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Hunter S. Thompson on Limbaugh

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Did anyone know that Hunter S. Thompson writes a column over on ESPN.com’s Page 2? This week he discusses Monday Night Football, Rush Limbaugh, and other things in sports.

Rush Limbaugh is a lame professional Swine and he makes a good living at it. He is like a hired Geek in some traveling backwoods carnival — the freaks who bite the heads off Chickens — but Limbaugh is a modernized Geek who thinks he can bite the heads off of people.

Hunter S. Thompson on ESPN’s Page 2

Thompson is probably one of the only guys in the world that ESPN would have write articles and at the same time allow him to be critical of the mothership. You don’t see Stuart Scott criticizing ESPN on SportsCenter, but they allow Thompson to call them greedy in his article.

How much would it rock to have that much credibility as a writer?

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  • Eric Olsen

    I’m not sure if it’s “credibility” so much as latitude, latitude created by being known as a “gonzo journalist”: i.e., more or less insane

  • More or Less insane? I will take more in this case.


  • Dawn

    He seems to have nailed Rush correctly though, so some brain cells are still firing okay.

  • fran

    Hey This is for u HST.
    I’ve come from the tale end of the lousiest generation ever. The 60s. The one with all the free love and anti establishmnent group of misfits that came back as adults only to be a group of hipacritickle elitests. this geration thinks they done so much for society. Well! this generation has done the worst destruction in the last 35 years any generation could ever do to a culture. You guys are dinosours. I don’t want to go the way of the roman empire. I want a culture of consistancy with values rather than a decadent one. It is time for all liberal socialists to go the way of the dinosour. we need more conservative values to be infused into our culture, and stop this 60s mentality. we are capitalist not communist. We are in a new century, so let the next generation influence this without the leftist ideas of failure. they just don’t work. socialism does not work. just look at your mess, and they are going to have to pay for this mess you know? Yes, You are entitled to you opinion, and we could go on and on. that is good thing. Well! I guess that is enough of standing on my soap box for today. Oh! as far a Rush limbaugh, at least he makes you look at the whole pictue, and think for yourself, more power to him.


  • curt

    the definitive book on rush limbaugh is the biography, “the rush limbaugh story” by paul colford.

    chapter two, entitled “beating the draft,” deals entirely with how the self-proclaimed “great american patriot” managed to escape service in vietnam.

    limbaugh, who obtained a medical deferment from his private physician due to an ingrown hair on his rear end, later told several different lies concerning his “non” military record:

    1) limbaugh once claimed the deferment was for a “football knee,” which colford’s research proved to be false – it was in fact a pilonidal cyst on his derierre, which some vietnam vets have compared to nothing worse than a PIMPLE ON HIS ASS;

    2) limbaugh said that he “would’nt have been drafted anyway because he had a high draft number” – the truth is his number of 127 in 1971 was WELL BELOW the cut-off point of number 190 that year;

    3) limbaugh claimed that he recieved the deferment which spared him from vietnam before the draft was announced – colford’s research proved that this too was a lie, that rush did not seek out the deferment until AFTER the lottery and learning that he would indeed be drafted.

    this is the same rush limbaugh who used to rail against bill clinton, “never trust a draft dodger.”

    i agree, rush…