words “gangster” and “thugs” to his vast Sociological Terminology.

    7) And if yer REAL lucky, he’ll polish off the opposition with a SCARY ANECDOTE from a FUCKING FICTIONAL TV SERIES he saw last season.

    8) …followed by a flurry of emails between Al and his “supporters” — folks like “Just One Man” and “Richard Brodie”

    ~Hope yer proud of yerself, Barger; of all the ways you could have contributed, this — and dozens of “essays” like it here in the Blogcritics archive — are your childish, demented legacy of provocation.

    OH, and did I mention:

    This thread needs to die.

  • Alex, there certainly IS a LOT wrong with what Eazy E and NWA said, and it’s a significant sign of the deterioration of our culture – especially the part of it coming from the black community – that young kids like you (I’m guessing you’re a teenager) would not see anything wrong with their nihilistic gangster scenario. Please allow me to elucidate.

    What’s wrong with the NWA gangster scenario is that it simply will not function. If people all started acting like NWA songs, the streets would be flowing with blood and social structure and function would cease. We couldn’t have convenience stores – much less delicate and complicated stuff like hospitals to patch up Eazy E’s victims – with gangster thugs running wild and shooting anyone who so much as looks at them funny. It would be the apocalypse, in short. Anyone of whatever race acting out the crap out of NWA songs would have to be locked up or, preferably, put down.

    Which reminds me of The Shield episode “The Cure”, in which a bunch of 8 and 10 year old black kids taunt Officer Lowe with their elaborate impromptu a capella performance of “Fuck the Police.” That record was from before they were born, but I find it only too easily believable that those kids would know NWA better than the Bible or any history or civics type book or movie.

    From my point of view, by the way, NWA et al aren’t so much the problem as is the kind of parents of whatever ethnic background who would be letting their young kids grow up on that kind of poison.

  • zingzing

    richard brodie, “good” racist: “whites flee north to escape black and hispanic genocide against European Americans…”

    mmhmm. and why do you think the blacks and hispanics will try and kill us all?

    “…and unwanted mud in the north flows back down…”

    oh yeah, because yer a stinkin racist.

    i’m arrogant? because i know you know i know you aren’t the dumbass you try to claim to be? huh? i was just praising your obvious intelligence… sorry bout that, man.

  • Alex

    thats some crazy bullshit
    #1. what u said about the cigerettes has no point same wit tha coke flavors…..marblros r some of the worst cigeretes ever there is a reason not to buy them
    #2 dont say shit about eazy e, theres nuthen wrong wit what NWA says have u ever heard there song express yoself u should go listen to it if u havent
    thats all i wanna right but u should think before u write bullshit like this next time

  • Don’t presume to tell me what I know and don’t know, you arrogant son of a bitch.

    When the wheels start coming off in this country – either by nukes brought across our unprotected borders and set off in a few big cities, and/or economic collapse from the double big-spending whammy of immigration/welfare (both corporate and individual) combined with a megalomanic president’s costly worldwide imperialistic adventurism – then the racial boundaries will get redrawn, as whites flee north to escape black and hispanic genocide against European Americans, and unwanted mud in the north flows back down of its own accord into more compatible and tropically congenial third world puddles.

  • Mr. Brodie — What about those of us who are evolved to the point where obsolete notions of tribalism are very much against our nature?

    “Keeping to one’s own kind” was probably a very useful instinct before we became industrialized, but in the modern world, our advancing technological abilities have rendered it vestigial.

    If you’re performing this shock jock routine just to get attention, it is not my place to judge. Go ahead, get your jollies. But know that you are one of the reasons why I haven’t been around here very much lately.

    If you’re for real, I think you’re more peculiar than offensive, more aberrant than disgusting. You’re like a traffic accident I cannot help but turn to look at with morbid fascination.

    The thing about one-percenters is that you don’t run across them very often, and when you do, nine times out of ten, they turn out to be flamebaiters putting on a show to stir up the part of the 99%, who cannot resist such controversial oddities.

    Your URL links to National Vanguard, but are you actually a member of that organization?

  • zingzing

    oh, shut up eric. yer a liar and a blowhard. how come you aren’t out there leadin the fuckin revolution then? too pussy? aww. let me scratch the back of your head. fuck off.

  • zingzing

    you can try and say i proved a point of yours, but i didn’t and you know it. you are a racist, eric is a racist. done.

    if you are a defensive racist, you are still a racist. if you are an offensive racist (these are terms i have never heard before), then you are a racist. sure, there is a difference, but you are still a racist either way, and the VAST majority of the population wants nothing to do with you.

    if you want nationality and race to mean the same thing, where are you going to go? can’t very well force all the black people and latinos and asians off of this land, as it’s not your land to begin with. this is not a white place. you would be the one who would have to leave. have you even thought about this stuff? sure, you could name a place, but how are you going to get all the other people out of there? how are you going to persuade all those of african decent to go back to africa, where people starve, there are fucking lions everywhere and it’s hotter than hell? are all the white people going to go to europe? would kinda get cramped over there, eh?

    you don’t have to think about these things though. 99.9% of the population is quite happy to co-exist. america is a multicultural place. if you don’t want to live in a multicultural place, then don’t live here.

  • Poor babies, you crackers can dish punishment but when a black person is open about how he sees the world you want to spin you intellectual bullshit. Brodie you “crackers” do have a nation It’s called Idaho. And frankly you klan fucks need to worry about 30% percent Of Blacks who have kept silent while you have been mouthing off. We have about had it with your race, go play your Lynrd Skynrd records and leave Afro- Americans alone.

    Colin Ferguson, John Muhumaad and Lee Malvo have done a service to engender the ultimate war that hsould have happened in the 60’s no thanks to Black Liberals, Bobby Kennedy, and the fucking hippies.

  • happy richard?

    I’m happy that you proved my point by choosing to target me while ingnoring eric. Your flimsy excuse, that you singled out me because HIS racism is “obvious” doesn’t fly. Certainly you don’t want to imply that mine is any less obvious do you?

    To your meaningless: “i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again, a racist is a racist is a racist”

    I’ll say once again myself, that there are offensive and defensive racists. eric’s comments clearly reveal that he is one of the former, malevolent types, revelling in the idea of a bloody race war, and gleefully anticipating being able to “kill a few white babies.” My comments on the other hand make it clear that I am one of the latter, benevolent types who wants merely to leave alone and be left alone – one who is a true advocate of the preservation of REAL human diversity, as opposed to a diversity killing multiculti corporate dupe who, in the name of diversity, advocates socio/political policies guaranteed to eliminate diversity, in the interest of the lubricating oneworldization of global trade.

  • zingzing

    that eric is disgusting is obvious. race war? come on. that’s manson’s game.

    you want it? eric, you are also disgusting. equally as disgusting as disgusting old richard here. you disgust me.

    happy richard?

    i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again, a racist is a racist is a racist, be they “good” or “bad,” black or white.

  • But of course eric is not. Or at least we don’t want to express such a thought out loud, lest we offend his delicate minority sensibilities. Thanks for providing a concrete example of the racist discrimination I alluded to in my own second paragraph at #38.

  • zingzing

    richard, you are disgusting.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I’m reading all this and trying to figure out whose coat I should offer to hold…

    I would say that I’m so glad I got away from the racism in America, but then I listen here to how Kurdish Jews hate Yemeni Jews and how the both of them are insulted if you call them Syrian or Moroccan… Mind you I belong to none of these groups.

    Life is all love and joy in the Holy Land, as you can all see…

  • Nigger named Eric charged for phoney report of cracker attack.

    Well, I guess this disproves larry’s statement (#57) that there “aint no brother named eric!”

  • eric,

    Your not going to succeed in trying to pick a fight with me. I have no desire for a race war, nor do I want to “kill a few niggers.”

    I’d just like to see mud people like you, and every other variety, have the kind of pride in their own races that you evidently do, so that you would all want to live separately and apart from us “rat and pig descendants”, and not want to pollute your own genetic heritage, let alone ours, by raping decent white women or impregnating some sno-ho.


    BARGER: “I’m… pretty skeptical here about the broad insinuations of horrible everyday racism… What, some white kid called you a bad name on the playground in third grade?”

    Wow. That didn’t take long, did it?

    But I don’t think you’re a “racist”; I think you’re probably worse than a “racist”.

    Barger, no shit:

    ~for you to equate THE EFFECTS of a few hundred years of racism in America to a name-calling incident on an elementary school playground is just fucking beyond belief.

    From here on out, EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS SUSPECT.

    Anyway, after reading this thread — I gotta go take a shower.

  • aint no brother named eric! given names are used in discrimination , in job applications , loan apps and college apps!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Jet @ #49 No.

  • Brother West, I’m inclined to agree with your suspicion that this eric daniels is most likely in fact a white guy thinking he’s pulling our chains to make a point.

    In fairness though, he makes a reasonably good point: if you took a lot of this NWA and such any kind of seriously, you’d be likely to end up talking nonsense like this guy.

    Brother Q Bit, on the other hand, seems much more like an actual human being. I don’t know much to say to you about your unspecified persecutions, but there are mean hateful people all over. We all have to deal with them in our different ways. The best we can do most often is to discount our own subjective perceptions of severity and significance of stuff as much as we can.

  • Barger you are full of shite, that phony neo-conservative rhetoric all dressed up intellectual B.S.on the question of race and Politcal Correctness. I have grown tired of crackers like you (hey that’s the proper term for whites in south) trying to wrap your articles with the veneer of ‘tolerance ‘ and colorblindness when it is not possible in America or any society ask Osama he killed plenty of your race that grand day.

    To Brodie, anytime you and your racial decesendants of rat and pig want to start tha glorious race war count me in, since you want and your followers want to kill a few niggers, I can’t wait to strike and kill a few white babies provactive enough for you Barger.

    p.s. Brodie, Hitler would never have white american crackers like you because your people are decsendants of rat and pig because all you ‘crackers’ (the proper term for whitey in the south) the inferior white trash, not the blond eyed aryan of your Nordic dreams.

  • AL:

    Of course you have the right to be skeptical and that’s alright. If I were you, I guess I might have had similiar opinions.

    But I am not–I’m coming from what I have seen and felt.

    It’s not even about the white folks are not being smart and sensitive enough to understand. There are lots of situations in life, where you had to be in the right shoes to find out how the walk feels like.

    As regards your other comments like white kid in a playground or victimhood contest, I think those are irrelevant unless your objective is to dilute the substance.

    I don’t find your comments insensitive but I realize you wear a different shoe.

  • Yeah Q Bit, I’m afraid I’ma have to be pretty skeptical here about the broad insinuations of horrible everyday racism that’d curl my toes if only whitey were smart and sensitive enough to understand. What, some white kid called you a bad name on the playground in third grade?

    You write as if white folks all live good-times-noodle-salad lives, or as if none of us have experience as an object of hatred. If you like, we could have a victimhood contest, and conjure up personal stories to compete for the title of most hated and oppressed.

  • AL

    You said:
    I’m aware that I am white. I understand that this is considered advantageous by many people, but I can’t tell how it’s ever been an advantage to me personally. Perhaps I’m secretly super privileged and just don’t know how spoiled I am. Or perhaps some of that stuff is overblown.

    If you were non-white, you wouldn’t write that.

    I could fill up pages if I tell you my personal experiences. But I won’t. There are certain aspects of life, that I have accepted. May be someday I’d write an article here @BC.

    Let me just tell you this- because you are white you have saved yourself from lots of harassment–and am being polite when I said “harassment”.

    Even if I tell you every detail of what I have been through over the years, you’d still not be able to fathom how I felt, unless you face them yourself.

    However, such encounters are few and far between. But again, even few such encounters (not hundreds or thousands) in life could turn your worldview upside down.

  • Al, if the Indiana senator thing doesn’t work out, you could always run for mayor of Please.

  • Ruvy, did you think I was attacking Isael when I wrote the article on the oil slick of the coast of Lebanon?

  • Please, I am not trying to make any points. We are all bigots that’s life in america. I don’t have to pretend and keep quiet like many Black Americans.

  • Eric, come on. Anyone can find and post a photograph. Don’t get all defensive because I figured you out. You’re a white guy pretending to be black so you can make a silly point.

    You should really work on your delivery so it’s not so obvious that you’re white.

  • “Are you admitting that you are anti-“Dem”ite? or is that “Dumb”ite?”

    I have it on good faith that Dave Nalle is a rabid anti-dentite.

  • For once…I actually agree with you.

    I think hell just froze over.

  • I just love how you “polloccks, kikes wops,krauts, gooks, slopes, nips, japs, chinks, spics, and any other white ethnic slur I can come up with so easily say the word ‘Nigger’ frankly I love it, and makes i so easy when to have no empathy for the white race, some of people will use Katrina to try to rile me. But I don’t care becaue it just convinces me more that the only solution to our race problems is another civil war the way it should have been and the one Dr. King, SCLC, and the other Black allies of white people stopped.

  • eric daniels

    Oh like a black man does not have the courage to say what he believes in his heart to be true. you can’t deny anything I said so you call me “a racist”. go to eric’s punkfunksoulexpericence for the proof.

  • eric daniels

    So What, there are much worse things to be Mr. West than a bigot. At least I am an honest one. So I will go to heaven because I admitted what I was how about you?

  • Aha! Eric Daniels, you’re really a white guy just trying to pull something here, aren’t you?

  • eric daniels

    Cracker, I used to pray 5 times a day that white people would be exterminated from god’s green earth, now I realize that the Arabs are now doing God’s work which is a goood thing personally. I love the way you call me a “Nigger” at least my prayers came true on Sept 11 when whitey learned how to finally fly. I must say, it was a great day seeing the charred remains of burning white flesh and the Twin Towers destroyed. Prayers do come true and I only have to thank some Arabs in a cave.

    I HAVE A JOKE !!!


  • Eric,

    before he died, he reocniled that most whites in this country were unconcious racists.

    He also recognized that most blacks are too. Every human being is.

    i don’t care If people label me a ‘black racist’

    How about just a plain ol’ racist? Do you mind if people call you that?

    You’re a racist.

  • eric says:

    I think personally the races would be much better off creating their own communities … and sepaarating in their personal and social lives like we are now except let’s make it legal.

    I would just replace “communities” with “nations”, and “legal” with “mandatory.” I mean, if you realize that segregation by communities would be good, wouldn’t segregation by countries be even better?

    I don’t care If people label me a ‘black racist’

    People around here on blogcritics don’t really mind if a nigger like you proudly admits to being a black separtist. But just let a honky like me admit to being a white separatist and listen to all the multicultis howl!

    people like Cosby, Juan Williams are weak because they believe in the American idea and want whites like you to love and accept them. I say B.S.embrace this society’s hatred of us (Black Americans) and build our own world

    That’s the healthiest talk I’ve every heard from a black man. You’re so right when you say:

    MLK was wrong in his view that White Americans were capable of brotherhood in any sort of way, and before he died he “recognized” [mistyping correction] that most whites in this country were unconcious racists

    The key word here is “unconscious”. Racism is a natural, good thing. Because European Americans have been brainwashed into thinking it’s bad, they supress the natural desire that every human being has to live among his own kind. If they weren’t the subjects of this horrible social experiment, where different races are commanded to go against nature and to integrate and intermix, then there could be a feeling, if not of brotherhood, at least of mutual respect for different, geographcially separate racial communities.

    It’s too bad Abraham Lincoln’s plan to repatriate the slaves back to Africa was not carried out. It would have saved both sides a whole lot of grief.


    Hey guys, call me when ya do Arabs, Muslims, Dot-heads, Towelheads, Islamo-fascists, et al.

    I just got back from the local convenience store — arriving at my small, curry-smelling, family-owned motel where I’ll be staying the night — and I’m loaded fer bear.

  • eric daniels

    I don’t care If people label me a ‘black racist’ like Macheavelli said in “The Prince”, “IT’S BETTER TO BE FEARED THAN LOVED”. In view people like Cosby, Juan Williams are weak because they believe in the American idea and want whites like you to love and accept them. I say B.S.embrace this society’s hatred of us (Black Americans) and build our own world only this time unlike Tulsa,Tulia and other successful all- black that your race destroyed, we can fight back with equal force.


    We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin:


    You’re about to experience
    a virtual flood
    of racial, stereotyping

    Caveat Emptor.

  • if what comes out of a person from one race’s mouth pisses off another person from another race it is (mis)considered racist.

    whether or not it is racist is debatable, though no one really admits to being racist.
    this is a common excuse i get tired of hearing, “i’m not a racist..this friend of mine is black/white”
    LOL…so the fuck what?!?!?!

    anyways some are just more sensitive than others; both ‘offenders’ and ‘offendees'(?).

  • eric daniels

    So Barger, I can say that Crystal Meth are destroying the white family unit in America or because I am a Black Man, I can’t say those things because I will be labeled as racist. I also think the reason that Muslims don’t want American or Western culture in their midst, is becaue White American Women dress Like sluts on the pole in strip clubs (black women also dress this way unfortuantely) and have no sense of modesty. I think personally the races would be much better off creating their own communities via Plessy v. Ferguson and sepaarating in their personal and social lives like we are now except let’s make it legal.

    I also work in an arena and do rock shows and Think that White Youth are amongnst the most racist, violent, uncivilized, drug using people I have encountered in my years working shows (I can’t avoid making sterotypes because every concert I see their behavior in full view) White Women who do not know the word modesty in dress and decourm,wearing 6 inch heels and carrying their children how am I supposed to respect White Americans when they allow their sons and daughters to carry on like they had no parental guidence. At a Rolling Stones show I had to beat a drunk white male to a pulp for assaulting me.

    I have also done Hip- Hop, classic R&B, Funk and Black Plays and outside of black teenagers dancing in the asiles a bit too much much during a Bow Wow set, these kids and so- called ‘thugs’ you rail against in your writings are the most polite people I have encountered. I may not like Modern Black Pop Music, but I respect their courtsey. Racism like sex is a peramment part of American Life, MLK was wrong in his view that White Americans were capable of brotherhood in any sort of way and before he died, he reocniled that most whites in this country were unconcious racists.

  • [Shark’s brain freezes as he tries to imagine what physiological/evolutionary component in Nature caused all those African tribesmen to continue ordering Kool cigarettes and Big Red soft drinks for the last twenty or 20,000 years or so.]

    It was all the constant tribal warfare and disease. They needed the cigs to cope, and the sugar to get them out of bed every morning to face the day.


    Barger: “…there clearly are racial patterns to human behavior…”

    [Shark’s brain freezes as he tries to imagine what physiological/evolutionary component in Nature caused all those African tribesmen to continue ordering Kool cigarettes and Big Red soft drinks for the last twenty or 20,000 years or so.]


    PS: Al, excellent attempt to be provocative! As you’ve probably noticed, Blogcritics has become mighty friggin’ BORING lately — and I appreciate your attempt to liven things up with a sorta useless, but clever anachronistic analysis. I don’t harbor any real high hopes for any major conflicts, tho, but at least ya got to type “nigger” on yer keyboard.


    Shark [elitist, intellectual white trash]

  • Al:

    Miss Dragonfyre, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but if I’m too PC for you, you’re kinda out there. Actually, I meant for the title to embrace the insulting accusation of “insensitivity,”

    I caught that. I was just being sarcastic.

  • I know I have criticized Israel; perhaps I haven’t done so on BC. Maybe I’ve not read any posts that have particularly provoked criticism.

    Now, Ruvy, I appreciate the fact that you haven’t construed my occasional criticisms of YOU as anti-Semitic. And that you haven’t taken them personally. 🙂

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Mike, I’ve been looking for your criticisms of Israel in your comments and haven’t really found any. But from the tenor of your other posts, you do not write like an anti-Semite.

    Of course, you should also consider that the harshest critic of Israel and Israeli policy (as well of Jews generally) on this board is me…

  • leslie Bohn

    That was a response to Clavos, BTW, in his #17. And Clavos, I’m married, so lay off the sweet talk.

  • Leslie Bohn

    The issue is discussed in Bruce Schneier’s Beyond Fear — Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World.
    There was an article from Salon here.

    Law professor David Harris has written a couple of books about this and has appeared on NPR and other places as a guest. I haven’t read his books, but there are probably some web interviews out there with him.

    I also recommend reading the NYPD’s report (it came out in the wake of the Amadou Diallo case) about their stop-and-frisk policy. Of course, this report is not about profiling re:terrorism, but its conclusions about the ineffectiveness of racial profiling are revealing.

  • JustOneMan


    Are you admitting that you are anti-“Dem”ite? or is that “Dumb”ite?

  • Of course Israel is full of Jews. So is New York City. If you hate either of them solely because they are full of Jews then you’re a racist. If you hate them for other reasons – and there are plenty – then you’re not.

    And no, I’m not the PC police. If I was I’d have to become a Democrat and that’s a fate too horrible to contemplate.


  • JustOneMan

    Dave…definition Israel is full of Jews…

    By the way who made you the PC police?

  • You both know me, insofar as this blog allows; do you consider me anti-Semitic? I’ve criticized Israel without attacking, and I’d propose that I work hard, possibly harder than any regular commenter, to approach these discussions with fairness.

    When you attack Israel I’m willing to take it seriously because you do come from a fair and rational perspective. When Richard Brodie or some others here attack Israel I’m going to call it anti-semitism, because their motivation is not opposition to Israel’s actions and behavior, but to the mere fact that they are Jews. And that’s the key difference.

    If you object to what Israel does, you’ve got a fair position. If you object to Israel just because it exists then you’re not being reasonable. And if you object to Israel because it’s full of Jews, then you’re a racist.


  • JustOneMan

    Why do people cower and beg forgiveness because they are called racist or an anti-semite…thats whats wrong with this race card crap….

  • Miss Dragonfyre, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but if I’m too PC for you, you’re kinda out there. Actually, I meant for the title to embrace the insulting accusation of “insensitivity,” much as Ayn Rand embraced the supposed insult when she titled a book The Virtue of Selfishness.

    Heloise, I’m aware that I am white. I understand that this is considered advantageous by many people, but I can’t tell how it’s ever been an advantage to me personally. Perhaps I’m secretly super privileged and just don’t know how spoiled I am. Or perhaps some of that stuff is overblown.

    Criticism of Israel is not necessarily anti-Semitism in theory, but in the practice at this point it mostly is. The Jews try very hard to play nice, but get 100x more crap than the wicked people trying to destroy them. Tell me how that’s not race. No other group would be expected to tolerate the nonsense the Israelis do.

    Depending on the behavior of the person wearing it, I would tend to be amused by a person of color wearing a “back off whitey” shirt – so long as they take my “Fightin’ Whiteys” cap likewise in stride.

  • Dave, Ruvy,

    You’re right. Often it is. But not always.

    Who a person is determines whether what they say is actually racist.

    You both know me, insofar as this blog allows; do you consider me anti-Semitic? I’ve criticized Israel without attacking, and I’d propose that I work hard, possibly harder than any regular commenter, to approach these discussions with fairness.

  • Clavos


    And not from a civil rights organization or other biased source.

  • Clavos

    #s 12 & 14:

    I wasn’t saying we should use racial profiling exclusively. To not use it at all is the height of stupidity.


    Studies have shown that when law enforcement concentrates on race, their success rate is lower.

    I call bullshit.

    What studies? Show us a couple. Link to them.

  • JustOneMan

    “Studies have ASLO shown that when employment and college entrance concentrates on race, their success rate is MUCH lower.”

  • JustOneMan

    Gee we use racial profiling when apllying to college, applying for a job, securing a loan,etc….but not when getting on a plane…go figure..

  • Leslie Bohn

    We shouldn’t use racial profiling at these checkpoints because it doesn’t work very well. Studies have shown that when law enforcement concentrates on race, their success rate is lower.

    Better to concetrate on behavior, a much more reliable indicator.

  • ervin

    The concept of race as a dividing issue can be surmised by those who gained the most from the dividing of the races. The concept of color without the debating the origin of color is deceptive. The discussion of the races and the origin of the races will lead to the origin of the current world situations, and the solutions for the current wars. however, to discuss the origin of colors one would have to debate wether or not the current divisions of the people existed prior to the division of the color of people.

  • Nancy

    While no 5-year-old or 80-year-old granny is going to be trying to take over any cockpit, they may indeed be the unwitting carrier for some REAL terrorist asshole of boxcutters, bombs, etc. so not knowing how the screening works, it seems to me you can’t rule them out, either, because the 5-yr-old is too young to know any better, and frequently the 80-yr-old is too dim or confused as well, and both may be easily intimidated. Then there are all the fools who figure if someone else asks them to carry something, ‘why not?’ especially if they’re paid to do it. After all, look at all the drug mules we catch, some stupid enough or cowed enough to actually ingest the stuff! They come in all ages & conditions.

    Those anti-white T-shirts you mention (#10) remind me of the hypocrisy of muslims: better not insult ME, but I can insult YOU at will, & I will be upset with anything YOU say, but I don’t care about far worse atrocities MY side commits.

    Yeah, the job thing is pretty insulting, not to mention rude. The justification I’ve heard is that it is required in order to prevent discrimination lawsuits: as long as they have sufficient time after they interview you to contend they’ve found a better applicant, you can’t charge them with bias.

  • Clavos

    Excellent article, Al.

    IMO, the most dangerous PC in vogue these days is the idea we shouldn’t use racial profiling at airport and other sensitive security checkpoints.

  • I agree, Al. I currently live in a dangerous neighborhood, and if I didn’t profile (racially or otherwise), I doubt I would’ve remained safe these past few years.

    You know what REALLY pisses me off? the shirts in Spencer’s and Hot Topic that say “back off cracka/whitey,” or the like. Whites are expected to say nothing, but if a shirt came out saying “back off n****,” there’d be a freakin’ outrage, and the ACLU and NAACP would immediately swoop down like carrion birds. WTF??

    But I’m disappointed in you. All this venom about PC, and you chose a PC title! You’re not “racially insensitive,” you’re a realist.

    Nancy: I’m with ya. I think being straight forward and blunt with people shows them a LOT more respect then faking politeness in the name of social mores. For this reason, I hate job interviews. “we’ll be in touch.” Hell, if you’re excluding me from further consideration, tell me NOW, to my face, not in a form letter a month later. Fuck decorum.

    But, perhaps I’m just socially challenged because .

    I’m an asshole, and I approve this message.

  • JustOneMan

    Nancy….so does all this “interracial” discussion arouse you?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Brother Al, for the most part, I find little to disagree with in this essay, and Mike, I’m glad you feel likewise.

    And in a ideal sense, criticism of Israel and Israeli policy SHOULD NOT BE ANTI-SEMITISM. But as Dave Nalle points out, too often it is. And since Israel is the vessel of Jewish destiny (this was not a sure thing 45 years ago), this is no surprise.

  • Heloise

    I am surprised you did not mention the latest study that hawks how white people are aware of their whiteness. I call it “mighty whitey” syndrome.

    You fit the mold. Whether or not you admit it you are still aware of the tender of whiteness.


  • Nancy

    Just as well, because IMO PC has been ‘way overdone to the point of near-criminal ridiculousness.

  • The nonsense term “racism” is defined subjectively and then exploited for racially motivated reasons, depending on the person or group involved. (Accept white Gentiles who are not supposed to show racial aggression.)

    But most of you are on a sinking ship, if you embrace the cult of political correctness.

    The wheels are coming off from political correctness. This book review for — The Demographic Struggle for Power: The Political Economy of Demographic Engineering in the Modern World — helped swayed my thinking:

    From review:
    “The Demographic Struggle for Power is one of the most straightforward and factual accounts now available of how ethnic animosity creates conflict and violence. In a study that focuses on the Balkans but covers all parts of the world, Prof. Bookman takes for granted a central fact of human nature that multi-racial dreamers ignore: Ethnic identity and the desire to preserve it are among the most powerful forces on earth. Perhaps because she is a Slav, Prof. Bookman does not find it necessary to account for group consciousness or to apologize for it. Her purpose is merely to catalogue the policies to which it gives rise.” Source:amren.com

  • Nancy

    Good article, Al, and lots of good points. I don’t always agree with you, but you’re always good for interesting, uh … rousing commentary. Things have come to a point these days where PC-ism means not just insulting someone in fact, but making sure they never have to face the truth, painful or not. I’m a leftie (I guess; I’m told so, anyhoo) but I’ve gotten fed up with PC. I’m not ‘genetically weight challenged’; I’m freakin’ FAT. My neighbor isn’t the product of a ‘lower-stress culture’ – he’s a damned LOWLIFE! Basta! Enough of this idiocy! Bring on the offensive but truthful speech!

  • Criticism of Israel does NOT equate to anti-Semitism.

    Except that so often it actually does.

    This is why you can’t judge people based just on what they say, but need to understand the context and motivation behind what they say. Who a person is determines whether what they say is actually racist.


  • Lawks, it’s the sane Al Barger not the mad ranter lookalike that’s always spitting bile. Where’ve you been, man? Great to see you again!

    Seriously, good work fella.

  • There’s actually a lot here I agree with, Mr. Barger. And I don’t often have opportunities to say that to you.

    But I must admit that I agree with it in theory and am not particularly good at following through in practice. Too personally needy, perhaps — I want to be liked.

    I would like to point out that this applies to ethnicity and other things as well as race, though. As so many people have tried so hard to say on BC (and elsewhere), Criticism of Israel does NOT equate to anti-Semitism.