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Hunter S. Thompson: Soundtrack Where the Buffalo Roam

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Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)

A soundtrack with Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Neil Young has to be great, right?

Well, the soundtrack is better than the film just for it’s eclectic song selection alone. But what do expect — or want — from a Hunter S. Thompson film?

Here are the original tracks…

ODE TO WILD BILL #1/Neil Young
ODE TO WILD BILL #2/Neil Young
HIGHWAY 61/Bob Dylan
KEEP ON CHOOGLIN’/Creedence Clearwater Revival
ODE TO WILD BILL #4/Neil Young
PURPLE HAZE/Jimi Hendrix

This is from Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo Journalist: 1937 – 2005

The blogsophere exploded today as word spread of the death of the father of Gonzo journalism, Hunter S. Thompson.

From Jukebox Graduate:

“I know it is not very modern or PC to admire excess in the fashion he pioneered, and I am heartily tired of drugs claiming the best and the brightest, but there is a tiny part of me that is envious to have missed that decade.

He was a legend, he was one-of-a-kind, he was influential on several generations and will likely continue to be. It is so very sad that he could not tame his internal demons and that they won the battle, and it is sad he is no longer on the planet.”

From The Rock and Roll Report:

“Hunter S. Thompson was responsible for some of the finest literature in the second half of the twentieth century and it is imperative that this legacy, rather than his drugs of choice become his true epitaph.

Hunter was the first author that wrote in a way that was not only entertaining but was brutally insightful, sometimes to a fault and with a depth and passion that could only come from someone with The Gift. Not only that, to me Hunter made literature “cool” something that not even my best English teacher could manage.”

On Blogcritics Jim Carruthers writes:

“I was surprised at how affected I was at this news, seeing it on the front page of the newspaper this morning. HST inspired me to do many crazy things as a young man, and inspired me to write. He revealed the man behind the curtain in the sausage factory which passes for journalism in NorthAm.

For the last decade he has been a puppet show, yet a potent reminder at how irrelevant journalism has become, a plastic shell which seems to convey information, like settling for the mask is enough.”

Blogcritics has a full page of articles and memories of “Hunter S. Thompson: Lost Gonzo” and lots of comments in memory of HST.

There were so many crazy memories of the Hunter S. Thompson insanity like him blasting a typewriter with a shotgun. Guess it helps with writer’s block?

From Largehearted boy some recordings of Thompson rants … err, lectures:

Hunter S. Thompson: 1991-02-04, Washington and Lee University [shn]* (contains references to Neil Young)
Hunter S. Thompson: 1977-11-01, Boulder [shn]*

From KINGBLIND, a quote by Aspen neighbor John Hoag:

“There’s no one in the world these days who writes the truth … as he seems to, to me. He spoke to the world and said what people were afraid to say.”

If you can find the Where The Buffalo Roam soundtrack, it has Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Neil Young’s “Home on the Range”.

Lastly, Vinyl Mine has a MP3 download in Hunter’s memory of a Neil Young cover of ‘Expecting To Fly’ by Sonya Hunter.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Attention Must Be Paid
Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo Journalist: 1937 – 2005
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  • kocislaw

    ok the track is called “Loving You Is Dangerous” by Roger Cook and Steve Wilkinson. but still can’t download it 🙁
    if anybody finds it, a link could be fine 🙂

  • kocislaw

    this song is fantastic, so does anybody knows the title of it???? pls help.

  • phil

    no, that’s not the song. I think the OP is talking about the dancing with the nurse song….

  • frushtrated

    Sorry, sorry, sorry – incorrect (and reckless posting) – the song is called I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey bunch) by The Four Tops NOT the Temptations. Sorry for the misinformation. I HATE it when people post incorrect answers to questions like they are authorities. Sorry.

  • frushtrated

    The song in the hospital is “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” by the Temptations.

  • dan alexander

    the song that’s playing when bill is in the hospital dancing. it’s not on the soundtrack … and i can’t fiind it can somone point me in the right direction pls i realy love that song i will bee very apricietiv ov your efforts

  • Lee Livingston

    The reason I am here is just like Josh’s – do you know the name of the song that is playing during the hospital scene – I think it might be the same guy that plays the role of the wino that takes the super bowl tickets, but I don’t know.
    I also have the vhs version if anyone is interested I could see how much it is to copy and send.
    By the way – I fricken love this movie – it go such low ratings and critics hated it, but I think that is why we have not only the movies we have that are “popular” but why we have the music we have that is “popular”

  • k.knight

    does anyone know where to get the video of where the buffalo roam where bill is sitting at the typewriter that is the one i am looking for

  • zach

    to those who are confused his internal deamons did not win. He was about having fun and he would have felt trapped if at anytime he could not kill himself so him killing himself is sad but he was bored. there was no more fun to be had. so before thing got to bad for him to even walk he ended it.

  • Josh Rosen

    Hey , do you by any chance know the name of the song that’s playing when bill is in the hospital dancing. it’s not on the soundtrack

  • Sean – regarding why the soundtrack is different for TV broadcast…

    Apparently, the producers of the DVD replaced the original soundtrack with lame 1980’s songs. Maybe they didn’t want to pay the price for the rights to the original tracks?

    So. If you respect HST, do not buy the DVD. Buy the VHS with Bill Murray at a typewriter on the front cover.

  • sean kane

    does anyone know why when the movie is on tv the soundtrack is completely replaced?

  • gonzo marx

    i much preferred “Buffalo” as an example pf HST’s work, tho F&L in LV was definately a highly accurate translation of the book

    i still say that ’72 Campaign Trail is some of his finest work ( much of “Buffalo” is taken from that book)

    and i do agree with the original article that he soundtrack is most excellent…


  • hunter thompson was an incoherent waste

    There’s no one in the world these days who writes the truth … as he seems to, to me. He spoke to the world and said what people were afraid to say.”

    That means he would have been edited by the hypocritical double standard bearers here at blogcritics.org.

  • “There you sit on the edge of your’ feather…Expecting to fly…”

  • Tristan

    Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide: