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I Am Barry’s Spine

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I am Barry’s backbone, and I can cause Barry more double-barreled misery than any other part of his political body. The pains I give him are simply my response to the bad treatment he gives to those who voted for him.

Barry would be surprised to know what poor shape his political support is in. It is quite capable of giving years of perfectly adequate service. But it is no longer capable of taking abuse.

Ironically there is very little wrong with his political back that Barry could not have fixed by changing how he presented himself. When Barry was first running for office, I was more or less straight. Then, when he began to win elections, my vertebrae took on a curve to the right. Another curve to the right developed lower down when he won the presidency. As my discs soften, and vertebrae become less dense, Barry’s back will arch even more toward the right.

Barry’s faults are due to a unique quality inherent in those curvatures, in that the vector of force changes my response to that force. If the force vector comes from the right, I soften and wilt, both necessary for him to kowtow to his corporate masters. Even if he wanted to stand strong against them, I can’t. I’m too far gone.

If the force vector comes from the left, I stiffen and become rigid, for there is nowhere for me to go. I’m bent as far as I can go. When I flare up due to left wing activity, Barry will have them pummeled, beaten and dragged to the curb. He really seems to enjoy “hippie punching” no matter what harm it causes me.

Barry attributes his occasional back trouble to something his advisor calls “f*n’ r*tards.” He is wrong. Barry’s back troubles, as with most politicians, stem from personal weakness and stretching the truth to confuse his elaborate and extensive support system, something he cannot do without. With incumbent age, political bones grow weaker. This is beginning to happen to my vertebrae as economic time is draining away. Barry already needs help standing even if he is still stronger than those clamoring to be his opponent next year. Abusing those who would support him in his advanced political years isn’t a very good strategy.

Barry could have avoided a lot of misery in the years to come if he only gave the nation the care it required. For one thing, he could have changed his posture. He could have stood as firmly against the right as he previously has against the left. More attention to proper posture as the leader of We, the People is a small price to pay for national well-being.

If Obama had treated the voters right, the voters would treat him right in 2012. He need never have had another political backache.

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