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Hunter Thompson, Goddamn You!

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Well, I just found out minutes ago that Hunter S Thompson is dead. This is terrible news for me because he was a god to me. I am sad and torn and will deal with this the way I deal with everything – writing to you about it.

Really, no one can be surprised by news of Hunter’s death. Hunter lived a long a very crazy life… you know that. What is a freakish surprise to me is the news that it was a suicide. What the fuck is that about, Hunter? It seems a cowardly way to go for such a brave and fearless man. For the last month I have been reading his last tome Kingdom of Fear. I was on the web writing about Hunter on Blogcriticsthis afternoon (before I knew about his death). It was just today… about 6 hours ago I typed this very line “Hunter Thompson is the greatest living American writer”.

Lemme tell you about my attachment and love of HST. If you have a working browser (like Mozilla) you have seen a black fist that says ‘Gonzo’ on the left under the links. That was an homage to Hunter for my site. In college, I had vanity plates on my Honda that said ‘Lono’. This is a Hunter Thompson reference as well. Hunter is one of the reasons I moved to Colorado, seriously. I wanted to meet him, and knew eventually I would make my way to Woody Creek Tavern for an unpleasant drunken exchange with the man. In fact, if you could see that Atlas we used to drive to Colorado about 9 years ago… there is only one pen mark on the Colorado page. I circled Woody Creek to show my wife where Hunter lived, and where we would subsequently be stalking.

I am pleased to say I did get to finally see him in person. A year or two after we moved here he did a speaking engagement at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. It was a classic Hunter experience, and I was able to ask him a question personally. I’d have to say I am somewhere in the ‘denial’ stage still about this news. I keep refreshing my Google news search engine every few minutes hoping to see the word ‘hoax’ somewhere. It hasn’t happened yet. There will be a million pages and writings dedicated to Hunter over the coming weeks and months. However, there is only one good internet site dedicated to Hunter for years, it is Christine’s Great Thompson Hunt and that is where you should go for pictures and articles and news.

You see my sig file and e mail address? They are the name ‘Lono’. I own that name in almost every domain over the years (ATT, Us West, MSN, Hotmail, & Mindspring). This is all a reference to one of Hunter’s greatest books ‘The Curse of Lono’. I am sure I will have more to say about this, much much more. For now, at 11 pm Colorado time, the news has only been public for about an hour. The details are chillingly few: Hunter Thompson found dead of apparent self inflicted gunshot wounds, found by his son Juan.

This is what my good friend Roy wrote, and I think sums up tastefully. This is what he wrote to the group this evening about this news: This is sad and a loss I put equal to the death of John Lennon.

PT 2, written about an hour (and three drinks) later

The last piece I wrote about Hunter was ironically titled Hunter S Thompson, still alive. That was back in August. I knew one day Hunter would be gone and we’d all sit and talk about how great he was. I didn’t want to wait until he was dead for people to appreciate him… so I reached out. Hunter was like Jerry Garcia, you just knew neither was ever going to live out a full life to old age. I miss them both so much.

I also want to say this. We all knew Hunter could go any day. What I expected was a headline like this “Gonzo journalist shot by police after consuming hundreds of hits of LSD and attempting to paint murals on Aspen police cars” or something cool and strange like that. I guess I wanted an Easy Rider type ending… a martyr who fought to the end.

* For the last three years, I have gone as Hunter S Thompson for Halloween.

*** Update 2/25 – Hunter’s widow, Anita, spoke today for the first time. She said that she was on the phone with Hunter when he did it. What kind of fucked up shit is that? And left himself dead to be found by his own son? He used to be my hero, now I think maybe he’s just a narcissistic jerk.

More views and information on Thompson here.

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  • Benjamin

    I did not enjoy this person

  • Tesla

    just found out HST died, too bad, wanted to voice my appreciation to him after listening to a 2002 radio interview, at least he was sensible enough to realize 911 was an inside job, and early on.

    that fucking 911 is a fucker! time does make alot of things come to pass, but being an inside job and being used as an excuse to pulverize freedoms and start wars, i think we’re looking at 3000 years before its gone. really fucking sucks!

    dude, they removed the evidence of the 911 crime scene and sold it to China, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!

    how can we let them get away with it?! and you have idiots like Mark of the SS who wants to carpet bomb the middle east because of 911, fuck i hate that guy!! carpet bomb him and his white house.

    maybe can avoid 3000 years of bullshit if can get the bush/cheney gang in court, and proven guilty.

    HST said the 911 folk would make it look like suicide the night before, was he on to something? maybe he was mind controlled? mind controlling does exist, see Cathy O’Brien, mk ultra etc. the idea may have been planted in his head somehow, i dunno, its suspicious he said that the night before though, isnt it?

    The other thing is money, its just fucking paper printed by a few powerful people. think what it must be like to be the printer, he cares not who makes the laws. like we’re born into a matrix. bet if we had free energy it would all go away, but the fuckers know this and stop free energy.

  • That is a fine and acceptable question. I would recommend that you start with the book ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’, and if you dig that head over to ‘Curse of Lono’. If the writing is too fantastical for you, go earlier with something like ‘Hell’s Angels’.

    There is plenty of reason to question the man. He and his choices weren’t for all. For me, though, he is a hero and roll model. Probably means I am little fucked up too, but I am ok with that.

    It still never got strange enough for me
    – HST

  • ross chapman

    This man you all idiolized was nothing more then a drug dependant fruad tell me one thing he wrote that truely is genious just one piece of writting that when your not on drugs is inspirational. this is not a personal atack i truely want to know why all you ameicans think this writter is a god. Also forgive my english spelling.

  • coffee

    hunter s thomson is and always will be a GOD????????

  • HL

    There is a great new book out by Ralph Steadman. (You all know who he is, right?) called “The Jokes Over” Lots of insight into his 35 working relationship, and friendship with Hunter.

    Personally I got to meet him once in 1989 at one of his “events” in San Juan Capristrano Ca. Hunter brought along Pat Caddell and they talked Politics for over an hour.

    Hunter also signed my copy of “Generation of Swine” I still have it.

    The man was a God, what more can I say.

  • Moz

    So it goes.

    Can’t see the old bastard would have wanted all the wailing and rending of garments. He got fired up in a rocket like he wanted – and he was probably drunker than Noah when he shot himself anyway.

    I loved his writing – but I can’t be having with all the hand-wringing, and people saying they wish they could have met him. He was a nasty piece of work, and treated his closest friends like shit. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a genius, but drop the “oh, poor Hunter” crap.

  • Matt

    wow, mark ss, you certainly sound happy now that you are sane and sensible. Smoke a joint mate, it’ll chill you out a bit. You sound more like one of Hitler’s ss.

  • Mary

    So it’s been months since he passed away, but I considering the fact, that I just found this site, I feel like I need to say something.

    Hunter, you are as much as an inspiration as an EXTREMELY bad influence, but that’s exactly why people love you. You changed the world more than you’d probably like to take credit for, and have contributed so much to so many people’s lives. You are missed. You committed suicide because that’s the way you wanted to die. I don’t think it was an accident, and I don’t think you were “depressed.” Though perhaps you were quite a deal disappointed with the current state of this planet. The shit hit the fan, that’s for sure. Anyway, I love you, and you have all my respect. Your style was twisted and passionate and wonderful. Though I may never accomplish all of which you have, or get through to or entertain all the people you have, I hope to live life and relish in its excitement. As you did. Live and learn and keep on going.

  • Paul Mcfarland

    Hunter, though i never met you, im gonna miss you


  • LeeDiggler

    Question for Mark the Sane and Sensible; are you now a fundamentalist Christian?

  • gonzo marx

    thanks Roger…and how did i Know that Shark woudl be able ta reference Branden(the template for John Galt, as well as Rand’s much younger lover for some time…exiled from the Objectivist Magazine he helped to found, after he stopped wanting to sleep with Rand)

    but i digress…


  • RogerMDillion

    Great work, Gonzo.

    I discovered through his ravings that Markist the Sane and Hypocritical is a corporate socialist, who is very high on redistributing wealth to failed business elites from out of the pockets of hard-working Americans.

    Love him or hate him, at least you know what you get with Hunter as opposed to comrade Mark.

  • Shark

    Branden’s Best Line: “When your principles seem to be demanding suicide, clearly it’s time to check your premises”

  • gonzo marx

    oh..i just gotta hit this one..

    on another Thread, good olde Mark of the SS proclaims that he is a big fan of Ayn Rand…

    now..i have no problem with this..having read Rand, i find she had some very good Thoughts to share…i do prefer the wrok done by Nathaniel Branden..but thas just personal Opinion..

    here’s the Fun part…

    for all of Mark’s rantings against Hunter for his drug use and so on…Rand had an addictive Dexedrine habit( 20 years, possibly more)…that’s “speed” to the uninitiated…not to mention her numerous adulteries…

    so he would raise up a horny speed freak who liked men half her age, but denigrates HST …

    irony at it’s finest…i could NOT even begin to make this shit up folks


  • gonzo marx

    that’s the best you could do?

    oh my gooses…slowing down a bit?

    remember to stay away from the microwave, they can fuck with yer pacemaker..oh, wait..my bad..you don’t have a pacemaker…

    that would involve actually having a heart

    but thanks for playing, Don Pardo…what does this contestant get besides the home version of our Game?


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “bad it is, succumbed to the Dark side he has…”

    Leave it to you to steal one of the more banal of pop culture references.

  • gonzo marx

    heh..work on yer semantics…mine was an oblique…

    as for “substances”..i don’t even drink…try again

    you do know yer really bad at this, don’t you? that’s ok..i don’t mind schooling you for a bit


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “i ain’t the one that went to the direct Insult well first…”

    Another lie. That’s how many today?

    Forgetting the Ray Cohen (sic) remark already, pothead? (do I have the right illegal substance, or are you a crackhead instead?)

  • gonzo marx

    heh..oh boy, has our lil bundist gotten his panties in a twist?

    note to you gentle Readers, as well as our Editors…i ain’t the one that went to the direct Insult well first…

    but do notice that Mark of the SS has got the Rove Doctrine down perfectly

    destroy,distract,distort and deny

    bad it is, succumbed to the Dark side he has…

    thas another sub-reference fer ya, me boyo…

    ayeeeyah, dew neh loh moh…

    there’s another…

    got any vitriol left in the tank?, or ya fresh out of bile to spew yet?

    careful, geezers like you are prone to aneurysm

    and here kiddies, we had thought the large mouthed, small brained, knee jerkasaurus went extinct, as was documented by Norman Lear in the Saga of Archie Bunker…this specimen appears to be carefully preserved and has yet to go the way of Strom Thurmond quite yet…but do pay attention to it’s longing for the times of McCarthyism and Jim Crowe…


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “such as..my teaching on the topic of Sun Tzu was for Martial Arts purposes”

    is this the tactic now? Throwing more shit against the wall to see what will stick?

    “just yer humble Narrator…”

    yea, we’re all impressed you saw A Clockwork Orange. What do you want, a prize?

    How about you and your buttboy roger coming up with some original material instead of stealing from others?

    So now you can add “thief” to “liar” on your resume. Your parents must be very proud of you.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    yea, SS, HST was a libbie puke like you, so you should take to him like a duck to water.

  • ss

    I haven’t read any Thompson, but if Mark SS hates him that much, he must be pretty good.

  • gonzo marx

    oh yer kidding me, yes?

    nothing fraudulent about me , buzz…just what you see

    now, you have made some poor extrapolations that have led you to erroneous conclusions…

    such as..my teaching on the topic of Sun Tzu was for Martial Arts purposes, not from my time in the military…never claimed to be any kind of “military scholar of note”…silly trollbot

    just yer humble Narrator…

    and i know you wish i would just go away

    try again…

    nuff said?


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    Please note the despicable nature of a “gonzo marx” that has to invent a fraudulent resume to appear credible in his defenses of drunken drug addicted hack writers like HST.

    How this despicable individual can even have the nerve to make further appearances on the internet after committing such a grave personal faux pas is just indicative of his lack of character and shame. The perfect Thompson wannabe.

    This is the legacy of the baby boom … spoiled, undisciplined, and absent of any proper scruples.

  • gonzo marx

    the 68 stuff are compiled articles from Rolling Stone…i don’t think they were ever published as a complete volume…

    as for the “degree”..i knew about the divinity one, and i may be mistaken, i had thought there was another for “literature” that was bestowed on one of his speaking tours…mid-seventies

    again, i do NOT claim to be any kind of “expert”…i just appreciated his writings and rantings…

    so ignore lil ole me…i’m working on sending Mark of the SS back into the 50’s…under Roy Cohen’s desk…


  • RogerMDillion


    while we are on the same page against the herectics I just wanted to clarify some points.

    Thompson received his doctorate in Divinity from a mail-order church.

    I know about the 72 Campaign trail, but what is the one from 68 which you mentioned?

  • RogerMDillion


    Hunter is used in a literary journalism course at University of FL.


    That might not be all.

  • gonzo marx

    Bob…look stuff up yerself..as i’ve said many times…NEVER just believe me, find it out yourself and decide on your own…

    but i do think you will find the two Campaign Trail books (68 and 72) are/were lauded by the other Journalists who were there as excellent material , you may also find “Hell’s Angels” an excellent piece of straightforward Journalism that revealed much in it’s day.

    it seems you and i just disagree on our reading tastes…no worries, and vive la differance!


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    Since you’ve been exposed as a fake, a phony, and a fraud, why don’t you slink away into a corner and continue your childish dreaming and rapt hero worship for drunken drug addicted hacks like HST.

  • Gonzo, I’d like to know what universities and whether they’re even accredited.

    I’m sure at some piss-poor community college with aging hippies, some fool decided to put some Thompson on the reading list to seem hip, but there’s no way his books should ever be read in political science classes of all things.
    I seriously doubt any serious university would ever allow one of their literature faculty to teach a class in Thompson’s work.

    But I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here.


  • gonzo marx

    heh…call me what ya like, i take full Responsibility for my mad keyboard peckings, and my actions…

    to mi cpompadre, Bob…the Campaign trail books have been taught in poli/sci classes…and there are some AmLit classes on his works…no worries, i do agree he is not widely taught, for good reasons, all that i have stated about his Works are merely my own Opinions…

    to Mark of the SS…how long have you had this jealous fixation? woudl you care to talk about it? it may explain quite a bit about your hostility…and perhaps your excessive masturbatory habits with the cheese grater…scourging is so middle ages..

    but i digress…


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    Bob is correct. HST is the Gilligan’s Island of writers.

    And you, gonzo marx, are a fake, a phony, and a fraud. Dreaming is for children, not for adults.

  • One more dig, biatch ….

    Oprah has a whole room full of honorary PhDs from her many commencement speeches at $100,000 in her mansion.

    That’s all you need to know about Thompson’s contributions to American literature. No one reads him in academic study.

    That is all.

  • gonzo marx

    the Phd was granted him, i forget which university…but was one of those “honorary” ones..

    geeez…i guess i need to label my silly’s more carefully

    point being , he has many things published, and does have a degree(honorary) recognizing his contributions to american literature

    ok?…is that precise enough?….are my chops busted sufficiently?…at least let me have my fewking coffee, biatch…



  • Thompson wasn’t a PhD, far from it. The biographies I just perused indicate that he took a few journalism classes at Columbia, but never attained an advanced degree. He got his high school GED while serving in the armed forces.

    That is all.

  • gonzo marx

    i can be what i Wish..this IS still America, yes?

    i do NOT have to conform to what Mark of the SS thinks i should..this IS still America, yes?

    HST WAS a doctor of Literature, yes? that IS what he had his PhD in…so, perhpas he knew a bit more about it than most folks…

    but i digress…


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “You wrote drunken, drug addict losers couldn’t be an important literary figure.”

    No I didn’t, you can’t read, can you? Smoking too many bongs today, hippie?

    R E A D I T A G A I N V E R Y
    S L O W L Y . .. .. ..

    “You can’t be what you claim and OTOH consider a drunken drug addict loser like HST to be an important literary figure and critical social commentarian of our times.”

    The “you’ in that sentence is gonzo marx. Gonzo marx trots out his alleged resume and expects us to believe he can be this Esteemed Military Scholar of Note and still consider a drunken drug addicted hippie writer to a great literary figure.

    You see, roger, REAL military people HATE hippies. They want to see ALL hippies DEAD. Every military enlisted man or officer I knew would have loved nothing better than to take out a few hippies for target practice.

    Why don’t you try reading a whole thread properly before talking out your ass? And lay of the bong, too, it wrecks your ability to comprehend and follow along.

  • gonzo marx

    Mark of the SS sez…
    *You can’t be what you claim *
    hate to disappoint, but i am as i say…you can accept it or not, makes no difference to me…i only alluded to my biographical history to illuminate how incorrect your assertations are…

    Mark fo the SS sez…
    *You don’t add up at all.*
    first bit of Truth i have read from you yet…i can fully understand how an Individual doesn’t fir into the narrow worldview you profess here….but then, i don’t expect much in the way fo Imagination from a trollbot

    as for the rest of your drivel..i will leave it to the gentle Readers to decide…

    i have a decent quantity of absurd scribblings here at BC…i will gladly stand by my record

    as for your particular opinion of me…you seem to mistake me for someone that gives an aerial fornication intersecting a rotating pastry for what you supposedly “think”…

    nuff said?


  • RogerMDillion

    Keep changing the subject, genius.

    You wrote drunken, drug addict losers couldn’t be an important literary figure. All I did was show you how incorrect that was. Then you cry that the authors are “horrible and disgusting people”, which had nothing to do with your original statement. You only brought it up to distract from the fact you made an incorrect statement that was easily disproven yet again.

    I’m not telling you to like Hunter. It’s obvious you don’t have the capacity to understand what he’s writing about. And I never made any claims about the man positive or negative since I never knew him or anyone close to him. I’m not impressed by anyone’s lifestyle. I look at the art not the artist.

    Your problem is you’re a pathetic, old man who hates when people show him the mistakes he’s made. Also, your time is short and you’re bitter that someone who had a lifestyle you detest was revered while you are an unmemorable nobody who will not be missed.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    You’ll go to any lengths to rationalize disgusting personal behavior, won’t you, roger?

    I judge a person’s value and worth on how they conduct their life and treat their spouses and children, not by what they can scribble on a piece of paper.

    Most of the writers listed in your post were horrible and disgusting people and hence, not worthy of my appreciation.

    Your problem is you’re too easily impressed by artists and their lifestyle. I am now only impressed by personal behavior, especially by those who conduct themselves like decent and normal human beings. You can have their stupid books and plays. My life is not going to be advanced one iota by appreciating them at this point. I already lived much of my life so why must I bother with their point of view? I could care less now what Faulkner or O’Neill thinks about the “human condition.” I read them already years ago. Been there, done that. I despise fiction now. I’d much rather read historical non-fiction, like a book on WW2 or the Civil War.

    There was a time when I thought like you, but then I grew up and wised up. You might do the same someday.

  • RogerMDillion

    “You can’t be what you claim and OTOH consider a drunken drug addict loser like HST to be an important literary figure”

    Are you kidding? The world of literature is filled with drunks and drug addicts:

    Truman Capote
    William Faulkner
    Jack Kerouac
    William Burroughs
    Stephen King
    Ernest Hemingway
    F Scott Fitzgerald
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Edgar Allan Poe
    Raymond Chandler
    Charles Pierre Baudelaire
    Tennessee Williams
    Eugene O’Neill
    and so on

    Yet again you show your utter lack of knowledge. You really should give up because you look worse with each comment.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    gonzo: I wish I could believe your claims. You can’t be what you claim and OTOH consider a drunken drug addict loser like HST to be an important literary figure and critical social commentarian of our times. A real soldier and Logical Thinker would discard hippies and the 60s counterculture as quickly as a used kleenex. But then of course, you could be a garden variety America hater who found a kindred spirit in HST’s paranoid ravings about government conspiracies and corrupt authority. Nevertheless, your alleged resume and your professed appreciation for HST doesn’t fit the profile. You don’t add up at all.

    People on anonymous internet boards can make any outlandish claim about themselves knowing that it can never be verified. You aren’t the first who has tried this and you won’t be the last. You should be the one being accused of concocting performance art for the sake of confrontation.

  • gonzo marx

    to Mark the SS trollbot,

    oh my stars and garters, did you get everything wrong, once again…

    Mark of the SS sez…
    *Read more Sun Tzu or books on military tactics and less HST, maybe you’ll learn something useful.*

    wrong guess, sweetie pie..since i have published articles and Sun Tzu..as well as taught his and Musashi’s works, you whiff on this pitch…as did the neocons Administration the moment they chose Rummy for SecDef instead of Powell…Afghanistan was the correct target, but far too little Resources were brought to bear and the focus was dragged away from that Task long before the strategic goals were achieved…they STILL are not achieved

    so i would be willing to wager that i know a bit more about the Great General than you do…and definately more than those in the Admin, who have shown shrewd political strategizing, but piss poor military thought

    Mark fo the SS sez…
    *Again, thinking with your heart and subordinating yourself to a collective is pure stupidity.*

    strike two! once again, grossly mistaken…as any of the gentle Readers can attest, even thos3e i argue with regularily…i may be accused of many things, but “thinking with my heart” is NOT one of them…Logic and Reason are the proper tools for discourse IMO, and your humble Narrator will continue to shave with Occam’s Razor as required..

    Mark of the SS sez…
    *Too much time with some commie pinko professor who taught you about passive non-resistance?*

    strike 3! never attended college…right into the military after HS…and self taught on many subjects from reading a book or two a week for the last 35 years or so…did i mention that i have taught 3 different styles of chinese martial arts? no? it is relevent when you think about it…NOTHING about my style of “resistance” can be mistakenly construed as “passive”

    all that being said, i will once again state my deduction that you are nothing more than a Savage/Coulter trollbot…seeking to either
    a)stir the pot by making outlandish proclamations
    b)someone attempting “satire” by an over the top portrayal of a sterotype
    c) just plain whacked out of your gourd

    no matter in any case…enjoy yer day

    nuff said?


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    roger, just admit that you can’t stand the fact that someone is attacking your precious yet dead cult hero and also admit that you have succumbed to adolescent romanticism for the 60s/70s counterculture, an era in which you most likely did not live through or know from direct experience.

    I do know what I’m talking about and your attempt to deny that fact does not concern me. You’ve offered nothing of credence to refute my contentions about this drunken drugged out loser. Anyone that can figure out the scam that was the whole HST myth will agree with me. You dumbasses steeped in your hazy pot smoked nostalgia can keep your freak flags flying high forever. I only pray that you someday succumb to some horrible bodily affliction as a result of your illegal and gonzo-styled indulgences. Selah.

  • RogerMDillion

    Pretty conveinent that you “don’t care what politicians say” when they illustrate that you don’t know what you’re talking about, but quick, froth like a mad dog and change the subject before anyone notices.

    You’re no fun because your arguements are so pathetic and easy to pick apart. You can’t comprehend and respond to a simple sentence so you twist things around and respond to statements never made to spew your nonsense, which is why the word “rube” fits you regardless of who frequently used it.

    You got the raving political muckraker angle down well, but try inserting some intelligence or else you won’t stand out from rest of the wailing banshees who are looking for their 15 minutes.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “didn’t kill anybody either, nor was he responsible for any death except for his own…HIS own…”

    Taking your own life is not honorable (I don’t care if other cultures disagree with that) Killing your enemy during war is very honorable. Did you spend too many days in the cowardly peacenik class in school? Too much time with some commie pinko professor who taught you about passive non-resistance?

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    I don’t care what politicians say. They can say whatever they want.That’s your problem. You’re too preoccupied with the minutiae of their words. Their words are to fill newsprint and talking head commentaries. Concern yourself more with what actions you see. Right now, I see our soldiers fighting Muslim terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and asserting our power and sovereignty, although not with the level of brutality that I had hoped. I do see our great military forces helping to protect the State of Israel from Muslim terrorists. For my money, however, we should be doing a lot more. We should be carpetbombing the entire Sunni triangle into the stone age and bringing these dogs to their knees once and for all. We should be hitting Syria and Iran as well. But we are being too nice and too controlled. When you are dealing with medieval savages, you have to get down to their level and exceed their brutality. Read a bit more Sun Tzu and less Noam Chumpsky and find out the truth about life. War and struggle is all that really matters now. The next Crusade is upon us. Are you ready for it?

    If it were up to people like you, you’d be trying to hold hands with terrorists and trying to “understand” why they hate us. Behind your back, they’d be stabbing you with knives and laughing because you were so naive, trusting, and stupid. I’m sure you’d rather appease and capitulate than fight this menace.

    Just remember something, sparky. How many terrorist attacks have their been in the US since 9/11? The answer is zero. So Bush, et. al. are doing their job. What more can you want? Get over the fact that your party lost in 2000 and 2004. Bush is here until 2009 and then Cheney will take over. It will be a beautiful thing. I’m much more impressed with Cheney than with Bush. Cheney is brilliant and shrewd and doesn’t take any shit from anyone, especially libbie pukes who aren’t down with the neo-con agenda.

  • RogerMDillion

    “I guess there have been some that said, well, we should have taken preemptive action in Afghanistan, and then turned around and said we shouldn’t have taken preemptive action in Iraq.” – George W. Bush


    “Cheney added, ‘The imminence of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the huge dangers it involves, the rejection of a viable inspection system and the demonstrated hostility of Saddam Hussein combine to produce an imperative for pre-emptive action.'”


    “Saddam’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction, his previous use of those weapons, his record of aggression and his consistent hostility toward the United States, Rumsfeld said, should be enough to justify pre-emptive military action without the United States providing further evidence.”


    Does this mean you think the Bush administration is filled with “Jew hating anti-Israelis” since they also call the Iraq War pre-emptive?

    You are neither sane or sensible.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “just another authoritarian Shrub lover neocon cryptofascist at a keyboard”

    For the record, I did not vote for George Bush, but I support any leader that wants to build our once great military to Cold War level power to fight and destroy the Muslim jihad and help defend Israel.

    “he NEVER led our Nation into an unprecedented pre-emptive war”

    Only Jew hating anti-Israelis like you and your hero HST felt that it was pre-emptive. Just like you libbies to wait until someone hits them before taking any action. Handwring and wait, handwring and wait, like little cowards. I guess you feel we should take the time to understand our enemies, right? Appease them, right? The only way to destroy the enemy is to attack them more viciously and punitively than they would you. Read more Sun Tzu or books on military tactics and less HST, maybe you’ll learn something useful.

    At least Coulter and Savage aren’t drug addicts and perpetual drunks, but they are political freakshows like HST was who use incendiary rhetoric to attract an audience and sell their wares. They are correct in labeling liberalism as such. Again, thinking with your heart and subordinating yourself to a collective is pure stupidity.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “but again no shock that a rube like you”

    hey roger dillon, stop trying to sound like HST. You know “rube” was a pet term of his. I’m surprised you didn’t use “atavistic” in your post.

    Like HST, you rail and flail and know little of the targets of which you attack. When you view life through the same exact prism as the counterculture did 35 years ago, you sound as anachronistic as some graying ponytailed burnout in birkenstocks wearing a Green Party T shirt.

  • gonzo marx

    Mark sez…
    *Liberalism is a mental disorder*

    and thus consigns himself to the Coulter/Savage trollbot society…

    Mark sez…
    *it needs to be attacked as viciously as their hero attacked our nation’s leaders and foreign policy.*

    and here you see the neocon wannabe’s motivation for all the tirades…Bog forfend someone points out that his hero, the Shrub, makes any mistakes…

    distract,destroy,deny…the hallmarks of Rovian political discourse in full bloom…works on AM radio, so why not in the blogosphere?

    Mark sez…
    *This type of ill-informed and immature reasoning is more dangerous than any foreign policy devised by the Bush admin.*

    newsflash for ya there, Mark…for all of HST’s writing, screeds and ranting…he NEVER led our Nation into an unprecedented pre-emptive war

    didn’t kill anybody either, nor was he responsible for any death except for his own…HIS own…

    and finally, you rant and bitch about his “Family”…seems like they are all fine with what happened, saddened, grieving…but it is THEIR family..who the fuck are you to sit in Judgement?

    just another authoritarian Shrub lover neocon cryptofascist at a keyboard

    and who has the mental disorder?

    i’ll leave that to the gentle Readers to decide…


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “He has guided me far more than any “legitimate” political leader ever could. He has taught me about truth, justice, corruption, depravity, loneliness, love, and shit the list could go on forever.. Above all he taught me Freedom. Truly unbridled freedom.”

    It is no wonder I fear for the future of this country. This type of ill-informed and immature reasoning is more dangerous than any foreign policy devised by the Bush admin.

    HST was a hypocrite. Look what was going on in his perverse life. And this individual had the gall to comment on others? Someone should ask Juan Thompson what he really thought of a father that got f-ed up on a daily basis like some silly frat boy? What kind of guidance could a perpetually f-ed up father provide for a child? Someone should ask Juan Thompson how he thinks his children were possibly traumatized by the fact that their grandfather shot himself in their presence. I wonder if some of you dumbasses reading this ever considered those grandchildren? It seems like Juan Thompson became equally blindedsided by his father’s celeb status and ignored what a moral responsibility it is for a father and a grandfather to stand as a proper role model.

    Again, many of you, like Juan Thompson, obviously excuse any behavior if the person is adored by thousands, even millions, for having done nothing but sing, dance, play make-believe, throw/hit a ball, or type on a word processor.

    This is the tragedy of America circa 2005

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “He used to be my hero, now I think maybe he’s just a narcissistic jerk.”

    Lono, you are absolutely spot on. More myth deconstruction needs to take place. The fawning sycophancy on display here by the many Hunterites is sickening and endemic of our celeb obsessed culture. It doesn’t need to be silenced, it needs to be attacked as viciously as their hero attacked our nation’s leaders and foreign policy.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “You obviously haven’t accomplished anything in the world of writing or you would state it.”

    How would I profit from revealing details of my personal and professional life to you, some putz on an anonymous internet board?

    “That’s what Hunter detailed in “Fear and Loathing in LV”. Just because you were too stoned or too stupid to get it doesn’t make it Hunter’s fault.”

    Funny how on one hand he condemned the counterculture and OTOH continued to embody its values and lifestyle for the rest of his life. Abusing mind altering drugs on a daily basis and living like an outlaw is not the hallmark of a normal mainstream existence.

    If HST truly despised the 60s counterculture, he wouldn’t have lived like some ill-mannered and irresponsible retro-adolescent.

    Only retro-adolescents like HST deluded themselves into thinking that a social revolution could be based on free love, free dope, and criminal activity.

    “Also, the reason he killed himself was because of the pain and suffering he was dealing with as a result of a broken hip,”

    Wow, what a pussy weakling coward he was. I’ve known old people that had broken their hips but they didn’t but a gun barrel in their mouths. Life went on. Break some bones and kill yourself? Is this the kind of person you admire? What a loser you must be. Should one kill themselves because they have a hangnail, too?

    “It’s obvious you meant anti-intellect.”

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. When you think first with your heart and in terms of the collective and the collective need you are doomed to failure and despair.

    “Kerry lost a close race in Ohio, which could have turned the whole thing around, but you keep throwing around “lefty” and “liberal” when political philosophy isn’t the issue.”

    The issue is you can’t handle someone bashing one of your beloved media celebrity icons of whom I know quite a bit about their work. I was reading HST while you were still a glint in your pappy’s eye. Like I said before, I grew up and put away childish things. The 60s counterculture was a mass hissyfit thrown by spoiled baby boomers not getting their candy. There were just enough pinkos from the 40s and 50s around to stir them up … the same traitors that loved Allen Ginsberg, Howard Zinn, Noam Chumpsky, Fidel Castro, and read the Daily Worker over lattes at their local campus coffee shop.

    At least I wasn’t on the side that used the 2004 election to vote AGAINST a candidate, not FOR a candidate you could truly admire and rally behind because they inspire you.

  • Roger Dillon, I like your style of arguing, but your conclusions are eccentric.

    Thompson’s admiration was misplaced because he wasn’t literate enough to appreciate actual literature. He made a good living nonetheless, though.

    That is all.

  • RogerMDillion

    “he thought John Kerry was going to win the 2004 election. He said so in his ESPN column.”

    If this is the best you can do, just give up now because these points are completely laughable.

    Hunter made his prediction with a week or less to go before the election.


    All the polls were close. It’s not like he said Nader or the Green party was going to win. Kerry lost a close race in Ohio, which could have turned the whole thing around, but you keep throwing around “lefty” and “liberal” when political philosophy isn’t the issue. It’s obvious you have some other axe to grind and you see Hunter as a symbol of it.

    “And this was a guy who claimed to be an expert gambler? he couldn’t even pick the winner in the biggest contest of that year.”

    I’m not sure when Hunter said he was an expert gambler, but that doesn’t he was nor does it mean automatic wins every time. You would know that if you read his columns because he lost plenty of bets. He picked the 2004 election wrong, a coin flip. BFD.

  • RogerMDillion

    Bob, you write

    “I really don’t understand why Thompson would idolize Faulkner as a writer”

    Why wouldn’t he? Faulkner was a Nobel Prize-winning novelist who came from the same region of the country as Hunter did.

    “They couldn’t be more different as writers”

    How does their difference in styles have any bearing on Hunter’s appreciation for Faulkner’s work?

    You write that Faulkner’s writing has “elegance and subtlety”. Did you come to this description of Faulkner’s work through “drug-addled reading”?

    You both seem to admire Faulkner, yet I don’t get why Hunter’s admiration “misplaced.”

  • RogerMDillion

    “the 60s/70s counterculture was a crock and a failure.”

    That’s what Hunter detailed in “Fear and Loathing in LV”. Just because you were too stoned or too stupid to get it doesn’t make it Hunter’s fault.

    “a drunken and drugged out fool who hated everyone and everything, and most likely, himself, hence his cowardly act of Feb 2005.”

    He didn’t hate everyone and everything. That’s completely obvious in everything he wrote, but again no shock that a rube like you would completely miss the point. Also, the reason he killed himself was because of the pain and suffering he was dealing with as a result of a broken hip, but please keep commenting because I enjoy how increasingly ignorant you look with each post.

    “You have no idea what I have or have not accomplished and I don’t require a “basis” to express my opinions…”

    You obviously haven’t accomplished anything in the world of writing or you would state it. I didn’t say you needed a basis to express an opinion. I said you had no basis to comment on writing because you don’t know anything about it as opposed to the accomplished men in the areas of journalism and writing that I mentioned. If you can’t comprehend the meaning of a simple sentence, then it’s no surprise you couldn’t understand Hunter’s work.

    “I prefer to rely on my own anti-liberal intellect to inform my judgements of other people.”

    It’s obvious you meant anti-intellect.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “the wacked out allegory and the Truth obscured by metaphor…”

    In retrospect there was never any “Truth” in HST’s writings, only chemically induced delusion and paranoia for morons like you to lap up like pabalum. His counterculture failed, don’t you remember, or have all those bong hits finally caught up with you?

    Yes, HST was so much in possession of the “Truth,” he thought John Kerry was going to win the 2004 election. He said so in his ESPN column. And this was a guy who claimed to be an expert gambler?

    , he couldn’t even pick the winner in the biggest contest of that year.

  • gonzo marx

    decent point..compare the number of deaths from mushrooms/acid to that of alchohol and you can easily see, there’s no contest…

    me..i’ll take Hunter’s prose and political observations..the wacked out allegory and the Truth obscured by metaphor…

    some seem to take the Parables for the Man and miss otu on what is being spoken about….more’s the pity

    your mileage may vary


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    Lono: you seem like a rational person, so I’ll answer you rationally. Alcohol and psychedelic drugs are as comparable as a cap pistol to a howitzer. I know, having tried both in quanities sufficent to make an accurate judgement. Also, I read a lot of Hemingway during my formative years, and I can say that inebriants were only an adjunct to his rich and varied lifestyle, not the inspiration for it. HST co-opted the Hemingway machismo but lacked the poetic quality and grace in the writing. Adventure to Hemingway was hunting big game in Africa. Adventure to Thompson was eating acid and wandering into a Las Vegas bar. Gonzo was a crude, ill-mannered jackhammer sideshow from an era thankfully long since passed. Reading his work now is as dated as listening to Surrealistic Pillow.

  • Eric Olsen

    I see HST’s ability to polarize hasn’t dwindled since his demise. My assessmetn is still that he had some genuinely important, novel and genuine work, but then mostly (not only, “mostly”) coasted for many a long year after that. I don’t think he can be blamed for the influence he had because his own best work was not lazy or facile even if it appeared stream-of-consciousness.

    As a person, he appears to have failed in the end

  • By the way, I have posted details and photos of his funeral on my site here.

  • Mark,

    I disagree. I absolutely do place him in Hemingway’s league. As for the constant drug and booze references in Hunter’s writing… you’d be hard pressed to find a single Hemingway story that doesn’t involve him drinking. I know, I’ve read almost all of them.

  • I didn’t read any of these comments, really.

    Thompson was a mildly interesting, genuinely odd and paranoid character, but the only comparison to Hemingway is that Hunter too tried to project a macho image and killed himself. There’s no comparison between the two as writers — Dave Hume writes some very controversial but interesting interpretation in his comment. Maybe they were both mentally ill as well — Hemingway’s entire family was full of suicides.

    I really don’t understand why Thompson would idolize Faulkner as a writer other than drug-addled reading leading to misplaced admiration and interpretation. They couldn’t be more different as writers and Thompson never approached the elegance and subtlety of Faulkner’s writing.

    Thompson was interesting as a pop raconteur vaguely associated with the counterculture — someone who consciously borrowed the spotlight from people like Ginsburg and especially Burroughs (whom he seemed to emulate as the cranky vulgar old man) but with much less literary credentials. He became popular because of his references to drug use and guns, but he always struck me as a more popular but less authentic Bukowski-type writer.

    Regardless of how much you like his work, there’s no doubt he’s influenced more lazy and piss-poor writers than almost anyone of his generation. Most writers don’t work well as shoot-from-the-hip drink-hard, write-hard vulgarians and Thompson and all those who followed him as would-be “gonzo journalists” haven’t added much knowledge or insight beyond the noise.

    That is all.

  • tickles

    is it unbearably obvious to anyone else here that almost everyone is trying their hardest to write like hunter s thompson.


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “The poor bastards of what will forever be known as Generation Z are doomed to be the first generations of Americans who will grow up with a lower standard of living than their parents enjoyed. (Kingdom of Fear, 2003)”

    It’s a shame that HST wasn’t asked by his adoring legion of freaks to back up that contention with facts.

    And if it were true, where in our Constitution is it stated that any American’s prosperity guaranteed?

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “To call someone cowardly for killing themself is stupid!”

    I wish it would be possible for you to explain this twisted and immoral way of thinking.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “who have actually accomplished something over some loser like you who has no basis to comment on writing.”

    You have no idea what I have or have not accomplished and I don’t require a “basis” to express my opinions on HST’s life, writings, etc, except for the First Amendment. Perhaps you are familiar with it?

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “What a champion for Lisl Auman!”

    I read the entire account of this stupid chick’s story and she is guilty. People have to make better choices as to whom they associate with. Her boyfriend was a criminal loser and she should have known better than to commit to his life. She got what she deserved.

    This in a nutshell was HST’s whole problem– championing outlaws and freaks instead of the straight and normal mainstream of society. Those of you that have this foolish romantic notion that it’s “cool” to adopt the same pose deserve a place among the bottomfeeders and rejects of society.

  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    “obviously, you have not actually read any of HST’s works..”

    Actually I did, thirty years ago, when it was fashionable to do so. But then I grew up, cut my hair, threw away the bong, burned the tie dye shirt, and realized the 60s/70s counterculture was a crock and a failure. That’s why I am sane and sensible and you are not.

    When are you going to grow up and wise up as well? HST is pure kid stuff, a balm for adolescent level rebellion, perfect for the stoned out hippies and their bretheren.

    “I’ll take the opinion of people like Tom Wolfe, Ed Bradley and Douglas Brinkley”

    That’s fine. I prefer to rely on my own anti-liberal intellect to inform my judgements of other people.

    “You were obviously too stupid to get what Hunter was writing about.”

    And obviously you were too stupid not to heed the wisdumb (sic) of a drunken and drugged out fool who hated everyone and everything, and most likely, himself, hence his cowardly act of Feb 2005.

    “at least show enough respect to his Family to do us all one favor”

    You must be joking. Why should I show “respect” when HST couldn’t show enough respect for his own family NOT to commit such a cowardly and selfish act in their immediate proximity?

    “shut the fuck up”

    Ironic how you lefty schmucks rail against the alleged fascism of the current presidential admin yet you can’t resist resorting to fascistic tactics when confronted with opinion that offends your tender sentiments about one of your beloved media icons.

  • As the author of this piece, and having dealt with so much emotioh this weekend… my feelings are mixed.

    There is no dillution whatsoever of how huge his impact was on my life… and remains to be. However, I am still pissed at the chickenshit publicity stunt he pulled to kill himself.

    As a poster mentioned on the funeral piece I did said: what is done is done. There are no tears to shed, only a celebration of Hunter’s life and work.

  • RogerMDillion

    Mark the Sane and Sensible no one cares what you think. You were obviously too stupid to get what Hunter was writing about. I’ll take the opinion of people like Tom Wolfe, Ed Bradley and Douglas Brinkley who have actually accomplished something over some loser like you who has no basis to comment on writing.

  • gonzo marx

    a few words for #196..

    bite me fan boy…

    obviously, you have not actually read any of HST’s works..you are just parroting mindless drivel spewed from those that hated him

    at least show enough respect to his Family to do us all one favor

    shut the fuck up

    nuff said?


  • Mark the Sane and Sensible

    Sorry to throw cold water on your weepy recollections but SOMEONE needs to inject some reality here. Thompson was a coward, a drunk, and a drug addict whose exploits were romanticized by silly college kids and counterculture freakazoids. Hemingway? He was never in Hemingway’s league. How many stories could HST write without using the word “atavistic” or reminding the reader about how much booze or dope he had just ingested? Cowards commit suicide in the same house with their children and grandchildren. Some of you that think this is the mark of a great man know nothing of greatness. Sycophantic fans and groupies like you (of which I’ll include that sicko wife of his) think this guy represented something significant. Well, he actually did in a way that they didn’t imagine. HST represented everything that was wrong about the 60s counterculture and the radical chic that followed. Their collective cynicism and fashionable insurrection failed to change the world. America is still as repugnant to these liberal losers as it was when Nixon ruled. When I was a silly college kid back in the 70s, I bought into the HST myth, absorbing all that Fear and Loathing nonsense. Then I grew up and realized what a crock of sh– he and his work was. It’s a shame that more of you haven’t. This I why I fear for the future of this country. It’s not its leaders that I mistrust and despise, it’s the people in it that, among other things, clamor to deify drunken second rate scribblers as a tribute to pop culture excess. That crass and ridiculous rite that took place this past weekend on Owl Farm is a testament to that.

  • Hazel

    you know what? He and Hemingway both left at their own hands, but both were great men even at the end. Contentment was not enough for them and HST left in a way that he would not fade into obscurity like a nonentity. Gosh this comment is late.

  • Marky Mark

    HST was definitely ‘suicided’. It doesn’t look like a suicide at all. The Gannon/Gosch thing is blowing up. Hunter WAS involved.

  • Why is anyone surprised by Hunter’s proactive stance on his own life?

    To call someone cowardly for killing themself is stupid!

    Nice blog tho. Keep up the good work!

  • Kate

    counselor = lone scour

    scour = to range over (territory) as in making a search.

    therefore lone ranger

    Hunter til the end.RIP

  • CM Burns


  • Kate


    Totally agree. I can’t see Hunter being knocked off by anyone. Nor can I picture him directing snuff movies (or real ones anyway). The poor bastard must have been in a lot of pain to make the decision to end it all. Perhaps he also knew that it was going to get worse…the pain and immobility. Hell, I am just so sad that he’s gone ’cause America needs a Hunter like never before.

  • Ok, since y’all are fans of conspiracy and hi-jacking – find the crazed sumbitch who hi-jacked this thread.

    Hunter was not killed by anyone but his own hand. Trust me, Hunter has been pretty much obsolete to the power structure for about 30 years. If they wanted to off him, it would have been done a long time ago. He was (in his own words) simply an elderly dope fiend.

    I have learned a lot since I originally posted this piece, as I am clearly an obsessive Hunter fan. Hunter spent the last few months in a wheelchair. That was why he did it, I think.

  • kate

    Quote is: “All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    Somehow I can imagine Bush and his cronies (plus others) rabidly buggering little kids but Hunter? Nah. The man had too much tetesterone coursing through his veins and brains.

  • Tristan

    unless you run in those “rarefied”
    political/social circles—who KNOWS, eh???

    wouldn’t be the FIRST time something like that emerged ~~~~~~

    brings to mind the quote:
    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” ….

  • Kate

    Hey Tristan

    From far away I wonder whether the story re Hunter filming a snuff movie is true. Surely not?

  • Tristan

    Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide


  • Tristan

    those Black Ops people scared everybody off agai

  • Kate

    There is a simple precept on which to live life…..

    Everything you know is wrong

  • Tristan, We have noted your points – our people will be visiting you soon to discuss your concerns.


    Area 51,
    Pyramid 3

  • Tristan

    oh NO~~~~~~~~~~!
    i just went and searched phillip’s previous “posts” and got referred to his personal blog: W-6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    seems he’s some type of a “xtitan “–and better YET: some type of a judgemental xtian AUTHORITY ——as in his w-6 blog he judges and slams other xtian “teachers” syaing they are “false”—–WOW! pretty loving statement form one who had just written about feeding the homeless vs. going to church for the Ash Sunday services—and solving THAT “dilemma” by posing to himself: “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO” ~~~!!!!

    i bet jesus would get right up in his face and say “who the fuck are YOU to judge that anyone else is FALSE~~~~and have YOU never been “false” in your entire stellar fucking life phillip?”~~~

    (at that point jesus would pop little phillip in the nose as he brought his knee hard up into phillip’s groin —see; jesus had a very very low tolerance for negative scheming hippocrates like phillip and the moneychangers in the temple and the wealth-obsessed sanhedrin~~~–so phillip—you better be careful and tread LIGHTLY when you go issuing you oh-so-wise-and all-knowing judgements before you actually run INTO jesus and he beats your puny wishy-washy conceited prideful ass…………..)

  • Tristan

    as the old indian wise-man said:
    it takes a “DRECK” to know one” , eh PHILLIP WINN ~~~~~~~
    and let’s see you put your money where your MOUTH is Phillip~~~~~
    what have YOU written that will illuminate and impress all of us here …????
    i’m sure you’ve got TOMES stashed away that would make hunter look like an underacheiver–right ????
    The easiest thing in the world for a lazy ignorant negative hating individual is to sit back and take cheap sleaze asshole pot-shots like that—–
    now it’s “people” –and i use the term extremely loosely— like phillip —that should truly ponder the hunter’ish exit from this plane of travail~~~~~ a nice big fat hot 45 slug to the boiling angry malicious sick BRAIN………………
    or maybe i’m “wrong” —i have been on occasion in my younger days~~~maybe Phillip DOES have some exquisitely crafted penmanship and positive suggestions that can tittilate and make out thought processes THROB with eXcitement~~~~
    but i doubt it —or why would he jab off such a lameo below-the-belt cheap trailer-trash shot like that?
    the mark of an addled brain~!!!

  • If only the people writing this dreck put in half as much time writing fiction with less-recognizable names — they might be best-sellers!

  • Tristan

    From: Tim White Date: Tue Mar 1, 2005 1:17 pm


    Total911.info :: Contact Us :: Archives :: Links ::
    9.11 ::

    Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch, Hunter Thompson, and
    Bohemian Grove snuff porn
    Friday, February 25, 2005

    I’ve been watching this story percolate since the
    weekend, and with Thursday’s return of “Jeff Gannon”
    to the blogosphere with a column entitled “Fear and
    Loathing in the Press Room” really bringing it all
    full circle, several questions are begged here.

    As the Jeff Gannon story progressed and turned into a
    Bush White House homosexual prostitution scandal,
    Internet investigators started asking if there could
    be a connection to the previous Bush White House
    homosexual prostitution scandal.

    If you recall, the stories of 15-year-old callboys
    wandering through the White House in the middle of the
    night was linked to the “Franklin Cover-Up” case
    exposed by Nebraska State Sen. John DeCamp. In that
    case, a Republican operative named Larry King was
    involved with procuring boys and girls from Boys Town
    in Nebraska and elsewhere and entrapping them in a
    child sex-slave and espionage ring. King, with an
    annual salary of under 20K, was throwing sex parties
    for the powerful in a $5,000-a-month condo in
    Washingotn, DC; apparently taping the proceedings for
    blackmail purposes.

    One of the victims of this ring was one Paul Bonacci,
    who testified in court proceedings that he helped
    kidnap Johnny Gosch into this ring in 1982. It was
    apparently at 2:29 AM, Sunday, Feb. 20 that the
    question was first asked — is “Jeff Gannon” really
    Johnny Gosch?

    By the end of the day, Hunter S. Thompson was reported

    This is where it gets really interesting. Bonacci also
    testified that he was forced in July 1984 to
    participate in a homosexual/pedophilic/necrophilic
    orgy at (what has since been identified as) the
    Bohemian Grove; all of which was filmed. And according
    to Bonacci, the man in charge of the filming was
    someone picked up in Las Vegas on the plane headed to
    the Grove, a man who Bonacci was told was one “Hunter

    No doubt most people who came across this information
    in the past and were familiar with Thompson’s work
    dismissed the idea that the man behind the camera
    could have been the famous writer. After all, this was
    a man who has been fighting the like of Nixon and Bush
    his entire career.

    But could Thompson have been brought to the Grove by
    someone who presented it as an opportunity to
    investigate what the power elite was up to behind
    closed doors? Could Thompson have quickly found
    himself in over his head, compromised, by virtue of
    his very presence at this horrific crime, by the men
    he thought he was investigating undercover? (Or
    perhaps compromised some other way — perhaps for
    instance, he was surreptiously filmed with an adult
    female prostitute who was then murdered. But I

    But back for now to the “Who is Jeff Gannon?”
    question. James D. Guckert seems to have appeared out
    of nowhere around 1999, setting up male escort
    websites. In profiles on these sites from around 2001,
    “Jeff” said he was 31 years old, closer to Johnny
    Gosch’s age than James Guckert’s. (Guckert/Gannon
    claims to be 47 today.)

    “Jeff Gannon” aka “James Guckert” also was attending
    alumni events at the TKE fraternity of West Chester
    college in Pennsylvania. Local media called the
    college and confirmed that a “James Guckert” graduated
    from West Chester in 1980; but apparently no one has
    checked yearbooks and such to confirm if the same man
    seems to be depicted.

    Could “James Guckert” be just another false identity?
    Another Democratic Underground investigator found 1986
    and 1987 pictures of a “Jeff Guckert” from Fairview
    High School, in that same Pennsylvania/Delaware border
    area that “James D. Guckert” (aka “Jeff Gannon”)
    claimed residence on his escort & porn websites and
    was cited for $20,000 in back taxes. “Jeff Guckert”
    would have been about the same age as Johnny Gosch
    when he was playing high school golf.

    Did Gosch go on to assume the identity of “James
    Guckert,” a man ten years older than himself, some
    time in the 1990s?

    Consider this, from his mother Noreen’s Johnny Gosch
    Foundation website in 2001:
    Johnny was subjected to severe trauma and torture of a
    satanic and sexual nature, in order to intentionally
    destroy the conscious personality…. brainwashing.
    This intentional application of trauma is a systematic
    procedure used to control these victims, in order to
    use them in sexual slavery, pornography and more.

    In February 1999, in Federal Court testimony in Omaha
    Nebraska, Noreen Gosch [pictured] testified that
    Johnny Gosch came to see her in 1997, providing
    information about his experience, asking for his
    mother’s help and pleading for her to not reveal his

    Johnny is now 31 years old. After years of suffering
    tremendous torture and pain at the hands of his
    captors, being used and abused, he and several others
    escaped. They have been living in hiding under new
    identities… they fear for their lives.

    People ask … why is it necessary for someone to hide
    and live this way….. It is simple, Johnny can
    identify many of the people involved and would be a
    threat to the very people who took him. He is known as
    the “chameleon”. Why? Because he can so completely
    change his appearance.

    Chameleon? Again, on DU, someone points to a purple
    blemish on Jeff’s chest in one of his circa 2002
    “escort” photos, asking if that is the mark left by
    birthmark removal. According tohis mother Johnny “the
    Chameleon” Gosch still had the birthmark in 1997.

    In one of his first interviews, on CNN’s Anderson
    Cooper 360, “Jeff Gannon” said “James Guckert” “[i]s
    the name on my driver’s license.” His handlers have
    apparently warned him on that point and he now claims
    it is his “given name.”

    So, what’s the deal here?

    Is Jeff Gannon really Johnny Gosch? Noreen Gosch
    refuses to confirm or deny.

    If Gannon is Gosch, what is going on with him? Is his
    strange behavior a result of years of brainwashing? Or
    is it something more? Is it possible he drew attention
    to himself during that January 26 press conference to
    pique the curiousity of citizen investigators? To draw
    attention to the dark side of the past 24 years of the
    Bush regime? He invited this investigation after the
    press conference (and before the “escort” revelations)
    by publishing a column titled “Hiding in Plain Sight.”
    This was within days of Franklin cover-up figure
    George Paul’s Bishop sudden arrest.

    And, did that investigation have anything to do with
    the death of Hunter Thompson? Sherman Skolnick and Tom
    Heneghen at Cloak & Dagger Internet Radio say Thompson
    was working on a book about high-level sex rings;
    though they haven’t offered a source. But that claim
    aside, we still have the timing of Thompson’s reported
    death coinciding with these investigations. Did
    Thompson kill himself out of shame for his part in
    what happened at the Grove? Was he murdered to shut
    him up? Or did he fake his death to go underground
    while all this was breaking?

    Is there anything at all to these questions? “Jeff
    Gannon” hints at a “yes” by putting up a new website
    headlined by a piece titled after Thompson’s most
    famous works.

    It’s all “in plain sight” — albeit through the
    looking glass.

  • I hope that kate and TRISTAN are kidding, I really do. But everyday I weep a little less for the future of the human race. Not because I’m more assured, but because I care just a little less than the day before.

  • Did Thompson really commit suicide — or was some dark conspiracy afoot? Questions are raised.

  • jud

    (interesting thoughts)

    Hunter Thompson

    All Gone Now


  • Tristan

    **Most of the people I talk to about 911 being a government inside job are easy to convince. I have not had a problem at all convincing people the government was behind it. It is kind of strange. It’s like everyone knows what’s going on, but no one has a fricken clue what to do about it. I mean…How do you expose the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT of Mass Murder. And even when you CAN convince everyone you talk to that they were behind it, how do you make them pay for it? That is the real question. Thousands of us already know the truth. Is there a way to make them pay? Send me an answer and I’ll see you on the front line. –Andy.

    It came as a big — and pleasant — surprise to me. In a chance
    conversation with a complete stranger at the car wash, I screwed up my
    courage and dared to say it.

    “You know … our own government was behind 9/11!” I held my breath. My
    eyebrows scrunched up in anticipation of some mindwashed backlash of
    preprogrammed patriotic outrage.

    The guy turned slowly and looked me squarely in the eye. “I know,” he
    said, his furrowed brow mirroring all the painful pathos that has
    hogtied all the hearts in America these past three years. I breathed a
    big sigh of relief. And then I pushed the envelope.

    “And you know … all those people dead in Iraq — thousands of
    Americans and a hundred thousand Iraqis — all because of lies.” The old
    guy tugged on his frayed plaid cap and wheezed. “I know,” he repeated,
    shuffling his feet, his body involuntarily twitching from the
    realization of his long-suppressed acknowledgement.

    As he left I handed him a copy of my booklet, “The Day America Died,”
    and said, “Here’s a basic overview of that terrible day.” He took it,
    nodded stiffly, furtively glanced around to see who might be watching,
    clambered into into his clean car, and went on his way.

    Over the past few weeks, the same thing has happened at the
    supermarket, in my yard, in the parking lot at the local Wal-mart. I
    dare to ask the question. And I am shocked to discover — totally
    contradicting what people hear on television — that people know. People
    already know!

    Our government engineered 9/11 for its own perverse political purposes.
    In their hearts, many people already know it.

    I see it in my e-mails, of course, have for a long time, with 2,000 of
    my closest friends. They are the ones who are always asking, “Now that
    we know, what we can do?”

    I have failed them miserably in my answers to that question. I always
    respond rhetorically, philosophically. “Stand securely in your own
    truth and be an example to others,” is about the best I can come up
    with. “Try to spread the word.” Or, “revolution evolves one person at a
    time.” Pretty lame, nonspecific stuff.

    But then I noticed my book orders were spiking. Ten booklets here, 20
    there, an occasional hundred for a meeting that someone had scheduled.
    Then it began to dawn on me. People were handing them out, trying to
    convince others. A whole new group of people was turning on to the real
    9/11 story.

    Finally, after years of brainwashed obedience to the clumsy media lies,
    the tragedy-forced patriotism, the false statements of our leaders were
    finally being perceived. People finally were finally waking up. New
    converts to the 9/11 skeptics movement were beginning the long, painful
    journey to that horrific realization — our leaders killed their own
    people merely for profit, and now were killing thousands more, every
    day, all over the planet, for the same evil purpose.

    And people began calling me, telling me about their meetings. I didn’t
    dare believe it was a second wave. But the calls kept coming.

    The first thought I had was that the second wave shouldn’t make the
    same mistakes the first wave did. The first wave failed. The perps, so
    far, have gotten away with their evil deeds. In fact, one of the
    so-called leaders of the first wave, Mike Ruppert, has declared the
    9/11 issue dead. Good. He’s retired. We don’t need him. He was the
    prime saboteur of the first wave, ruining the first big 9/11 forum in
    San Francisco with his oil company propaganda.

    The second wave should know that peak oil has nothing to do with 9/11.
    It’s a disinformational distraction. Peak oil is a trend that may or
    may not be true. Most honest people think it’s just another oil company
    ruse to jack up prices. But even if it is a serious social problem, it
    has nothing to do with 9/11, the crime of the century, about which most
    of the public has been told nothing but lies.

    Our leaders lied about what happened. They refused to hold an
    investigation. They destroyed the evidence. They hid the videotapes.
    They blamed Muslims but didn’t to this day produce a shred of evidence
    against them. They deceived our own air defenses with bogus drills
    designed to confuse everyone. They invented fantastic cellphone calls.
    They met with terrorists and let important witnesses slip out of the
    country. The list of their deceptive maneuvers is nearly endless.

    But there is one thing they couldn’t hide, and that is the issue that
    the second wave, IMHO, should focus on. Don’t be distracted by bells
    and whistles, by airplanes shooting missiles or faux Islamicists in
    strip clubs, don’t get bogged down by what did or didn’t hit the
    Pentagon or trapped in endless arguments about slow flying
    interceptors, gaps in the NORAD coverage, or whether Flight 93 was shot

    There is one issue, and one issue only. It is the issue that will hang

    The time the towers took to fall.

    Jetliners striking building hundreds of feet in the air could not
    possibly have dropped those towers in ten seconds. Think about it. 47
    robust steel columns anchored in bedrock hundreds of feet below had to
    be demolished simultaneously at the instant of collapse in order for
    9/11 to happen as it did. And that is exactly what happened.

    I continue to sell plenty of my booklets because of its simple
    narrative that takes people from accepting the government’s version to
    realizing the official version is a lie.

    But now, newcomers to the 9/11 mystery have two even better teaching
    tools to help them convince those who still believe their government
    loves them, and would never do anything to hurt them. And that it’s
    patently clear that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled

    The first is an ingenious and thorough narrative sculpted together by
    WING-TV guru Victor Thorn (and his trusty sidekick Lisa Guliani) titled
    “9/11 on Trial: The World Trade Center Collapse — Guilty.”

    It’s written in the form of a trial transcript and takes the reader
    through the strange, anomalous process of the WTC collapse
    step-by-step, cleverly and authoritatively weaving witness testimony
    culled from the works of some of the finest investigators in the 9/11
    skeptics movement, including Jim Hoffman, Eric Hufschmid, Jerry Russell
    & Richard Stanley, Christopher Bollyn, Ralph Omholt, Peter Meyer, Jeff
    King, Dave MacGowan, Jim Marrs, and David Ray Griffin, among other
    diligent soldiers in the battle to expose the government’s lies.

    I and many other 9/11 observers have been harping for a long time that
    each of the Twin Towers collapsed in roughly ten seconds, a physically
    impossible feat for a structure knocked down by pressure from near the
    top. The simple resistance of thousands of tons of steel and concrete
    would make such a collapse a long, slow, and incomplete were it
    possible at all to happen in the way the government said it did, which
    it was not.

    But the Thorn/Guliani book raises even more interesting points, and
    even more impossible contradictions.

    For instance, just prior to the first collapse, the top of the South
    Tower tipped to 23 degrees, but then it suddenly stopped its angular
    rotation, changed direction, and fell straight down, just about the
    time many people reported explosions at the bottom of the tower. The
    only way the momentum of the falling top could have been changed in
    mid-collapse was to blast away a portion of EACH of the 47 core
    columns, causing the building to fall uniformly into its own footprint.

    How the Towers fell is impossible according to the official story
    because the gravitational potential energy of a skyscraper is nowhere
    near sufficient to destroy its own frame.

    “Given that the lower columns were radically thicker steel, and
    obviously stronger, some of the columns should have still been standing
    — in some significant number.”
    — Witness 8 (Omholt)

    “For the WTC buildings to react the way the did, literally thousands of
    super heavy-duty joints and weld would have to ‘snap’ at precisely the
    same instant.”
    — Witness 8 (George Humphrey)

    “In order for the floor to fall, hundreds of joints has to break almost
    simultaneously on 236 exterior column s and 47 core columns. FEMA does
    not bother to explain how this could occur.”
    — Witness 10 (Hufschmid)

    If all the joints weren’t heated at the same rate, the building would
    not fall uniformly.

    Thorn’s patient narrative unveils all manner of revealing information
    to use in further discussions. One is the maximum temperature
    unprotected steel supports in these fires being 680 degrees; the first
    critical threshold in structural steel is 1,022 degrees.

    These tests ultimately tell us that …

    “Fire did not weaken the WTC structure sufficiently to cause the
    collapse of the towers.”
    — Witness 11 (J. McMichael)

    I won’t give away too much more of the narrative, but just let me say
    THIS BOOK is a wonderful syllabus for anyone trying to comprehend the
    complex ramifications of the 9/11 tower collapses, perhaps the most
    accessible roundup to date of the single piece of evidence that should
    leave the American people demanding trials for treason and mass murder
    for hundreds of its most powerful leaders.

    Why were those odd and powerful seismographic spikes recorded moments
    BEFORE the towers fell? Why were pools of molten steel still bubbling
    at the bases of the three fallen towers ONE WEEK after 9/11? Is there
    any doubt that all three buildings were brought down by controlled
    demolitions? No.

    This book, being a deftly woven digest of the best 9/11 research out
    there, delivers the goods. It is indispensable to anyone trying to get
    to the bottom of the greatest crime in American history.

    Simply Google WING-TV (I’ll write more about that later) for more
    information and how to get it. It’s only seven bucks. Hand them out to
    your friends.

    Why is the second wave occuring? Because people are realizing that 9/11
    is the key to regaining our freedom, to taking our country back from
    the cynical psychopaths running the U.S. government who are
    implementing diverse and subversive programs of mass murder all over
    the world.

    9/11 is the key. The American government is willing to kill anyone so
    the bankers get their way. This book demonstrates — very clearly — that
    our leaders are guilty of treason and mass murder. That’s what
    motivates the second wave. Now that the sadness has waned, and the faux
    patriotic invective has begun to ring hollow in the wake of dead and
    sick soldiers being brought home from Iraq, more people are beginning
    to question the nightmare America has become.

    Another crucially important tool for the second wave, among many, is
    another small, inexpensive book, titled “Waking Up From Our Nightmare:
    The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City,” by Don Paul and Jim Hoffman.
    While the Thorn/Guliani book is a relatively simple read for laymen,
    the Paul/Hoffman book is for those who can digest intricate technical
    information, and understand the 9/11 hoax in all its gory detail. Used
    as one of Thorn’s sources, it has a much wider focus, revealing
    photographs, meticulous footnotes and sells for only $10.

    Most importantly, it reserves its primary focus for the most critical
    piece of 9/11 evidence: the time the towers took to fall. And it delves
    into the evidence in a thorough and forthright way. It contains no wild
    theories, only scientific fact, which of course proves our own leaders
    murdered 3,000 of our own citizens, not to mention all those other
    hundreds of thousands of innocent victims around the world.

    One of the many great nuggets of knowledge in this book is how New York
    Mayor Rudy Giuliani explained to a reporter that he was warned the
    first tower was going to collapse although even the firefighters in the
    building didn’t know that. Giuliani never mentioned who told him.

    Now, at many of the meetings that are being held around the country as
    interest in the 9/11 deception continues, my little booklet “The Day
    America Died” is being handed out to get people to take the first step.
    Not to try to diminish my own sales, but I would recommend these other
    two books be handed out and discussed as well, because they furnish a
    simple way of getting people on board this spontaneous attempt to try
    to take our country away from the criminals who are oppressing (and
    destroying) the world.

    So far, I know of informal meetings utilizing my booklet that have been
    held in the following states: Arizona, California (3 — Burbank, San
    Diego, Sonora), Connecticut, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico,
    Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas (2 — San Antonio and Houston),
    Vermont, Washington, as well as in France and New Zealand. I’m sure
    there are many others using other materials. If you want to get hooked
    into this, ask around, or ask me, and I’ll clue you in as best I can.

    One thing I can tell you to do is listen to what is probably the last
    remaining bastion of actual free speech in the United States, the
    crusading radio patriots on shortwave and Internet broadcasts,
    principally on the Genesis Radio Network (Jeff Rense and Alex Jones)
    and the Republic Broadcasting System (John Stadtmiller and Jack Blood).
    Yes, you sometimes have to put with up with religious crazies on these
    networks, but if you pick your shows carefully, there’s a wealth of
    information to be gained.

    And for new people coming into the 9/11 skeptics movement for the first
    time, I would be remiss were I not to mention two particular
    individuals who serve as examples of exactly what is needed for this
    movement to succeed in its goal.

    People with clout.

    You need to try and understand that most of the people who have carried
    the load in battling to expose the government’s hoax about 9/11 are
    essentially like me, not affluent, not out to make money, and often
    living hand to mouth while concentrating on doing something they think
    is of critical importance to the future of the human species. This
    group includes most of the people mentioned above, but also thousands
    of others who are only interested in overcoming the American media
    mindlock and presenting truth in the cause of justice.

    But two people WITH clout have not only served as an examples of who we
    need to succeed in restoring truth and justice to the American way of
    life, but have provided an invaluable lift to a floundering 9/11
    skeptics movement that has been sabotaged by moles, distracted by
    hare-brained theses, and diminished by goons who are only after
    personal power.

    These two courageous individuals are Jimmy Walter and Karl Schwarz.

    Walter is the heir to a construction fortune who has already spent $4
    million on print ads trying to bring the 9/11 hoax to the public’s
    attention. He has also taken his lumps on mainstream TV trying to
    explain what he’s doing (many of us have seen the Posner fiasco on CNN,
    in which he was suppressed, ridiculed and prevented from getting his
    message across). But he’s still in there fighting, looking for new ways
    to crack the public’s cement mind.

    Schwarz is the nanotech CEO and Christian Republican who has turned on
    the strawman Bush with several initiatives to try to get the legal
    establishment in New York state to act on convincing evidence,
    including much that has not been produced elsewhere, that would send
    many of our leaders to prison for a long time.

    For a complete look at his interesting perspective on 9/11 (read all
    six parts for the full effect) and the ingenious actions he has taken,
    go to

    If we had a few more of these establishment types who were less
    concerned with their own bank accounts and more committed to the
    welfare of their country and the world we all live in, Bush and Cheney
    and their gay prostitute newsmen would not be sitting in the White
    House right now, they’d be in Guantanamo in orange jumpsuits awaiting
    trial on the capital charges of treason, mass murder and various other
    crimes against humanity.

    We especially need people of means to buy the three books mentioned
    above in quantity and hand them out to a large number of people. There
    are millions of Americans who are waiting to get this information, and
    suffer the painful epiphany that this world they have allowed to be
    created by their own acquiescence and indifference ultimately plans on
    exploiting and killing them.

    So, second wavers, I think the two books and 27 links in this piece
    will get you off to a good start. Thank you for your sudden awakening.
    Your efforts are sorely needed.

    Just like that guy at the car wash, tell people you know what the real
    story about 9/11 actually is. And get them to tell others.

    I don’t think I have to tell you at this point that this is the battle
    for our future, the battle for everything, and the entire strength of
    the U.S. government and all the prostituted, mind-controlling mass
    media is arrayed against us.

    And that being said, we have no choice but to win. For our children.
    And their children. Hell, do it for yourself, because you and I and
    everybody else are definitely at risk to lose everything we love. Carry

  • Tristan

    P-3 was the power b-hind the vatican;

    the italian group mixed of sicilian mafiosi & northern italian “businessmen” –
    which is a euphemism for the mob anyway~

    but the pope had kennedy killed–
    and probably hunter also ….

    they were both getting ready to release
    the REAL bible–
    which has been hidden in the vatican basement for 1800 years or so–
    that explains how the annaki came down from the 12th planet and genetically bred humans to be their “mining slaves” like cattle~~
    and created a “ruling elite” of certain humans to “watch over” their
    human cattle while they went back to their planet~~~

    but of course this “truth’ is so “fantastic’—
    according to the mass media-
    which is owned by about 12 families now~

    that we have all been conditioned to laugh at and ridicule the “theory’ that any single elite “group’ actually controls the economics of the “entire world”— ever since we were very young children~
    and now our 1st “impulse” is to scoff at such a “preposterous theory” ….

    and in the meantime~
    almost all of us sit stagnant in our
    almost “comfortable” middle class lives~
    comforting ourselves that “we” have much more than the rest of the poor world~
    and that to “maintain” this “comfortability level”—
    it’s ok to forget our national integrity and morals every now and then-
    when we create and finance and train death squads in 3rd world bananna republics and in the pocerty stricken asian hemisphere~

    so what if we slaughter a few million with slant eyes & yellow skin that can’t even READ—-they are really no better than animals, eh ..??
    and we slaughter animals and est THEM–right?????
    (sort of like “fish can’t FEEL–so it’s ok to hook them and eat them…and lobsters don’t feel when they are dropped into boiling water alive~~~
    OUCHhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. i say try that on the scientists that say they don’t feel anything—drop THEM in the boiling water and let’s hear what they SAY…..)~

    and the Twin Towers just conveniently crumbled & collapsed just from 2 planes hitting them at the tops, eh!
    what a load of pure hogwash!

    and we just lap it up~
    and wonder when the “next installment” is…
    just like the gladiators in the time just b-4 Rome fell……….

    oh well~~~~
    what can “we” do —nothing—

    must be what hunter felt just b-4 he
    popped off, eh!

    how “absurd” to think that “someone” might have KILLED him~~~~~~ !!!!
    i mean –really!
    you think the government that LOVES us and has nothing but “our” best interests at heart~~~~
    would KILL someone getting ready to reveal that they had done the Trade Center just like Pearl Harbor ..???


    and the Tonkin Gulf ………


    and Remember the Maine ………….


    the Govenment LOVES US ……..

  • Kate


    “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    But wait, there’s more……

    The 13 Tribes still rule the world. Jesus escaped to France and fathered children (re. the book “The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail”) of whom the Knights Templar are descendants and of whom now all occupy critical roles in finance, politics and religion. Corpus Dei at the Vatican are shit scared and the Pope has been ruling over histories greatest con jobs…..

  • Tristan


    did you know there is a tiny little town down here in Florida called “LITHIUM”—
    which is where all the lithium (which is a salt, by the way) –is mined…….
    probably saturated into the water table around here in Palm Beach —
    thus all the “wackos” here in PB…
    (not Jackos ~! no pedos around HERE, eh!) —-

    but seriously~~
    not only are the bush’s bonesmen (Skull & Bones – Yale) ~~
    but so was Kerry~~
    and surprisingly—the whole Iran-Contra-Arms-DRUGS scheme was hatched AND ADMINISTERED in –of “all places” —–
    under the auspices of then-governor CLINTON ……………………
    what a small world – as DisneyWorld says~~~
    i guess to get up in that “rareified” political stratosphere–you have to be singing from the same songsheet ……
    does anything EVER change~~~
    ever since the days of the pyramids–
    and way b-4 that—back even b-4 the sumerians (now known as “iraquis”)-and their 12th Planet Annaki — the alien genetic breeders who created and cultivated us like cattle to mine gold for them way back in the olden daze~~~

    yeppers —way back when the 1st roaming cowboy nomads stopped and thought up a way to use “capital” –in the form of beads-or hides–or whatever—to control & manipulate the stupid “masses” —

    there has always been a suceeding generational “monarchy” passed from father to son and on and on for thousands of generations now~~~
    and that group has remained in control in the very quiet “background” even behind the likes of Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds, etc….

    so perhaps THAT’s what finally got to hunter~~~~~~~~
    the “inevitability” of our historical “enslavement” by the Ruling Elite …….


  • TRISTAN – adjust your lithium dosage, man!

  • Jane

    Actually Tristan it was a group of blind, disabled, lesbian African American women who work in the public service and, through regressive memory therapy, all suffered from abduction by aliens from the Pleaides star system, underwent anal probing and were brainwashed into believing that Hunter S Thompson was really a reincarnation of Richard Nixon, and ordered the assassination of Matin Luther King on Elvis’ birthday.

  • Tristan

    and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    perhaps hunter was just a lot like you and me: scared & lonely-
    and even contemplating killing himself—
    wanted those closest to him-that he loved– nearby when he did it….
    maybe that might have been somewhat “comforting” to him as he proceeded …??

    or maybe it WAS the Illuminati~~
    i heard they had conned hunter into going to the secret satanic meeting out there in california to film the ritual raping & killing of the young boys by the prominent members—and that they had tricked hunter to get him there and then blackmail him….

  • Eric Olsen

    now we’re getting somewhere

  • John? John Grisham? Is that you?

  • You are all wrong. It was neither the butler nor the Col Mustard.

    it was

    it was


  • Eric Olsen

    Stephen “Tintin” Duffy, the original lead singer of Duran Duran?

  • I’m sure it was a reptilian conspiracy.

  • Maybe it was the Thompson Twins – but Thompson and Thomson on the job (Tintin ref, for you Yanks)

  • Eric Olsen

    the butler did it

  • HW Saxton

    And this whole time I thought it was Mr.
    Mustard with the candle holder in the

  • Maybe he didn’t find any pastrami

  • Eric Olsen

    after studying all the CLUES, I conclude it was Mr. Thompson, in the kitchen, with a handgun

  • It was the Elders of Zion, and the Illuminati lent a hand, because it was Sunday, and they had just finished their bowling game. Along the way, they met Jack Bauer who showed the way REAL men do it, and then they all went to Elvis’ place for a beer

  • Tristan

    IF ….he DID commit “suicide” ~~~
    IF ~~~
    who else besides hunter knows what is going on– and has a right to pass any “moral judgement”—
    unless you “walk a mile in his moccasins” …, eh… nobody but hunter could KNOW what WAS GOING ON inside HUNTER….

    but ~~~~~~~~~
    i’d say based on the state of Amerika today~~~~and in light of his attacks on the Bush Regime AND his work in progress on the 9/11 World Trade Center being an “inside job”–being blown up from the base of the buildings—NOT by the planes hitting them~~~ i’m very disposed to feel the greater truth is that he was whacked.

    I simply cannot see that he would sit there “on the phone with his wife” and shoot a gun into his head~~especially with his son and grandson a few doors down the hall~~~~~THAT doesn’t “sound kosher” ……………

    looks a lot more like a “black-ops operation” the likes of the Kennedy assassination…………..


  • Gabriel Battis


  • in the end what he did was a huge publicity stunt. It was simply self glorification at the cost to his family.

  • 🙁 at the expense of a real person? Well …. I would have hought more before attacking someone who’s not a voice in the discussion.

    But I’ve been known to do the same type of thing in a more general sense.


  • Ruby


    Sometimes being an insulting curr makes great copy…………:)

  • Well Jesus, why couldn’t you have posted that rational explanation earlier instead of being such an insulting curr who I quoted on my blog. When she read your comments, my girlfriend grinned and called you all kinds of names.

    When you put it like that, yes different thinking is more than OK. I also hope you realize the differences between what you’re describing and what went on with HST – and that his example, which some are viewing as heroic or brave can be damaging to the vulnerable and already emotionlly confused and damaged people out there. Those who think they don’t have something to offer – because they’ve never been told otherwise.

    Thank you again. Temple

  • Ruby

    Temple, in the end, suicide is an option open to everyone. I choose not to do it at the moment because there are things I still want to do in life, places I want to go and people I want to meet. When I’ve done what I want to do, and decide that I’ve had enough, then I’ll do something about it, on my own terms and the way I want.I certainly wont kill myself because someone else urges me to out of morbid curiosity,nor will I be swayed not to kill myself when I have made that decision. But nor would I encourage anyone to suicide because I believe it is okay. Ultimately the decision is a personal choice and act arrived at individually for a myriad of reasons.

    Temple, it might surprise you that my family know this and they respect and accept my opinion on the matter. Indeed, we’ve discussed death and dying many times through the years. My family is neither mystified by it or frightend of it, in any of its forms. That doesn’t mean that I think they wont hurt when I die, but I know that in death my family won’t define or judge me or my life or what I was to them or my friends simply by my choice or timing of my death. I am how I live in the present and what I put into life and my family. I am lucky because I’ve got a fabulous family who know that I would, and have, done everything I possibly could to grow them up into fine decent people.The point is Temple,they understand that not only am I a mother and grand-mother, I am also an individual who happens to believe that people have a right to decide the course of their own lives and deaths.

    For me personally, it will all come down to the quality of life I want to live rather than the quantity. Some people happen to come to that understanding when they are 18 and some when they are 67. I just refuse to pass judgement on people’s choices or what they may define as “quality”. That is as individual as finger-prints and not necessarily logical or rational or neat and tidy to anyone else. Neither do I pass judgement on people who go out fighting to the end. We’re all different, with different expectations and aspirations and with different limits.

    So you see Temple, whether it is a “celebrity” like the good Doctor, or a drug addict on some street somewhere, I don’t differentiate or pass value judgements. If they come to a point where they don’t want to live, then I respect their right to suicide.

    So I think you can see we differ dramatically in our thinking and that’s okay. And with that, I sign off from this discussion. I’ve got a heap of things to do and a great many places to go.

  • Like I said, if suicide such a great thing – what’s stopping you two? It can’t just be good for others can it? Ruby? Nediam?

    That’s a deadly serious question. What’s stopping you? Please elaborate.

  • Ruby

    “My life has been the polar opposite of safe, but I am proud of it and so is my son, and that is good enough for me. I would do it all over again without changing the beat, although I have never recommended it to others. That would be cruel and irresponsible and wrong, I think, and I am none of those things.” (Kingdom of Fear, 2003)

    “We are at War now, according to President Bush, and I take him at his word. He also says this War might last for a ‘very long time.’ Generals and military scholars will tell you that 8 or 10 years is actually not such a long time in the span of human history – which is no doubt true – but history also tells us that 10 years of martial law and a wartime economy are going to feel like a Lifetime to people who are in their twenties today. The poor bastards of what will forever be known as Generation Z are doomed to be the first generations of Americans who will grow up with a lower standard of living than their parents enjoyed. (Kingdom of Fear, 2003)

    How true.

    There is a section in ICE NINE by Kurt Vonnegut when the main charater is on a plane to some mythical south American country. He’s sitting next to an American couple and during the course of the journey the man says something to the effect that the problem with America is that it operates under the illusion that it is universally loved, when in reality, it is universally despised”.

    As someone nearly as old as the good Doctor, I have worked all over the world and seen people do terrible things to each other in the name of something or another, usually God or “freedom” (a favourite of us Americans ad nauseum), and I am infinately and ultimately more concerned about this than the method of Hunter’s death.

    What I admired about Hunter, and still do, is that he looked at this with a critical eye and wrote about it for what it is: the great shining tragety that has become America. For one, I loved the way he questioned everything, asked the hard questions and wrote the hard stories, gave the hard point of view, instead of force feeding us moralistic, pussy-footed mush to placate our sensibilities.. Not enough critical analysis of America is happening anymore and when it is, it is immediately labelled “destructive” “negative” “unAmerican”. I respected and admired Hunter because he tried all his working life to educate people, to get them to read, and discuss and to think for themselves and he kept hold of this like a terrier with a rabbit in its jaws. Even when it supposedly became unfashionable. I choose to remember this about Hunter rather than obssess about the morality or not of the manner of his death. For me, the sum total of the man as a human being is far more than a .45 in the head.

    His family and friends sound like a gutsy together group of people who have chosen to remember Hunter and his legacy for what he was, than to judge him for his choice of death. What big hearts and bigger spirits they have and with what class they have put all the bleeding heart, anal, moralistic, do-gooders who are shit scared of everything, including death, to eternal shame.

    I hope I have raised my own family up to have this kind of strentgh of character and strength of spirit.

    When all is said and done, suicide will either make someone stronger, more aware and more tolerant of the human condition or it will make them even more scared, afraid, insular, intolerant and an eternal prisoner of pain.

    Vale HST. Stomp Valhalla

  • nediam nori

    when my friend informed me that thompson had passed away i was in disbelief. what could possibly kill this man. i was hurt and upset and felt somehow wronged by the great magnet. he was our gonzo leader and our friend to even those not lucky enough to meet him. but hearing that he had shot himself i somehow felt at ease. i feel better in knowing that he did it himself. and in calling suicide a selfish act is in a way hypocritical. HE chose. he was lucky enough to choose how he was going to die; in the comfort of his own home next to his typewriter. not in a car accident, not from some painful sickness, and not from a overdose. so for you people that say he was being selfish or cowardly: you are the selfish bastards. he died the same way he lived, on his own terms. and god be damned if anyone was going to tell him otherwise. besides, you know he just loves to keep everyone on thier toes.

    the only thing i hate is the fact he is going to be turned into some silly t shirt icon. a hot topic patch. and i can already see it happening. my friends are like thompson who? in a few months they will all be wearing gonzo thongs and wearing white converse.

    and i think that thompson knew it too. i think he got the last laugh. and when he gets shot out of that cannon, he will be looking down on us from that shooting range in the sky, laughing at us all, and i hope that we all remember him and remember not to take everything so seriously all the time!

    ~too weird to live and too rare to die~

    the death of the american dream

  • OOPs, this ithe correct blog site for my Hunter RIP piece


  • My question to the literati and the blogerati and the counterculturati is this:

    Maybe, just maybe, Hunter killed himself because he had come to the conclusion that he, too, was a mere faker, a poser, and just like he liked to shoot holes in any fakery he found, maybe he finally came to the conclusion that he had to shoot a hole in the fakery that was …. himself!

    Because, what, in the end, did HST stand for? What kind of a better world did he want to create, to build? All he seemed to want to do was destroy, criticize, tear apart, take down, ridicule — all the while enjoying himself in a downward spiral of booze and drugs and fags. He really didn’t stand for anything positive. He was a white trailer trash kid from the wrong side of the tracks who became a JD, got caught, joined the military and then spent the rest of his life bamboozling and fooling everyone he came into contact with. A fake, with an emptiness inside him that was pitiful.

    Sure, he was a great friend, a great comrade, a good father and husband, even grandpa in the last days of his life. And as an entertainer, he was first class, a clown of American history.

    But what did he stand for? What did he want to replace the America he hated with? His entire life was destroy destroy destroy, and in the end, he destroyed even himself.

    This was no Twain, this was no Hemingway, no Faulker, no Theroux or Mailer or Heller.

    He was a creature of the counterculture and his death by PSD, a good euphemism for willful suicide, marks the final end of the counterculture. There is no more fear and loathing in America.

    Godspeed, Hunter, on your journey to the stars. You had fun. We had fun watching you. But you messed up a lot, too. Don’t forget that.


    PS: Paul Theroux’s eulogy in the UK Guardian is very good on this, too.

  • sweet lord, please don’t misquote the most famous line in all of rock.

    It’s better to burn out, than to fade away
    my my, hey hey
    – Neil Young

  • Ger LaMar

    HST mentioned several times in his interviews with Charlie Rose his belief for Karma, ‘I’m a road man for the lords of Karma’ as HST would say. When he reached the end of the road could it have been time to complete his Karma with a heroic and honorable act? Being the individualist and modern outlaw that he was suicide would have been the most appropriate thing for him to do. He was calm, relaxed, and quite clear. He believed strongly in controlling events rather than being controlled by them.
    He lived and died by doing what he believed in…a true American hero.

    “Its better to burn out ’cause rust never sleeps” – Neil Young

  • Eric Olsen

    Temple, please note discussion here, which includes you in absentia

  • Thank you Joel. I knew I wasn’t the only out there who’s been closely impacted by suicide. Sharng those experiences is more valuable to society, to survival and to happiness than praising people for the act.

  • I haven’t been a part of this conversation, but Jesus Ruby. Temple brings up a personal story about someone in his life who suffered to make the point that suicide is, on many levels, a selfish act, and you attack the woman in his story? You know what? That’s fucking pathetic.

    Suicide is a selfish act. I don’t think that makes someone who kills himself a horrible or evil person, but yeah, it’s a selfish act.

    Someone I really care about once tried to commit suicide. He swallowed a bunch of pills. I don’t think it was a truly serious attempt–more a stab at getting attention–but it was still damn dangerous. He ended up in the hospital, having his stomach pumped. If he hadn’t told someone what he had done, it’s very possible he would have died.

    I was pissed at him. I was happy he was okay–so, so happy–but I also was horribly angry at him for being so incredibly selfish. I can understand suicide. I’ve had times in my life where I felt somewhat suicidal, though never in a truly serious way. But one of the reasons I was never serious is because I knew what it would do to my family. I knew how much it would hurt my mother, my father, my brother–how it would devastate them. I knew what it would do to my friends. It would be horrible, terrible, an infliction that would greatly affect their lives, not in a good way. I couldn’t do that to them, even if I thought I could do it to me.

    Suicide is selfish. It’s not brave, it’s not glorious, it’s not commendable. It can be understandable, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s not a good or bright or fair act. It’s cruel and selfish and painful, horribly painful. Don’t pretend otherwise and don’t denigrate someone for recognizing and stating that fact.

  • david hume

    someone has suggested this term in lieu of suicide, in HST’s case: “pre-emptive self-determination”

    good one.


  • You’re a sad person Ruby. Your disregard for death is startingly sick.

    I offered no personal attack, what are you referring to? You on the other hand decided to attack a woman you’ve never met but feel more than free to analyze. Even after I carefully explained otherwise. That’s not worthy of a man, though it would explain your empathy with a cowardly act such as suicide.

    When real humanity is given on a blog, when a real part of someone’s life beyond “I like this. I hate this” is given, this is the response. Thanks for reinforcing for me what a jackhole hellhole – scared shitless bunch of people exist to mock one person’s death and another’s living repercussions of that death.

    Though you wouldn’t believe it even if your mind and eyes told you otherwise, I’ve never disrespected anyone’s feelings regarding Hunter Thompson, except the one’s relating to how suicide is a brave and heroic act. I’ve never said he didn’t have talent. I’ve never devalued his influence on others. I have belittled no one as you attempted to do to someone you first heard of only through my description.

    You wouldn’t say the same things about an alcoholic junkie on the street who you found out had shot himself dead. Even if that junkie was a former veteran, as percentages would tell you would be likely. No, you’d likely call him a stupid asshole without a clue.

    Why is it so important for you to say suicide is fine? Or heroic? Or was a fitting end? Honour? No, not this way. I clearly stated my view and all you had to say was, well let’s agree to disagree and I’m sorry your girlfriend had to go through that.

    I think Juan is fooling himself for now – somewhat in the denial stage. But I’m not going to say I KNOW this. It’s just a feeling. But, if he truly is at peace with it, then I’m glad.

  • WillyJ.

    Not in the mood to read through the comments from sad human trash who feel this is an wonderful opportunity to spew thier desperate Hannity/Limbaugh/Coulter bile on the corpse of a dead man and the people who admired him. . .I hope you remember your actions here when someone you admire and love leaves us and feel some kind of shame.

    Giving them a second of further attention defeats the whole purpose of what Hunter stood for and the only reason I mention it is because I saw a question put forth a few posts back, and if it was answered amoungst the subsequent posts I apologize in advance for repeating the answer. . but. . .

    According to his son Jaun, Hunter left NO note.

    A couple more things Juan had to say:

    “I’ve known for many, many years that this is how Hunter would go. The way he chose to do it was not a surprise, but the timing was a total, total surprise,”

    “One thing that he said many times was that, ‘I’m a road man for the lords of Karma.’ It’s a cryptic saying. But there’s an implication there that he may have decided that his work was done and that he didn’t want to overstay his welcome; it was time to go.”

    “He was not unhappy, he was not depressed, none of the things you would associate with someone who took his own life,”

    “He’d gotten a good night’s sleep, he was calm, he was relaxed, he was quite clear. He believed very much in controlling events rather than being controlled by them. I would hope that people see it in that light: That we’ll never know why he chose this time, but that he had a good reason, and that it was completely consistent with his life, rather than an act of despair.”

    . . .and personally, that’s what I can accept and choose to accept- he felt it was time and as someone said way back he went out on his own terms.

    I also heard today about the “shooting his remains out of a cannon” stuff and I would hope that idea fades out but God bless hia son and his family and whatever they decide is right for his final act in this life is cool with me.

    I wish you could have stuck around awhile longer Doc; you damn sure are going to be missed.


    First off let me say that the Irony that HST passed away on the same day as Gidget is not lost on me, The Gods can be so Cruel! But Gidget is not the cultural Icon I am here to discuss. No it is a man who cheated death so many times it defies any logical explanation, no not the Inimitable HST but Evel Knievel. It is of my Opinion that this is how HST should have gone out. 1st he should of declared that Evel failed in his attempt to Jump the Grand Canyon on a Jet Powered Motorcycle, and that only he Hunter S Thompson had the Balls, Willpower and Fortitude to actually accomplish the Task. He then should have had his own Reality TV series, where he hung out in a Bike shop and personally supervised the construction of his own Super Rocket Powered Motorcycle and Pal’d around with the Boys cracking Jokes and Talking Shop. Then in a Huge Mass Spectacle on Presidents Day. Dressed in Flashy White Leathers with a Big Red Gonzo Fist on the back and looking Dashing and Debonair. It is He, who should have Mounted that Fire Breathing Beast, and Zooming 350 Miles Per Hour, up a specially constructed Ramp at the edge of the Grand Canyon, flown off into the Great Beyond and into the Pages of Legend and History. But we didn’t deserve that, no we didn’t deserve Hunter S Thompson any more, and thats why he had to Die. But I am looking forward to the Ashes shot out of the Cannon Spectacle, that will be cool. And I will state that Forevermore in my Household, the 20th February will be Known as Hunter S Thompson Day and a Celebratory Occasion it will be, with much Joy, Mirth and Merriment, The Beasts will cook and the Spirits will flow, In Dedication to the Man who should have been the President of the United States, The Honorable and Courageous Hunter S. Thompson!

  • Tom

    Hunter lived like he died.

    Im not surprised he killed himself, in fact im glad he didnt sell out and die like a bird with a broken wing in a hospital.
    The only question is… where is the treatise? where is the explanation… this is a man who put carbon paper behind his typewriter when he wrote letters since the age of 13…

  • Ruby

    And further. The family’s actual statement……In a statement, Thompson’s widow and his son said: “Though we will miss him bitterly, we understand his decision. Let the world know that Dr. Hunter S. Thompson died with his glass full, a fearless man, a warrior.”

    You guys dont know fuck all about life, living, death or honour.

    Hunter, consistent and honest to the end.


  • Rub y

    Hey, reducing the debate to a personal attack. How irrelevant. I read Juan Thomsons statement that he thought that his father decided it was time to go and that he wasn’t surprised by the method.He also said that the family may go ahead and shoot Hunter’s ashes out of a cannon. How apt. How very Hunter. Seems like the family is coping just fine.Dawn, sounds like it is gonna be a grand ‘ol party to me. And Temple, if you want to make it personal then if shacking up with a neurotic, self indulgent women playing the sytmpathy card ad nauseum does it for you, then that’s fine. See, there are two sides to that coin…….

  • harrington

    So you obviously knew the man personally Dawn? Or are you just throwing your uneducated, ignorent OPINION into play?

  • harrington

    Temple Stark despite what you think of HST you are swine nonetheless

  • Dawn

    Temple, my vitriol towards HST comes from the same place as yours: glorifying suicide.

    Whether or not that was his intention, by doing so with his poor wife on the phone the guy chose to make a singularly selfish and Godless act a grand old party and as such, created a nightmare even more hellish for his family for being forced to be involved.

    I repeat, what an ASSHOLE that guy was.

    Great writer though.

    But, whatever, he can’t be redeemed through his writing – stupid jerk.

  • Gilbert Tennessee Warden

    I have spent much of my adult life either entering,(not always by choice), or exiting various institutions,(mental, substance, committed). HST taught me couple things.
    1) act as if
    2) chloral hydrate ice cubes
    3) better to fuck with than be fucked with, well most of the time
    and more
    imp. Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light.
    All energy flows to the whim of the great magnet.
    I haven’t been committed or incarcerated since I began reading HST in 1997.
    he lit a match and i took a bottle of hairnet to it
    Thanx doc.

  • Ruby I’m sorry you read that as “happens all the time.” It is not an either / or. It still happens, infrequently, and it is still pain and suffering – illustrative of suicide’s long-lasting effects. It used to be much worse.

    And Ruby – you’re just guessing about “it took guts to understand that there was really nothing left to say or write.” You don’t know. He could have done it on a whim. The way he did it was still a cowardly act as have explained much more eloquently than you have stated your belief.

    I’m for assisted suicide, another distinction I did not rule out with my comments above. It’s a complete decision, it is an explained and loving decision if there is unending pain or indignity. That is brave because it faces every question – and it causes less pain.

    You’re misguided and since – given the percentages and lack of evidence of empathy, so far – you will never achieve anything artistic yourself, perhaps you could off yourself now?

    Now see how that logic – your logic – makes no sense? Anyone who commits suicide loses respect in the eyes of many; rich or poor, anonymous or famous.

    You asked so I explained and you thought to say something worthless in reply. Ask more questions before shining a spotlight on your emotional numbness.

  • ruby

    Well, it seems to me that your poor lady does let it define who she is and lets it dominate her life if she still has nightmares, flashbacks and hates having a pillow over her head six years later…. HST didn’t try to take out anyone else in his personal decision, which is probably what surprised me the most. I’m sure he had a list. In the end, he obviously came to a point where he decided he didn’t have anything more to say, to anyone, including his family. Whether you or I think that is a rotten place to get too, or is a cowardly cop-out, is ultimately irrelevant.More to the point, why should the choice to suicide have any reason at all to anyone but the person who chooses that option? Why did HST owe anyone an explanation. To make people feel better about his decision? Surely, the very act itself is an explanation. He’d had enough. Like Cobain. Personally, I think it took guts to understand that there was really nothing left to say or write and as both these things implicitely defined who HST was as a human being, living in some sort of Martha Stewart “live on my laurels til I die” style retirement was never going to be an option to a man like HST who always lived life on his own terms….I would think that through all the hurt and distress to his family and friends, that is something that they’d all agree on.He died like he lived. On his own terms… reckless, insane, out of control, over the top, and probably drug-fuelled. RIP HST. Love and mercy to his family.

  • >> apparently not a touchy feely kind of guy

    never said that (and if I did somewhere, I erred).

    >>, … if you don’t give a damn about Hunter S Thompson

    Never said that either, though I did say on a diff. thread I believe, that he really wasn’t a part of my life at all. I felt the same way about Kurt Cobain, who’s work I greatly admire.

    >>Honestly,would permission from his family, or their prior knowledge, really make it any less painful? Get real

    Well the idea there is, of course, that they could have talked him out of it. And if it came to it – at least they had some control, some exact understanding because he would have told them – and a proper goodbye. But he couldn’t face that and that’s cowardly.

    Why am I being aggressive on the subject of suicide?

    Simple: I really don’t want people to think suicide is in any way heroic – because it’s not.

    I’m with a woman now whose boyfriend committed suicide – shot himself in the head, too. He’d just tried to smother her with a pillow but she escaped. She was running from her home when she heard the gunshot.

    He had some back pain and some tax problems.

    I drove back into town a couple hours later – and she and her boys had no place to stay. I let her and her two boys stay in my place across the road, because I could not imagine her having to stay at her place and she had nowhere else to go.

    She – a very sweet person indeed – but she still has nightmares. Still trembles. Still can’t stand to have a pillow over her face, even lightly. Still is haunted by the memory, which comes back at the oddest times.

    Six years later.

    It doesn’t define who she is and it doesn’t dominate her life at all, anymore. But it’s there.

    Suicide causes pain and suffering and is not heroic in any way.


  • ruby

    Honestly,would permission from his family, or their prior knowledge, really make it any less painful? Get real. There’s no touchy feely niceness about deciding to kill oneself and as you have pointed out several times HST was, according to your opinion, apparently not a touchy feely kind of guy. I would beg to differ on that point. And honestly, if you don’t give a damn about Hunter S Thompson then why bother weighing into a discussion about his death? Why be so aggressive about his decision to suicide the way he did? It seems to me that lots of people would have accepted his suicide if it were via drugs because that’s what we all thought would happen. Or worse, we secretly hoped would happen. What hypocrisy. His death has not been for the benefit of our bloody entertainment or to placate us of any unpleasantness or to fit into any preconceived ideas we might have had about the guy. He was obviously in pain so he exercised his right to do something about it. I’m just grateful for the 67 years of his life he was around, and the writing and slant on life that came out of it.

  • >>sn’t it amazing how some people have taken Hunter’s suicide as an opportunity to belch bile, hatred and disaffection. Why bother? Who gives a damn whether he was an asshole or not.

    Or take that on step further – who gives a damn about HST?

    See there’s both sides to that coin. That’s where it comes from.

    He was brilliant – at what he did. I also think he was completely yellow for going out the way he did; causing pain and suffering to family when he could have said “Guys, I’m in too much pain. Let me end my life, OK?”

  • Ruby

    Isn’t it amazing how some people have taken Hunter’s suicide as an opportunity to belch bile, hatred and disaffection. Why bother? Who gives a damn whether he was an asshole or not. That part of him also made him a great writer and brilliant commentator on America.And there’s not much of that happening folks. As a so-called asshole he managed to raise a decent son, marry a great woman and maintain some seriously loyal and loving friends. Who knows what he was like behind the public persona and who cares. Perhaps his decision to suicide when the family was around was a selfish, self absorbed act. Or maybe Hunter wanted to make sure that his family were around to take care of his death with love, care and decency. Perhaps he had faith in them to be strong enough to carry the load. I don’t think Hunter was a coward. I just think he got to 67 years of age, his body had started giving up on him and he didn’t want to spend the next 20 years shitting into a colostomy bag in some nursing home somewhere. He looked very ill in recent pictures and Who among us can really pass judgement or state unequivocably that we wouldn’t do the same if we were in a similar situation. Hell, remember the guy through his work rather then judge him by his death.

  • Dawn

    Hunter Thompson was a self-indulgent, obnoxious, exceptionally irresponsible, crass, mentally disabled due to drug abuse, douchebag who was also a brilliant and entertaining writer.

    But God, who would want to be such an asshole?

    I guess not him anymore.

  • Marclah

    I think this proves it. This is proof that the american dream really is fucked. And you iknow what that means? Savage Henry has cashed his check

  • Temple Stark

    Sorry I didn’t read the official Comment Policy. The previous Comment written by Temple Stark commenting- I also like to chew on little asian boys bum bum holes 😀 Because I know all – was not posted by the original Temple Stark but was posted by an imposter. I am that imposter. I read the comment Temple Stark wrote about Hunter being a coward and my emotion (and prejudice humour) got the better of me. I appologise to anyone who was offended by the remark and I swear never to do it again and urge the Webmaster to delete the entry. Long live Hunter through his works. For ever and ever.

  • Temple Stark

    I also like to chew on little asian boys bum bum holes 😀 Because I know all

  • Some wonderful obits – the MSNBC one: “Prose laureate of the Age of Paranoia”,has

    Thompson, at 67, was the gonzo journalist who shot himself in the head with a handgun on Sunday. He was also what you get when you combine Murphy’s Law and some hillbilly Calvinist preaching the doctrine of innate depravity. He believed every man had it in him to do wrong. He also believed that if something could go wrong it would. We were all doomed, to use one of his favorite words.

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Dave, I think that perspective may come to dominate after the shock and gushing are over: great, hugely influential writer and thinker, pretty crappy human

  • dave Hume


    A guy who knew Hunter writes:

    So there we were, eight or ten of us I think, hanging around and drinking with “Hunter S. Thompson, man!” And, as they would, Warren and Hunter got into a drinking contest — sort of like watching a match between Ali and Frazier in their prime.

    It went on and on long past the point where I could or would keep up. It was getting late and Andre announced to the assembled cross-eyed drunks, that he was giving us our last round. The regulars took him at his word, but Hunter had to push the envelope. Except with Andre there was no envelope. Just a polite, “Non.”

    The next thing I know there’s a gun in Hunter’s hand and three rounds into the ceiling of the bar. (Did I mention that there were apartments where people were sleeping above the bar?)

    Then I think there was a blur of Andre, in suit and tie, coming over the bar with the mallet. Then more blurs and everybody is out on the street dragging a semi-conscious Hunter back down the alley mumbling something about getting his gun back. After that I don’t remember much and, frankly, haven’t thought all that much about Thompson in the three decades that have intervened.

    This morning I think even less of him. Yesterday, it would seem, he left in the same way that he lived — gun-crazy, thoughtless, self-obsessed and selfish to the last second. A gunshot suicide at home, leaving his wife and son to discover and deal with his ruined corpse and clean up the room. What a man

  • dave Hume

    Yeh, Gray, good point. The GLOBE story should be required reading by everyone here. HUNTER shot himself while talking on the phone with his wife, WTF?, and his son in the next room? double WTF?

    In many ways, the guy was an asshole. So what if he could write well, he was pretty much fucked up as a human being. I think it’s important to understand that. and like Gray said above, yes, get over it, folks, and now the training wheels are off, start peddaling your own bike. it’s all uphill from here.

  • VinceCooks

    “In reading all the media obits today, I was struck by how all of them focused on HST’s drug use, his foul language and shocking behavior, etc.”

    Perhaps the other, more timid, journalists finally got a chance to kick the man that dared to live their dreams for them. They had to be jealous of the freedoms HST earned with his clearly superior insights, writing abilities, and moral clarity (through the haze). He was a genuine genius that probably semed very arrogant to those inferior, mortal, non-peers. “the greedheads and swine can rejoice”

    “I’ve read he was depressed about not being able to get out of the house because of his medical problems…not sure if I believe that either.”

    I was looking at images of Hunter over the last decade, and while he looked great in the late 90’s, he really loked like crap lately. I’ve also been folowing his “ESPN/Page 2” column closely over the years and while he was never consistent (he seemed to contribute whenever he felt like it, or not), HE ALWAYS WROTE ABOUT THE SUPER BOWL. This year he didn’t, very telling in my opinion.

    He did share one last piece about sharing his “Shotgun Golf” brainstorm with Bill Murray in the middle of the night recently (dated February 5th), but it could have been in the can and pulled out and updated with the hockey reference. He does refer to last summer as the time of inspiration. The article is extremely easy to Google.

    “Was Hunter murdered? It seems that time and again, writers that have taken on the Bush Administration and its cronies have met with the same end: suicide by firearm’.”

    Souinds very cynical — and, unfortunatly, very logical. 🙁 He just finished a brand new book highly critical of Dubya (due out in August), coincidentally. Let’s hope it makes it in the form he wished it — if anyone would cover those bases, it would be HST. Maybe that’s why he was offed…

    “We will march on a road of bones.”


  • Do you have a link for the globe post, Temple?

    Tom Wolfe’s fine piece in the Journal is another reminder of the desire for recognition HST had always.

  • If Hume’s globe posting is accurate, Thompson is still a terrible coward. Why not discuss this decision with family? Why. Because he was afraid, too.

    Instead he shoots himself while his wife is on the phone !!!!!!! Oh that’s love, baby? Oh yeah.

    I think they all lost some respect for him at that moment. As usual it’s a case of admire the work, despise the man. So be it. His choice.

    PS Faulkner was his literary idol.

  • jane

    Hey Bubba. Celebrate Hunter’s life, don’t obssess over his death. He fought long and hard to keep the bastards honest and he kept honest to himself right up to the end, no matter what any of us think, and no matter how painful his passing is. It’s all part of the Proud Highway that was his life and will be his legacy. Remember what Hunter wrote and why he wrote. Perpetuate his definitive voice through your own voices.Hunter deserves more than our self indulgent idolatry.

  • Jonas

    You say you’re surprized that HST took his own life? He did in exactly the same manner as his hero Ernest Hemingway at around the same time in his life. Like Papa, his writing had declined with age and substances, and he had begun to live a solitary and seemingly desultory life. I don’t want to say that I “saw this coming” but I’m not surprized.

  • Hey all,

    Thanks for leaving your memories. I am impressed and appreciative of how many of you have reached out. I am posting details and updates about the suicide, the funeral, and all the other details as they emerge on my site

    It is meant to be a clearing house for all curious who don’t have time to surf a thousand articles.

    Thanks and take care,

  • Gray

    To all you “abandoned” suckfish,

    I am so tired of reading all this pathetic “how could you?” bullshit.
    The man is gone, and he’s not coming back.
    Stop pitying yourself. Stop waiting for a new hero to emerge from the ashes.

    You are the hero.

    This generation has too long been dependant on a stronger man’s will. It’s time now to move on, move out, and get things done. Tighten up those boot straps, Bubba. There’s an entire, fucked up world out there that’s begging for action. Let’s not worry about how Hunter died, but rather how he lived.

    Take action.

    Hunter didn’t abandon you; he’s only just removed your training wheels.

    Res Ipsa Loquitur,


  • SirHunterIsKing

    Was there a note left?

  • G Bright

    Earth receive an honored guest
    William Yeats is laid to rest
    Let the Irish vessel lie
    Emptied of its poetry

    Time that is intolerant
    Of the brave and innocent
    and indifferent in a weak
    to a beautiful physique

    Worships language and forgives
    Everyone by whom it lives;
    Pardons cowardice, conceit,
    Lays its honors at their feet

    Time that with this strange excuse
    Pardoned Kipling and his views
    and will pardon Paul Claudel
    Pardons him for writing well

    W.H. Auden In Memory of W.B. Yeats

  • dave hume


    After Thompson’s suicide, attorney saw clues

    By David Abel,
    Boston Globe
    February 22, 2005

    If one of Hunter S. Thompson’s last wishes comes true, the body of the late maverick journalist will be cremated this week and his ashes blasted from a cannon across his sprawling ranch in Woody Creek, Colo.


    That will be the extent of Thompson’s funeral, as he told friends and family, said George Tobia Jr., a Boston-based entertainment lawyer who has represented the author for the past 15 years. Tobia said he has spent a few hours every week, often in the wee hours of the day, fielding requests from and chatting up the man who created gonzo journalism.

    In a phone interview yesterday, Tobia said only in retrospect does it makes sense that the 67-year-old author sat in his kitchen Sunday afternoon, stuck a .45-caliber handgun in his mouth, and killed himself while his wife listened on the phone and his son and daughter-in-law were in another room of his house. His wife had no idea what had happened until she returned home later.

    The former Rolling Stone magazine contributor, known for his self-styled, freewheeling writing, chronicled the downfall of President Nixon and authored books including “Hell’s Angels” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

    Tobia, 43, who said he spoke to Thompson at least five times in the last week, as recently as the day before he killed himself, said his client and friend did not leave a note, only conversations and obscure directions he had issued to friends and family in recent days.

    “This was definitely not spur of the moment,” said Tobia, who plans to fly to Colorado today to help carry out Thompson’s wishes. “He arranged to have things dealt with, and he wanted his family close by, but he didn’t want anyone to know — he didn’t want anyone to try to stop him. In a weird way, he wanted it to be, I think, a celebration.”

    Was there anything specific that led Thompson, the model for a character in the comic strip “Doonesbury,” to commit suicide? Tobia said he did not know, but noted Thompson has written about suicide and talked about it with friends.

    The decision, he said, had nothing to do with the reelection of George W. Bush or the current trend in national politics, which provided a certain grist for Thompson’s mill. Nor did he have significant financial problems. With his land, archives, royalties, and other valuable possessions, Tobia said, Thompson’s estate is worth millions of dollars.

    The best explanation, perhaps, is that in recent months Thompson had chronic pain from back surgery and an artificial hip. He also broke his leg on a recent trip to Hawaii and was limping, which made it difficult for him to travel.

    “He didn’t want to waste away,” Tobia said. “He did not want to exist as an invalid or as someone who needed constant care. It wouldn’t suit his sense of self.”

    The one clue, in retrospect, that something changed recently was Thompson’s decision that it wasn’t so important that his papers and archives be sold to the highest bidder, money that would help him in later years. Last week Thompson told friends and Tobia — one of the trustees of his estate — that it was more important his archives not be sold piecemeal and that they find the proper home, such as at a university.

    “There was no one thing you would point to and say, ‘Oh . . . he’s going to kill himself,’ ” Tobia said. “It wasn’t clear last week suicide was imminent, but now it adds up.”

    “I was numb last night,” he said yesterday. “But when that settles in, the phone calls, things start to come back, and things begin to make sense. . . . We all had hints, but none of us had the full picture.”

    The two planned to work together on the third volume of Thompson’s letters, Tobia said. Just the faxes Tobia received over the years, he said, stack up about 5 feet high. There was also the unpublished novel, “Prince Jelly Fish,” which Thompson hoped to have published.

    Tobia first met Thompson while working on a benefit for the estate of Jack Kerouac.

    “I represent the estates of many eminent writers like Jack Kerouac,” Tobia said. “But [Thompson] was alive; the others, I never knew. I got to know him. I read him in college. Forming a relationship with him was a dream come true.”

    © Copyright 2005 Globe Newspaper Company.

  • alex

    Hunter has been taking a hiding on our behalves for many years. Maybe now it is time for those of us truly inspired by him, to start taking our own risks, instead of safely living them through his pages.

    I want to be a cafe racer, not a fucking graphic designer….

    “Some people will tell you that slow is good – and it may be, on some days – but I am here to tell you that fast is better. I’ve always believed this, in spite of the trouble it’s caused me. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba….”

    Hunter S. Thompson
    The Song of the Sausage Creature

    I hear his ashes are to be shot from a canon….

  • Steve

    Hunter S. Thompson: Booze, Bile and Betrayal

    I come not to mourn Hunter Thompson, but to honor him…

    I first became exposed to Thompson as a teenager in the mid ‘70’s, reading “Rolling Stone” (this while it still had a measure of relevance), looking forward to his totally demented National Affairs columns. Because of Richard Nixon’s naked corruption and abuse of power, they were times of great political cynicism. Thompson’s writings reinforced my own sense of outrage, betrayal and cynicism, as outrage, betrayal and cynicism were integral parts of his stock in trade. Hunter Thompson’s viewpoint molded my adolescent political awareness, some of which remains to this day…

    I moved on to his books, first “Hell’s Angels” followed by “Fear and Loathing” and “Campaign Trail”, enthralled by the power of the language and the wild, intense imagery. In those days, Hunter Thompson was a hero. My friends and I would take “Fear and Loathing” trips. I did massive doses of LSD, just to see what would happen. One of the reasons I moved to the Caribbean (where I have remained for over twenty years) was because of Hunter Thompson’s descriptions of the free and decadent lifestyle.

    I ended my acquaintance with Hunter Thompson in the ‘80’s with “Shark Hunt”, which I considered somewhat weaker than his earlier work but to this day keep near my bed and occasionally pick up for a few minutes before I sleep. In recent years, I would periodically check out his ESPN work but found it to be rather limp. There were the usual vitriolic elements and it sounded like great fun, but behind it was a hollowness, a lack of substance. He had become like a formerly great saxophone player who could play but one note and then only loudly. Hunter Thompson’s work had become like cotton candy, spun from bile and bitterness. To my great disappointment, Hunter S. Thompson had become a bore.

    Though the man was certainly not living his life to meet my expectations, the end of his ability to inspire was, for me, a death of sorts. And the death of a man’s heroes (either in body or spirit) is the death of his innocence. In an ideal world we should always have someone to look up to, but life also teaches us (if we are observant) that we do not live in an ideal world.

    Hunter Thompson’s lonely death is the product of a crude logic. In the end, I believe he reached the conclusion that he had nothing of artistic value left to offer. Betrayed by his mind and body, he reached the point where the only betrayal that remained was the ultimate betrayal of himself. And in this final act of betrayal is a sense of ultimate artistic integrity.

  • kmg

    What a champion for Lisl Auman!

  • ET

    dave hume, you are an idiot. GET OVER YOURSELF

  • Thro

    It’s sad knowing that he’s gone.
    But I guess Nixon’s had his time to rest in peace.
    N.E.R.D anyways…

  • Senor Padraig

    Amen Brother!

  • manny

    I’d like to say one thing about one of my favorite people before I go to bed. I hope Thompson is kicking the shit out of Nixon in Hell right now. And thus so paving the way for Bush II.

  • dave hume

    by the way, everyone, i think we should stop calling this kind of act a suicide. he didn’t suicide himself. he stopped the pain. there’s a difference. he ended his life his way, DIY deathway, rather than sit in hospital as old man with tubes in nose. this is NOT suicide. get over it. it is a respectable way to put an end to one’s own life. get over the judo-christian bullshit that this was suicide. it was not. he did not kill himself. he outed himself. he closed the door on his own life, and more power to him.

  • dave hume

    One thing yall gotta understand is we live and we die. period. there is no heaven or hell, get over it. hunter is not on his way anywhere, get over it. his ride is over. he had a good 67 years here and he done well. you gotta die someday, maybe 89 like arthur miller or 62 like Sandra Dee or 66 like Allen Ginsberg or 65 like Susan Sontag or 65 like Hunter. cant live forever and there aint no heaven or hell or groovy medicine men in the sky smoking dope. it’s over everyone. get over it. and start doing your own little dance and make this world a better place before you knock off and die. we all die. it’s just death. no big deal. Hunter chose his way to die. the pain was too much, he could no longer bear it, more power to him. his body is no longer in pain, his conciousness …erased. DELETE.

  • HW Saxton

    Jane, I don’t see any honour in suicide.
    I am not coming to this from any sort of
    religious judgement or morality stance.
    You can only leave behind hurt and much
    heartache for those who will mourn your
    passing and bare the emotional scars an
    event like this must cause.I feel for
    his family much more than Hunter.

  • jane

    Would the Good Doctor’s death really been any more acceptable or understandable if he had OD’d or come off a motorbike of fallen overboard from a boat involved in drug running off Florida just because we all have imagined this is how it would or should end? I doubt it.Hunter was an honourable man who stood his ground and fought the good fight to keep the bastards honest. In the end he kept himself honest too. I doubt whether the decision to kill himself was made lightly. He probably just weighed up the long term prognosis of continuing physical pain and its impact on him being able to live life to the full, and decided on the most honourable and honest way out.

    We feel cheated and betrayed and heartbroken because he wasn’t meant to go out like this, that we will no longer hear his unique voice in the wilderness,that there is no-one to replace him.

    But I hope that wherever he is, Raoul is waiting with a line of coke and a joint on the burn.

    The great Doctor is dead and we are all diminished by his passing.

  • Hunterd

    None of you have learnt anything from Hunter S. Thompson…

  • ryanchaffee

    HST, “What Lured Hemingway to Ketchum?” (05/25/64):
    “‘We do not have great writers,’ he explains to the Austrian in Green Hills of Africa. ‘Something happens to our good writers at a certain age . . . You see we make our writers into something very strange . . . We destroy them in many ways.’ But Hemingway himself never seemed to discover in what way he was being ‘destroyed,’ and so he never understood how to avoid it . . . So finally, and for what he must have thought the best of reasons, he ended it with a shotgun.”

  • Jeff

    What can I say? I was first turned on to HST after reading Kurt Vonnegut’s piece about Hunter Thompson Disease. Many readings of many of his books over the years really made me think about things.
    I can’t call the man a coward: I don’t know what happened or what his life was like. I say we give him the benefit of the doubt.
    It’s been many years since I first read his work, and I’m a different man now, but I’d like to say “Thanks Hunter.”
    I rarely drink, but I’m going to go out on the patio and have a beer and about half a pack of Marlboros in his honor.
    Have a peaceful journey HST.

  • Serbian fans paid homage today.

    The Good Doctor will explain himself eventually.

    Mahalo Hunter

  • swood

    Hoka Hey Hunter Thompson. To the man, the only man, who could corral so many others with only his words. Hunter Thompson was a warrior among the likes of Crazy Horse. And tonight they are smoking the red willow among the aspens. HE IS NOT DEAD IN US.

  • Nobody is addressing the CAUSE of Hunter’s suicide, and we should be.

    Was he depressed recently? Was in encountering a late life clinical depression deep dark mood whose pain was so deep that the only way out of that pain was to cut off that pain, in other words, stop the pain, shoot himself? This is what Hemingway did. IS this what Hunter did? Someone, please, answer this in the media. HE wasn’t a coward to go out this way. It was the ONLY WAY he could manage it. Understand.

  • Wayne

    I’ve been reading all the comments and can’t help but wonder one thing: Was Hunter murdered? It seems that time and again, writers that have taken on the Bush Administration and its cronies have met with the same end: “suicide by firearm”. Author J. T. Hatfield, author of Bush biography “Fortunate Son”, was found dead of a gunshot wound in a hotel and so was Gary Webb, a reporter who chronicled the Bush family’s entanglement with drugs and the CIA. Hunter S. Thompson’s antipathy towards the whole Bush clan was well known and there are more than enough instances of the vindictiveness of that crowd.

  • Baker

    I heard on the radio this morning while still in bed “Famous American author dead” and knew at that instant it was Hunter…but I was just shocked that he committed suicide. To the person who said it was true to his beliefs, that is totally wrong.

    I’ve read he was depressed about not being able to get out of the house because of his medical problems…not sure if I believe that either, but it doesn’t matter now.

    Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail was the first book I ever shoplifted, when I was about 14 probably. I still have that copy…reading that book made me look at everything differently. I’m a better person for coming into contact with the Doc.

    Mahalo Hunter…

  • Dick

    Sure, sure good old gun loving Hunter leaving your brains on the ceiling for your son to clean up.

  • Knight of Rose Croix

    Let me explain why the good Doktor is still very much alive.

    He achieved stardom decades ago by breaking out of a tired and constricted form of journalism. He and a number of others trailblazed a path called the New Journalism.

    What they did then differs little from what we see today in New Media: a break from the predictable and ideologically stunted media that distrusts new voices.

    In reading all the media obits today, I was struck by how all of them focused on HST’s drug use, his foul language and shocking behavior, etc. Granted it’s all true, but it’s a shame that he’s remembered for such pointless antics.

    I choose to ignore the drugs and craziness now because as I got older I saw he’d become a caricature of himself, unable to grow, to keep up with change in our culture.

    He was not the greatest American writer, but he was, at one particular period, the right man for the right job.

    How many of us can claim the same?

  • st intoxication

    who among us really knows why he did it?
    no one.
    its another un-answerable question he put to the test, to the extreme.
    he was and still is my idol and i feel a great loss, but why blame him?
    besides it is not our place to question a doctor of fucking journalism. GO. GET DRUNK, GET HIGH GET TWISTED BE WIERD AND REMEMBER HIS LEGACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Taylor

    The news of Hunter’s death hit me like a ton of bricks. I found out about 7:30 p.m. after my wife brought the paper in.
    Hunter was my idol, and in many ways, my mentor even though I never met him.
    I switched my major to journalism my junior year in college after I read the Great Shark Hunt. I’ve managed to carve out a pretty good living for myself working as a journalist but I never would have sat down at a keyboard to write if it wasn’t for Hunter.
    I never tried to copy Hunter’s writing style. I simply respected the man too much. But his view on politics and how he wrote about them made me want to be a political journalist.
    I always dreaded this day. I knew Hunter’s lifestyle would eventually get the better of him. But I never dreamed it would be suicide that did him in. I thought he was just too tough.
    I always told my friends to cherrish Hunter while he was with us because he would be gone before we knew it. I kept my end of the bargin. I relished his work and sucked up all of the news about him that I could find.
    Now the day has finally came and I’m more sad than anything.
    It breaks my heart that one of the greatest writers of the 20th century died not wanting to live.
    But the world is a better place because Hunter S. Thompson was in it.
    Thank you Hunter.

  • jane

    So the good Doctor finally said “fuck it, let’s go”. Who are we to pass judgement when all we really know of him is what we imagined him to be? We should all give a man of such acerbic wit and laser-sharp intelligence respect with regards to his choice of life and death. Hunter never backed away from either, despite what some may think. He fought the good fight and was true to himself always. Our loss of him cannot be calculated and America has lost one of its finest citizens and social commentators.Vale Hunter. Vale. We’ll miss you.

  • Hunter S. Thompson saw life in a unique way. Perhaps he did represent the darker side of our beings. Perhaps he saw things in such a unique way that he felt he had a responsibility to get that message out. His works will become read and reread, dissected for generations to come. Perhaps he had to climb upon his own cross and take his life so as to enlighten us. It worked 2,000 years ago. Perhaps, in some small way, Hunter S. Thompson in his passing will fulfill yet another scripture which has not been revealed. Perhaps.

  • reek

    You idiots. All those who say “why, oh why was it suicide?” etc have no insight into what Hunter S Thompson was about. What could be expected from the same lame retards who miscontrue what his writing is all about?

    Get over yourselves. Suicide is perfectly consistent with Thompsons beliefs and actions all through his life. If you don’t get that, you don’t get anything about him.

    Go watch your Johnny Depp movies.

  • JL

    Don’t know how I got here, but when I saw “selah” I knew I must be in the right place. Just more than overcome about HST; had to look away from CNN et al–supposed “real journalists” waxing on in a meaningless way about someone they consider a freak or anomalie. Thanks for letting me read all of this…..”When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”–had that on my screen saver at work a few years ago–well, the going’s done got weird, and now I don’t know how to turn pro–the world is a colder, sadder place.

  • gonzo marx

    “when the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro” HST

    the Curse of Lono is finally fufilled…the greedheads and swine can rejoice…i can almost hear the Tin Man with his gravelly chortle pulling his hand out of the Shrub’s ass for a second so he can squirt some Iraqi’s blood onto the corners of his rusted mouth, enabling that shark like smile….fuck them…i refuse to allow this Horror to drown me in the Kingdom of Fear

    a giant has fallen in the Wilderness…none of the “legit” Citizens will do more than a token Notice…but the freaks,the outlaws,the strange, the thinkers, the Doomed….they will notice.

    among the Tribe of the Weird there will be much Lamenting and consuming of peyote buttons as we Spirit Walk and rail against the gods as to why our Shaman has been taken from U.S.

    the gods won’t Answer, of course…they never do, and now there is one less Voice to put our muddied feet on the Path…one less Visionary to rub our noses in the fact that the Emperor is ALWAYS naked…you can almost hear the cackling from Hell as Nixon jerks off violently in small souled glee…

    when most of the hippies that had tuned in,turned on and dropped out shed their tye dye clothes for the yuppie suits and BMW’s of Reagan’s 80’s…becoming the fascist neo-Cons, epitome of all they had railed against, Hunter stood firm on the slippery muck of Principle and Truth…spewing the Words that helped tear away the Veil of Corporate propaganda and hauling us out of the rut induced by cowardly, politically correct, right-think.

    he was not the kind of man that burst thru a concrete wall spitting dust and looking good doing it, he was more the guy who watched that Freak consume the room, and then picked up all the loose change on the floor after the bar fight…but he always “stomped on the terra”, leaving indelible boot prints on the necks of our Spirits as he gnawed on the Skull of Truth with his very own teeth.

    so wash down that mescaline with a quart of Wild Turkey, spark a joint and wait for it all to kick in…give the good Doctor the mother of all Wakes that he deserves….

    me…i’ll be wondering who is going to feed the mojo-wire with the flotsam of America’s id, and wailing and gnashing my teeth in the realization that half a continent away in the quiet snows of Owl Farm, the peacocks are crying….


  • Shark

    What a perfect bloody hell for HST: to be eulogized by thousands of emotional morons.

    (The Good News: he finally got to use his gun to shoot something significant. And he didn’t miss!)

  • David

    If HST were to fake his own death, and then read the way people reacted, he would most certainly put a bullet in his brain then. This tough motherfucker didn’t take his life so whiny ball-less hipsters would burn candles and have “Rum” readings for a week straight, Kleenex in hand. Like William Cooper, Thompson had no filters or blinders on which to view the world. He knew how fucked up and scripted modern life has become. He knew we as people could never be truly free as long as we were being spoon fed bullshit every minute of our waking life. Anyone that acts suprised or says it was a chicken shit way to go is as naive to his own life just as much as he or she was naive to Hunters. Grow some fucking guts and get over it, nothing in you is dead and don’t act like it is. How else would you like to see him go….lung cancer? he is still alive to me..

  • Ben


  • palmer j woodrow

    I know this shouldn;t matter much in my life becasue the man did care about me at all. A piece of me died last night. I woke up today and settled into work for the daily grind and to read a news piece or 5. Iraq bomb kills 27… Bush getting harrassed by European nation about Iraq… thousands rally in Beruit… Author Hunter S. thompson dies at the age of 67 from a fatal gun shot wound to the head. The bastard did it. The reports are to early if it was intentional or not. Still the trigger got pulled and a part of me died. I didn’t even get into reading books until I picked up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Watching the movie motivated me to read the book. It would be my first of many HST literary romps. Yes the man, his life and his lifestyle intrigued me. The influence on me is more than I realize or would admit. I even, to any degree, emulate a man that would rather throttle me instead of covet any friendship? He struck a cord. Not many have in the 31 years I’ve been breathing air. He was the living legend. He existed and I would try and match him as best I could with living. Now another influence in my life is gone. No more creativity from his mind. No more gonzo. No more King of Fun. Damn I lost something. I lost HST.
    Then we don’t know what the man was going through. Was he in pain? Was he hurting? He didn’t seem like the type to take his own life. He liked to live life. At least thats how he came across. Even as wreckless as he was he never had suicidal tendencies. Did he? The man who looked for the American Dream died in the American Nightmare. Many things would and should be answered when more comes out of this. I’d love to lean towards the accident but something tells me it may have been different. Time will tell. He is gone that is all we know at this moment…

  • wil Davidson

    you guys prob know all this, but I am shocked and stunned by this news, as you all are, and wrote this for a friends website, feel i should put it where people care, excuse the borrowed quotes, its for people that might not know him.

    What the fuck?…….Hunter S Thompson dead? that i could understand……………..but suicide???????

    Hunter S Thompson, one of the greatest writer/journalists ever to have lived, and certainly one of the most important to live in our lifetime, has taken his own life, and for some reason, i feel i should mention it here.

    to anyone that hasn’t yet sampled his unique brand of incredibly funny, insanely cutting, and pure, Gonzo journalism, you are missing out on one of the only true (and the truest) pioneers of modern writing. I urge you to rectify this, before the fear and loathing, of which he wrote so outspokenly, consumes us all, and blinds us to the corrupt swine who peddle it. He lived as he wrote, a champion for justice (true justice, not the filthy perversion enforced upon us by politicians and ‘lawmakers’) and for truth, of which the greatest of all, was a man’s entitlement to live as he wish, without intrusion or interference, and, if he choose, reside firmly in the “too much fun club”

    In my humble opinion, when compared to HST’s work, very few authors have the right to call themselves a journalist, as noone writes with the whirlwind of outrage and pain which he somehow transforms into something of enormous, and lasting value, and noone sees it their duty, as he did, to speak the unfiltered truth.

    It is about here where I should be writing of how we wish Dr Hunter Stockton Thompson to rest in peace, but in his case, it would be a futile excercise, and prove that we’ve not understood a word. Wherever he is now, I hope he’s happy, and know he’s giving God a run for his money, in the way only Raoul Duke knows how.

    He not taught us with his written word, but his social and political activism against injustice was the stuff of legend, and an example to anyone and, hopefully, everyone, and always reminded us of E. Bourke’s words, that:


    Dr Hunter S Thompson 1939-2005

  • Proffessor Irish

    Good God Man this is about the total Amerixan Man of truisms and embracing of the expericience of fighting for ones own right to live for the right cause; be it the underdog ;your right tochemical mind expansion or the right to drape yourself in the Amerixan flag and shoot or blow up peecocks and grab strange adult film strars nipples.

  • Jennifer Griffin

    Hunter Thompson, GOD DAMN YOU!!!

    why why why.

    i know it’s bad out there but it always seemed a little safer…saner, with you out there.

    good bye.

  • Spooky

    After reading all of the great things written by everyone, i feel sick and i want to cry. I discovered HST when i was about 14. He was a giant influence on the way i perceive the world around me. He almost seemed invincible to me. Im going to miss that grizzled old bastard. I want to thank him for helping me be who i am. His writing truly changed my life.

  • Jon

    Obviously republican with no knowledge of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

  • pyro lizard

    i am very glad to have found his works at an early age.

  • Maybe he means that his books will fetch more on eBay

  • well, nothing wrong with minority views if he can explain it more fully. Otherwise it’s just contrarian.

  • Eric Olsen

    now that’s a minority view

  • Guy A.

    Hunter Thompson was a third rate writer at best and his passing will only increase teh value of the written word.

    Guy A.

  • People are saying he’s a coward because he’s just dumped a whole load of pain and suffering on his family with this action – if it’s a suicide as reported.

    And in this regard, he is.

  • I may be out of touch but I’m still waiting to hear whether it was s suicide. All I’ve heard is self-inflicted gunshot and there was no note.

    We know he liked to play with guns.

    I’m waiting to hear it from his friend the sherrif.

  • Logey

    Nobody durst call this man a coward. HST had been plagued by serious physical problems, that much we know; the rest is misty, which is no doubt the way he wanted it. I can think of ten people (of greater, but less valuable, fame and fortune) who had it all and still contemplated the bullet, once waylaid with similar body trouble. It changes your ability to live. Maybe that wasn’t the whole story, but had to be a factor. Checking out Hemingway-style is no longer considered cool, but have you noticed what IS?

    A world without HST is a much, much darker one, especially considering all the shitheels that are still alive. But I have to say that when I at last heard he’d done it himself, I relaxed some. At least he went out on his own terms.

    Yeah, I’m pissed that he’s gone, and can’t believe it, and we need him more than ever now, but he gave his all to the public for about 40 years, and he doesn’t owe us a goddamn thing. Res ipsa loquitur.

    RIP, Doctor. May you be free of the torments that harried you so in this world. But what those things did to you made the rest of us stronger.

  • rocks

    How could this happen? hst? why? how could you leave us after all youve inspired in us? did you not know how much we needed your words? how will i be inspired now? you truely were reason to write. all i can say is i cant wait to get where you are. rip hst

  • Adam

    This really sucks. HST was awesome. Why do the great writers have to commit suicide? Why are great artists so disenchanted and politicians so content with themselves? This really doesn’t make any sense. Time to re-read the HST collection and get a grip.

  • Steve B

    I just can’t believe it. Just last week, a guy at work saw the HST book on my desk and asked me about him. It was great turning him on to Hunter. I told him about how I got the Rolling Stone Mag back in the early 70’s at college and read part one of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and was awestruck. Couldn’t wait for part 2. Then I realized the Hell’s Angels book I read earlier was by the same author. I’ve been a rabid fan ever since. I can’t beleive it was suicide; just some weird accident playing russian roulette… or maybe he had a terminal disease and did do the deed. I don’t know. It sucks so bad. We should be happy we had him this long, with that lifestyle. Godspeed Hunter, we love you still no matter what dammit. (sniff)

  • Orestes

    Hunter lived a life that we fans are all jealous of.

    He was amazing and splendid.
    My mom called me at 12 while I was still sleeping. I stayed up too late last night talking on AIM. She said her usual hello, how are you? and then told me she had bad news but that Hunter S. Thompson had committed suicide. I was shocked (not that he would kill himself but that he was dead and I didn’t get to say goodbye)… I responded ,” Well now that football seasons over I guess he wanted to just get outta this hell hole.” She said ,”You know… I thought the same thing.”

  • Jon

    That rat-bastard killed himself – shit. This is truly a sad day. No chance left for salvation.

  • Tom

    Truly a black-armband day for HST..Kudos for having the balls to go out on his terms much like his writing.

  • Una

    Hunter S. Thompson was the reason I became a journalist. On Saturday, I persuaded my photographer friend to do a Fear & Loathing photo shoot. I packed up all my Hunter books and a few drawings I’ve done (basically ripping off Ralph Steadman), and we sat down to take stills from the Fear and Loathing DVD. The previous day, I had loaned The Rum Diary to a friend. Every time I read any of his writing, it send a freh stab wound of inspriation through me. He was the only person in the world I hoped to one day meet. The inspiration is not gone, because the words are still there. See ya in hell, buddy. It’s where all the good music is anyway.
    Una, Ireland.

  • jason

    Well, like most folks here I can and can’t believe it. I can believe that he’s dead. Jesus, it’s amazing that he was still around at all. However, I can’t believe that he offed himself. What a rat-bastard thing to do. For years he’s been a kind of beacon for so many. He was able to put your thoughts and feelings into his words in such a way that it felt like you were a part of his process. It’s a sad goddamn thing that we go through now. I keep waiting to hear that it’s a hoax. His words will roll on and, if history is any indication, gain speed as they encounter countless other souls who need to hear them, as I needed to hear them. I would say “May he rest in peace” But I don’t think that resting was his style.

  • xon valdez

    It’s all I can do to keep from crying.

  • Pete Koch

    You’ve read all of his stuff, but you call him fearless. The man coined the term “fear and loathing.” He was afraid, afraid of everything that society was becoming, despite its best intentions. If he did commit suicide (which at this point is unclear… think about how often he messed with guns while drinking or drugged up), it should be no surprise to fans. He displayed suicidal thoughts often in his writing (reference the intro to The Great Shark Hunt) and modeled his life after Hemingway. Like Hemingway, he became reclusive—Woody Creek was his Ketchum, Idaho (where Hemingway killed himself).

  • marcos molina

    “There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high powered
    mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live,
    and too rare to die. ” H.S.T.

  • Hunter – now joins the timeless ranks – no more marginalization – no more aging poet – no more inept rambling of unformed madness – this was no cowardly act – but a calculated decision to stop the erosion of age and the future decay of this legacy – time is a master and needs to be dealt with – his place as iconic madman will now transcends the pains of withered old man – perhaps there is more to the story than meets the eye – the withered old body giving way to a slow decay and his glimpse into the void carried by a silver bullet seemed a valid exit strategy in the classic style of Steadman pen and ink-

  • O. Possum, Esq.

    Well, Heaven will be more fun, but Earth will be sadder for a long while. One consolation is the outpouring of kind words and fond memories that will follow his whipsong life. Godspeed, you great gentle man.

  • Lepage

    HST got me through some tough times. A 20 year old Canadian with dreams of changing a small piece of the world in Belize City in 1990. Terrified, culture shocked, too big of a braggart to turn back. Almost paralyzed with fear in this new seemingly unforgiving place. A friend sent me on my way with a copy of The Curse of Lono, my first introduction to Gonzo. I read and reread that book until the covers wore off. A few years later I almost got a tattoo of the Gonzo Fist and Dagger, but bailed out at the last minute. Now I kind of wish I hadn’t. Maybe I hadn’t learned anything about courage at all from Thompson. Maybe I thought I would regret getting that tattoo one day. If I had, maybe it would have ended up being a reminder that a man who exemplified crazy strength, stamina, and liberal tenets that should be status quo, and out and out balls to bones good times, up and killed himself. None of us know why he did it. Maybe he was sick, or what ever it was he did it for his own good reasons and under his terms. He had the courage to end his life the way he lived it, in a blast.

    Someone pass the Wild Turkey. He’ll be missed.

  • bump

    ” Let us hope that the whores of evil no longer loiter on the doorsteps of your path, beckoning you into the brothel of despair-
    And that here and after you may present them with the most ridgid manifestations of a firm and manly will.

    ” Seven dogs went into the wilderness-
    Five came back-
    Three died of guinea worm-
    The rest died from you-
    Hunter S. Thompson ”

  • deboldt

    I guess there is some crap up with which even the old Gonzo Journalist, himself will not put. Would that all the “mainstream” clown journalists follow his example!

  • I was so overjoyed to find a few years ago that HST had a “blog” of sorts on ESPN page 2, and I quickly became an avid reader. Only 6 days ago on ESPN Page 2 he came out with Shotgun Golf, an ostensibly plausible cross of chipping to a green and skeet shooting. There was something about this story that was a bit unhinged (even for Hunter), his usual story being about fleecing high-rollers on football point-spread bets. “And green money moving around the room, it is righteous..” What’s more, the game he missed reporting on was the Superbowl itself! Perhaps some doc told him he wouldn’t survive until the next football season. Perhaps it was an innocent Shotgun Golf accident. Out with a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK HUNTER ????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No more columns, no more of Hunter experiences (which I never), no more books, nothing. A weird day, the weirdest of days.

    Goes away a man often copied but never equalled, novelist, journalist, poet, master of extreme words and situations. Wishes to Anita and others with loss.

    Mahalo – we shall walk on a road of bones.

  • Gonzo

    Genius + High octane insight was never going to fizzle out. Heres to the loss of another great mind. Keep on raising hell. HST!

  • matt

    Denial, anger, rage, bittersweetness…the guy was so good and had so much to say. And we are lucky he said it all!! From his dispatches from SA in the early 60’s to his posts on ESPN.com.

    The suicide, and not a Ducatti, is disturbing. The man idolized not Hemingway, but Faulkner…and Faulkner hated the idea of suicide. I guess I can answer HST’s question…where were you when the fun stopped? watching the news at 7:30 a.m. February 21, 2005. SELAH!

  • Lil

    A reason? An explanation? The pit in my stomach asks for neither. That horrible paragraph was the first thing that caught my eye when I stepped outside to pick up this morning’s paper..and to think I was bitching because I had to walk through the wet grass to pick it up! I don’t understand why and maybe I/we never will. “It’s the land of the brave and the home of the free, where the less you know, the better off you’ll be.” (wz) DAMN! …yet another kick to the chest…Well Doc, thanks SO MUCH for the ride. Guess this is where you’re letting us off. My deepest sympathies to your family & close friends…

  • WillyJ.

    I just found out about this a few minutes ago and am feeling the same raw emotions as everyone else here who loved and admired HST- shock, disbelief, anger, and a great sense of loss.

    I did read in an interview Hunter did a few months ago that he had fallen lasr year some time and broken and/or severely injured his back and had gone through a couple surgeries and was dealing with extreme pain- the article made it sound like he was over the worst of it but he was 67 years old and . . .

    Well, fuck all that, ‘eh?

    His reasons were his business and if anyone earned the right to check-out on their own terms it was the Good Doctor.

    I think I’m going to skip work today and find some strong drink… Goodbye Hunter and thank you for sharing your gift with us for as long as you did.

  • Rev Mallard G Brash

    Shocking HST dead, no, but suicide yes. He could go at any moment, but I figure it would have been accidental. There has to be something behind this.

  • Jay Mac

    My God, He will be sadly missed.His savage voice in the wilderness was an inspiration to us all. RIP HST

  • The only thing surprising to me is that it took this long for him to do it. Not unexpected considering his world view.

  • Rupert van den Broek

    I am deeply saddened, res ipsa loquitor.

  • Andrea Sawyer

    I just found out and dread having to break the news to my husband when he wakes up. Hunter was a hero to both of us, how in hell will we get through the next four years? Maybe he knew something we don’t, that’s a terrifying thought. It it wasn’t 7:30 in the morning I would raise a glass to him – maybe I will anyway, God knows he would have. Rest in peace, dear Gonzo.

  • Bradley Laboe

    I will miss him … BIG HUG for Juan, Jen, Willam and Anita… who never be able to fill the hole left in there lives by the man in spite of the myth and legend attached to his life.

  • Has anyone checked to see if Hunter was going through a depression recently, clinical depression? Or had he heard from his doctors that he had a life-threatening terminal illness, that we and the media didn’t know about? One doesn’t just kill oneself for no reason. ANyone know? Email me

  • Senor Padraig

    What reasons does the exalted and highly respected genius owe us?
    None. Accept the finishment of the Good Doctor’s earthish troddings
    as you accepted his work, openly, with the spirit of adventure, the
    sinew of triumph and the grainishness of the horrors of reality.
    Those among us selfish enough to judge this man’s final action may
    do well to shove themselves from the bedclothes of their gumdrop dreams
    and realize that, as humans, we’re subject to unknowable suffering and
    incomprehensible pain. The best among us are equipped with an
    indomitable spirit; when inconceivable suffering befalls the strong of
    heart, the heart prevails, the suffering wilts. Celebrate the triumph
    of spirit, the righteous deeds and the fuck-all will of the greatest
    American Experientialist of our time.

  • jaek

    who wants to get old and sick anyway…

  • Rory

    what possibly to say.
    hunter is dead, and it feels as though a close friend has passed. i’m only echoing what others here have said. where do i go from here? when someone defines an outlook for you, when someone has such a significant impact on your ideals and attitudes, and ultimately loses faith – where does that leave me???? a selfish perspective, but i feel as though i’ve lost faith in something i was convinced was true. hunter, oh hunter, how could you have done this? i don’t blame him , but at the same time a part of me has died with him. suicide??? unbelievable, so completely incongruous with everything he represented. oh god, it’s all very wrong.

  • I can’t help hoping he left an explanation somewhere, because if he could justify his action then maybe I could accept it.

    As it is, I can’t. I’m angry. Why? He played russion roulette enough with his life… maybe a sudden whim to see if the bullet was in the chamber, a what-the-fuck if it happens, it happens, kind of situation?

    I’m reading a lot of great and affectionate tributes, and I feel them in my heart with all great sentiment, but what I really want to say is: you bloody fool. Checking out before your time. Maybe if that’s what you really wanted, although I can’t help thinking you are somewhere now cursing your own stupidity. Maybe you were sick of being right all the time. Maybe it was a bad trip. It’s certainly one I wish I wasn’t on with you…

    Dammit, Dammit, Dammit.

  • maddy

    after reading fear and loathing every night out had an edge to it and a morning after “bad craziness” so hilarious, poor anita what hell will he reek on the other side?? with respect H.S.T

  • zella

    i’m not quite able to vebalize how i am affected…but maybe the visual of a spring that just keeps recoiling over and over…that would be about right…

    his sharing of his views of the american dream was a sharp dose of reality packaged in a thinking man’s verbal tool box…

    i had recently caught a rerun of charlie rose on pbs…he was interviewing him…hunter spoke of his packrat tendencies…and that he had a trunk full of correspondences dating back to when he was a teenager…then all of a sudden he drifted…his body position changed…lost track of the conversation…mentioned his gradson…out of the blue…weird…yes…but acceptable…after all it was hst…but later on charlie rose got him to mention something about his hand shaking…it seems he had been sick…neurologically…for awhile…but he would not get into detail…

    being who he is…was…is…could he have done any differently…i’m not him…but i’m sure he couldn’t…

    enjoy your next cycle hst……..

  • This is truly a sad day. One of the few great writers of our lifetime has passed by his own hand, leaving us to ask questions and pick up the pieces.

    I can’t say I blame him. Hell. This man can truly say he’s done it all and came out laughing in the end. He WAS the belly of the beast and those of us who loved his writings know that, whether or not they were “non-fiuction”, they were always true to the life of a man who took no prisoners.He is the only person on my “must-meet” list that I would have killed to meet.

    Here’s to never saying no to life and grabbing the bull by the horns. The fat is truly in the fire now, and only we will determine how this strange and queer trip turns out.

    R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson

  • I still dont want to believe it. I wasnt really surprised when I heard he’d died, knew it was coming, but suicide? Knock me over with a godamned feather. Its been a savage night after that shit.

    The Mojo Wire is strangely silent, and I have to wonder… did it finally get weird enough for him?
    I cant decide who wins from this… but I feel like we’re all losing.

    Strange and terrible… I need music, loud and powerful music or to shoot guns or something.



  • hart noecker

    I’ve got the Fear. HST got us through the first four years and then shoved us out of the nest. We’ve got to fly on our own for the next four, (and let’s hope it’s only four more). The man said that only the vulgar survive. Well it’s time for the rest of us to get extremely fucking vulgar!

  • Shotgun Golf

    what the fuck is this all about?
    what the fuck happened?

    i don’t know what to say. hunter was a symbol for all of us. he was like a beacon. an archetype of what still could be. an example that there were still free individuals. that all was not lost.

    that you could still be stoic. that you could still be brave. that knowing about politics was sexy. that dividing the political landscape into right and left was an outdated and oversimplified way of looking at things. that it was a stupid metaphor.

    people like hunter and frank zappa and philip k dick are so MISSING from the world now. he was probably the last one left of that category.

    i am fucking pissed and i don’t know who at exactly. i feel old. if hunter lost faith, how can i carry on?

    what the fuck does this mean to me? i remember when i was so depressed, so down, so goddamn bad. i came back to live with my folks after a stint at a start-up had gone bad. i was out of work, feeling inadequate, talentless, and deficient in the all-too powerfull technical buzzword know-hows. i didn’t have a girlfriend, and couldn’t find jobs. my only true friends had left town, or had changed completely. i was sunken. this went on for about a year.

    and all through this, one of the few things that kept me going, besides inertia, was HST.

    “fear and loathing in las vegas” is not about drugs, it’s about “the bus”, the whole dadaist idea of fun — accepting total chaos without associated anxiety.

    its about recognizing that you could not only learn to enjoy chaos, but that you could learn to thrive on it. learn not only to “embrace” it, but to recognize it for what it is. recognize it as the natural state/property/condition of the universe. that you could not only “take it easy”, but quite simply NOT GIVE A SHIT. be invincible by faking insanity.

    “when the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro”

    or more elaborated: “when the going gets wierd, 1)either the going chooses the wierd as the new pros or 2)the going wierds the pros into becoming wierd”

    this ontological camouflage, was the outer shell under which he protected his powerful intellect and abbrasive attitude.

    why did he do it? i’m still in denial. a part of me died today.

    goodbye, uncle duke :'(


  • Mark Pugner

    worth a read — nice eulogy


  • david

    i actually lived in aspen for a number of years, met the man, went to his house and collected many of my own and other stories. that being said i want to relate one that wa told to me by an old flyfishing guide/friend. it goes something like this: summer 1980. early morning maybe 6:30 a.m. woody creek at the time was very underdeveloped and “tom” let’s call him is driving down the dirt road along the roaring fork on his way to basalt. all of a sudden a pale ghost white man, sweating profusely in nohting more than a dirty soaked t-shirt and jeans flags down his truck. said stranger is rambling nearly incoherently that some “crazy sonofabitch is trying to kill me with cocaine. we’ve been up for three days straight and i gotta get outta here. please take to the police or hospital or whatever, just get me outta here. that fucker’s crazy!!” now have i paraphrased? yes. do i believe my friend? 100% and the person scrambling out of a ditch to flag him down? John Belushi. the person he was running from? HST. think about it. it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, i do bubba, i do. david.

  • david

    well bubba, a fucked up way to go out fer sure. maybe i always thought it would be too many chivas snowcones and a few thousand dynamite caps that the mercenary boys from soldier of fortune magazine accidentily left under the seat of an old jeep grand cherokee would send the whole shit pile skyward. indeed. now we will all have to wait out the excruciating process of an autopsy to see if there is any truth to my own personal suspicions that the dr. wa termianlly ill and not in it for the long haul. still, all of those that were touched either be his writings, himself personally, or both he shall not ever be forgotten for the insight, humor and eloquence. Res Ipsa Loqitor. R.I.P. hst

  • godoggo

    Lots of people I admire have left lately, but the right way, not like this. This makes me so sad in a way the others didn’t. Well, he was a mean son of a bitch at the end, I understand. Keep a good thought.

  • It’s Mahola, not Aloha, btw. As HST himself signed off.

    As for going out the way he did, it makes perfect sense. He lived on his own terms and decided to die on his own terms.

    I don’t know how many details will get out, but I’ll bet you my copy of Hey Rube that he planned this and had a damned good reason for it.


  • s.a. griffin

    fucking bats! goddamn fucking bats… rip/hst.

  • MissMacavity

    I won a creative writing scholarship to Bennington, I have received numerous national awards for my writing, I have been published and paid to translate my visions into palatable, palpable words.

    As a poet, I never did excell at factual journalism.

    Who? HST.
    What? Gone.
    When? Now.
    Where? Everywhere.

    why have my words deserted me

    yo no se


  • Cathy Linstrom

    Hunter: Why???

  • TherRdoors

    Went out just like Hemingway. It’s so sad when writers have to leave before they are actually done.

  • anony

    R.I.P. Hunter, you’ll always be remembered.

  • david

    Hunter Thompson dead?? and at is own hand? Doesn’t sound Gonzo to me but he saw things the rest of us didn’t .. his way of leaving the mess before getting nuked? Did he think we didn’t need him anymore? That he’d said it all already and we’ll get by on that? That would be Hunter but, goddamn, why leave in such a hurtful way man

  • Disappointed

    there simply are no words for me right now. i am in shock. got online to check email and found out the horrible news. not much sleep tonight. check out msn.com, they misuse his words saying that nixon was quoted as saying that HST “represented that dark, venal, and incurably violent side of american character”, sound familiar? FUCK msn.com WE WILL MISS YOU HUNTER

  • Chambiac

    he went out with a ZANG!

  • I know you won’t be able to read the email I supplied to make this comment but, for the record, it’s “HunterS@forpresident.com”

    In essence, he was my president. He has guided me far more than any “legitimate” political leader ever could. He has taught me about truth, justice, corruption, depravity, loneliness, love, and shit the list could go on forever.. Above all he taught me Freedom. Truly unbridled freedom. A man who never stopped TRULY living life for one moment, constantly expanding (more like utterly annihilating)the boundaries of thought and literature. Hunter will be missed. His guidance will have to come elsewhere, from the spirit he has instilled in all of those who have ever read and appreciated his work. His character seems so clear in my mind, I can almost see how he’d react to this news had he read it himself, though I’ll hardly get into that here.
    His life exists for all of us to view and appreciate. He is immortal. Appropriately, this may have been his final spoof to us all. He’ll never die, and we’re damn fools who deserve to be publically humiliated for thinking such ridiculous things.


    Res Ipsa Loquitor.

  • Steve-O

    Chicken shit way to go.

  • Roxy

    I’m sorry to use this email address – I actually do receive mail at that address.
    I’ve never posted on a blog before and I don’t want to open my ISP email address
    up to the possibility of spam.

    Ok, I just want to say think about this.

    You can’t say “cowardly way”.
    You can’t feel the way you’ve described about Hunter S Thompson and use such a cliché description of something you have no inside information about.

    Main Entry: cow•ard
    Pronunciation: ‘kau(-&)rd
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old French coart, from coe tail, from Latin cauda
    : one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity
    – coward adjective

    “one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity”

    Hey, think about it – there’s nothing fearful or timid about a man who decides he wants to check out, and actually has the balls to put a bullet in his own head and make it happen.

    Cowardly people shoot unarmed people – not themselves.

    Nothing disgraceful either – it was his life and his decision.

    He died the same way he lived:
    On his own terms.
    He made his own decision and he didn’t give a damn about popular opinion.

    Hunter S Thompson: Consistent to the end.

  • HST is now a martyr for the Gonzo cause. He was one journalist who dared speak the unfiltered truth.

  • this is horrible, utterly unspeakable horrible. fucking hell, i didn’t expect this for to greet me in the morning. awful, awful, awful. just fucking awful and sad and awful. thank you lono. fucking hell.

  • thanks. I am pretty fraeked, and very embarrased to admit… but crying right now.

  • RJ

    Great post, LONO…