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Hungry? Try a Woobie!

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I love cookies. If I had to live the rest of my life without knowing again the pleasure of certain foods, I could eschew my beloved macaroni and cheese, that gravy-soaked Thanksgiving feast with extra stuffing, and even my nightly glass of Virginia Viognier. Just don’t take away my cookies, those round, sweet pucks that crumble in my hands and melt in my mouth.

I love them all: chocolate sandwich cookies snug against white discs of thick sugar paste, butterscotch chip oatmeal delights, crisp mint wafers pimped by elementary age girls in green. Oh, yes, and snickerdoodles…so soft and buttery, like cinnamon-flavored bites of heaven. I don’t get to enjoy snickerdoodles much because I haven’t found a packaged version that suits me. So when I heard of a small company called Woobie’s Cookies, which offers a unique twist on the doodle, I knew I had to give them a try. The name alone intrigued me enough to explore the company’s website.

Right away I confirmed that “Woobie” is not an unfortunate nickname bestowed on the company’s owner back in high school. If it’s a creature in a Stephanie Meyer novel, I’ll choose to remain blissfully unaware of it. Here, the name “Woobie” represents a childhood treasure, that one object never released from tiny clutches – often it’s a blanket or a stuffed toy, and I gather here the Woobie is designed to remind one of a favorite childhood treat. Currently there are four varieties of “Woobiedoodles,” all of which resemble thick, miniature pucks of cookie goodness. Thorough cookie tester that I am, I ordered the small assortment and received some of each – the cookies come wrapped two per package and, as noted on the website, are made entirely of organic ingredients. Even the wrapping is recyclable.

Right now, cookie lovers can enjoy any of four distinct flavors: the original Woobiedoodle has a soft texture that nicely complements the sugar and cinnamon crusting. One might expect, when you firmly pinch the cookie, that it will crunch, but the first bite went down very smoothly.

Each of the three filled varieties offered a unique flavor that didn’t overpower the flavor of the cookie. Between the cocoa ganache (which is dusted with cocoa powder), the cinnamon vanilla, and the caramel brulee cookie (which looks like a tiny Cinnabon but explodes with a rich salty caramel), I’d definitely pick the first as my favorite. Each doodle had just enough filling to savor without controlling the taste.

What I like, too, about this company is their dedication to disclosure. Look on their website and you’ll find a complete list of ingredients and nutritional information for each product. If you count calories or Weight Watchers points, it’s easy to track Woobiedoodles in your daily diet.

Woobie’s Cookies currently accepts orders for US customers through their website, but will accommodate international cookie lovers. Plain Woobiedoodles sell for $10 a dozen, filled for $15 per dozen. Assortments are also available at eight cookies for $10 and sixteen for $20. There’s a rumor, too, that a gluten-free variety is in the works. To learn more about the Woobiedoodles you can visit their site at http://www.woobiescookies.com, and thank me later by sending a dozen. Or five.

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