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Hypnotise Away the Fat?

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Eat Less, Lose Weight (for men)
David Botsford

(Corporate Medical Services)

David Botsford, a clinical hypno-therapist, has produced a series of CD audio-books intended to help an individual via self-hypnosis. This particular one combines baroque music with various techniques to encourage weight loss and health. David’s dulcet tones both relax and keep you paying attention throughtout this workout. The CD is not meant to be listened to all in one go, as is it a 2-CD set, at least after the first time, and each work-out can be used seperately at your leisure. I am not sure what effect it will have on my girth, but the logic behind this collection makes far more sense than most diets. I suspect that while one might lose weight as fast as one can on a normal diet, David’s method will ensure the weight stays off. It is rather interesting, if one lets oneself go, how one responds to the various things on this CD. I found it most effective when used with an iPod while lying down on one’s bed. The elemination of background noise makes concentrating on David’s instructions much easier. As with his Mind, Body Tone-Up, David makes the process as easy as possible.

Rating: 5/5

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