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My tribute to Hunter S Thompson is this: Because I read Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail and Better Than Sex, I will never have to take any serious drugs because I learned all I needed to know from those books. There was some politics in those books too, but realy it was all about the mind of Thompson. I had a creative writing Professor during my undergrad who I hated. He said writers had to write to get thoughts out of their heads or else they are going to kill themselves. I’m afraid he might be right.

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  • Eh- I’ve read the books and done the drugs. Life experience is always better–to me anyway. I’m fond of him myself, anyway. Good tribute~

  • gonzo marx

    “when the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro” HST

    the Curse of Lono is finally fufilled…the greedheads and swine can rejoice…i can almost hear the Tin Man with his gravelly chortle pulling his hand out of the Shrub’s ass for a second so he can squirt some Iraqi’s blood onto the corners of his rusted mouth, enabling that shark like smile….screw them…i refuse to allow this Horror to drown me in the Kingdom of Fear

    a giant has fallen in the Wilderness…none of the “legit” Citizens will do more than a token Notice…but the freaks,the outlaws,the strange, the thinkers, the Doomed….they will notice.

    among the Tribe of the Weird there will be much Lamenting and consuming of peyote buttons as we Spirit Walk and rail against the gods as to why our Shaman has been taken from U.S.

    the gods won’t Answer, of course…they never do, and now there is one less Voice to put our muddied feet on the Path…one less Visionary to rub our noses in the fact that the Emperor is ALWAYS naked…you can almost hear the cackling from Hell as Nixon masturbates violently in small souled glee…

    when most of the hippies that had tuned in, turned on and dropped out shed their tye dye clothes for the yuppie suits and BMW’s of Reagan’s 80’s…becoming the fascist neo-Cons, epitome of all they had railed against, Hunter stood firm on the slippery muck of Principle and Truth…spewing the Words that helped tear away the Veil of Corporate propaganda and hauling us out of the rut induced by cowardly, politically correct, right-think.

    he was not the kind of man that burst thru a concrete wall spitting dust and looking good doing it, he was more the guy who watched that Freak consume the room, and then picked up all the loose change on the floor after the bar fight…but he always “stomped on the terra”, leaving indelible boot prints on the necks of our Spirits as he gnawed on the Skull of Truth with his very own teeth.

    so wash down that mescaline with a quart of Wild Turkey, spark a joint and wait for it all to kick in…give the good Doctor the mother of all Wakes that he deserves….

    me…i’ll be wondering who is going to feed the mojo-wire with the flotsam of America’s id, and wailing and gnashing my teeth in the realization that half a continent away in the quiet snows of Owl Farm the peacocks are crying….


  • You’re a sad sack that made this post only in the hopes to rake in dough off the amazon.com referrals.

    Your statement & opinion is worthless.

    And it doesnt sound you read ‘On the campaign trail at all.

  • james


    Thanks for pulling me through the bullshit. I wanted to puke blood and vomit all over that man after a couple of his sentences.