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Hypocrigration: America — Home of the Free, the Brave, and the Hypocritical

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The hypocrisy in this country over immigration has gone haywire! I am insanely furious over the “have my cake and eat it too” craze concerning the viability of Guest Worker legislation in this country.

I live in Atlanta where, just over a month ago, I had the privilege (or not) of facing off with a local talk show host on the topic. He began his biased, mindless banter by urging employers to fire illegal immigrant workers who missed work to participate in any rally, boycott, or protest march. He continued his senselessness for about 90 minutes before I could get through to question his position. When I finally got on air, I wasted three segments trying to get him to answer what should happen to employers who hire and underpay illegal workers. My question was never answered. So I ask you, what should happen to companies and individuals who not only commission painting, cleaning, landscaping, and other professional services from illegal immigrants, but also pay them illegally? America is swimming with polar hypocrites, riding both sides of the fence in this country’s illegal immigrant legislation battle.

If you live in a community or subdivision built by illegal immigrants and you’re now pressing for their deportation, you are a hypocrite! At any point in your life, if you not only hired, but also paid an illegal immigrant under the table to clean your home or business, landscape your yard, or paint your house, you are a hypocrite! If you frequent restaurants or patronize companies who employ illegal immigrants in their kitchens, factories, and fields, you too, are a hypocrite!

Spare me the hogwash about the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants who come to this country to commit crimes or already having committed one. The reality is, the vast majority of immigrants come to this country for financial and economic gain, statistically proven by the reported billion of dollars wired back to their respective countries just in 2005 alone.

In recent weeks, all over this country, businesses have been nearly paralyzed during immigrant protests and economic boycotts, especially construction companies. Such days of production paralysis has cost companies tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars. And for you outright hypocrites who babble and complain about how many Americans have lost their jobs and companies to the influx of immigrant workers, let me be the first to tell you, you are full of baby diaper stuff!

Any serious business model in the world is based largely upon an entity’s ability to supply a demand in the most profitable manner possible. If Jose Martinez can offer a community of homeowners the same (if not better) landscaping or painting services at a more affordable price than John Smith, God bless him! If Lupe Sanchez will gladly clean a house for less than Jane Smith, more power to her!

I firmly support and urge fair treatment of illegal immigrant workers who have labored relentlessly in this country’s factories, fields, restaurants, and construction sites — when able-bodied Americans did not or would not. Never forget: willing, paying Americans created the inundation of illegal workers in this county. After all, you can’t have illegal workers if there’s no illegal hiring. Now, the same people who contribute to this vast workplace for immigrant workers want to deport and/or severely tax them! The same hypocrites who have had their homes built, painted, cleaned, and landscaped by illegals are now self-righteous, law abiding, boarder-control crazed “Great Americans.” Please!

This is such repulsive, sickening hypocrisy; it is beyond disgust or logic. Every time I hear the hypocritical debates over the feasibility of a guest worker program, I liken people’s double standard to so-called vegetarians who eat bacon bits. They won’t outright eat a steak or pork chop, but they’ll bowl you over to eat vegetables cooked in smoked turkey or a cup of soup made from real chicken stock. For those of us who live among the sane, we know true vegetarians don’t eat meat, meat by-products, or anything that has touched or been cooked in meat. No eggs, no cheese, no milk, and no soup broths made from meat! If you ever want to see a real vegetarian go berserk, serve ‘em a meal that breaks one of these rules.

So if you’re a “bacon bit” immigration hypocrite who wants to be taken seriously, might I suggest you become a true vegetarian? Don’t live in communities built by illegal immigrants! Don’t eat in restaurants that employ illegal immigrants! Don’t buy food harvested from illegal immigrant-picked crops! Don’t wear clothes sewn by illegal immigrant factory workers! Don’t hire illegal immigrants to paint, landscape, or clean your house! And if this particular “don’t” is too tempting, at least give ‘em a W-2. A real vegetarian wouldn’t pay an immigrant (illegal or legal) under the table!

And for the record, I do not advocate any card blanch legislation that gives anyone a free pass to break the law. I believe America’s immigration laws were originally designed to give people all over the world a shot at achieving the “American Dream.” So, while I’m not sure if I’ll ever favor complete amnesty, I can definitively tell you I’ll never favor any law or standard that treats living, breathing human beings like disposable trash. It seems America is now telling its illegal immigrants (who have labored so vigilantly in this county), “Ok, ok, enough already! Thanks for the cheap labor, now go back home.” Shame on you, America!

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  • Question

    India has close to a billion people. Contrary to popular belief, most of these Indians are dirt poor. Here in the USA we just see the best and brightest.

    Imagine if these poor Indians came here by the boatload and did the same kinds of jobs the Mexican illegal immigrants do.

    Just curious:
    What would mexicans/latinos then have to say about immigration? What would they think if poor Indians (or any other ethnicity) came here and also did those jobs nobody wanted to do for pennies per hour?

    Just curious. I think Mexicans/latinos would want to take a firm stance against poor people FROM OTHER COUNTRIES coming here, but they will always be against strict border control on the US/Mexico border.

  • RAW

    First, let me state that I sympathize with the illegal immigrants as I feel I am a kidnapped legal immigrant. The primary difference between me and Jesus is that Jesus came here voluntarily; Whereas, I (my ancestors) was brought here against my will and forced to perform the jobs that Jesus is now fighting to keep. Jesus and I face the same biased and unfair treatment in different ways and on various scales.

    Secondly, it is very naïve to believe equal opportunity and fair competition exist in this country…..hence reasons for Antitrust Laws and the Fair Standards Labor Act.

    Thirdly, it’s a bit harsh to say someone is a hypocrite because they are forced to participate in the US economy that is comprised of companies that may or may not employ illegal immigrants as one does not participate in the hiring process.

    Lastly, I totally concur that the Immigration talk is a bunch of BOO-BOO. The US Government is only concerned with “TAX REVENUE”. Any other reason given for this mess is BOGUS…..My advice to the immigrants….KEEP ON COMING AND KEEP ON WORKING……every man/woman wants an opportunity for a better life. This is fundamental human nature.

  • Toni

    I concur with the previous comment. Why knock a man or woman down for trying to provide a better life for their children and grandchildren regardless of their race. Even the ones who are against illegal immigrants want to provide more for their families regardless of your economic status. You will do whatever it takes to make it happen. That is all the illegal immigrants are trying to accomplish.

  • JP

    I agree TOTALLY..thank you for writing this! I argue that we need to REGULATE (and make Republicans say “dear God, no!”) business to make jobs more difficult to come by. Once that happens, the influx drops. Imagine! Of course the immigrants don’t care about our laws–they AREN’T CITIZENS YET.

    If you make it darn near impossible to find a job unless you are a citizen, the problem goes away.

    Thank you again!

  • Amadou

    Firstly, I would like to thank America for having hosted me and some other millions of immigrants so graciously. Do not let disgrace fester your intentions. America has supported the dreams of many human beings who in turned made the THE DREAM of AMERICA itself a reality.
    Secondly, I would like to thank dalilah for shining light on the hypocrisy displayed by those who support the inhumane treatment and judgment of so called illegal immigrants.
    There is power in numbers. The one with the gold makes the rule. But the foundation of the rule is rooted in a lawless inhumane soil. One must wonder how the Native Americans must have felt all these long years? This country was built on invasion of the American land. Latinos have been on this American land for a longer time than one may want to admit. This land which is wrongly said to have been discovered by Christopher Columbus, was discovered by latinos; that’s what is taught all over the world. America loves to american-ize what it loves and demonize what it is uncomfortable with. Isn’t the real name of Christopher columbus, Cristobal Colon? Without a doubt it is. Should we not be grateful to the latinos that discovered this land?
    As matter of fact how can you discover a land when people are aready leaving on it? Debatable isn’t it? Yes it was a discovery for the Spanish and Portuguese before it was for the rest of Europe. By the way, there are many so called illegal immigrants from Europe. Did you know that most Europeans need not a visa to visit the US? They can stay here for up to 3 months then go back home and come back at a later time. Look up Visa Waiver Program to see the long list of European citizens that can enter America without a visa as long they intend to stay for under 90 days. They somehow have earned the rights. Haven’t Mexico and other South American countries which neighbor, build, paint and feed America and West African Counrties from which many millions of human beings were stolen away from, earned that privilege? NO THEY ARE POOR AND BLACK; they would be to hard to american-ize, right? They just can’t blend in.
    Thirdly, As a lawful more humane than christian although christian immigrant I am asking for people to chew there words and have diginity and respect in their minds when addressing other human beings. And I ask those Christian Americans to turn to their savior for answers; Jesus has already answered this question of immigration. What vertue is there, indeed to love your brothers and sisters, your own kind; start loving your so called enemies then you will start to elevate… America has a bigger challenge at hand one that is beyond immigration and Iraq and Iran. America is a graceful nation; howerer, many Americans and other nationalist from other countries need to find maturity for thei souls.
    Americans are christians who police the world and want other countries to be beautiful democracies like itself.
    Below are two questions that should be answered with this Christian (even universal) premise: “treat others like you would like to be treated.”
    Should any human being be called illegal because of their geographical location?
    Should any person be deported against there will?
    Should any person be refused the oppotunity for growth and shelter because they are poor or from a different race?
    America is a dream preserve it… Thank you.
    Forgive my ignorance, the grammatical mistakes and the offenses; if you find them unbearable. None were meant…

  • RedTard

    That whole analogy has to be one of the most moronic I have ever seen on this site. Child molesters, murderers, and rapists may have worked on my house as well that in no way means I condone their activities.

    I have zero right or responsibility to run back to the kitchen and ask for the the paperwork of someone washing the dishes when I go out to eat. The idea that non-Mexicans are incapable of manual labor is racist hogwash.

    I hear time and time again how great immigrants are, let’s put our policies where our rhetoric is. If they’re so great then let’s use our navy to haul the other 3 billion or so dirt poor people from all over the world and dump them off in the US. (volunteers only, of course)

    Free rides and citizenship for all! We can probably score a couple hundred million people or so in India alone, it’ll be a grand experiment and once and for all prove who is right about unfettered immigration.

    One of two things will happen.

    A) You’re right, unfettered immigration is great for this country and we’ll become vastly richer and more powerful than we are now.

    B) I’m right, and letting unlimited number of poor ignorant people into this country will turn us into an overcrowded, polluted, balkanized, third world shithole.

  • Jamo

    So you want to let the illegals offer the same service at an absolutely absurd price and that’s okay to you? Fine, then prepare to watch the lower class of America completely erode.

    I’m not saying we should give a pass to companies that hire illegals. They should be punished as well. The problem is that employers only have to pay $.75 to illegals while legal workers get $5.15. When illegals offer to take over those jobs, employers let them and boot the legal worker for the cheaper labor. So it isn’t that Americans WON’T do a lot of that work, it’s that the illegals undercut the workforce with their absurdly low cost.

  • Crazy

    RedTard, your response is missing DaLilah’s point!!!! It’s really saddening!!!!! The blog is entitled Hypocrigration (I presume Hypocrites on Immigration). Nowhere in the blog does it ever mention that any person or group of people should have a right to invade this county unlawfully. In fact, it states the opposite! It’s stupid to insinuate she’s even suggesting that anyone goes into restaurants and kitchens to check for work Visas or documentation of legalization!!!!!!

    However, I would suggest that if you are so darn crazed about putting a choke-hold on illegal immigrants, THEN YES, check and make sure that your favorite restaurant, wine or fruit grower, painting service, etc…DOES NOT HIRE ILLEGALS!

    I mean after all, isn’t that what people do when they are hell-bent on a position????? They go the extra mile to make sure what they stand for and believe in is represented at all times! What bullshit it is for you to simply say…”WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO…ASK IF EMPLOYEES ARE ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE I GO”? HELL YEAH! If it’s that big of an issue for you and you’re so damn disgruntle with illegal workers in this county.

    This blog is about people who have and still willfully hire illegals to do their dirty work but are now talking out the side of their mouths. Because now it’s not just their maids and house painters coming over, but they’re entering the country, having multiple babies and sending for their mother, father, grandparents, nieces, nephews and cousins. AND GOD FORBID WE ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN! SO NOW WE MUST TAKE CONTROL OF OUR BORDERS BEFORE THE COUNTRY TURNS INTO SODOM & GOMMORAH! What a joke you are!!!

    Get your damn panties out of a wad, go take a long, hot bath and wash that disgusting film of hypocrisy off your filthy skin!

  • Question

    Funny, no one has dared to answer my question, which was the first comment on this blog entry.

    Any takers?? Thanks!

  • Question

    I believe there is a hypocrisy with mexican illegal immigrants. They basically argue for an open border policy, but in reality they only want an open US/Mexico border. As I said in the first comment to this blog, they would likely be against boatloads of poor Indians or other third worlders coming here who would also be willing to do the crap jobs these illegals do here.

  • Amadou

    Question. To answer your question I will simply say that history teaches us that the future generation that have little personal experience to the want and desire to migrate will build resistance to immigration like many are currently.
    RedTart: You will be shocked to learn that not everyone in other countries wasnt to come to th USA. In contrast, generally the people who venture to leave their countries are hungrier for success than anyone you have ever met. Some of these individuals actually go back to their homes to have businesses. They come here to get education and money, go back to influence and steer teir economy in a better direction.
    1.No there should be equal opportunity to come into the USA. I have direct experience on this discremination, my mother that I have not seen for 7 years was refused a visa because her son, me, is doing so well according to the US representative at the consulate in Senegal, that she would probably stay with him. ABSURD!!! At the time she was still at her job ( for 25 years) and still has a succesful catering business. As matter of fact, she left her full time job to dedicate her time to her business. All she wanted to do is come visit and shop. If you are paying attention you will notice that people from other countries are obviously succeeding in there countries. So people like that do come in the US and spend their dollars here too. Tourism is just as big an industry as any other.
    2.Instead of spending trillions of dollars, the US should create jobs and opportunities for Americans to go in poor countries to teach them how to grow and be less poor. You raise the quality of life of people intheir own countries and you will fix those “ignorants people”. Ironically, some of those ignorants in many cases speak more than 2 languages and are more aware of geography than most American I have met.
    3. U are not God. Who are you to declare that there will be an overpopulation. Haven’t you heard of Natural Disasters, Tsunami, Catherina, Pakistan? Man still have not learnt lessons. Even if you don’t believe in God you can pay attention and do research on the predictions of overpopulation in various parts of the World. This is not a digression to your point about poor will deluge and overpopulate the US. That will never happen because the US GOVERNMENT IS CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF IS SHUTTING DOWN THE DOORS ON THE POOR. Efficiency is realized.

    Crazy: I agree tak control of our borders. However, for Sodom and Gommorah I have a different opinion.
    1. I think it is too late. This due to the hypocrisy we are talking about. Look the pornographic industry in the USA. Look at the crimes in America and compare to other countries
    2. Immigrants are not all perfect by no means, who is? Please cast the first stone if you are. One thing is for certain immigrants will not be the cause of the degradation of american values, the doom of America. If that ever happens it will not be because of immigrants but caused by ARROGANCE.

    Remember digity and respect when addressing other people. Also that today immigrants are tomorrow’s Americans.


  • Bliffle

    “I would like to thank dalilah for shining light on the hypocrisy displayed by those who support the inhumane treatment and judgment of so called illegal immigrants.”

    So called? Actually, they ARE illegal. When you attempt to minimize their illegal status you are being hypocritical.

    It’s hypocritical to claim a border should be open one way but closed the other. US citizens who work illegally or immigrate illegally to other countries are abused and may be imprisoned indefinitely. Unless you are actively campaigning for their freedom you are a hypocrite.

    What’s fair for one is fair for all.

    My acquaintance Jim was imprisoned in a horrible mexican jail until he agreed to sign over the construction business it took him 20 years to build. It was coveted by one of the ruling families of mexico. Jim was beaten and driven from the country. My friend G had his factory in mexico stolen by a mexican ruling family. Many retired US citizens had their retirement homes in Baja stolen by the collusion of the mexican government and favored mexican families a few years ago.

    Any proponent of “immigrant rights” who is not fighting to right these wrongs is a hypocrite.

  • keni rankin

    more power to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Joey

    America was “discovered” by the Spainish and Portuguese…. who said “by the latino’s”

    What an uneducated remark.

    Of course it could have been discovered by the asians first, the Nordic’s, perhaps the Berber’s, maybe even some Roman’s drifted by.

    The Mormon’s claim they were here first, of course there is controversy that Kennowick man was here too, before the asians.

    It get complicated, and will continue to do so, until the something like the Yellowstone Caldera blows again and rearranges life as we know it (yet again).

    Wise up people… we’re living on a dynamic orb.

  • Amadou

    1. A Latin American.
    2. A PERSON OF HISPANIC, especially Latin-American, DESCENT, often one living in the United States. See Usage Note at Hispanic.

    Why are people so quick to call others names? “uneducated remark”. You have proven me wrong. Thank you, intelligent being!

    I state that these latinos are of hispanic descent just like Cristobal Colon, or Colom for the scholars aka Christopher Columbus, who also is of hispanic descent. Come on without objectivity your judgement is weightless…

    Although the first meaning leads to Latin Americans. The word refers as well to cultures who have some root in the Latin language… Pardon my ignorance and get the message if you will.

  • Amadou

    Let’s not digress from this important call for integrity in all areas of this immigration debate.

  • roscoe collins

    the beaners need to leave end of story. all you stupid liberal hippies could go to hell all i care. BIG WALL across the border.

  • roscoe collins

    amadou cristopher columbus was italian if you read a textbook once and a while, you cant find it in a dictionary


    I am so sick of hearing people bunch all Spanish speaking people together. Not every Spanish speaking human being is an illegal immigrant, or even an immigrant for that matter. Why is it that whenever a discussion starts about illegal immigration it focuses on “Mexicans” and “Latinos”? This country has millions of illegal immigrants and they are not all “Mexican/Latinos” or Spanish speaking. What about the Poles, Russians, Africans, Indians, Asians, etc., that enter this country as “students” or “tourists” and disappear never to return to their place of origin? They enter through our International Airports, and does anyone care where they end up once they leave the airport? In my neighborhood alone, the majority of the residents are recent arrivals from Poland, who do not speak a word of English. So I guess, it is ok to stay here illegally if you speak anything other than Spanish, right?