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Humanitarian Intervention in Libya: A Planeload of Questions

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Should we? Shouldn’t we? Why? Why not? Self-interest or human rights? Who comes after Qaddafi? Should NATO send ground troops? What implications does this have for the future of humanitarian intervention? How far does “responsibility to protect”
(R2P) extend? Does it stop? Where does it stop? Why?

What about sovereignty? Does sovereignty get forfeited amidst scandal? Who decides? Who gave them the power to decide? What about the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)? Self-interest? Russia? China? Why? Should states be able to veto out of self-interest with no stated reason? Is it possible to not be self-interested in international relations?

How will Europe deal with immigration? Will Libyan immigrants in Italy be given amnesty? How will this affect rising anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe? Does Europe have a responsibility to allow immigration? Why? Why not? Is this a civil war? Can immigrants from Libya be classified as refugees? Asylum seekers?

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