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Hurricane Katrina: How to Cause Nationwide Race Riots

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See the latest on Hurricane Katrina here.

From Drudge:

KANYE WEST ON NBC FUNDRAISER: ‘GEORGE BUSH DOESN’T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE… They’re saying black families are looting and white families are just looking for food…they’re giving the (Army) permission to shoot us’… Actor Mike Myers asked people to donate… then Kanye West went on a tirade about Iraq…

Jesse Jackson:

“How can blacks be locked out of the leadership, and trapped in the suffering?”

I now present you a picture of the man who was most responsible for the rescue and evacuation planning for New Orleans, Mayor Nagin.

The fact that he’s black doesn’t matter though. There are people out there playing the race card. The CBC got close but didn’t go there. Kanye West ran off his mouth on broadcast TV during fundraising, and you’ve got Jesse Jackson. There is a point where blacks nationwide say it’s go time. Let’s be honest, it is New Orleans and there is racism, but this is not pointing out the flaws, this is goading a race riot.

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  • Georgio

    I don’t think it’s the blacks he dosn’t like ..it’s the poor ..they are a drag on his plans to get rid of all social programs

  • Geo


    You’ve been writing some great stuff over the last few days, nicely done. You last piece was great, accurate and conveyed the frustration of trying to grasp control during a disaster of this proportion. Readers must not forget that despite the horrific scenes on the tube (which are limited in scope), that people, voluteers, responders, medical teams etc… are working in arduous conditions, and laboring extremely hard, and have been for 4 and 5 days now. Failures, lack of communications, time spent are all indicies of the extraordinary footprint of disaster Katrina has left to work through.

    Volunteers of all capacities are still needed, the ones out there now are reaching a point of fatigue that few experience and they will start failing. The back up groups need to start going in now. I slated to leave next Thursday night with several other power trucks and relieve electrical workers on site today. Since NOLA is being totally evacuated, the restoral of power is primarily to jump start the city on it’s climb back to a sembalance of working condition. This is going to be a massive operation. The WTC was measured in square blocks, this encompasses a whole city. It will be a super challenge, a hyper challenge, a mega challenge, and to even thoughtfully consider the restoration of this city is a daunting mental exercise.

    Blamecasting seems to rule the airwaves and bandwidth these past few days. The fact is… it was a vast and powerful storm, and we are so puny in the face of that immense amount of energy.

    I’m not surprised at all that there is failure. It is a total mess, a desolate, howling wasteland down in that region.

    That said, the workers, the Uniformed services, the first responders, volunteers, the churches EVERYONE needs a round of applause, well wishes, and prayers. They are working, working and continue to put their hearts and bodies on the line to bring out the victims of this tragety. IT IS EXTREMELY HARD WORK. Never forget that.

  • rbp0554


    Did it ever occur to you that the situation in New Orleans is absolutely fucking desparate and that it is stressing people out. When you are exausted beyond belief and facing perile on all sides, do you always say exactly the right thing?

    – RBP

  • Excuse me, but Jesse Jackson and Kanye West, and for that matter, the Cannibal Randall are all nice and dry and in some cases in TV studios and well fed.

    I’m not buying.

    People on the street have been saying this, they get a pass. What we don’t need is national “leaders” getting on national TV and saying it’s time for a race war.

  • Charlie Manson

    Jesse Jackson is wrong.

    Kanye West ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ is right.

    Back to jail!

  • AmishHitman

    Ok…here’s what’s REALLY sad…. The fact that anyone would DEFEND Jackson, West or any other person that would use a tragic event or an event to raise donation to help; but instead use such venues to boost their unsolicited and warranted comments. Very very SAD!!!

    West…must be a good rapper, because he sure can’t read a script. Come on (West fans…all 10 of you) tell me that you were “moved” by his stuttarded and “un-thought provoking” comments about Bush, the Army and the looting. Prove to me the grace of his wisdom.
    “waiting…….still waiting…

    Oh what’s that? You can’t?

    See West and Jackson supporters……it was the Mayor of New Orleans who said on live radio and to other press…”I was the one to declare Martial Law”…”Shoot to Kill orders have been given out…”

    The Mayor…you know, the black one.

  • Geo

    I’m not defending anyone. It’s time to get to work, not cloud the event with gibberish, rhetoric and B.S…. and no John I’m not pointing my finger at you.

    The fact that the NOLA plan was terribly orcheastrated and rolled out is one matter. Right now, evacuating the city is a first priority. Then on to step two.

    When a boxer takes a massive blow, the priority there is to (1) regain clarity and continue to fight. (2) not regain clarity and hit the mat.

    What do we (The country) really need right now? To regain clarity and continue to fight. Pointing fingers comes later, standing around and pointing fingers is expending energy in the wrong direction. The inertia of this recovery/rescue/response should be directed at saving people in dire straits. NOW!

    Point made. Gotta’ go put some personal stuff in order before Tuesday. I have a long 3 weeks ahead of me.

    L8tr everyone. Oh and if you can’t respond to the crisis. Give generously. It helps greatly.//geo

  • Continue to fight?

    I’m not down there, I was told not to come. My posting takes away nothing from the effort.

  • JG

    Yes the Mayor of N.O. is black. The Federal Government takes blame for the lack of planning however. FEMA and Homeland Security are federal agencies. National Guard is a state and National entity, so blaming the black mayor shows some ignorance of the logistics. We are supposed to have plans in place for our major cities in the case of Nuclear attacks (from the Cold War) which would be much more widespread damage. Why couldn’t we adapt those “plans”. Homeland Security is a liberal, bigger government bad joke, that conservatives pushed on the rest of America. It is easy to dismiss a comment you The present takes his sweet time and shows up 2 days later. Just like his father did when he was President and the Hurricane hit Florida. Is Bush racist? Maybe, maybe not. You don’t have to wear a hood to be a racist. This much is true. We shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss what is being said. He also talked about himself and how he has been a hypocrite and after the show he was going to see what the maximum is he could donate.

    Regardless of what you think of him or me. DONATE AND HELP !

  • anonymous

    Bush doesn’t care about black people? Well he doesn’t care about anybody who can’t do something for him. So yeah, sounds about right to me.

  • HG

    It’s an embarrassment because it shows the state of the country. Young men and women from those states are living, fighting and dying all over the world, protecting the freedom that Bush says we have in the USA. Poor kids from poor families giving more to this country than others. And now, when their families need help, during a situation that has been predicted for years, it takes 5 days for the response to be substantial. Kanye West was shaking because he was mad. He was mad at himself and mad at this country. He was mad at himself because he realized he wasn’t making any sacrifices. He was mad at the country because people are unneccessarily dying. What is wrong with voicing criticism under these circumstances?

  • anonymous

    I think that it is ashamed that NBC edited Kanye West’s speech in the west coast broadcast. It is america, everyone should have the freedom of speech whether we agree with them or not. Kanye West is 100% right. It might be hard for the white folks to hear. Truth hurts sometimes.

  • Sean

    Let me attempt to break it down in terms that deluded white americans and self-hating black americans might understand: outdated(1.e., 19th century)levee system “protecting” city below sea-level + the inevitablity of a major hurricane + no organized means of evacuation + inexcusable delay of the agencies responsible for, at least, ensuring the equal protection under the law = the death of or, if they’re lucky, life-long post-traumatic stress for those without the resources to evacuate. It’s not a mere coincidence that those people are black and poor. Kanye West was kind in limiting his comments to GWB, because what this simple equation illustrates is that this country doesn’t care about poor black people. It is our wealth coupled with our hypocricy of freedom and equality that makes us the laughing stock of the world. What’s particularly disturbing is the forum that enabled West to make his comments: again in simple terms, rich people begging average americans to give money to victims in the wealthiest country in the world, a country wealthy enough to wage wars on the other side of the world. So exactly what’s the responsiblity of the government? Such a joke of a gov’t! The sad fact is that what happened– is happening– in New Orleans is happening all over this country in every major city on a less dramatic level. The poor go without basic resouces and services (health and the like)and the rich and well-off look the other way. Every rich or well-off person (that is, people who don’t live from check to check, who have good jobs, healthcare, go on exotic vacations, and don’t have to worry about buying gas when shit hits the fan and they need to get out of Dodge) had to know on some level that when that hurricane hit the poor black people would be trapped and the poor, so inured to powerlessness, perhaps just accepted as much and sought comfort in faith that it might not happen in their life-time. We must stop pathologizing the poor and denying that there is an economically managed race problem in this country. Of course, this problem includes more than just black people: Latinos, Arabs, Muslims, etc. We must stop blaming and punishing people for the real problem of racist discrimination limiting their possibilities, economic, educational, and simply in the case of N.O., the ability to avoid a killer hurricane. But we have to accept that well-to-do whites– many of you– don’t care about poor black people. (after your’re emotional, knee-jerk denial of this charge, refer back to the equation) If they/you did, N.O. wouldn’t have happened.

  • Alright Sean, you win. The plan made by a Democrat woman governor, and a black man mayor in NO have killed black folks.

    This is what happens when you elect democrats, black people die.

    You win.

  • >>Kanye West ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ is right.<< Yep, because like most Republicans Bush cares about PEOPLE and doesn't divide them into black and white- he treats them equally. Dividing the races is the province of the left. Dave

  • Sean

    John, For as much as I find the binary opposition of American political discourse boring and intentionally ineffective, I do find your sexist and racist implications amusing. Does it really matter that the Gov. is a woman and that the Mayor is black? I’m talking about bigger issues. In my estimation there is no significant difference between a Democrat and a Republican. Racism comes in many shapes and forms. Black people have been neglected by both parties. You amusingly specify my general point: well- off people (democrat, republican, self-hating blacks, etc.) don’t care about poor black people. That’s what makes our country a joke.

  • Anon

    Why can’t black people learn to take care of themselves?

  • A racist once told me it was because they have an extra layer of skin, Anon. I’m sure you’d agree.


  • Shark

    Another barely literate offering from Blogcritics King of Cut and Paste, John C. A. Bambenek.

    And I notice that like NBC, et al, you don’t want anyone to hear what he had to say; thanks for giving the opportunity:

    “It’s been five days because most of the people are Black; and even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite because I tried to turn away from the TV because it’s to hard to watch. I’ve even been shopping before even giving a donation. So now I’m calling my business manager right now to see what’s the biggest amount I can give; and to just imagine if I was down there and those are my people down there. To anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help with the set-up that America’s set up to help the poor, the Black people, the less well off – slow as possible. The Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realized how a lot of the people who could help are at war right now fighting another war. They’ve given them [The U.S. Army] permission to go down [to New Orleans] and shoot us.”


  • Shark

    PS: You ever start an entry with something besides “From Drudge:”-?

  • dee

    Race has very little to do with what is going on. I do feel that once again we have failed to plan and follow thru with helping those who are not able to help themselves in a disaster. There had to be a way to evacuate more people out of there and they failed to do that. Rich people rode out in cars and in many cases loaded belongings into their cars rather than pick up people who needed a ride out. I am betting some rich blacks drove right on by poor blacks who were struggling to get out on foot. Rahter than pick them up, they loaded things into their cars.

    It is man’s treatment of his fellow man that bothers me in all this. Some of those who got out will have alot to live with and the fact they may have left someone they could have helped behind may be just that thing.

    As for this racist crap. We have to get beyond that and help those we can. Whites are trapped down there too or have some forgotten that? They are just people who need help and we should all be giving it.

  • Lorri!!!

    President Bush landing to evaluate damage yesterday was an absolute joke. All I heard him talking about the majority of the time was how much damage there was and how much repair was going to be done. When he should be talking (Im Sorry,doing) more about the starving, hurt and stranded people of the city. On the news in Southern California a girl from this area was able to get a call through to the news from her family that is still trapped in their home without food and hurt. They said they could see the helicopters and try to wave them down, yet knowone is saving them. This is just one incident. Bodies floating face down and corpses rotting with sheets on the side of buildings. People suffering to their death still at this moment. Making a statement that help was trying to get in, yet waiting five days when people have started taking over the city in anger and using that as an excuse of not being able to feed them is an absolute joke. Not until Bush started getting all the heat and anger from the press, the mayor and anyone else that could be heard in front of cameras did the truck loads of food come in. (Which was yesterday, after his visit) Which yet isn’t even close to enough, nor does it help the people that are still trapped. The joke of him pretending that he cares and this is un-acceptable, (yet he is the man of power that gives the orders of what should be done and when) is an absolute attempt for him to save face in front of the American people and all other countries that are watching. But how are we are treated in United States of America by our leader? The leader that at this very moment has so many of our troops dying to fight for our freedom from what he calls terrorist in other countries, but yet can’t show immediate relief for people devastated by a natural disaster. The first day he could have called any and many of the major store chains the very next state over had their entire shelves cleared and brought over for the people in immediate need. Now that the city is turning into something of what we would see in a third world country he decides to make an appearance, he is the one that has turned it into this. Without leadership thier is not going to be order. With a leader that does not care that people are dying they are going to react. I don’t think these people stealing food and clothing from stores is called looting, it is called surviving. It is human nature to try to survive and provide for our families. Yet a leader and a man with a family is in shock when he sees people trying to survive in these ways. I wish they would not have edited Kanya West’s statements because I would have loved to hear what he had to say. It is the truth. It is anger, not only that it is happening, but the disbelief that our country that has the most power in the world can let this happen to us and then make excuses. I am a white american and I believe this is a racist issue and also an economic issue. I believe if the same thing happened in a very poor white area of our nation, we would have seen the same response. Just the same way when one of our troops or a white american has been taken hostage in Iraq. Bush in no way even made an attempt to make talks or negotiations for that persons life (As other countries have for one of their own in the same situation) and as a result our people have being decapitated. The biggest mistake we have made as Americans was voting Bush back into office. He is racist against the black and the poor. Argue all you want, then turn on your tv and look at the people still suffering. The leader of country still has not saved them!!

  • Simon L.

    The only racism I have detected is by black criminals directing violence and threats of rape at their fellow refugees who happen to be white. US media won’t talk much about it, but it’s in Australian and European media.

  • >>The first day he could have called any and many of the major store chains the very next state over had their entire shelves cleared and brought over for the people in immediate need.<< No, he couldn't have. They don't have the transporation facilities or the ability to get through the water and destruction to where the people are. Yes, he could have done a lot of dumbass, meaningless things which would have sounded good and not helped anyone - would that have made you happy? Instead he followed the procedures laid down by FEMA and got things moving as fast as he could. Dave

  • Yes, he could have done a lot of dumbass, meaningless things which would have sounded good and not helped anyone

    He did. He lands to be briefed, as if he didn’t know what was going on (and smiled through most of it, and failing miserably by making jokes). He thanked people before any help had arrived. It looked good for the camera.

    He hugged someone on the ground in front of their destroyed home and then slowly turned them. That made him look better on camera.

    Then of course on the same day he lands the help comes. Gee, that’s not ironic timing now is it?

    I really don’t understand how anyone can support this man as a leader.

  • Bush should have been doing all of this at least 2 days ago. During that time, people got sicker, starved, and died.

    That is all.

  • HG

    Some of you guys aren’t reading the papers or listening to the TV reporters. Or maybe you’re only listening and reading the ones that write and say what you want to hear and read.

    There are veteran news reporters on the ground in New Orleans, saying that compared to what they have seen in the past in wars overseas and in third world countries, what’s happening in New Orleans beats all of those, hands down.

    The Wisconsin National Guard didn’t wait to be asked to come to New Orleans, which is the regular procedure. They realized how bad it was going to be, and they went. And They Were In Wisconsin.

    This has been expected. The levees have been eroding for 20 years. The bowl of New Orleans is a democratic-voting city, full of people who don’t have a lot. But it’s not because they haven’t been trying. They deserve to be “taken care of” the same as the rich, wealthy and corporations, because they are citizens of the most powerful country on the face of the earth.

    This shows the down-side of rabid capitalism. It feeds on its own, or lets them die.

    Read or watch some other news sources. Get a broader view. Question your beliefs…

  • I hate to be cruel, but perhaps this shows the folly of voting in the corruption, greed and self-serving negligence of the democratic urban machine year in and year out.


  • Who’s making this partisan scapegoating now? Your sudden discovery of humanitarian, compassionate values rings hollow in your uglier moments like this one.

    That is all.

  • HG

    “This is a pretty graphic illustration of who gets left behind in this society – in a literal way,” said Christopher Jencks, a sociologist glued to the televised images from his office at Harvard.

  • What article is that, HG?

    I’d like to read it. Can you provide us a link?

    Jencks is a remarkable scholar whom I have a lot of respect for.

    That is all.

  • Heloise

    Once again, have to one up ya–I’ve know ole Jesse since he was ragged and poor, just kidding, and living in the South Shore area of Chicago, which was once the enclave of wealthy Jews until middle class blacks and drug addicts took it over finally, and from where he began his Rainbow Coalition in a big building about three blocks from where I lived. This building was or is on Cottage Grove in the heart of the ghetto of Chicago.

    Jesse did and I think still does live in a black neighborhood, well it is now, to his credit. He never left the hood but his sons sure in the hell did.

    Yes, ole Jesse sent his fine young sons to THE finest white, lily white, private school in this country. The name of it escapes me now but it is in Kennedy country somewhere. This is a man who would stop at nothing to see that his sons ended up wealthy and well educated and politically connected. I have nothing against black folks imitating the Kennedys but I do have something against hiding IT!

    He is now holding the Mayor’s hand and is complicit in all this finger-pointing. He better watch out because his sons are a part of the democratic plantation machine–and I mean to shine a big bright light on their left-wing shit in 2008.


  • HG

    German food packages arrived in the US Saturday to help victims of hurricane Katrina as a fact-finding team from the country’s federal disaster relief organization prepared to head to the affected region.
    German government officials said Saturday that a military plane had delivered 10 tons of one-person food packages to Pensacola, Florida. The US Federal Emergency Managament Agency (FEMA) will deliver the aid to Katrina victims.
    Officials had used free cargo capacities on the routine flight to the US, which brings supplies to German soldiers — mainly pilots — who are in the US for training purposes.
    Meanwhile, a team from Germany’s Technisches Hilfswerk (THW), the country’s federal disaster relief organization, was on standby Saturday to travel to the affected region. The group of four THW workers plus a medical doctor is meant to figure out what kind of German aid is wanted and needed. The trip will ensure that relief work can be coordinated such that it will reach those in need in the most timely manner, government spokesman Bela Anda told reporters.

  • >>Who’s making this partisan scapegoating now? Your sudden discovery of humanitarian, compassionate values rings hollow in your uglier moments like this one.<< Babs, IMO it IS humanitarian to be concerned about people who are kept under the thumb of a political machine which exploits them for their votes and rarely delivers on the grandiose promises they make because keeping them poor and subservient guarantees that they'll still be around to vote for the machine in the next election. Dave

  • HG

    The quote comes from today’s NYT.

    WEEK IN REVIEW | September 4, 2005
    What Happens to a Race Deferred

    Good night all. I’m in Germany, and it’s 2:21 a.m.!

  • Marshall

    Neither Kanye West nor Jesse Jackson are calling for race riots. Nor was West basing his statements off empirical evidence but emotion. West was actually quite accurate in reflecting the feelings of African-Americans in this country who feel that George W. Bush does not care about the issues that occupy the minds of Black America.

    West did not say Bush hated or disliked Blacks, or that he thought they were ignorant. He merely stated what Bush’s own administrative record displays to Black America.

    And its silly for any of you to pontificate on what West said, why, and what he meant to say without further information from him, or an African-American.

  • Marshall

    >>IMO it IS humanitarian to be concerned about people who are kept under the thumb of a political machine which exploits them for their votes and rarely delivers on the grandiose promises they make because keeping them poor and subservient guarantees that they’ll still be around to vote for the machine in the next election.<< Hmm. Grandiose promises (Uniter, not a Divider), Exploitation for votes (Look, I'm Dubya and I can speak Spanish with my Mex-i-can nephew), keeping people poor and subservient (Reaganomics, 'trickle down effect'), not delivering promises (hunt down terrorists, find WMDs, prepare the nation for another disaster). No, a Republican couldn't possibly be guilty of those things at all! Only Democrats do that. Bottom line is government failed at ALL levels, regardless of race, sex, and party lines. The people who are paid to be prepared were not and citizens suffered by the thousands. Plain and simple. And as for you, John, no one has called for a race war. No one is trying to stir people up. The people are already stirred up, and if this forces discussion of issues that should have been brought up lets do it. Republicans love to claim they're taking charge and meeting challenges head on...except when it comes to race. Then they're taking steps that are never discussed until, in their minds, the 'natives' are restless again.

  • Simon L.

    Have any African countries donated anything to their fellow blacks?

    Also, why isn’t anyone concerned about the whites in Mississippi who bore the brunt of Katrina?

  • Wendall

    The comments and blame rendering of people such as the Mayor of New Orleans, Kanye West and Jesse Jackson do nothing to help stop the suffering of the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. There will be plenty of time in the future to find whatever blame and place it whereever one wants. Fanning the fires of racism will do not good and will probably actually cause a significant number of folks to NOT contribute because of it. We need to pull together as a country and get through this as a country, not as individuals seperated by race.

    But, that said, if you really want to lay blame somewhere here’s one for you: When is a mandatory evacuation not mandatory? When it’s issued by the mayor of New Orleans and governor of Louisiana. Where were the crowds in the streets demanding transportation out of the city PRIOR to the hurricane during the evacuation? Where were the Louisiana National Guard troops (that had to be activated by the governor) BEFORE the hurricane to assist in the Mandatory evacuation. Where was the mayor who should have been DEMANDING their activation and the evacuation help PRIOR to the hurricane? Oh, what? He forgot about the little people?

    As I said, there’s plenty of time to find blame – now is the time to shut up with the racist comments, the finger pointing and get on with the rescue, evacuation and rebuilding. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic; it really doesn’t matter what color the folks in Louisiana are – they are people in need.

  • The Amish Hitman

    Race….race…race….or wernt we talking about helping victims out at a disaster sence.

    Oh my bad….

    The ones who dont help or want to …talk about race..


    Did that just make me a raciest again “race talkers”?

  • Dennese

    As an English Professor, I was angered by the use or misuse of language that clearly showed prejudice by claiming that whites were looking for food and blacks were looting! If anyone knows where these photo/captions are located and printed, please let me know. I want to use them as a teaching tool. Bill Maher showed the photographs and the captions Sept. 2. If you saw this show you know. Now about Bush – I say we ban all white Republicans (I am white), but not willing to ever join the “me only” party. The hurricane aftermath has shown the world our country’s true political colors.

  • Marshall

    >>Race….race…race….or wernt we talking about helping victims out at a disaster sence. << I don't exactly know what a 'sence' is, but you're posting in a blog titled "How to Cause Nationwide Race Riots." I believe this would be the place for a discourse on race, not to shut down all discourse everywhere about it. Not to say your statements or intentions are misdirection, but that is BUSH LEAGUE misdirection.

  • Ms. Dennese, this Blogcritics post has the photos and original captions. I saw them on Yahoo! News; Agence France Press has pulled its photos from its clients’ outlets.

  • First and foremost, why, as Americans do we point the finger during this history-turning-event … I mean yes the hurricane did hit, massively, causing unthinkable damage, but, what I don’t understand is why we as Black Americans point the finger to our fellow White Americans motioning that this natural disaster is because of them, no, stop right there all the name calling and pointing fingers needs to stop, thee main problem with all of this is poverty. Poverty, has no color lines, affects whites, blacks, brown, green, purple, what ever you consider yourself as… just because the majority of the population where Katrina hit is mostly all black does not mean we need to start a racial war over something that could of happened to anybody, anywhere, any-color. I do see the concern in our powerful black leaders; our president, Bush, did not respond quick enough, hopefully if it was the flipside and our fellow white brothers were trapped in hell, our president would of done the same within the same time frame he did… Again, I stress what he did was not right, but, lets fix the situation at hand and not batter a racial cry when we do not necessary need one right now… What I propose is a fund, all Americans should donate at least one dollar so we can help our fellow Americans (yes our fellow Americans… this is not a situation when we need to leave our own country to fight poverty, but, in our own homeland… what happened to our security).

  • AMish

    Ahh..Marshall….YAWN, as others before me; your a bore.

    BUSH leauge?

    You’d know bro!!

  • Wendall

    It’s amazing to see how many people could be so narrow minded and uninformed to believe that anything of this magnitude can be the fault of one person – namely the President of the United States. As much as those who would hope – he is not God and can’t move mountains. In the US, it takes a multitude of people working together to get through disasters like this – if you can’t see that and continuously blame it on the race card, then we are doomed as a country.

  • Bellamerica

    If the President is not God, why do you worship him like a God during your illegal school prayer?
    The reason so many black people are poor in this country is the President’s fault. They are prevented from voting by Republicans. The President is supposed to move the National Guard not mountains. He is a failure as a Christian, American, and President.

  • Anthony Grande

    Bellabitch, the blacks were poor in America while Clinton was president and the 40 years that dems were the elite in America.

    There is 20,000 National Guard either in Louisiana or en route. He has moved them.

    As much as you hate it there is a God and this is A NAION UNDER GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bellamerica

    American had no national debt while Clinton was President. Listen to yourself….en route to Louisiana. That’s pathetic. During 9/11 rescue was en route on 9/11 not 9/12 not 9/13.
    A Naion under god is how you show your school proud. maybe if you spent more time on spelling and less on pretending school is church you would realize opinion speaks volumes over unflinching worship of presidents.
    P.S. Bitch is a term used by the most foul mouthed men. It reveals more about your character flaws than your NRA membership.

  • Good show everyone!

    I think next time I see a small child bleeding to death in the street with noone around to help, I’ll let him bleed to death and write a big story about it and hope other people waste time criticizing my review of someone I could’ve been helping.

    You have two fists, help the civil war to gain control of this land again, or leave on the boat with the rest being exiled.

  • Wendall


    Again – it was the Governor’s responsibility to activate the National Guard PRIOR to the hurricane -That should have been done when the evacuation order was given and Nagin should have been screaming for it then.

    And, for your informtion, school prayer has nothing to do with the president – the supreme court has ruled it’s constitutional so take that up with our founding fathers and them – not George Bush or Bill Clinton.

    As for being prevented from voting – I suppose that’s why there is a democrat for a mayor of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana?

    Get off the race card – it’s not the winning hand in this card game. The only one wins is the one where we all work together as one and as a nation.

  • Patrick

    >>”If the President is not God, why do you worship him like a God during your illegal school prayer?”<< This about sums up exactly where the left is coming from in this whole discussion. It's almost obscene, but hardly unexpected, that they'd use this massive tragedy that's hit ALL of us as just another chance to take a shot at the president and all they hate about America. The actual comment about worshipping the president in prayer would be funny if it wasn't based in such ignorance. You'd think the left would at least take some time to learn about the religion they hate, sort of in the "know thine enemy" vein. If they'd bother, they'd know that worshipping the president is antithetical to the 1st Commandment upon which Christianity is built and they wouldn't make such assinine comments. (They'd also know that the president does NOT control the National Guard!)

  • Wendall

    I suppose the inability of folks in Louisana to vote is why they have a democrat mayor and a democrat governor? Bellamerica, your argument doesn’t, sorry for the pun in all seriousness, hold water. It seems the people of Louisiana got to vote after all.

    Again, I say, the governor should have activated the National Guard BEFORE the hurricane to ENFORCE the MANDATORY EVACUATION, in which case, Bush never would have had to activate the to rescue these desperate folks.

    As for school prayer – blame that on the constitution and the supreme court, not Bush, even though he does support it. And so what if he does? you have every right to work towards it not being allowed in schools just as anyone else does to insure it IS allowed in schools. Not sure I got your point here…

  • Patrick

    Wendall, give up! Don’t even try to get the point. There isn’t one! It’s just more of the same carping, whining, anti-Bush, anti-America garbage we’ve been listening to them drone on about since 2000. The good thing is, it does nothing to advance their agenda.

  • Anthony Grande

    Bellabitch: I call you this because I can’t bear calling you beautiful America.

    “During 9/11 rescue was en route on 9/11 not 9/12 not 9/13.”

    There was no en route in 9/11. The help was already there, because New York is our biggest city.

  • Anthony Grande

    Hey Bellabitch how did you know I am an NRA member??? Do you also know that I also am White, have a beer bell, live in Texas, own an oil well and always where a tea shirt that reads: GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE???

  • gonzo marx

    Ant G sez..
    *Bellabitch: I call you this because I can’t bear calling you beautiful America.*

    perfect example of your incessant hatred…

    the Persecution rests..


  • Wendall


    You’re probably right that I’m just pi$$ing in the wind but it just upsets me so much to see such a distorted picture.

    We need to be PULLING TOGETHER right now, not finding fault and differences between us.

  • Patrick

    Of course you’re right Wendall, and America is an essentially good country and is pulling together.

    You have to understand that the left NEEDS divisiveness to exist, just the same as they need to create a society of victims whom they can assure their socialist government will take care of when it reaches ascendancy. Free will, independence and personal responsibility are anathema to their agenda (one reason they hate religion so much). Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton et al have made their careers (and fortunes) out of promoting divisiveness. If we all got along, they’d be out of business.

  • Wendall

    Six Deuce,

    Kayne West has it right alright – that’s why he had to “check with his business manager” to see how much he could give. You have a business manager? Neither do I. I give my conscience, not what someone else tells me. You think he cares about the “little people”? It’s nothing more than a publicity ploy – prove me wrong if you can – how much did he give and what’s he worth?

  • Six Duece

    Thank you… Wendall I agree with you… no body is doing anything… look America should never have poverty, all we gotta do is chip in 50 fucking cents all of us and we can help alot but we are too stubborn and prideful… what happened to the men and love in this country

  • I just heard some unbelievable news, I hope is a lie, im a find out tonight…

  • Jacob

    Watching all the president’s worshippers defend him so desperately reveals how in danger the right wing is in proving the Security President is prepared for nuclear war, took the Katrina relief seriously, and that he appointed the right FEMA chief (a former horse show breeder, a political appointee with no government experience). If Bush was a uniter not a divider, he would have kept entrusted former FEMA chief, Witt, who turned FEMA around from its previous corruption.

    Watching the defenders in this forum is like watching rats drown, you hear the screeching.

  • Bellamerica

    “I call you this because I can’t bear calling you beautiful America.”

    According to that assesment, even though I disagree with Bush’s job performance in a civilized manner, I should call him Bush Bitch.

    Wow, you must call 51% of Americans bitches when they express their opinions. That type of female hatred works in Sudan. Insecurity goes hand and hand with ignorance.

  • Anthony Grande

    Bella, I will call you Bella from now on.

    I didn’t realize you were female, my apoligies.

    I can’t bear calling you “Beautiful America” but I can bear calling a women “Beautiful” no matter what she thinks.

    I can’t call you an American because you blamed the President for a NATURAL disaster. That shows me no matter what you will be an Antagonist to anything us Conservatives do. That is not much of a “Beautiful American” thing.

  • outspoken1

    Kanye does have a point with all that he has said. But you all that oppose to his comments should not be so offended. Verse 3 of Timothy in the bible is the firt to state this many many many years ago about all these catastrophies, it goes on saying that (Men shall be lovers of themselves and of money, than lovers of the truth, and faith in god. Let this be known that in the end of days there will be flooding, famming, plagues etc in the least expected places. God goes on saying LET ME NOT CATCH YOU ASLEEP.
    Hate or love it, it is the TRUTH!!
    The nattily dressed Chicago rapper and producer earned a leading 10 Grammy nominations yesterday, topping R&B singers Alicia Keys and Usher, who teamed up on the hit single “My Boo” and each received eight nominations.
    In the past year, Kanye West has made himself known not just as a great hip-hop artist, but a great music video artist as well. The videos for such songs as “Through The Wire,” “All Falls Down,” and “Jesus Walks” eschewed clichés and showed that hip-hop videos can be creative and artistic. He has even created great music videos for others by directing videos for G.O.O.D. artists John Legend and Common. With such a wonderful music video pedigree already,Kanye West … 3.5 million AND GROWING records sold worldwide, 3 time Grammy winner Kanye West

  • sheryl

    I’m tired of so called do gooders (JESSE JACKSON) ALWAYS using what he can to attract free publicity….WHAT EXACTLY DOES THIS MAN DO ANYWAY???? (other than use race as a tool,to start problems between blacks and non blacks)…Martin Luther King Jr. he is NOT!!!!!!!! I for one would like to point out that there are several non “white” organizations, magazines, events and associations…with names such “The Latin music awards” “Ebony” Etc…….how would people respond to The White Music Awards….where this Mr. West person would not be able to perform??? I’m proud to be an American who was raised during the early sixties with a black women (my mom’s BEST friend) living with us…..I who lived on an Canadian Indian Reserve…and I who now lives in the Country of Mexico….I like to think that I’m not racist…..different people from different back grounds is what makes life wonderful….we ALL have something different and interesting to offer!!!!

  • daniel

    Did Kayne really think that Americans would want to donate money after his self rightious speech……I think he DID NOT help the cause…..what was he thinking???? We have to stand strong and together in times of need….not divide!!!!

  • billy

    well, since the majority of the country disapproves of bush, and 99% of kanye’s fans think bush is a racist devil — the answer if yes.

  • >>WHAT EXACTLY DOES THIS MAN DO ANYWAY???? << Jesse Jackson makes a good living by extorting hush money out of major corporations over their racial hiring policies, even when they hire minorities in proportion to the population. He's even available to hire on as an 'affirmative action consultant' to make your all-white company seem like it cares about hiring black people. Dave

  • Sheryl – Excellent points.

    I’ve always thought that Jackson was a fake and an opportunist.

    I don’t believe that most Americans of African descent buy into his charade.

  • sam

    i live in florida and in a pooor area where people have lost their homes and noone looted the day after any hurricane. nor any day afterwards. we didnt see anything but an occasional police car, yet we didnt loose our minds. i remember the ohio flooding a few years back and the rescue teams in boats did not have their boats taken at gunpoint and those people were also in dire need.i have been to new orleans and nothing happened after the hurricane that would not happen any other day if you are white and stumble into the wrong area. im not being racist, im simply pointing out true events.

  • Anthony Grande

    “I don’t believe that most Americans of African descent buy into his charade.”

    That is the problem Bennett, they do. If they didn’t then Jackson would have no power, now would he.


    I agree with the comments made about Bush…..I thought when he was elected the United States needed a strong leader…..but now I can’t even stand to watch him on T.V……..he’s got a cocky walk….a cocky smirk on his face at all time’s and a cocky attitude, no wonder other countries think badly of us!!!!! Look who we have representing us!!!!!! A cocky cowboy…..by the way I have nothing bad to say about cowboys….but look at who they have representing them!!!!!

  • Verified Patriot

    I don’t believe that most Americans buy into this Homeland Security charade!

    That is the problem Bennett, they do. When President Bush fired former FEMA chief, James Lee Witt. Bush replaced Witt with Brown, an inexperienced HORSE SHOW commissioner (I wish I was making this stuff up!).

    Before Witt became director, FEMA was criticized for its slow response to Hurricanes Andrew and Hugo. With Witt in charge in 1993-2001, the agency won PRAISE for its vigorous reaction to the Midwest floods and the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles.

    But, uniter-not-divider Bush got rid of Witt because he is a Democrat. And all America has suffered.

    As a slap in the face, the frustrated Louisiana governor just hired Witt as a personal consultant to fine tune, err, start the evacuation. Brown actually agreed he needs the consultation…read below:

    “Gov. Kathleen Blanco said that when she told FEMA Director Mike Brown she was hiring Witt, “he said, `That is absolutely the right thing to do. He will make a huge difference.'”

    Oh, Bush, why did you have to be so petty!

  • sam

    its very easy to blame the person in charge. im sure its easier to blame someone if their views differ from our own. if you had someone following your every move im sure they could pick apartyour response to everything you say or do. we all live in our own heads and see the world as it appears to us, or how it relates to us. our every disagreement with someone else we know that we are right, our morals are solid and our actions just. we forget that the other person knows they are right, they are just. we forgeet there is another side to the other side. i know that all people forget there is a possibility they are wrong. just about 500 years ago the most learned and educated scholars knew the earth was flat and for thousands of years everyone knew….of course the earth is flat but now we know its round. or is it? what will people say 1000 years from now? we were witch burning savages ready to shout make him pay, as an angry mob. he was the cause for this. but is the earth flat or is it round?

  • bigpoppapump

    Isn’t it a little unrealistic and ignorant, to truly believe that there were any racial factors in determining when help should arrive to these people? Fact is, nobody, not Nagin, not Bush, not any of the people responsible for planning and executing this relief effort, were sitting in they’re offices and saying, “oh, to heck with those poor people down there dying by the thousands, they’re black and poor so who cares.” That’s completely ignorant thinking. Things may not have went as smoothly or quickly as we would have liked to see, but that’s easy for us to say from our couch in front of the TV. Fact is, this was probably the most devastating disaster ever to occur in our country. Although everyone seems to have forgotten already, after 9-11 things were not “all better” one week after the event. Plenty we’re still dying, a majority of them white. And there you still had functional airports, telephones, electricity, roads, trains, subways, grocery stores, massage parlors, etc. What do you expect of our government? You’re talking about hundreds of square miles of devastation, black AND white communities destroyed by this storm, total black outs, flooding, fires, apocolyptic conditions as far as the eye can reach, and no good way to QUICKLY get supplies or help to these poor people. Not to mention those among the refugees who slowed or stopped some relief efforts by taking pot shots at the very people trying to help them. Hindsight is always 20/20, you can point the finger all you want but in the end, do you REALLY believe that race had anything to do with response time? Come on now, lets give it a break. If anyone had some miracle solution to this problem, they should have came out with it when it would have done some good. Our country is at it’s knees already, lets not kick our leaders for trying to do they’re job, and lets CUT THE RACE CARD CRAP, because it’s tired and irrelevant and has absolutely no bearing on this situation. Use you’re brain!

  • sam

    i agree, i mean at what point will someone decide it has been long enough. as a person of the caucasian group, my ancestors were enslaved by romans who were enslaved by moors who were enslaved by persians who……do the people of italy owe me anything?the race card has become a crutch that is used to explain away behavior. i see people every day trying to justify the reasons behind violent behavior, instead of admitting the persons acting out are just plain selfish ,predatory,or simply finding reasons to justify anger they are unwilling to control….. who isnt a victim of something? or someone.

  • serb

    I cannot believe how racists the blacks are in USA. You will blame white people if it rains, or if it shines. It is so boring to read all that.

    Don’t you have some pride?

    I have no guilt for slavery, my people never had slaves. I came to US 10 years ago, and I find that the racism is present – against the white minority!!!

    I do not like prejudice, whatever side it comes from.

    Why is NO predominantly black? Has it always been like that? Why do I not see any blacks working hard – at the constructions sites, where most of Serbs leave their health when they come to US?

    Martin Luter King said that he wants to se the day when everybody will be treated equal when applying for University. Why today blacks get accepted with less points than white students? Is this not racism?

  • Simon L.

    Hey Serb,
    It’s white Americans’ fault for putting up with all the garbage that blacks dish out.

    Hopefully the Mexicans won’t tolerate their BS when they (the Mexicans) gain in population.

  • Joey

    I grew up dirt poor. My dad was a raging alcoholic, left us (my mom in 3 sisters). My mom got hit by a bus and was severely handicapped the rest of her life.

    I lived in the worst neighborhoods, went to the crappiest schools, got my Christmas presents from the marines and the cops… no shit.

    What happened? Was it my fault? I mean I had some mental garbage to take care of.

    How did I escape? I kept my nose clean and I joined the Army. It was that or keep living the way I was. My sisters joined the military too. We made it out, we survived by exercising one of the few options we had.

    There are plenty of people at the poverty level that could do the same. I served with plenty of people who grew up the same way I did, and they made it out too.

    Don’t feed me that namby pamby BS about whatever…. everyone has choices.

  • Bill

    White America everywhere is donating both their time and resources to help the unfortunate victims of Katrina along with all the other ethnic groups in the USA. To play the race-card is stupidity.

    Jesse Jackson is an ambulance chaser trying to justify his leadership position amongst the black community. I believe he is one of the primary instigators behind these baseless accusations that there wasn’t a quick response to this disaster because of skin color. Hey Jesse, the key player necessary for a timely response to Katrina was a minority (i.e., the mayor of NO). Please be fair and lash out at him, or maybe the “Man” has gotten to him too resulting in a delayed rescue response. This type of racial paranoia is starting to go way too far, and it needs to stop. Its moronic and divisive.


  • kate

    I made a donation to the Red Cross because I saw “PEOPLE” who were in a desperate situation…it certainly didn’t look like the time to stop and count black and white faces…I’m middle-class, white, female and from west central Georgia. I don’t care who George Bush cares about, or k. west or j. jackson..I’m sick of there garbage, if they care sooo much more for “their people” than even I do, they need to shut the hell up, walk away from the camera and do something. I can see a person of any color for what they are by what they say, can others do the same? The issue here is mankind, people, family’s, children.

  • Anthony Grande


  • Chasbone

    I think these comments show that racism is alive and well in this country. It is a sad commentary,on the USA, when thousands of their own people (tax payers)are dying as a result of a major catastrophy, Individuals talk all this dribble. It is obvious this is a result of bad planning(Local,State and Federal)However, it is known that Local and State have been trying to get funding from the Feds for years, to prevent this exact problem. The reality of the situation is that this Administration has a different agenda. Unfortunately they were caught with their pants down. And in a capitalist society it is always the poor that takes the hit, when there is a disaster! The Response time was slow because they are. Nothing was done to prevent and protect New Orleans. This administration is vested,nation building elsewhere (Iraq, Afganistan).This is not about politics. It is not about racism.
    It is about Ignorance and Greed!
    Human Beings, especially in this country need to wake up and work on be-coming more conscious

  • adolph

    God I hate black people.and so does god that`s why he directed the hurricane towards those waste of flesh.why did`nt any of those black looters use there strength to help others in need instead of stealing guns and televisions?? always asking for a handout..when i see all those lazy fat welfare blacks on cnn it makes me want to puke.I would never help out someone that won`t help themselves.I know you all agree with me if you don`t you must be out at the store buying kanye west newest cd..hahahahaha

  • Adolph, pay better attention to your Nazi idiot TV.

    There were plenty of people who were using their strength to help get supplies and assistance to the elderly and sick who needed help. And many of the looters (not the roving thugs with guns or the rapists) were breaking into groceries that would never be used again in order to keep people alive. There were several men interviewed who said they had to scrounge for food in destroyed groceries and hotels to bring to dying senior citizens.

    I have no patience for the racists on this topic. I’m getting sick of all the Katrina discussion on this site because it’s mostly so stupid and politically opportunistic. You’re all moral predators and completely devoid of empathy beyond your prejudices.

    That is all.

  • Anthony Grande

    Bob, please do not respond to Nazis.
    Ignore them.

  • Kayne4pres

    Kayne would like for all his fans who were planning on buying his latest disc to instead contribute that money to the Red Cross. burn or download his cd for free and give the money to the poor black people instead of the rich black people.

  • Justme

    First of all, I’m a white female, low to middle class and I work my tush off. I am absolutely APPAULED at the “race card” being played with this tremedous disaster. My best friend is a black female and she has REFUSED to give to the Red Cross now that West has said his peace. I have explained to her that she can’t deprive people of the help they need so badly just because of some bonehead Hollywood type. But she insists there’s no better way to prevent donations and help from the public than to insult so many as West did. And remember, she’s BLACK herself! As much as I adore her, I have to respectfully disagree with her. La and the other states hit so hard need our help, EVERYONE’S help. I’m so afraid this has done permanent damage to America (re: the racisim card being played). Thanks a lot West. I hope you and those who think like you and all of the Nazi’s (OF ANY SKIN COLOR) all rot like the disgusting trash you are.

  • Justme

    Oh, and I meant to ask Bill this: Have you read “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (Al Franken is #37)” by Goldberg? It’s a great read. Just finished it last night. I think you may enjoy it, too!

  • Bill

    Bob, Chasbone:

    Please be more specific on what is racist for the sake of dialogue. I’m not accusing you of this, but many times people use this term if there is any hint of negativity being projected towards African Americans.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Marshall

    No one, anyone, anywhere has said that White America is responsible for the suffering in the Gulf Coast, and anyone who has is a fool. Furthermore, no one has said Bush and he alone is responsible for this either. George Bush has spoken before crowds of elderly, soldiers, union members, and Christian groups but he has never spoken before a large mostly black audience because he does not choose to. This reads that he does not care about issues in the Black community.

    Furthmore, to suggest that everyone, everywhere should cease any and all criticism is like saying that there should be no dissent during war. This is the perfect time to examine the factors involving this colossal failure of government; race and class, however you slice it, were factors in this. Not everyone is able to give money or travel to the coast, or make room in their homes, but that does not mean they are not concerned or should keep their mouths shut.

  • Bill


    You make a good point…free speech is everyone’s right and it makes this country great. Obviously this website is dedicated to free speech and criticism is part of it. I have no problem with anyone criticizing Bush or anyonelse I might agree with. If they didn’t I wouldn’t come to this website because I think dialogue among differing views is healthy.

    The issue I would take up with you is that of race and how it has impacted the speed of the rescue effort. To say that the response would have been different for white folks is just not true. I think the problem had more to with class and the fact that the victims left behind did not have the resources to evacuate New Orleans before the storm hit, which has turned out to be a major problem. Based on the television coverage its obvious that the impoverished people who were left behind were disproportionately black.

    I think this is where we differ. I would argue that the same rescue effort would have been put forth if most of the folks were white. As I said before this is a class issue and not a race issue.

    I think there is a whole other topic and debate associated with why the impoverished people in New Orleans are disproportionately black, but that is outside the scope of this forum.


  • Marshall

    Actually, Bill, we are in complete agreement. I believe that this is an issue of class more than race. I believe that this was a failure at the city (Mayor Nagin), state (Gov. Blanco) and federal (FEMA, Homeland Sec.) levels.

    However, Kanye West was voicing less factual sentiment, than emotional. Many, not all, Blacks in this country saw African-Americans stranded in a deluged city, starving and desperate. Upon logical examination, race is the least factor in the situation. However, what many fail to realize is that the wounds of the past have not healed. Fifty years ago, southern officials probably would have left African-Americans to die. That’s less than two generations past.

    It is not factual that it is a racial issue, but it feels that way, and that feeling cannot easily be shaken.

  • The wounds have not healed because you have race baiters like West and Jesse Jackson who keep making it a race issue.

  • steve

    marshall, why should bush address black organizations who have a profound hatred for him? I sure wouldnt. I could think of far better ways to utilize my time. I wouldnt want to hold a convention to a group who voted 90% against me.

    Every year the democrats count on the black vote, taking it for granted. look at the latest mess the democrats have african americans involved in with Katrina? the STATE GOVT should have helped before FEDERAL…thats how our system WORKS. blame the mayor, the governor…not BUSH

  • You have a state with traditionally democratic governors in a town with typically democratic governors and the black people are still poor….

    Hmmmm… party of civil rights…

    I think not.

  • Marshall

    The wounds haven’t healed because the people who remember terrible mistreatment, even lynchings and wrongful imprisonment, are still alive. The wounds have been made better, but not healed. It is naive to think that race is an issue relegated entirely to affirmative action and office politics even in the minds of Black people, John.

    And, Steve: Bush should speak to Black organizations because the President has an obligation to serve all Americans, not just those politically to his advantage. Also, because as a ‘Uniter and not a divider’, he swore he would reach across such gulfs. And because, as a Republican candidate, the odds are against him, but he could begin to change things. Disliking one group or another is not hard-wired into anyone, and can be changed with acts contrary to the perception; acts that George W. Bush has not made.

  • Marshall

    In people’s MINDS they remain the party of Civil Rights. I don’t think the Dems are the greatest party since sliced bread, but when it comes down to being ignored with no change for the better, and being listened to with no change for the better, it at least helps to be listened to.

    Blacks feel that Republicans aren’t even listening, do not understand their perspective, and therefore do not care.

    Furthermore, Bush is much more an accessory to the events in NO. As I’ve said before, the City, State, and Federal agencies (FEMA, Homeland Security) failed the people.

  • Shrubbie claims to be president of all the people, not only those who cast votes for him. That being the case, he can’t ignore those who don’t support him. Perhaps he can avoid people as a candidate, but not as a president. His job supposedly is to serve the entire citizenry, not to hang with folks who like him.

  • steve

    well marshall, ill admit when Im wrong. you made a good point. the president is indeed here to serve all americans…but you could at least agree with me that speaking to a group so hostile would be quite the uphill battle. bush should take up the challenge, what do you think?

    maybe during the next election, many african-americans will see bush as a different person when all is said and done in the gulf.

    maybe they will see a neglect of responsibility from high ranking democrats after this experience.

  • Marshall

    I respect and appreciate that you’re not a fanatic who can’t accept other sides, Steve. I truly do.

    All it takes is for the people to demand better government for things to change, Republican or Democrat. I really don’t care which side makes people demand better treatment from their officials. Just so long as all Americans are served.

    True, it would be difficult, and politically disadvantageous in one sense to speak to a hostile crowd, but I’d like to think that a candidate can gain a measure of respect by preaching to the sinners instead of the choir (metaphorically speaking).

  • Indeed. And they’ll see a neglect of responsibility from high ranking Republicans too. There is plenty of justified blame to go around. Perhaps people — who cares what color their skin is? — will see Shrub and Nagin and Blanco and Chertoff, etc. as different people than they thought and vote all the bastards out of office.



  • Heloise

    Paragraphing people–please try to use them it is hard as hell to read some of these posts.

    from the Editor

  • Beth

    Let me explain BLUNTLY how this is an issue of race against whites and against blacks:

    Sixty White tourists at the Superdome were evacuated on day 2 BECAUSE they were being threatened with rape by blacks b/c the blacks feared the whites would be given special treatment & some were rapists.

    This was self-fulfilling prophecy. The Hilton was able to evacuate its white tourists in private buses on day 3 while police kept out starving blacks.

    These instances of unfair treatment show white people are DAMN SCARED of blacks and blacks distrust whites.

    While most New Orleans citizens broke across the race divide and helped each other to abandoned “safety”, there are 2 instances when unarmed black men were shot by national guard for approaching their vehicles or running.

    I do believe the FEAR OF LOOTING is really the FEAR OF BLACKS. It is programmed into people who watch biased television that blacks are criminal-minded. I don’t think that whites are racist for being fearful, just the way I don’t think blacks are racist for fearing white cops. The media is culprit for focusing on a group of armed meth-addicts terrorizing New Orleans.

    It’s a FACT. You will be a target if you’re the only white somewhere or black somewhere or woman somewhere of man somewhere. Unless the person is well-known/famous. It’s an unfortunate social reaction.

    I think we’ll have a new definition of looting & new emergency looting laws when this all ends.

  • Heloise

    I said on the first day that I will not let white people be blamed for this mess. In a way God sent this not only to black people, but guess what? He sent it to be a BIG test of heart to whites as well.

    As a black person, really a colored creole in America, I think that whites in this country get high, really high marks for what they are doing. I will not let them (whoever them is) blame ya, okay?

    As for those who hate blacks, well you might return in your next life as one.


  • Heloise, that is beautiful…Thank You!

    D L

  • Glen

    This is sad. Slavery happened over 200 years ago. 200 YEARS!!! How long must we keep debating how African Americans are still shunned by the white society? Whatever my forefathers did over 200 years ago is laid to rest. Be reminded that it was President Lincoln (a white man) who signed the Emancipation Proclamation that was a big factor in whites fighting whites in the civil war. A lot of people are making reference that the goverment sent immediate relief to tsunami relief but not to N.O. True, but it wasn’t done in 5 days. The only means to get into the area was by air. Roads were cut off. I don’t know about most of you, but when I saw the media showing a helicopter trying to land, it was fired at!

    My father, a white man, 70 years old, living on social security and a part time truck driving job, took a pay cut from his normal routes to volunteer his time to drive supplies to the hurricane victims. He doesn’t care what color you are, just that you need help. Sadly, a lot of people will say that he was expected to do that.

    Mr. Wests’ comments about the looting were apalling. Since when is hauling out a tv looting for food? Why would gangs resort to patrolling the areas for territory during a disaster and then complain that no relief is arriving? The truth seems like no matter what the white society would ever do, it will NEVER be enough to make a poor black person happy – if racism is involved. If I sold everything I owned (which isn’t much), and gave the money to a poor black family, they would probably be very grateful, but then the next black family would say that I was profiling. Or that I did it for publicity or fame. Or that I should have given it equally to all black people. Get the point?

    I grew up in a predominantly black area of town. I was a minority in school. My parents had next to nothing. No more than anyone else in our neighborhood. I didn’t have the silver spoon in my mouth like a lot of AA’s would proclaim that I had because of how successful I am now. Instead of participating in a gang, I studied. Some would tell me, “but Glen, this (being a gang member) is all I know how to be.” Bull. It’s your choice. You had the same opportunity to get good grades as I did. You chose to run the streets like a thug, I chose to stay in school. So tell me, how did I get a better opportunity than you? It’s all about choices. My good grades eventually allowed me to get into college which allowed me to get a good job. Your street running landed you in jail – and now you blame the “white” society for putting you there. Excuses. I love to see how things would be if this had happened to a trailor park in south Florida where thousands of white families would have been exposed to a disaster. Would Chris Rock or Kanye West or any other racist black celebrity put on a relief effort to help the white families?

  • Just to set the record straight, slavery ended only about 140 years ago, and there was segregation and substantial racial oppression in the country up until about 40 years ago.

    Not that this excuses giving up and becoming a client of the state or a voluntary victim. Even during the height of segregation there were blacks who made themselves wealthy and successful. To not even try now when opportunities are so much more available is a shame. Even worse is the shame of those who continue to tell african americans they can’t succeed on their own and that they have to live as if they are oppressed just because it advances their political interests.


  • Glen

    So you are expecting us to believe that because FEMA didn’t get to N.O. within minutes after the hurricane that President Bush is telling poor AA’s that “they have to live as if they are oppressed…”?? Please tell me you aren’t saying that. I was in teh Marine Corps for 4 years and when the hurricane hit South Florida in 93 (I think), it took about a week for our relief efforts to get in and help clean up. When tornados rip through (with no warning I might add), you don’t see relief efforts for them. As far as humanity is concerned, how is a rich person any different from a poor person? When mudslides or earthquakes totally devastate a rich person’s home or take their lives, is that poetic justice?

  • Simon L.

    If we get rid of both the federal government and the blacks (like Abraham Lincoln wanted to do after the Civil War), the US would be a great country.

    Otherwise, the future of the US will look like New Orleans.

  • The Kid

    To blame one person, for the slow response, or to say that the delay in relief was caused by racism is illogical and uninformed.

    As it has already been pointed out, it is the GOVERNOR’s responsibility to call for the National Guard. The president must wait for STATE authorities to call for the National Guard. The governor should have gotten that ball rolling the minute it was clear the hurricane was headed for New Orleans.

    It was also the Mayor’s responsibility to have a plan in place to evacuate those who did not have the means to leave the city on their own. Perhaps he could have planned to convert public transportation into means of evacation. Or he could have established pre-existing contracts with area bus companies to take those people to pre-established shelters further inland. Also, I believe there is still passenger rail service in and out of the city. This problem is not new or unexpected. That being said, hindsight is always 20/20.

    Since the state and city leadership dropped the ball on these issues it required a longer amount of time for relief to start flowing in. The National Guard is not by nature a rapid deployment force. It takes about a week to get operations spun up. Since the governor did not call for them before hand, they were unable to get to the city as soon as the storm left.

    Now, this does not leave the Federal government off the hook by any means, once it was clear that state and city officials had failed, (about two hours after the storm) they should have moved faster. However, it still would have taken a fair amount of time to get aid in.

    The relief for this storm is a massive undertaking. The logistics are staggering. To establish an effective operation on this scale, especially given the poor quality of prior planning will ALWAYS take time, regardless of the race of the victims.

  • smb

    I’ve heard just about enough of the african americans pulling the race card during this natural disaster. enough is enough. you put yourself in the situations that you are in, and dont try to better yourselves…so I dont feel bad.

  • Nola

    SMB sick mother b,
    Race was a factor in evacuating white tourists out of the superdome and hotels 3 days before blacks.
    Race was a factor in turning back blacks who walked across the bridge to neighboring parish even when the buses wouldn’t pick them up.
    Other than that & shooting unarmed blacks approaching National Guard for help as women were being raped, CLASS was the main factor in the poor reflief effort. The majority of blacks and whites have behaved civilized even as they starve.
    If you want to hate blacks, hate Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas. Blacks hate them too.

  • Wendall


    “While most New Orleans citizens broke across the race divide and helped each other to abandoned “safety”, there are 2 instances when unarmed black men were shot by national guard for approaching their vehicles or running”

    These events never happened – they, as well as reports of people being killed (not dying) in the Superdome, were debunked as erroneous reports by an illinformed news media machine which didn’t do proper fact checking prior to reporting – which I’d have to say has been tremendously biased in it’s reporting of the disaster. Biased from the standpoint that ALL of them, including Fox, have been quick to wave the “race” flag in chasing ratings, and air reports of kilings, rapes, etc.., only to later report that they weren’t true – after the damage has been done.

    News organizations and reporters need to stick to reporting acurate substantiated facts, not chasing ghost stories or hyping events to increase ratings.

    Thats’ been one of the biggest problems in this disaster and has done more harm to black/white race relations than any thing else has during this time.

  • sheryl

    OK…..OK…can we please talk about the positive things that are happening in America?????? Enough of this negitive stuff…ALOT of good is being done right now by PEOPLE and PEOPLE PERIOD!!!!!!! Let’s all work together to help these poor people that were affected by Katrina!

  • Sorry, I’m too busy trying to debunk the left while the defecate on the dead.

  • Keep it up debunking the loony left-wing conspiracy, Agent Mulder.

    I’ll give you a tip: condoms are a form of mind control and technology to make THEIR takeover more insidious.

    Trust no one.

    That is all.

  • OK…..OK…can we please talk about the positive things that are happening in America??????

    OK, sheryl, I say a bunch of us get together and sing Kumbaya at the Rose Garden.

  • sheryl


  • James

    i’m pretty sure defecating on the dead is a republican trait.
    please where a condom when you do so. republican feces is not a form of birth control.

  • Simon L.

    Both Repugs and Demonrats are the real looters of working people’s taxes. Government has lost all credibility to anyone who can think for themselves. We don’t need government anymore.

    The levee was public property. If it were private, the owner would be going to prison now.

  • Ashley L

    I am from new orleans,my family and i left sunday and we are now in atlanta, ga. I wont say that its a race issue but i dont think that bush cares for anyone but himself. The flooding in new orleans could have been prevented, but george bush stopped the funding for the levees to continue being built, because he felt that it was a waste of time and money. They have covered up alot of things in new orleans and they try to put it off on the mayor, it’s the governments fault. Yes there is a little bit of racism associated with all of this, you didnt here about how 2500 black people drowned in 2 highschools, or how when the black people were on the roofs of their houses and the rescue people came, they passed them up and went to get the white people and came back for the blacks 2 days later. How do i know this because people from new orleans have contacted me and told me. They are only showing black people on tv going into stores and taking things but i guarantee you that just as much as there is a black person doing it theres a white person doing it also. They only show you waht they want you to see, in my opinion white people are just as bad and sometimes worse than black people. You dont really here about what went on the superdome, women and little girls being raped and killed and people being treated like animals, so for all of you out there that THINK you know, you really dont know because you werent there and youre not from new orleans, so please stop trying to put everything off on black people. YOu wanna pass the blame all the time, learn to take care of your own damn actions. And for the person that said when willbalck people learn to take care of themselves, weve been taking care of ourselves but every chance society gets they try and hold us down and keep us from things, america is no longer an equal opportunity country.

  • JJ

    It never was (for blacks)

  • jason

    How sad is it to think theres people like Jackson who want to make a race issue out of such a tradgedy. The fact of the matter is JJ is a HYPOCRITE a racist himself wont he take his ass down there and wayed through the contaimnated water and deliver food water and recover dead bodies. I didnt think so africa american people are so quick to holler discrimanation over any thing it makes me sick. Jackson should just shut his mouth because frankley no body wants to here it.

  • steve

    haha jesse jackson…did he ever end up taking care of that bastard kid of his? well between the time he uses to abuse the affirmative action act

  • nola


    with condoms being renamed as unsafe sex by Bush’s abstinence programs that his own daughters do not enforce, every man has a “bastard kid” as you call it.

    i think his child is innocent and for you to put him down shows a level of hatred that does not give you the right to pretend you are better than jesse jackson.

    if jesse jackson went on vacation during katrina you would call him a hypocrite as well. bush put jj in a position to raise hope. and jj rose to the occasion.

  • The People

    The racists on this board appear and are very psychotic to the rest of the world. You disgust me as well as your fellowman. You racists are living monsters to everyone, not only to African-Americans, but to EVERYONE. You have caused the EVIL and demise in this country for centuries. Many of you call yourselves Christians which is a SICK joke. I hope that the next flood comes for another visit and wipes out the rest of you. You Racists are PATHETIC and Manaical and there is NOTHING to be PROUD of and you are so moronically stupid because many of you are POOR and wretched and the rich ARE against YOU especially. How IRONIC that a poor person becomes a RACIST when MOST of you on this BOARD are being used to fight and victimized others by YOUR OWN KIND. Are you so foolish to not realise that you are being used by the system so that you idiots can fight against yourselves? There is no RACE CARD being played here whatsoever. It simply happens that Black Leaders are addressing a VALID point of the TRUTH of this hideous circumstance. IF anything, those on this board with the audacity to use the words “race card” are indeed revealing your very own racism. There is and never was a card to be played. WHat race card you stupid moron jerks??? The leaders were simply asking for help and never did they once play into a race card. The victims were PRIMARILY BLACK you idiots. The Black leaders cared for the Caucasians as well. C-SPAN featured them appealing for EVERYONE and not only the African-Americans. AT least the African-Americans cared for those out side of their race. There were and are many blacks who care for whites. BESIDES who perpetrated racism in the first place? WHITES! All other minorities came here to make a better life or have tried to and all the non-minorities have caused was VIOLENCE and denial. MOST of you denied the HOLOCAUST as well just as you are using this RACE CARD nonsense. STOP your nastiness and your EVIL non-stop obsessiveness. YOU run 90% of the world, you have killed enough people. Be happy with what you have and stop the killing and the name calling. YOU are SO evil. Those of you who aren’t bitching about race cards and spewing covert racist sentiments, I apologise to you for these words, as for the rest of you who have nothing better to do than to publish manifestos and draw blue prints of explosives to kill others who have NEVER harmed you, well you are reading the representation of how you are NOT so desired. YOU RACISTS are VERY UGLY PEOPLE and YOU have defiled NOT only yourselves, but INNOCENTS as well.

  • The People

    American was NEVER Equal Opportunity. Affirmative Action was meant to help blacks stay off of welfare so that you fuckers would stay off of their case you EVIL SHIT. And quit that ‘go back to Africa shit” Gladly we say!! Give us the fucking ticket and we’ll go as soon as you stop “LOOTING” the fucking diamonds from our natural resources! Let’s note this very clearly folks: those who have bitched and moaned about the Jacksons ARE the RACISTS, don’t you SEE THAT!! And that idiot who “feigned” how “sad” it was about Jackson stepping up to speak. OKay DUMB-ASS, the SAD issue is that YOU ARE STILL BITCHING ABOUT race cards and many of you care NOTHING about the VICTIMS whatsoever. AND how in the hell can some of you blame the MAYOR of New ORLEANS, when the guy begged for disaster support since he’s been in office? ALL of the scientists have made this clear that this was going to occur and now you are blaming this on ONE person, it would just as silly as to blame this all on BUSH or any ONE person. This was a GROUP EFFORT and now this entire TRAGEDY has turned into a racist travesty. So what that Kayne West said what he said, he has the right to say what he wants, at least he did not spew hatred as many of you are doing. The lack of effort had everything to do with anything. Many of you were not there and how would that other racist with the “black friend” know about where the money is actually going. Did you tell your friend how you felt, or are you a “back stabber who smiled your fake ass in her face and hopped on this blog to spew your true sentiments?” I hope that she finds out the kind of racist that YOU really are so that she terminates her friendship with you. You ARE NOT her friend as you are more a ghoulish fiend you PIG!!

    This negligence was a COLLECTIVE and deliberate ACT. FEMA MAY not have set dynamite to the levee (maybe the gasoline to burn the bodies), but they may as well have. The sentiment is loud and very clear. Who in the hell raised many of you? Were many of you NUCLEAR accidents? Are you carrying that FACTOR X that BTK was talking about? Maybe we should remane the national anthem to: America, the Factor Xs.

    Just as the victims, you cannot run and you certainly cannot hide (as I am certain that many of you do not want to, though you should) and psst, your confederate flag panties are showing you psycho-genocide fuck!

    And NO, African-Americans are NOT REFUGEES you BASTARDS!! And Ashley from NO, some of us DO care about your POST and the humans on this blog share your concerns and MANY of US do CARE.

    TO the(Both black and white and all other) VICTIMS: There are some HUMANS who really DO CARE AND HAVE HELPED AND WILL CONTINUE TO HELP regardless of RACE. EVERYONE is WORTHWHILE REGARDLESS OF CLASS AND RACE. YOU ARE NOT REFUGEES!! As your fellow Amerikkkan calls you!! The racists on this board wish to divide Americans and those who have are the true Anti-Americans.

    AND TO THAT IDIOT: who brags about his report card from the 8th grade WHO CARES!!!!!! There are blacks who have succeeded in school are not THINKING about your INSECURE ASS. If your education is all that you have to WHINE about, then, perhaps you are not as educated as YOU first BELIEVED. NOT all blacks are asking for YOUR STUPID FUCKING JOBS you toe jam fuck.

    AND THE IDIOT WHO continues to accuse those of LOOTING, well, MANY of YOU have LOOTED AS WELL. AND HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW THAT THE Tsuami victims DIDN’T LOOT as well???


    AND THAT SIMON L. Is an INCREDIBLE, filthy anusF***KING THUG. Get a real job or two and dial T for THERAPY you BORN LOSER!!

    For the Caucasians on the board who are not racists or pathethic OR DISGUSTING, please stay that way, stay beautiful as the very few of you are, there are many blacks who love and care for you as decent people and that is a fact! And there have been blacks who have given tons of money to rescue poor whites as they have their own. And the blacks who have noticed your good works DO appreciate and care and we thank you and we will not forget your kindnessess as well. We know that you gave out of your humanity. WE KNOW and we can see which ones who ARE giving and not only in money but out of real help through skills. JUST as WE given out of our HUMANITY. Not all of us are the way that these scary pricks have painted us to be.

    There are many hard working blacks out here who care for the same concerns as YOU do and the evil pricks hate that so much that all that they know to do is to pull on their filthy hoods and set their homes on fire and blame it on blacks. There is good in every race and culture, the thing is to keep the diseased fuckers out!!

    The LOT of you are some very tired and UGLY mf’ers, God you are HOrrible LOSERS! That one pr**k who said that they hated black people, I mean, were you born from a petri dish of botchelism and Raid? UGGH!! Apparently you were born in an institution and God you are another tired thug-banging creep. Believe me f**ko, the sentiment is returned to YOU and Only YOU. Just do not walk alone OR with YOUR gang banging horses and if you are a real man, leave the lynching to the experts,(i.e.; your mother) who should have lynched her embryo before you had a name.

    SMB who thinks that we need your f***king help! SMB is the reason that racism is alive and well, just read all of his posts. Basically that is all he is really good for. SMB, You are a very stupid c**k sucker, not all blacks are in need of the breadcrumbs that you claim to pull out of your ass. Apparently you are as ignorant as the rest of them and twice as illiterate. Please stop being such an insecure f-off and put in some over time for your family if you can, they need you and if you do not have a family, don’t count on ever having one. No self-respecting female (not even a Caucasian one) would ever allow you (or any of you) the time of day seeing that you submit your overtime on this board. And then you complain about the blacks to which I am sure would neither give YOU the time of day either. You are a bunch of degenerate morons. YUCK!!!!

    To EVERYONE: Especially those in denial of race relations. I suggest that all of you Google the words “racism” and “Katrina” together and catch how America really feels. You will find that some of those on this board have expressed their extended hatred.

    When you do, you will see for yourself the TRUTH of feelings in this country. Afterwards,take a shower because the filth of the free speech will sadden you and the words from West will appear as child’s play. Not to cause division, but to get a bird’s eye view of the ones on this board who have written about “bloated bodies and gleeful celebration” and perhaps you will see just how “united” we really are.

  • Simon L.

    The apologists for black criminality and incompetence on this board are losing their minds, as judged by their responses.

    Maybe they realize that Americans don’t believe their racist lies anymore.

    Katrina has demonstrated that their hearts are as black as their skin.

  • isabel

    I think it is time now that we as citizens of this county actually get off of our butts and do something. We can’t jst turn deaf ears anymore. We can’t just turn away and live the way we have aways been living. These people who are suffering from Katrina are our brothers and sisters, regardless of race, sex or class we should be helping them. Yes, it is been way over 5 days. Let this tragedy be a lesson for all in this county. It is sad that such tragedies like this have to be the wake up calls for us. Please I just ask that as citizns of this country, we start being more active in our communities, in politics and any other way to help our fellow Americans, and even fellow countries, so everyone can live with basic necessities and not be struggling for them.

  • Wendall


    Please quit regurgitating the same old unsubstantiated “I was told” stories about rapes, murders, Bush don’t care for blacks, 2500 drowned in 2 high schools BS. If you’re not going to provide the proof that Bush cut funding or that rescuers passed up blacks for whites on roof tops just shutup You add nothing to an otherwise valid discussion here. Your comments, unproven as they are, are meant to inflame race hatred in both directions which is probably what you want in the end.

    As for the obivous white racists on this board – shutup as well. You only show your lack of intelligence and abundance of ignorance and stupidity. Our country has no place for you. I’d tell you to go to nazi Germany but then, since I live in Germany now, I can tell you the Germans would throw ya’ll butts in jail for spreading such hatred.

    For the rest of you:

    I spent 22 years in the Army defending our country of blacks, whites, indians, asians, etc..we are a country of MANY people from all walks of life – love it and learn to live together or leave it. It only takes a passport and a cheap plane ticket folks. We won’t go into my background before I joined the Army other than to say I’d just about match anyone’s poverty story here on this board. Ever crap in an outhouse cause that’s all you had?

    That said – this isn’t about race, it’s about class, need and opportunity. If anyone in the US feels left out and without opportunity, not deserving of a handout but a hand up, then we as a country have a problem. I don’t agree that the Federal Government should be responsible to give anything to anyone except the same opportunity equal to everyone else – what one does with that opportunity is up to them.

  • jeanette

    I live in New Orleans and I was there for harricane Katrina . I agree that the goverment took to long to come to New Orleans and help us.People in New orleans souldn’t have been looting for things they didn’t need.I didn’t think it was wrong when they had to loot for food,water and other thing they NEEDED because the goverment took so long to get there. They also shouldn’t been shooting at the cops at a time like that or at any time.All those people out there was trging to help us and they had some ignarte people that was trying to kill the help. It was not only BLACK PEOPLE looting out there,They had all kind of people doing it.I think its bad when someone that kids look up to is on TV trying to start war.Why does it always have to be BLACK and WHITE? Why can’t it just be people?

  • As near as we
    can tell from the press reports, those who suffered most were those who
    had come to count on the empire’s ‘panem et circenses’ – bread and
    circuses – in the homeland. When the system failed, they were in
    trouble. They could not afford the cost of their own rescue or they were
    too shiftless to figure out how to save themselves. Those are the people
    for whom God and good people down the street usually look out. Too bad
    government officials had shouldered them both out of the neighborhood.

    The trouble with empires, dear reader, is that both the panem et
    circenses and the foreign wars are expensive. Eventually, the empire
    runs out of money and its programs fail. And then people face a disaster
    – military, social, economic…or all of them combined.

  • Verified Patriot

    Racism is spread from parent to child.

    George Bush’s mother made some disgustingly racist comments at the Houston Astrodome. She inferred that:

    #1- the Astrodome was a luxurious alternative to how the blacks lived prior to the hurricane

    #2- white people were scared that the black evacuees would live in Houston and make it a “blacker” city

    Many blacks in N.O. were middle-class professionals, who have publically said the Astrodome is not a tolerable place to live for 2 months

    Barbara Bush did not instill tolerance in George Bush. The President’s slow response is explanable from his mother’s values because W believes blacks starving at the convention center were just living through a NORMAL DAY without latrines, food, water, or security.

  • Jimmy C.

    If blacks think they are being hurt by whites, why don’t they start a guerilla war, like the Iraqis?

    Until they start fighting back, all this talk about racism is meaningless. How many dead will it take before they start shooting white politicians and cops?

    Anyone care to guess if this would ever happen…..thanks

  • Bill

    Are you inferring that many blacks in the Astrodome are Middle-class professionals?

  • Until they start fighting back, all this talk about racism is meaningless.

    Violence is not the answer. There are plenty of individuals of different races amongst Americans who agree that racism is a problem that needs to be discussed and eradicated. Try reading some of the speeches of Al Sharpton but forget the fact that he is a black man. Much of what he has said over the years is the truth and he’s been labeled as the crackpot. Sometimes the truthsayers are the ones we condemn because they tell us what we do not want to hear.

  • Bilbo

    Why do White think Racism doesn’t exist?

  • Why? Because Whites haven’t suffered the indignities that Blacks, Asians and Hispanics have. White gay people know it all to well because they have been victims of the white supremacist machine for generations. Our Declaration of Independence says that “All men are created equal…” After 200+ years, we are far from achieving equality. As I see it we’re regressing.

  • Bilbo

    Simon L., you made a point that needs to be address. why can’t African countries send some aid to help us? We are always give to them while their leaders screw them over.

    Jesse Jackson is wrong and has been wrong for years. Jesse ain’t nothing but a “Hustler”!!! Sorry, I just can’t back him or anyone says JJ is a leader.

  • The Pride of Pearl River County

    Simon L.,
    Somebody needs to have his/her overstuffed diaper changed. Oops, too late – it exploded out the wrong end.

    Abraham Lincoln offered a return ship back to Africa for the slaves.It was Theodore G. Bilbo me you dumb sum of bitch that said, “Send all the niggers back to Africa.” He wrote a book and presented it to Washington, you are marveled over own intellectual brilliance but don’t have your facts correct.

  • Coker

    have any of the racist pigs made any contribution to any of the people in these areas? There are whites in the area that need your help? Are you helping them?

  • Bilbo

    AmishHitman, I agree with you on
    stuttered and “un-thought provoking” comments about Bush. One can’t begin to count the number of times this man says “And dummmm”.

    Justme, tell your friend what comes around goes around. She may need help one day from the very same people.

  • YT

    Hurricane Katrina victims in Houston, Texas, were “underprivileged anyway” and life in the Astrodome sports arena is “working very well for them,” former first lady Barbara Bush said.
    The comments by the mother of President George W Bush have fueled the ire of some Americans, who see the Bush family as out-of-touch patricians.
    “Almost everyone I’ve talked to says ‘we’re going to move to Houston,”‘ Bush said in a radio interview after visiting evacuees at the Astrodome with her husband, former president George Bush.
    “What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality,” she said.
    “And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this – this is working very well for them.”
    Her comments aired late on Monday on Marketplace, an American Public Radio show broadcast nationwide.
    They triggered a flood of negative messages on the Huffington Post, a popular left-leaning blog.
    “Cold hearted witch,” read one of the more polite comments, signed by IowaDem.
    “No wonder her son remained on vacation, playing guitar and eating cake instead of seeing that aid and rescue operations were well-managed.”
    Another writer found the comments hard to believe. “Did she really say that?” wrote ‘Stephen.’ “My God! What or who have we become?”

  • jason

    Just like to respond to the PARACITE assuming your black who wrote the paragragh wanting someone to GIVE you a one way ticket to africa how typical is that always have and still wanting something for nothing. Obviously you dont watch the news stores being ramsaced funny thing is electronics, jewerley everything is gone EXCEPT tools things you could use to work with as a matter of fact I seen a black man walking down the street carrying a guess what 27inch color T.V. All you see is black people on tv hey you were given what 3or 4 days notice to get out the whites is the only ones who listened.

  • Wendall

    I’m so ashamed at being American right now it’s sickening. It’s sickening to log on here and read what people, black and white, are writing about each other. It’s sickening to see how all from both races are hard at work widening the racial divide. It’s sickening to know that after all these years, we still have all these racial problems.

    It’s enlightening to know I’ve never, ever added to this by trying to influence or teaching my two sons that racism is acceptable in any form. As I’ve said before, I spent 22 years in the military and served with folks of all races and backgrounds. There are many many other folks just like me who’ve done the same with there children and I see it every day on the military base I work on. I’ve met some “lazy” whites and some “lazy” blacks in peace time but when it came right down to it, when it was necessary that we ALL depended on each other the friggin’ job got done and we all did our part – just like what is happening with our military members in Irag right now. Your behavior on this blog shames their service. Shame on all of you.

    When we all quit seeing color, as my sons have learned to do from me and my service to this country, this country will be a much better place. Again – shame on all of you. If you are black and feel you got overlooked then say you got overlooked and scream about it as loud as you can, but not because you are black – say it because you are human and no human deserves deserves to be treated that way.

    If you are one of the white racists on this board – shutup. We don’t want to hear your trash. You do nothing but facilitate the racial divide that this country doesn’t need.

    If you are one of the whites that think the blacks got what they deserved because they chose to stay – think again. Some did but then some didn’t. Why weren’t they evacuated? Ask the mayor and the governor – they controlled the buses and resources that could have gotten them out before the Hurricane.

    Why wasn’t the Red Cross allowed in after the Hurricane – ask the Governor, since she chose to not allow them in.

    Why wasn’t the National Guard called in before and immediately after the hurricane – again, ask the governor, it was her call.

  • Newton Emerson

    By Newton Emerson

    As the full horror of Hurricane Katrina sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if this is the end of George Bush’s presidency. The answer is almost certainly yes, provided that every copy of the US Constitution was destroyed in the storm. Otherwise President Bush will remain in office until noon on January 20th, 2009, as required by the 20th Amendment, after which he is barred from seeking a third term anyway under the 22nd Amendment.

    As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if the entire political agenda of George Bush’s second term will not still be damaged in some terribly satisfying way.

    The answer is almost certainly yes, provided that the entire political agenda of George Bush’s second term consists of repealing the 22nd Amendment. Otherwise, with a clear Republican majority in both Houses of Congress, he can carry on doing pretty much whatever he likes.

    As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if the Republican Party itself will now suffer a setback at the congressional mid-term elections next November.

    The answer is almost certainly yes, provided that people outside the disaster zone punish their local representatives for events elsewhere a year previously, both beyond their control and outside their remit, while people inside the disaster zone reward their local representatives for an ongoing calamity they were supposed to prevent. Otherwise, the Democratic Party will suffer a setback at the next congressional election.

    As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if an official inquiry will shift the blame for poor planning and inadequate flood defences on to the White House. The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody admits that emergency planning is largely the responsibility of city and state agencies, and nobody notices that the main levee which broke was the only levee recently modernised with federal funds. Otherwise, an official inquiry will pin most of the blame on the notoriously corrupt and incompetent local governments of New Orleans and Louisiana.

    As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if George Bush contributed to the death toll by sending so many national guard units to Iraq.

    The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody recalls that those same columnists have spent the past two years blaming George Bush for another death toll by not sending enough national guard units to Iraq. Otherwise, people might wonder why they have never previously read a single article advocating large-scale military redeployment during the Caribbean hurricane season.

    As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnist are asking how a civilised city can descend into anarchy.

    The answer is that only a civilised city can descend into anarchy.

    As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if George Bush should be held responsible for the terrible poverty in the southern states revealed by the flooding.

    The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody holds Bill Clinton responsible for making Mississippi the poorest state in the union throughout his entire term as president, or for making Arkansas the second-poorest state in the union throughout his entire term as governor. Otherwise, people might suspect that it is a bit more complicated than that.

    As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if George Bush should not be concerned by accusations of racism against the federal government.

    The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody remembers that Jesse Jackson once called New York “Hymietown” and everybody thinks Condoleezza Rice went shopping for shoes when the hurricane struck because she cannot stand black people.

    Otherwise sensible Americans of all races will be more concerned by trite, cynical and dangerous political opportunism.

    As the full horror of that sinks in, this columnist is simply glad that everybody cares.

  • wildman

    All I can say is Jackson, Sharpton, West, and all the whiny idiots White, Black, Yello, Red, etc… out there. SHUT UP put your gloves on and Help. Do it with your hands not your mouth!!!

    Sometimes I think God put some peoples Asses in the wrong place.

  • How about BLACK HITLERS? How about black people who can call me a racist without any valid argument? Since when has insulting white rase become national sport number 1 in US?
    I have accidently driven through a bad black neighbourhood during the day, and was stopped and almost attacked by somebody…because of my race. And this is justified by the “racism history”…Well, my peple were slaves to Turks. They freed themselves. Why should somebody today atack me because the color of my skin? I DO NOT CARE what your history was, just as much you DO NOT CARE about mine.

  • nola

    Black Hitlers are rare in the U.S. but Condi Rice is close. She doesn’t insult all white people though. She just insults intelligent Americans with her lies about reading documents. She was show shopping after the hurricane.
    You come across as very defensive. New Orleans is one issue and act like the racism involved discounts your slavery to the Turks. At this topic you need to stop being selfish and changing the subject!

  • JD

    First, I’d like to say I dont know how anyone can blame the white house for the horrific outcome of Katrina, and making a race issue out of this give me a break. If anyone is to blame its your Local and State officals. Your mayor of N.O. who is black I might add it was up to him to have planned steps evacuation procedures etc.. in an event of any kind of diaster, there was none. I think your officals could have done more to save lives, if they didnt have the resources, ask why didnt they? Who’s fault is that? Its your local and state officals failed you not the President, once they done all they could then the white house stepped in. Mr. Emerson that was a beutiful paragragh, but you need to go do some more homework.

  • John,

    You’ve exactly captured what has been a major worry for me since Democrats began to so blatantly throw the race card in regards to the situation in New Orleans. What was interesting was the fact that both conservatives and liberals were hugely upset about the response overall.

    Both groups were upset at appalling conditions after Katrina, the lack of local, state, and federal response, and what seemed to me to be an agonizingly slow ramp-up of support to disaster victims. In addition, conservatives in general were VERY upset at the thought that, if this is the best the federal government can do after almost four years of prep time for the next terrorist attack, we are in BIG trouble.

    Many liberals, on the other hand — especially in the MSM — saw the whole thing as an opportunity to chide the President and conservatives in general about race and class issues. Unfortunately, the race rhetoric has been getting SO extreme, I just wonder when we’ll see a full-blown race riot.

    Are we an equal society? No. We’re a long way from being a perfectly equal society if you ask me. But the rhetoric used by many liberals on this issue is simply scary.

    They are asking for violence. As a matter of fact, they are CALLING for violence with such extreme rhetoric.


  • BTW, where are those race riots. Shouldn’t we have had them by now? Or maybe those who white liberals think are so oppressed actually see through the spin to the reality that this was a natural disaster, beyond anyone’s control, and that President Bush does not in fact control the weather.


  • growing up is hard for you

    to those who say that white people are races well had would you know that you have not met every white person in this world!! America is nobodies but GODS!!! to those down in New Orleans Bless your heart i am sorry that this has happened to you but you were warned to leave. but as me i am not racist i dont believe in it i believe some idiot sat down and made up the stupid word because they have nothing else better to do. And why is everyone so upset with Bush what did you expect him to for New Orleans take a straw and suck it up in a blink of an eye I know he isn’t the best president and makes crazy decisions but i dont think he wanted all this to happen to New Orleans!!! So i think those who are accusing need to step back and take a better look before pointing a finger
    how can he stand up to a hurricane no man will ever be able to Judge not less ye the be judged If we would concentrate on the most difficult thing in the world (LOVE ONE ANOTHER) we would succeed anything in the world! but everyone looks at i want i want and what i have and keep wanting what they already have! Remember when someone says someone is racist there is an old saying that it takes one to know one!!!!! so are you telling me you are racist im not a rich person at all compared to millions in the world but you know what my treasure is in heaven so keep on buying all this stuff that is not important because you know what you cant take it to Heaven!

  • Jimmy C. wrote the following bit of hideousness: “If blacks think they are being hurt by whites, why don’t they start a guerilla war, like the Iraqis? Until they start fighting back, all this talk about racism is meaningless. How many dead will it take before they start shooting white politicians and cops?”

    Mr. Bambenek, here you go: Mr. C. is the one inciting “race” riots.

  • Jimmy C. wrote the following bit of hideousness: “If blacks think they are being hurt by whites, why don’t they start a guerilla war, like the Iraqis? Until they start fighting back, all this talk about racism is meaningless. How many dead will it take before they start shooting white politicians and cops?”

    Mr. Bambenek, here you go: Mr. C. is the one inciting “race” riots.

  • Jewels

    Why in hell are we worried about Carter when we have Negligent Nagin still doing his thing???

    “Come on back…. (10 minutes later)
    “get on out!”

    F*ck, wake the Hell up!!!

  • Got a source for that, Natalie?

  • The Searcher

    Just curious: how many, if any, of you are economists? I suppose that’s who I really want to hear from the most, to learn about possible causes and remedies for the inequitible economic class system we see in this country.

  • Do you think the state, local, and national goverment did enough to help the victims before, during, and after the hurricane ?

  • Dwight

    I have a few comments that maybe don’t pertain to this site, but its over the race issue in all this. Race didn’t have a thing to do with the diaster in N.O. surely theres no reasonable human on here that really thinks that the goverments time of response had any thing to do with color. You can call me a raciest or whatever the fact is when white people accept the fact that we dont owe blacks nothing, slavery ended 100yrs ago, we have nothing to feel guity about. I mean the discrimenation thing is really old! What about the “Millions More Movement” blacks yelling cometogether for our future we must stick together they said. What if white people were saying that you be a raciest right. Hey if Im wrong please explain it to me.

  • JD

    West comments were out of line. Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they critized the president on national tv. How ignorant does this guy got to be?

  • steve

    What I would like to know is what Kanye West thought he would accomplish by insulting the president on T.V? Tell me one black that thinks Bush cared about them before Katrina. Maybe Bush doesn’t care about blacks, well guess what theres white soldiers killed everyday over seas and thousands that have been killed, I suppose we could find some bum white singer to go on t.v. and tell Bush he doesn’t care about white folks would it really make a dam difference? Like someone else on here said you people have wore your race card out, the discrimenation shit is real old. You people are taking over though hell you’ve took over our prisons and welfare systems!

  • b

    how about this. whites, blacks, doesn’t matter. blaming the government for a hurricane shows just how stupid people are. and blaming the government for not helping you because of your skin shows the level of intelligence in this country. if you want to survive, everyone in this country will have to put down their racist attitudes, whites, blacks, hispanics etc., and come together and stand up to the government. none of this whining, “I’m oppressed” that is a bs term used when something doesn’t go someone’s way. I am white. I am poor. I may lose my house before the snow comes. Does anybody care? probably not. if I am having problems, what makes you think i will care about YOUR problems? and that is why this government will end in a revolution. nobody will help anyone if it doesnt benefit themselves. remember that. i may need someones help here, and i may not receive it because of color, hair, face, what i said on this board, whatever. just remember that when you dont help me, i wont help you. i am not the only person who thinks like this, there are many, perhaps even on this board. so remember who you choose not to help, as it may come back to haunt you.

  • michelle

    i hate that bush did not help