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Hunter Thompson, Goddamn You!

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Well, I just found out minutes ago that Hunter S Thompson is dead. This is terrible news for me because he was a god to me. I am sad and torn and will deal with this the way I deal with everything – writing to you about it.

Really, no one can be surprised by news of Hunter’s death. Hunter lived a long a very crazy life… you know that. What is a freakish surprise to me is the news that it was a suicide. What the fuck is that about, Hunter? It seems a cowardly way to go for such a brave and fearless man. For the last month I have been reading his last tome Kingdom of Fear. I was on the web writing about Hunter on Blogcriticsthis afternoon (before I knew about his death). It was just today… about 6 hours ago I typed this very line “Hunter Thompson is the greatest living American writer”.

Lemme tell you about my attachment and love of HST. If you have a working browser (like Mozilla) you have seen a black fist that says ‘Gonzo’ on the left under the links. That was an homage to Hunter for my site. In college, I had vanity plates on my Honda that said ‘Lono’. This is a Hunter Thompson reference as well. Hunter is one of the reasons I moved to Colorado, seriously. I wanted to meet him, and knew eventually I would make my way to Woody Creek Tavern for an unpleasant drunken exchange with the man. In fact, if you could see that Atlas we used to drive to Colorado about 9 years ago… there is only one pen mark on the Colorado page. I circled Woody Creek to show my wife where Hunter lived, and where we would subsequently be stalking.

I am pleased to say I did get to finally see him in person. A year or two after we moved here he did a speaking engagement at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. It was a classic Hunter experience, and I was able to ask him a question personally. I’d have to say I am somewhere in the ‘denial’ stage still about this news. I keep refreshing my Google news search engine every few minutes hoping to see the word ‘hoax’ somewhere. It hasn’t happened yet. There will be a million pages and writings dedicated to Hunter over the coming weeks and months. However, there is only one good internet site dedicated to Hunter for years, it is Christine’s Great Thompson Hunt and that is where you should go for pictures and articles and news.

You see my sig file and e mail address? They are the name ‘Lono’. I own that name in almost every domain over the years (ATT, Us West, MSN, Hotmail, & Mindspring). This is all a reference to one of Hunter’s greatest books ‘The Curse of Lono’. I am sure I will have more to say about this, much much more. For now, at 11 pm Colorado time, the news has only been public for about an hour. The details are chillingly few: Hunter Thompson found dead of apparent self inflicted gunshot wounds, found by his son Juan.

This is what my good friend Roy wrote, and I think sums up tastefully. This is what he wrote to the group this evening about this news: This is sad and a loss I put equal to the death of John Lennon.

PT 2, written about an hour (and three drinks) later

The last piece I wrote about Hunter was ironically titled Hunter S Thompson, still alive. That was back in August. I knew one day Hunter would be gone and we’d all sit and talk about how great he was. I didn’t want to wait until he was dead for people to appreciate him… so I reached out. Hunter was like Jerry Garcia, you just knew neither was ever going to live out a full life to old age. I miss them both so much.

I also want to say this. We all knew Hunter could go any day. What I expected was a headline like this “Gonzo journalist shot by police after consuming hundreds of hits of LSD and attempting to paint murals on Aspen police cars” or something cool and strange like that. I guess I wanted an Easy Rider type ending… a martyr who fought to the end.

* For the last three years, I have gone as Hunter S Thompson for Halloween.

*** Update 2/25 – Hunter’s widow, Anita, spoke today for the first time. She said that she was on the phone with Hunter when he did it. What kind of fucked up shit is that? And left himself dead to be found by his own son? He used to be my hero, now I think maybe he’s just a narcissistic jerk.

More views and information on Thompson here.

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  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “such teaching on the topic of Sun Tzu was for Martial Arts purposes”

    is this the tactic now? Throwing more shit against the wall to see what will stick?

    “just yer humble Narrator…”

    yea, we’re all impressed you saw A Clockwork Orange. What do you want, a prize?

    How about you and your buttboy roger coming up with some original material instead of stealing from others?

    So now you can add “thief” to “liar” on your resume. Your parents must be very proud of you.

  • gonzo marx

    heh..oh boy, has our lil bundist gotten his panties in a twist?

    note to you gentle Readers, as well as our Editors…i ain’t the one that went to the direct Insult well first…

    but do notice that Mark of the SS has got the Rove Doctrine down perfectly

    destroy,distract,distort and deny

    bad it is, succumbed to the Dark side he has…

    thas another sub-reference fer ya, me boyo…

    ayeeeyah, dew neh loh moh…

    there’s another…

    got any vitriol left in the tank?, or ya fresh out of bile to spew yet?

    careful, geezers like you are prone to aneurysm

    and here kiddies, we had thought the large mouthed, small brained, knee jerkasaurus went extinct, as was documented by Norman Lear in the Saga of Archie Bunker…this specimen appears to be carefully preserved and has yet to go the way of Strom Thurmond quite yet…but do pay attention to it’s longing for the times of McCarthyism and Jim Crowe…


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “i ain’t the one that went to the direct Insult well first…”

    Another lie. That’s how many today?

    Forgetting the Ray Cohen (sic) remark already, pothead? (do I have the right illegal substance, or are you a crackhead instead?)

  • gonzo marx on yer semantics…mine was an oblique…

    as for “substances”..i don’t even drink…try again

    you do know yer really bad at this, don’t you? that’s ok..i don’t mind schooling you for a bit


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “bad it is, succumbed to the Dark side he has…”

    Leave it to you to steal one of the more banal of pop culture references.

  • gonzo marx

    that’s the best you could do?

    oh my gooses…slowing down a bit?

    remember to stay away from the microwave, they can fuck with yer pacemaker..oh, don’t have a pacemaker…

    that would involve actually having a heart

    but thanks for playing, Don Pardo…what does this contestant get besides the home version of our Game?


  • gonzo marx

    oh..i just gotta hit this one..

    on another Thread, good olde Mark of the SS proclaims that he is a big fan of Ayn Rand…

    now..i have no problem with this..having read Rand, i find she had some very good Thoughts to share…i do prefer the wrok done by Nathaniel Branden..but thas just personal Opinion..

    here’s the Fun part…

    for all of Mark’s rantings against Hunter for his drug use and so on…Rand had an addictive Dexedrine habit( 20 years, possibly more)…that’s “speed” to the uninitiated…not to mention her numerous adulteries…

    so he would raise up a horny speed freak who liked men half her age, but denigrates HST …

    irony at it’s finest…i could NOT even begin to make this shit up folks


  • Shark

    Branden’s Best Line: “When your principles seem to be demanding suicide, clearly it’s time to check your premises”

  • RogerMDillion

    Great work, Gonzo.

    I discovered through his ravings that Markist the Sane and Hypocritical is a corporate socialist, who is very high on redistributing wealth to failed business elites from out of the pockets of hard-working Americans.

    Love him or hate him, at least you know what you get with Hunter as opposed to comrade Mark.

  • gonzo marx

    thanks Roger…and how did i Know that Shark woudl be able ta reference Branden(the template for John Galt, as well as Rand’s much younger lover for some time…exiled from the Objectivist Magazine he helped to found, after he stopped wanting to sleep with Rand)

    but i digress…


  • LeeDiggler

    Question for Mark the Sane and Sensible; are you now a fundamentalist Christian?

  • Paul Mcfarland

    Hunter, though i never met you, im gonna miss you


  • Mary

    So it’s been months since he passed away, but I considering the fact, that I just found this site, I feel like I need to say something.

    Hunter, you are as much as an inspiration as an EXTREMELY bad influence, but that’s exactly why people love you. You changed the world more than you’d probably like to take credit for, and have contributed so much to so many people’s lives. You are missed. You committed suicide because that’s the way you wanted to die. I don’t think it was an accident, and I don’t think you were “depressed.” Though perhaps you were quite a deal disappointed with the current state of this planet. The shit hit the fan, that’s for sure. Anyway, I love you, and you have all my respect. Your style was twisted and passionate and wonderful. Though I may never accomplish all of which you have, or get through to or entertain all the people you have, I hope to live life and relish in its excitement. As you did. Live and learn and keep on going.

  • Matt

    wow, mark ss, you certainly sound happy now that you are sane and sensible. Smoke a joint mate, it’ll chill you out a bit. You sound more like one of Hitler’s ss.

  • Moz

    So it goes.

    Can’t see the old bastard would have wanted all the wailing and rending of garments. He got fired up in a rocket like he wanted – and he was probably drunker than Noah when he shot himself anyway.

    I loved his writing – but I can’t be having with all the hand-wringing, and people saying they wish they could have met him. He was a nasty piece of work, and treated his closest friends like shit. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a genius, but drop the “oh, poor Hunter” crap.

  • HL

    There is a great new book out by Ralph Steadman. (You all know who he is, right?) called “The Jokes Over” Lots of insight into his 35 working relationship, and friendship with Hunter.

    Personally I got to meet him once in 1989 at one of his “events” in San Juan Capristrano Ca. Hunter brought along Pat Caddell and they talked Politics for over an hour.

    Hunter also signed my copy of “Generation of Swine” I still have it.

    The man was a God, what more can I say.

  • coffee

    hunter s thomson is and always will be a GOD????????

  • ross chapman

    This man you all idiolized was nothing more then a drug dependant fruad tell me one thing he wrote that truely is genious just one piece of writting that when your not on drugs is inspirational. this is not a personal atack i truely want to know why all you ameicans think this writter is a god. Also forgive my english spelling.

  • Lono

    That is a fine and acceptable question. I would recommend that you start with the book ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’, and if you dig that head over to ‘Curse of Lono’. If the writing is too fantastical for you, go earlier with something like ‘Hell’s Angels’.

    There is plenty of reason to question the man. He and his choices weren’t for all. For me, though, he is a hero and roll model. Probably means I am little fucked up too, but I am ok with that.

    It still never got strange enough for me
    – HST

  • Tesla

    just found out HST died, too bad, wanted to voice my appreciation to him after listening to a 2002 radio interview, at least he was sensible enough to realize 911 was an inside job, and early on.

    that fucking 911 is a fucker! time does make alot of things come to pass, but being an inside job and being used as an excuse to pulverize freedoms and start wars, i think we’re looking at 3000 years before its gone. really fucking sucks!

    dude, they removed the evidence of the 911 crime scene and sold it to China, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!

    how can we let them get away with it?! and you have idiots like Mark of the SS who wants to carpet bomb the middle east because of 911, fuck i hate that guy!! carpet bomb him and his white house.

    maybe can avoid 3000 years of bullshit if can get the bush/cheney gang in court, and proven guilty.

    HST said the 911 folk would make it look like suicide the night before, was he on to something? maybe he was mind controlled? mind controlling does exist, see Cathy O’Brien, mk ultra etc. the idea may have been planted in his head somehow, i dunno, its suspicious he said that the night before though, isnt it?

    The other thing is money, its just fucking paper printed by a few powerful people. think what it must be like to be the printer, he cares not who makes the laws. like we’re born into a matrix. bet if we had free energy it would all go away, but the fuckers know this and stop free energy.

  • Benjamin

    I did not enjoy this person